"Morgan stop running so fast! We aren't gonna be late! Why do you need to go this early!?" I yell as she continues to make her way towards the school as if trying to leave me behind.

"C'mon Noire learn to keep up!" My hard-headed sister replied.

My name is Noire, and that is my thick-headed yet loveable sister Morgan. Despite her unnecessary amount of energy and constant necessities to do things for no reason, I love her to death. Her overly excitable nature most would assume she gets from our mother, who is a little nuts in her own right. While our father is much calmer, I am not too much like him either, people make jokes that Morgan got both personalities, while I have none, but it doesn't bother me, much.

"If you don't hurry you're gonna get left behind!" Morgan yells back at me, as if she wasn't already doing so.

I let out a sigh and begin running after her, she is a quite a distance away but she was still clear in my vision, for some reason she felt the need to rush out the door this morning, and since Father wants us to walk to and from school together, that means she was rushing me just as fast, I didn't even get to tie one of my shoes.

Suddenly I see Morgan stop in her tracks; with a confused look on my face I observe her actions as it looks like she was looking for someone. Did she want to meet up with somebody?

Just as quickly as I could question her, I quickly got my answer, in the distance I see our friend Owain rounding the corner of the street heading near the direction of my sly sister. She has had the biggest crush on Owain since as long as I can remember, I guess she learned his route to school and wanted to intercept him on his way over. I know better than to try to ruin a good thing, they greet each other and I stop running. When Owain turns his head Morgan looks to me, I give her a head nod and a smile, she gives me the smile back, I know when its right to be left behind.

The two of them walk off together in the direction of the school, the lack there of considering that we were almost there to begin with, but now I have the chance to catch my breath. A few minutes pass as I see Owain and Morgan enter the school. I can see a few others entering the school as well.

"Hey Noire over here!" A familiar voice calls out to me.

I look to my left and spot my friend Nah waving and heading in my direction.

"What are you doing here so early?" Nah asks the perfectly valid question.

"Morgan of course, I guess Owain walks this early, so she wanted to catch him, so I was dragged along," I explain.

"That girl is something else, sometimes I wish I had her confidence, being as adorable as me you gotta be on constant alert." She replies. Nah's father is a priest, so she was raised rather strictly, but was granted the adorableness of her mother, while she was rather short and underdeveloped; she still garnered a decent amount of attention, and she knew that. Her state of mind along with her intelligence does make her somewhat of an enigma to be friends with.

"Well then let's get to class," Nah says.

I nod in agreement as the two of us walk up the steps to the entrance of our school, before I open the doors I feel some papers fly out of my backpack, as I turn I noticed it was never closed, another fault on Morgan rushing me out of the house, it's a miracle nothing fell out while I was being forced to run. I let out a sigh and took two steps toward the steps to walk down, and suddenly the untied shoe comes back to haunt me. Before I knew it I am tumbling down the steps which results in a very uncomfortable landing finished off with a searing pain in my ankle. I clutch at my ankle as I clench my teeth, trying to fight back the pain.

"Noire are you okay!?" Nah worryingly asks as she runs down the steps to assist me.

What a fantastic way to start my morning, that was the thought that lingered in my head.