Prompt: silliness

A/N: Thanks krazyredhead0317 for looking this over! I hope everyone enjoyed this little tale of mine!

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Just Silliness

Hermione felt her heart breaking as she looked at the Time Lord she had grown to love. "I… I can't do this anymore."

"I'm sorry," the Doctor replied, frowning. "I… I never meant for this to happen."

She sniffed. There was no way she could have known she'd fall in love with him. "I… I need someone serious. Traveling with you is fun, Doctor, but it's all just silliness. We wouldn't have a future together, would we?"

The Doctor's frown deepened. "We wouldn't, Hermione. I'm sorry."

Hermione smiled sadly before walking over and hugging him tightly. "Good-bye."

"Take care, Hermione."