Percy POV

Percy leaned against the wall and watched as Director Fury disembarked from his helicopter. He glanced over at Agent Coulson who stood right in front of the helicopter. Agent Coulson waited for Director Fury and Agent Hill to cross to him. "How bad is it Coulson?" Fury asked. Agent Coulson responded, "That's the problem, sir. We don't know." Percy stepped forward and stated calmly, "We've been evacuating the campus just in case." Director Fury nodded and began to walk down to the lab. Percy and the others began to follow. "Continue the evacuation, Coulson." Fury stated sharply.

Coulson nodded, "Yes sir." Coulson moved off to supervise the evacuation. Percy moved to follow him. Fury stopped him stating, "Agent Jackson I need you to help Agent Hill supervise the loading of the Phase Two proto-types." Agent Hill frowned and spoke, "Should that really be a priority right now, sir?" fury turned to Hill sharply and stated, "Until the world ceases to spin, we will go on like it won't." Percy nodded and walked off toward the trucks that were waiting to load the proto-types. Hill followed him quietly.

Percy nodded to the men and they began to load the stuff. Hill stood next to Percy. She shot a look at him. Percy quickly turned his head toward her, green eyes flaming her. Hill winced and quickly spoke, "So….is this your first assignment Agent Jackson?" Percy cocked an eyebrow and said, "Yes." Hill quickly frowned and said, "I never Ok'd your resume." Percy smiled and said, "I never really applied. Agent Barton and Agent Romonoff recruited me." Hill scowled, "So you were an assassin." Percy sighed and nodded. "I was known as the Shark. Still am."

Hill's eyes widened. "You?" Percy turned away from her and nodded. "Can you really read my mind?" she asked quietly. Percy turned back to her and stated, "Your favorite food is strawberries, you like to watch "The Notebook", and you really get annoyed at Agent Coulson when he or any other guy flirts with you." Hill froze and stared at him, "Wow," she muttered. Suddenly Agent Barton appeared with Dr. Selvic, another agent, and a strange man with an aura of power. Percy frowned, "Agent Barton…." "We need these veiciles." He and the others moved toward the cars and trucks. "Who is that?" Hill asked. Barton turned toward them and said, "He didn't tell me."

Percy turned away and began to walk away. His comm device buzzed. "Jackson, Hill do you copy? Barton…" Just as Fury began to say that Barton spun around and began to fire a spray of bullets toward them. Percy dove behind a wall and pulled out his gun. He watched as the truck drove away before jumping up and moving with Hill toward a Jeep. Hill jumped into the driver seat and Percy got into the passenger seat. Hill pulled out and began to chase the truck down. Percy narrowed his eyes and began to prepare to use his telekinetic ability to stop the truck.

"Get me close to the truck. I'll stop it." Hill nodded and swerved around other cars. Percy's eyes focused on the man with an aura of power. "Are you a god?" he mentally asked the man. The man seemed to sneer in their connection. You dare to speak to me in such a tone demigod. I should kill you now. I child am Loki of Asgard and I come with a glorious purpose of a world made free." Percy scowled and told him, "That phrase makes you sound stupid, Loki." And then he cut the connection. "Agent Jackson!" Percy quickly glanced around and nodded. He held out a hand to begin to stop the truck.

Then he heard Hill shout out, "Jackson look out!" Percy froze as Loki hit him with a blast from his scepter.

"Uh oh," was his last thought.

Annabeth POV

Annabeth winced deeply as she watched Reyna begin to argue with Chiron about what Loki had told them. It was obvious that Reyna didn't believe that SHIELD was going to attack and destroy both camps or that Percy was leading the attack. Annabeth had at first not believed him but when he had showed them plans to destroy the camps. Annabeth quickly spun when the door was opened by a man that was acting sort of like a zombie. He stepped aside and let Loki in. Chiron took one look and said, "Loki what have you done?"

Annabeth stared at the zombie man. It was a SHIELD agent. Clint Barton.

Percy POV

Percy groaned as he opened his eyes. He glanced around and spotted Director Fury. Fury sighed when he saw that he was awake. He spoke, "Loki got away. I need you to deliver a package to Stark and recruit him." Percy stood up and asked, "For what sir?" Fury sighed and said,

"For the Avengers Initiative."