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PANDORA are genetically enhanced women who undergo intense training at special military schools in order to become soldiers that fight the NOVA. Pandora's strength originates from Stigmata, alien tablets that are infused with the nerves of the spinal column. The results of the merging of physiology and alien technology provides the Pandora with superhuman abilities that is over ten times greater than that of an average person. Additionally, the technology allows the Pandora to manifest armor and weapons which are deadly to the NOVA. Pandora were originally developed by the late Dr. Gengo Aoi.

NOVA are the natural enemy of mankind. These inter-dimensional beings exist in a realty different than our own. Not much is known of their history. Their motives are unclear as to why they want to eradicate the human race. The NOVA's main weapon consists of the ability to "Freeze" organic and mechanical objects with a strong energy pulse. The cascading energy renders everything within the kill zone radius inert and stationary. Over time, Pandora have developed the ability to nullify the Freezing effects. In doing so, the alien threat was neutralized during the Great War of 2077.


September, 2077

The NOVA were advancing at an alarming rate. The space-time distortions were appearing regularly; the corridor between our worlds was open. The Earth was being overrun with inter-dimensional monsters bent on the eradication of the human race.

The forces defending our world were diminishing; only a handful of warriors remained alive. Many believed that hope was lost and this truly was the end. Amidst the mass of raging fires and utter devastation throughout the cities, a brave group of women marched against the enemy.

Pandora, the true heroes of mankind were our last hope. These genetically enhanced superwomen continued their onslaught through the city streets - their suicidal mission, was to repel the alien invasion at all costs. Enduring two months of savage fighting, their offensive campaign was a success.

Satellizer El Bridget-Aoi, 1st Field Major of the Combined Allied Military in Japan, played a pivotal role in the defeat of the NOVA. Despite suffering heavy losses, the teams of Pandora were successful in pushing the enemy back into their inter-dimensional realms.

Satellizer, and the remaining Pandora around the world, were hailed as heroes. For years, mankind's Guardians stood ready; awaiting the next NOVA clash. Despite their vigilance, the alien threat never re-appeared. To this day, man has lived in peace.


Genetics London Basics School Barracks 0900 hours
August 14, 2090

"Your bunk is over there bitch!" Phoebe claimed. "These here are taken for me and Millie, so get lost."

It was a genuine blunder. Summer mistakenly placed her service issue training uniform and toiletries on a bunk that was presumably reserved for one of these brazen girls.

Not wanting any trouble, Summer complied. "Oh, I'm sorry." She said innocently, pushing her glasses up to the bridge of her nose. "I wasn't aware of assigned bunks."

"Wait a minute!" Phoebe shot forward, "Shit, you do look like her." Grabbing a handful of the girl's shirt, the gruff cadet stared through the glasses and into Summer's sky blue eyes. They held their gaze at each other until Phoebe confirmed the identification number on the folded uniform tucked under Summer's arm. GM870

Phoebe pulled Summer closer. "It's almost surreal. When the drill instructor said your name, I didn't quite get it, but now…" She squeezed Summer's arm. "You're definitely her daughter."

Summer gaped at the stares from the cadets who gathered to witness how this confrontation was going to end. This type of situation was exactly the reason why Summer didn't want to attend Basics School. In her heart, Summer knew she could never hide from the stereotype of being the daughter of Satellizer El Bridget-Aoi.

Genetics London Basics School Barracks 0800 hours
August 14, 2090

The limousine slowly pulled up to the curb outside the main gate at London's Genetics Basic Schooling Facility. The driver hastily exited the vehicle and moved around to the passenger side to open the door. As he motioned to the occupants inside, he held out his hand and the two women stepped out and onto the street.

Satellizer El Bridget-Aoi's graying blonde hair flowed freely from the southwest breeze as she stood next to her daughter. "Are you feeling alright my dear?" Summer hadn't said much on the way to the training camp, and Satellizer believed that her daughter was still feeling anxious about her choice to become a Pandora. She recalled the events that lead to her own decision to enter the Pandora program twenty-five years earlier - her mother was suffering from a terminal illness. Standing by the bedside, Satellizer watched her mother take her final breaths. With each labored effort, the dying woman's sole request was for her daughter to endure. "Become the strongest you can be." She said. "Think of me, never lose and don't ever give up."

With strong encouragement from her father, Howard El Bridget, Satellizer enlisted in the Pandora program. In training and on the battlefield, she used her mother's words to strengthen her fighting spirit and determination to win at all costs.

"Oh… I'm okay Mum." Summer just stood and stared back toward the city. Satellizer thanked their driver and the two women slowly walked along the sidewalk leading to the main gate of the facility. If not for the breeze and the sound of traffic from the nearby streets, the only sound wasthat of their boots on the sidewalk.

Within several feet of the entrance, Satellizer turned to her daughter, "Sweetheart, if this is NOT what you want, we can get back into that car…when I was your age, I went through this same training center. This was one of the original Genetics Basics School Facilities. I know how challenging it is compared to the other camps around the world."

Summer shook her head, but didn't reply. Her mind was a spinning turmoil of emotions. Sheturned to her mother with one solitary tear in her eye. "Mother, I want to make you and father proud, but…I'm not sure about this - does the world really need another Pandora? What if my abilities don't measure up? What about the Anti-Genetics factions? Shouldn't we be utilizing our abilities for other things instead of for the military?"

Satellizer reflected on her daughter's statement. "Does the world need another Pandora? I guess the answer to that question is no, not anymore. However, the world needs YOU sweetheart."

"I'm a little scared Mother," Summer confessed. "With the NOVA all gone, and you and father retired living a civilian life, I think to myself that I should just stay home, finish my schooling and be a normal citizen like everyone else." Summer stepped away from her mother and continued to contemplate her decision.

Normal… Satellizer thought to herself. "Sweetheart, I am so proud of you for electing to become a Pandora. Your strength, skills and abilities are second to none. You have your father's gentleness and my fighting spirit. You will make it through these eight weeks in record time." That reassurance brought a brief smile to Summer's face, while that solitary tear rolled down her cheek. "My dear, once you start your adventure, you may quickly forget what normal means." Satellizer embraced her, "You will do great things my little Summer's Day. Take care of yourself and be strong."

"I will Mother, I promise." She then confidently stepped back away from her mother and strapped her duffel across her shoulder. "Tell father that I miss him and that I will see him in two months."

"Of course, I will." Satellizer waved goodbye and watched Summer walk through the main gate. The emotion of witnessing her only daughter start a journey toward becoming a living weapon that she herself had become, was just too much for her to bear.

Be brave my dearest daughter, use my strength… never lose the battle. Embrace that fighting spirit within you…

"Listen up everyone!" Phoebe yelled, "We have a legendary bastard's offspring in our midst." Her grasp on Summer's arm was strong. Feeling trapped, Summer began to look around for a way out. "Ellie?" Phoebe called, "Come quick!"

"What's all this bullshit here?" Ellie Baker inquired, her long black hair pitching to one side as she sauntered over. At five-foot eight, Ellie looked down at Summer, her posture indicating a firm toned body hidden inside her recruit uniform. She embodied everything a Pandora should be: tall, beautiful, well endowed and dangerous.

"So who's this again?"

"Guess!" Phoebe gleefully exclaimed, still not letting go of her hostage. Summer wanted to free herself but wasn't sure if resorting to violence was the solution. Ellie frowned as she looked at both of her friends, "Who?"

"She's Satellizer's daughter!" Said Millie, "You know…the legend?"

Ellie looked Summer over and sneered, "So, the Untouchable Queen really got touched after all?" A few giggles loosed from some of the recruits as they all mocked the brunette.

Summer angrily ripped her arm free. "Leave me alone! I already said I was sorry for choosing the wrong bunk. I don't know you or your friends and I don't want any trouble! Especially on the first day."

"You don't want any trouble?" Ellie laughed. "Little bitch, let me tell you something. This is Genetics Basics School – survival of the fittest. Only the best graduate out to the Genetics Academies." Leaning in closer to her face. "If you don't have the will to fight and win, you'll end up dead."

In a flash, her mother's words came flooding into her head.

Don't ever give up, never back down and don't ever lose...

"Are you threatening me?" Summer said in a low tone. "It would be quite the scandal to be kicked out of this training facility on the first day due to death threats."

"You got quite the mouth on you, don't you?" Ellie then threw a forearm across Summer's jaw, knocking off her thinly rimmed glasses, before slamming a knee into her midsection. Summer instantly went to block the second attack, but Ellie grabbed her by the throat and shoved her outside into the Commons corridor.

The three girls stood grinning at Summer. Without her glasses, her only recourse was to fight half blind. Having inherited her myopia from her mother, she normally would have been at a great disadvantage, but Summer knew that in close quarters combat, she wouldn't be greatly affected.

Millie Bunce, cadet designation GM866, was the shortest of the three. To Summer, she seemed to be the weakest; displaying a disorganized defensive stance which made the girl vulnerable to lower and mid-level strikes. Phoebe Kelly, cadet GM862, was a different story. At roughly five foot six, Phoebe matched Summer's height, but carried her weight with a little less femininity than the others.

Attacking first, Phoebe came in with a high swing which Summer easily ducked under while planting a heavy shot to her lower stomach. Rotating around and grabbing her attacker's arm, she dropped down and spun, sending Phoebe crashing to the ground. Then, in one motion while Phoebe was face down on the floor, Summer slammed her leg upwards, catching Millie in the face with the heal of her shoe. Staggering backwards, Millie fell against the wall and dropped to the floor.

With a wild scream, Ellie reached in and tried to grab some of Summer's hair, but found her opponent too agile. Flipping up and knocking her hands away, Summer jabbed Ellie in the mouth with a left fist before following up with a strong right cross. The tall girl staggered back, dropping to one knee as she tried to catch her breath.

Now somewhat recovered, Phoebe rushed over and wrapped her thick arms around Summer, trapping her in place. Attempting to break the hold, she pulled and squeezed as hard as she could while Ellie stood and stepped in to square up. With a clenched right hand, she hammered Summer in the chest, before landing another wallop from her left.

Summer's body went limp for a moment under the force of the blows. Her vision blurring as her mind swam in a slurry of stars.

Be brave my dearest daughter, use my strength… never lose. Embrace that fighting spirit within you…

Opening her eyes wide and gritting her teeth, Summer smashed the back of her head into Phoebe's nose. As Ellie lunged forward, Summer somersaulted and delivered a double kick to her face and jaw.

As the two girls fell to the floor, one of the drill instructors, having heard the commotion, rushed in to break it up. Getting to her feet, Summer grabbed Ellie by the collar and then drove her face down into the floor.

As the drill instructor surveyed the scene, she was shocked to see three girls lying sprawled on the ground with another girl standing opposite of the heap trying to control her breathing.

"What the hell is going on here?" Maya McGeady yelled. "Fighting on the first day? Oh, I can't believe my eyes!" Much of the recruits in the corridor had scattered when McGeady arrived, and they had good reason to - Maya was a decorated Pandora who had a reputation of being excessive with her discipline.

Walking around each of the slumped and prone girls, the red-haired woman delivered a sharp kick to each of their sides, coaxing out a few last groans. "I'll say, what a sad bunch of shitty pigs I have here! You're lucky I'm in a good mood! Too bad I didn't actually observe your pitiful little fight. If I did, the whole lot of you wouldn't have needed to unpack your bags."

Summer swallowed hard as the intimidating woman turned and eyed her up and down. Marching over, the drill instructor grabbed her by the shoulder. "Stand up straight! What's your name recruit?"

"Summer El Bridget-Aoi ma'am, GM870."

Maya cocked her head. "El Bridget-Aoi huh?" Maya then turned to the injured girls who were now attempting to get up. "You stupid idiots, you get what's coming to you by choosing to grapple with the likes of her!" Summer blinked as the instructor shoved a finger in her direction. "Pigs, it's quite obvious you lost because I'm sure GM870 probably started her training at the of age nine! Regardless, three on one? Pathetic!"

Ellie kept her swollen red eyes trained on Summer while Phoebe and Millie looked at the ground. Using her handset, Maya immediately called for a medical team to take the wounded recruits to triage; "I've got a Code Six in the cadet barracks - three individuals."

Ellie stared Summer down one last time before she was lead away. Frowning through the pain, Ellie dwelled on one single thought; This isn't over… not at all!

Maya accompanied Summer back to the common area after the medical staff had the three girls on portable med cots. The young cadet crouched down and searched the floor before the instructor held out her left hand.

"Looking for these?"

Surprised, Summer nodded as she nervously took the folded glasses. "So?" Maya began, testing her theory. "Was I right? Was it at nine years old?"


"Your training cadet."

"Oh, I was seven ma'am."

"I see. I guess Satellizer didn't want you waiting until Basics School huh?" Maya stepped closer. "If I were you, I would stay away from those girls. They seem like trouble to me." The young woman agreed, pushing her glasses up onto her nose.

"Kid, there's no doubt you have a lot of potential, and I'll do my very best to see to it that you graduate top of your class." Maya held out a hand as she motioned her to the exit. "You know, I was hand-picked for your mother's squad during the Great War."

"What was it like ma'am? To fight alongside my mother?"

"It was a tremendous honor. I went on quite a few missions as part of her elite platoon." A smile crossed Summer's face as she dreamed of the stories Satellizer used to tell her about defending the world from the NOVA. "However, don't expect too much special treatment from me after today cadet."

"Thank you ma'am." Summer replied feeling some relief from her earlier ordeal.

"C'mon, let's get you patched up." Maya stopped outside the doorway to clear her throat. Keeping up appearances, Maya raised her voice and ordered Summer to triage. "PIG! Report to the Medical Bay immediately!"

With a half smile, Maya shoved Summer forward and out into the night air.

Eastbourne, UK
June, 2085

The noon sun was golden and the high clouds were spread thinly across the blue sky. Satellizer and Summer had enjoyed a mid-morning brunch and had walked to the Eastbourne Arndale Centre to do some shopping. By early afternoon, their shopping had concluded and Summer requested that they walk south to Wilmington Square. As they strolled, Summer began to notice several people stopping and making a point to stare at them. They seem a little odd… she thought to herself. From there she asked her mother if they could walk across the street to the Wish Tower Slopes. Her favorite spot was the Wish Tower, she loved to look out over the ocean and hear the sounds of the waves on the pebbled beach. The Wish Tower had once been a battle monument dating back hundreds of years to the days of Napoleon. It is now a preserved museum and tourist attraction. Summer's parents always used to walk her around the Slopes and up to the tower when they were on leave from active military service.

As they walked the familiar lawns surrounding the Tower, Summer noticed more people staring at them. "Mother, why are those people staring at us?" Satellizer smiled and kept walking, holding her daughter's hand. More and more people around the greens made obvious efforts to look. Some folks whispered to their companions, while others bent down to their children and pointed them out. Summer fussed as the ocean breeze blew her brown hair over her eyes. As she curled the fluttering strands behind her ears, she continued to spy on the peculiar onlookers. "Mother, these people keep staring! Do they know us?"

"No my dear, these citizens are just happy to see me." Satellizer was calm and smiled to the strangers around them.

Summer didn't seem to understand. "Why would they be happy to see us?"

"You remember the last great battle with the NOVA? Well, your father and I, plus a brave group of people from all over the world helped defeat them. We pushed them back into their inter-dimensional homes. Many heroes…died that day." Summer listened as her mother finished the story she had heard many times before. "These people recognized me and are not sure on how to act around me." Summer wasn't sure she understood fully what these citizens were feeling. All she knew was that these strangers were staring and pointing at them. Satellizer quickly turned to face a man who had cautiously walked up to where they were standing. "…Are you…Satellizer El Bridget?" he nervously asked.

"Yes, I am. How can I assist you?"

The man was speechless. Immediately, he grabbed her hand and started shaking it violently. "OH…thank you, thank you! Thank you so much for saving us!" Summer was growing nervous. Why is this man acting this way? Before long, more people approached and formed a line waiting to shake her mother's hand. Some folks even brought their children closer and Satellizer bent down and patted them on their little heads. Summer just stood there and watched her mother interact with these commoners whose faces were filled with joy.

Within minutes, all the thank yous and talk of praise soon began to annoy the little girl. We came here to go shopping and I wanted to see my Wish Tower! Why are these people bothering us? Summer was startled when a boy a few years older than she tapped her on the shoulder.

"Are you that Pandora's daughter?" He asked. "It must be amazing to have a mother like her!" Summer didn't know how to respond. "So what is she like? Is she retired? Do you live here in Eastbourne?"

Summer started feeling claustrophobic; the world started to spin as the crowd surrounding her mother separated them. Shoving the young boy away from her, she frantically called out. "Mother! Please help me!" Immediately sensing her daughter's distress, Satellizer excused herself and pushed through the crowd until she was reunited with her daughter. Upon reaching her, she saw quite the peculiar scene. A distressed ten-year old and a young boy laying flat on his back several meters away. She picked up her daughter and carried the little girl away from the crowd and down to the pebbled shore. "What happened? What's wrong?"

All Summer could do was cry and bury her head into her mother's shoulder. "You left me alone!" She cried, "All those people were taking you away! This boy came and asked me questions and I got scared and I wanted to run away but I just couldn't do it. So I kept him away from me…I hope he isn't hurt too bad!"

"I'm so sorry sweetheart." Satellizer responded as she set her down on the rocks and got down on her knees next to her. Removing Summer's glasses, she wiped away the tears. "You must remember Summer, your father and I are very important people. We can't change that."

"WHY? What makes you and father so important? Why can't everyone just leave us alone? All those people made me scared!" Satellizer looked over her shoulder as the young boy was helped up by his parents. He held his head, but didn't appear too injured.

Turning back, Satellizer continued to reassure Summer. "Your father and I were responsible for saving a lot of peoples' lives. Citizens like those back there are alive because of what we all did. This is just their way of showing thanks. Furthermore…" Satellizer lowered her voice. "You can't show your strength like that. You could have seriously hurt that boy."

"I don't like these people taking you away from me! I hated you and father for leaving me all the time with those teachers…" Summer just stared down at the stones.

"My dearest, nobody is ever going to take me away from you. Your father and I will never leave you again. I promise." Tears started to fall from Satellizer's eyes as she remembered all those years ago how her mother had died and she was left alone to live with the El Bridget family. The pain and suffering she felt at the hands of her half-brother…the sense of loneliness and despair. She vowed after Summer was born, that her daughter would NEVER have to face that same fate. "Summer, look at me. You mean everything to me. The citizens of the world will always act this way around me. All you need to know is that your father and I love you very much." She touched her daughter's chin and made her look up into her eyes. "Now that your father and I are retired, we will be by your side, always."

Summer blinked as her daydream faded. She tested her bandages, finding them deftly wrapped and snug.

"How are you feeling cadet?" The nurse asked as her patient caressed the superficial injuries.

"Oh, I'm fine."

"That's interesting, you know your wounds were partially mended by the time the instructor brought you in."

Summer looked away, not wanting to engage the nurse in further conversation surrounding her unusual healing. "Uh, thanks for patching me up, I should probably go."

Quickly gathering her things, the young brunette headed for the door. "Thanks again."

"Uh, good luck cadet." The nurse replied.

After Summer was gone, the nurse went to the computer terminal. On the main screen, the message box was clearly waiting for the woman to input her data.

Typing her observations the way the instructor had demanded, the nurse recalled what Maya had requested earlier: "Report to me if she exhibits extraordinary healing properties."

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