Who knew that Robin was afraid of black cats? None of the Titans have been lucky enough to be privy to this top secret information, except for Robin.

He alone knows what haunts him. He only trusts himself to keep his secret, which has been exposed when Raven brought home that despicable cat, Dark Matter.

Raven just wanted a friend, a pet who is as mysterious and misunderstood as she is. When she saw Dark Matter meowing and peering through the window at the pet shop, she knew she could not walk away even though she tried to make every fiber of her being turn away from the mesmerizing golden-eyed charcoal-colored creature.

Raven has longed for a pet for quite some time, but has never expressed her desire out loud until today. Starfire suggested that Raven become Silkie's other knorfka, but Silkie is not Raven's idea of a suitable pet; she finds the pink insect larvae thing a little repulsive. Cyborg suggested fabricating a robot cat for her (no fusses and no messes), but she desires something she can cuddle. Beast Boy proposed to go cat for her, but she declined. Raven does not judge green cats alluring and she doubts that Beast Boy will be a hygienic kitty; she finds cleanliness the most appealing feline characteristic.

She knew that the other Titans would be surprised that she has decided to adopt a cat. She has never showed an affinity for animals, but then again, why should they be stunned? She never displayed any animosity towards them.

Yes, she thinks that most animals are dirty, smelly and a colossal amount of work, but cats - they are immaculate. That is why she could not leave Dark Matter. He is what she has been looking for. He is what she needs.

However, she was never expecting this certain reaction from Robin, who was busy shuffling in the fridge when Dark Matter whooshed into the living room.

Robin sees a flash of black and quickly turns around. There is a black cat - repeat, a black cat - in the living room. His nightmare has become a reality. It also has had the audacity to manifest itself on the couch and to sprawl out on the exact spot that Robin was going to conquer after he crafted a sandwich for himself.

Robin shrieks and jumps onto the table. All of the Titans turn their attention to him. They wonder what could it be that has gotten Robin into such a tizzy.

Robin mumbles, stutters, and blubbers while pointing at Dark Matter. "Get that thing away from me and away from the tower! It's bad luck! Bad luck! And anything that is bad is EVIL!"

Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy burst into fits of laughter. Beast Boy is rolling on the floor, cackling at Robin's distress, while Cyborg is howling with mirth and banging his fist against the table.

Meanwhile, Raven dons her customary deadpan expression. "So much for our fearless leader."