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Raphael and Leonardo are at it again with their fighting. Upset, Raphael leaves the lair (classic, right?). When he doesn't come home for a few hours, Mikey is sent out to find his brother. What he finds is a very intoxicated brother. What kind of emotional rollercoaster did Mikey walk into?

"Raph, how can you be so careless? You never follow my orders and are constantly putting our team in danger" Leo barked at his brother while Donatello and Michelangelo sat in the kitchen, drowning out the sounds of the brother's fighting with pizza.

"I told you those Dragons were in the middle of another drug bust you and oh fearless leader was going to let them get away. If I hadn't jumped in there, they would still be roaming the streets" Raph retaliated.

"And Donnie wouldn't have a cast on his arm if you weren't so careless." Leo got in Raph's face after that comment and glared at his brother. Indeed Raphael had charged head first in another battle against Leo's orders. The turtles had heard that the Purple Dragons were going to meet their drug dealer at the East Docks thanks to a tip from Casey. The boys decided to go check it out but when Leo saw that they were packing heavy artillery (as in guns) he ordered his brothers to not get involved. Of course Raph didn't listen and managed to get them involved anyway. Donnie had a broken arm and Leo had a mild concussion from their latest outing, proving that the Purple Dragons were getting tougher each time they had a run in with them. Thankfully when shots were fired from their guns, it managed to miss all the turtle brothers and they were able to put a stop to them before it could get any worse.

"You are a sore excuse of a brother. If you continue to disobey my orders, I am going to have Sensei remove you from the team" Leo stated matter of fact like.

"Here we go bro" Mikey whispered to Donnie as his purple brother munched on his pepperoni pizza. "Raph's gonna blow in three, two…"

"You know what Leo, I hate you. You always suck up to Splinter and manage for him to take your side. Well fine!" Raph stormed towards the door. "IF you want me off the team fine. You're no longer my brother". Raphael made his way through the turnstiles and disappeared in the nearest sewer tunnels.

Before he was out of ear shot, Leo replied, "You're not my brother either, Raph. Don't come back for all I care".

"That was kinda harsh," Donnie stated.

"Meh, it happens all the time bro, Raph and Leo will make up by tomorrow, no worries!" Mikey said as he took another slice from the box.

"But this time, both of our older brothers proclaimed that they were no longer brothers. That's a little low, even for Raph" Donnie said worriedly.

Leo walked in the kitchen doorway and stared at his two brothers. Both younger turtles paused, Mikey with pizza hanging out of his mouth, looking like deer caught in head lights.

"How much did you two hear?" Leo asked. All anger was no longer present in his facial expression.

"Enough for you to tell Raph that he wasn't your brother anymore." Donnie said.

"Yeah well did you hear what he said to me?" Leo asked in annoyance.

Mikey swallowed his piece of pizza and then chimed in. "Yeah we heard. Look Leo, Raph and you are a lot more alike than you think."

Both Donnie and Leo looked at Mikey with a shocked look on their faces. "Do tell, oh smart brother of mine" Donnie stated with a smart tone.

"Think about it, Donnie. Both of them have short fuses, but Raph, he's more aggressive. Both brothers are pigheaded and think that they know what's best for the team. That's what makes them clash because they don't usually agree on the same tactics. Leo chooses strategy and Raph chooses brute force." Mikey continued to look at his shocked brother's faces. "Stop staring at me like that dudes, your faces will freeze that way".

"No way am I like that hot headed, selfish, asshat of a brother. Well, ex brother" Leo bowed his head in shame at the last sentence. "I guess I went too far this time"

Mikey got up from his chair and placed his hand on Leo's shoulder. "Look bro, you have two choices. You can either make it right between you and him and apologize or live with a sulking, brooding Raph. Personally, I don't like a sulking, brooding Raph because he uses my face as a punching bag. If you want to be a good brother to me and Donnie, I think you better choose the first option. If not, we will have to live in fear for the rest of our lives".

"What Mikey is trying to say, Leo," Donnie interrupted, "Is that you need to make up with Raph. Deep down we know you love each other that's why you get on each other's nerves. Take Mikey and I for example…Mikey annoys me to no end and is always breaking stuff in my lab."

"Hey not all the time!"

"Let me get to the point! The point is, even though he annoys me, I still love him and wouldn't have him any other way. My love for him as a brother and best friend far out weighs being angry at him. Just like you and Raph. Don't let your anger out weigh how much you care for him. You get angry with him because you try to protect him, whether you want to admit it or not".

"I guess you're right, Donnie. I need to go talk to Master Splinter about this" Leo pulled away from Mikey and headed towards the dojo. "Can you make sure Raph comes home at a decent time tonight" he called to them as he locked the door.

"Sure, leave us with reigning in the hot head" Donnie yelled even though he knew his brother couldn't hear. The purple banded turtle turned towards his only younger brother and noticed him staring him down with tears in his eyes. "What's wrong Mikey? They'll work it out, I promise"

"No it's not that" Mikey shook his head to clear is his vision from the tears that were forming.

"Then what is it?" Donnie asked half annoyed.

"I'm your best friend?" Mikey stated.

"Yeah I guess you kinda ar-ooof" Donnie couldn't finish as he was plowed into by his little brother. "Alright, alright, just watch the arm" he half laughed as Mikey squeezed him in a bone crushing hug.


Michelangelo and Donatello were camped out on the couch watching a movie when Leo finally emerged from the dojo. "Alright you two, I am headed to bed".

"Yeah, yeah that's great, Leo" Mikey said not turning his attention from the television.

"Did Raph come back?" He asked.

"I didn't hear him come in. I guess it's a late night" Donnie said as he faced his brother from the couch.

"Shouldn't we bring him home?" Leo asked.

"We as in one of us? Why don't you go get him, you're the one who faught with him" Donatello snapped back.

"I don't think Raph would want to talk to me right now. It could make things worse." Leo stated. "Could you or Mikey make sure he gets home?" The turtle turned towards the hall where their rooms were and walked through. The two turtles on the couch could hear his door shut and lock all the way in the living room.

"Alright Mikey, one of us has to go get Raph" Donnie stated as he turned of the t.v.

"Aw, but Donnie-" The turtle started to complain.

"Come on, Rock Paper, Scissors you for it" Donnie suggested.

Mikey looked at his brother's hand that appeared in front of him and just stared, contemplating on whether or not he should even participate in the game of "Who gets to bring back an Angry Raph". Finally, when he realized that he couldn't get out of it and sighed. Donnie's gap tooth grin was too hard to deny. "Fine, two out of three".

"One, two, three, SHOOT!" Both brothers said at the same time. Donnie's rock beat Mikey's scissors for the first round. Mikey didn't let that worry him as he had another round.

"One, two, three, SHOOT!" Both said again. This time, Donnie's paper beat Mikey's rock causing the turtle to complain about his defeat. "Aw, man! I have to do it again"

"It's okay Mikey. I will be in my lab, if you need me or if Raph gives you trouble, just call me." Donnie said as he patted his brother's shoulder and headed towards the lab.

"Guess the sooner I get moving the sooner I can get into my nice warm bed. I hope Raph appreciates the brotherly concern" Mikey grumbled as he made his way over the turnstiles.

"Hey Raph," Mikey said as he made it to the roof that the tracker on his T-phone led him to. "Are you up here bro?" Mikey was met with silence. He was starting to get worried that maybe his brother had gotten into trouble. There was no signs of a struggle of any kind on the roof from what he could see. A sigh of relief escaped his lips when his eyes caught his brother slumped up against an air conditioning unit.

"Hey, Raph, wake up" Mikey shook his brother worriedly. Raph didn't reply or acknowledge his brother. He looked like he was in a dead sleep. "Raphie, I used your heavy weight magazine as toilet paper again!" He taunted, but was only given a loud snore in reply. "Alright no more Mr. Nice Turtle Dude!" Mikey slapped Raph in the face, hard, making the young turtle finch as his hand contacted skin. He backed away suddenly as green eyes opened and found their way on him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Mikey pleaded as Raph tried to stand. He was taken back when Raph couldn't get his legs working and fell down immediately, his shell hitting the AC unit with a loud thud.

"Mikey?" Raph asked. He seemed incoherent to Mikey as his brother approached him. "Mikey?" He asked again. Green eyes started moving around, worriedly and unfocused. Raph was trying to find his brother but couldn't see straight.

"Right in front of you, bro" Mikey replied. Concern for his brother creeped up on him and suddenly, the fight between Leo and him was just a distant memory. Any fear that he had had dissipated. "What happened to you?"

"Oh Mikey, too much drinkie" Raph said and then he started laughing.

"Drinkie? What did you, oh!" Michelangelo turned his attention towards the empty vodka bottle that was discarded next to his brother. Mikey thought for a minute about what his brainy brother would do in a situation like this. A thought crossed his mind and he quickly started digging into the belt around his plastron before he found it, a small white flashlight he was keeping in case of an emergency. "Alright Raph, look straight ahead" Mikey took his thumb and lifted up his brother's eye lid. He shined the flashlight onto the dull green orbs.

"Is it daylight already?" Raph slurred before chuckling. "Oh boy, fearless is going to be mad"

"I think staying out all night is least of your worries, Raph. You're pupils are dilated!" Mikey remembered seeing something on T.V. about this. He remembered during an episode of COPS when an officer had pulled someone over for drinking. The cop had given the suspect a field sobriety test and he failed miserably. He was swaying and could barely keep his balance. Well, that's one symptom, Mikey thought. He then thought back to what the cop had said to the camera crew about intoxication. Another symptom was dilated pupils. That's two symptoms for Raphie boy! Mikey sat next to his brother and picked up the discarded vodka bottle. The empty blue bottle with the words Pinnacle were all over it. The young turtle decided to take a sniff of it. A hint of disgust creeped across his face as he looked at his non-compliant brother. "Gross, I can't believe you drank this stuff".

"It's (hiccup) good! Whipped creamie flavor" Raph responded as he leaned his head on his brother's shoulder. "I love you lil brother"

"Raph, you're drunk as a skunk and Leo is going to kill you!"

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