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Lip-Lock IV

Akashi and Kise instantly shifted shifted away from him and he gave a grateful sigh. His relief was short lived. When he looked up he saw the taller boys casually unbuttoning their shirts. Kuroko tried to swallow, but his mouth had gone dry.

When Akashi and Kise had finished undoing their shirts, they carelessly discarded the articles of clothing to the floor. Kuroko stood silently, mouth ajar, desperately trying, and failing, to not ogle the two half naked males before him. Though they had different frame types, they were both well built and perfectly sculpted.

"Like what you see, Kurokocchi?" Kise teased while bringing his arm up to gracefully lean on Akashi's shoulder. Kuroko promptly shut his mouth and turned his gaze to the floor. Akashi stood with his hands in his pockets, regarding Kuroko coolly.

"Your turn," the red head told him.

Kuroko shifted uneasily, but slowly reached up to undo the buttons on his shirt. He kept his head down, not wanting to see their wolfish smiles, but he could still feel the heat of their eyes. He shrugged the shirt off of his shoulders and it fell softly to the ground behind him.

Glancing up, Kuroko saw the two boy eyeing him intently, taking in every contour and curve of his small form. The blue haired boy brought his arms himself as a shield from their eyes. Kuroko's small, unimposing stature had never bothered him much before, but with their eyes on him, he was suddenly feeling uncharacteristically self conscious.

"No need to be so bashful, Tetsuya" Akashi told him in an amused voice and slowly stepped forward.

"Though a shy Kurokocchi is very cute and sexy," Kise assured cheerfully and moved forward as well.

They both stopped in front of him, each holding out a hand. Still curled in on himself, Kuroko looked up at them uncertainly, but he figured it out soon enough. They wanted him to choose. He looked between Kise's bewitching smile and Akashi's alluring smirk. Knowing there as no safe answer, Kuroko decided to follow his first instinct and found himself gently placing his hand into Kise's large, warm one.

Light blue eyes gazed up into warm amber ones. With a pleased smile, Kise tugged his arm forward and pulled Kuroko into a deep and passionate kiss, which, after some coaxing, the smaller boy tried to reciprocate halfheartedly. He suddenly felt Akashi's teeth glide along the back of his neck.

"Interesting choice," Akashi muttered, snaking his arms around the blue haired boy's narrow torso. Kuroko shivered delicately as the red head's hands ghosted over his body.

"You wound me, Akashicchi," Kise drawled out in mock offense, grinning into Kuroko's mouth, "Try to be a little less surprised."

"Don't get cocky, Ryouta," Akashi gave a light warning and his sunk teeth into Kuroko's shoulder. The boy gave a yelp of pain and shock.

"Wouldn't dream of it," Kise replied easily as he bent down to deliver a sharp bite just below Kuroko's ear, forcing another cry from the blue haired boy.

"Would you two please go take your pissing contest somewhere else," Kuroko muttered in a weary monotone.

Kise chuckled wryly and laid a gentle kiss on the spot he just bit before moving his lips back to Kuroko's mouth.

"Sorry, Kurokocchi," Kise said with humor, "And here I promised we'd make it feel good."

"Who would have thought you'd have such a fresh mouth, Tetsuya," Akashi breathed in his ear, decidedly less amused than Kise.

"Quite possibly anyone who stopped to talk to me before jamming their tongues down my throat," Kuroko said flatly, pulling back slightly from Kise's mouth to speak.

"Fair point," Akashi smirked into his neck, no hint of shame.

"Sorry, sorry," Kise murmured, though he sounded much too pleased to be at all apologetic, and caught Kuroko's lips again.

Kise's kiss was particularly long and when the blond pulled away, Kuroko struggled to catch his breath. The blue haired boy bent him head down to rest on Kise's chest, desperately trying to catch his breath. Kuroko was surprised to find that he was allowed to do so, as neither boy made a move to lift his head.

Kuroko started to wonder if they were finally giving him a break when he felt something wet drip onto the back of his neck. He shivered at the unexpected feeling. He hastily brought a hand up to wipe his neck and cautiously glanced upward at his two companions, unsure if he really wanted to see what was happening.

It seemed that when Kuroko had put his head down his two companions had turned their attention to each other, for they were now engaging in a sloppy and heated kiss. Kuroko blushed and cringed when he realized that it was undoubtedly their shared saliva that had been pooling on the back of his neck.

Trapped below, the blue haired boy couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from their fervent embrace. It was different from the relaxed, coaxing kisses they had given him earlier. And this kiss was very different from the lazy, unrushed one Kuroko had seen them share before. When they broke apart, they gazed at each other with perceptible heat. Kuroko fidgeted nervously. There was so much tension in the air.

"I think it's time for Kurokocchi to go," Kise spoke suddenly. Kuroko's eyebrows shot upward in surprise.

"Softhearted as ever, Ryouta," came Akashi's somewhat condescending drawl, but he moved back from the blue haired boy and went to pick up the smaller boy's fallen shirt.

Unsure of what was happening, Kuroko stood dumbly. They were kicking him out? Now? He felt a surge of relief at that thought, but also a guilty twinge of disappointment. Not knowing what to do or what to think, he remained still, allowing them to dress him in silence.

When they were finished, Kise leaned in to lay a soft kiss on his cheekbone. Akashi did the same on his jaw, whispering that they would all play again very soon. Kuroko held perfectly still.

They moved back and stared at him. For a moment he stared back at them in silence, and then he realized they were done. Kuroko turned and slowly walked out the door. As soon as he'd past the threshold, he heard the door click shut behind him.

Letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding, Kuroko collapsed back onto the door and sunk to the ground. What, just what, was that? His mind was reeling, but he didn't get long to think.

When he felt something heavy slam into the other side of the door, Kuroko scrambled forward in surprise. Turning around, Kuroko looked up at the door and his mouth fell open. Through the tinted window of the door he could see the curve of Akashi's bare back as it was pushed up against the glass.

They were going wild. With another loud thump from inside the room, Kuroko suddenly realized that the two of them really had been going easy on him. Kuroko blushed as he heard the two of them settle into a rhythmic thumping against the door. It abruptly became very clear to Kuroko why he had been sent out of the room. His blushed intensified.

Slightly recovered from his shock, Kuroko stood up shakily. He decided he should leave sooner rather than later, least they change their minds and drag him back inside to join them. He felt his ears turn red at the thought.

When he got to his locker, he spotted Midorima'a umbrella leaning innocently against it. Kuroko sighed. He had forgotten about the rain. Looking outside, he saw that the rain had slowed to a light drizzle.

When he got closer to the umbrella, he saw there was a note on it:

Please take care today.


The words of his green headed classmate came back to him. To avoid life changing disaster, keep your lucky item by you side today! He weighed the umbrella in his hands, frowning. If only he had taken it when Midorima had offered it to him. If he had, he would never have gone looking for one and he would never have happened upon the two of them. Kuroko sighed, pressing the umbrella to his forehead.

He heard Akashi speak in his head. What would you think of keeping him? He shuddered and Kise's reassuring voice floated through his mind. You'll learn to like it in no time. He felt better and so much worse. Who could tell what they had in store for him? It seemed his future was no longer his own. Life changing disaster, indeed, he mused.

Head still heavy with swirling thoughts, Kuroko opened the umbrella and walked out into the drizzle. And to think, just a few hours before, it had been a day of clear blue skies.


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