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Bloom POV

Two Weeks Later…

"Sky, you're going to be late." I say knocking on the door of the bathroom, where currently Sky is having a shower. I hear a muffled reply back and just shake my head and walk over to our bed. It still sometimes feels weird saying our bed.

It's been 3 and half years since the day Sky and I got back together. It was always going to be a bit rickety rackety but we got there evenly. Our wedding was the best day of my life. I think it was the first celebration were I wasn't stressed out or nothing bad actually happened. I felt happier then I have ever been, and now I get to call Sky my husband. Or what's even weirder is being called 'queen' or 'your majesty'.

The door to the Bathroom opens and Sky comes out, a towel loosely wrapped around his hips as I sit on the edge of the bed. Very King like.

" How long have I got?" Sky asks as he starts getting dressed in his attire for his journey to the Magic Council annual meeting. I would go with him but my record with the magic council is not good and I rather stay here and look after the palace while Sky is away.

"About 10 minutes." I reply

"Crap." Sky starts to hurry and shoves his boxers and pants on as I get off the bed, having a slight dizzy spell when doing so. I have been having them recently but I just put that down to being overly stressed these past couple weeks with trying to get a town rebuilt over a suspicious occurrence at the east of Eraklyon.

"You know-" I tell Sky folding some clothes and placing them in his small blue suitcase." If you had a shorter shower, you wouldn't be all over the place."

Sky gives me a smirk of mock disproval as I spot his necktie is all out of whack, I give him a tusk as I stand in front of him and undo his tie. He looks down confused and then rolls his eyes.

"Bloom I don't have time." He complains and I just chuckle as he starts to shake his leg in frustration. I restart the tiring process.

"Oh hush, you have enough time." I say back just as I adjust his tie back into place and brush off his shoulders. " There, now you wouldn't want to look like an idiot in front of the magical council this afternoon now would you?"

Sky just softly laughs and brings his hands to my hips and starts bringing me closer to him as places his lips on mine. Still till this day after 10 years of knowing him, tingles still erupt with in me from this. I pull away slightly first." Okay, now you're really going to be late."

Sky groans and quickly walks around me and grabs his suitcase. I am sad he is going to be staying over at Magix for one night but at least its only one night.

I escort Sky out until the front gates, where the ship is waiting to take him. I stand there and watch as Sky's new squire; Adam takes his suitcase from him and loads it onto the ship. Sky turns to me a couple feet away.

"Remember to fill out the paper work for new food supplies from Hypoid-" Sky goes off the list of the things to be done, like he always does before he goes away.

"Yes" I say back.

"- And to address the problems with the council at Edbrow at the meeting tomorrow on there water shortage-"

"Yes Sky" I slightly groan this time.

"Oh and the new points that are being added to the power contract between Zenith-" Sky carries on and this time a noticeably roll my eyes at him.

"Sky everything is fine here, go before I drag your ass on that ship myself." I say and Sky at first looks a little irritated that I interrupted him but then smiles softly and leans forward and kisses my forehead." Last thing, remember that I love you."

I giggle at his words." I love you to, see you tomorrow."

"See you then." And with that he walks onto the ship and the ramp closes up on the side after him and it hovers before going up into the sky, zooming off through the realms. I sigh, missing him already and start to head back to the front doors of the palace.

Once in side I smell a weird almost odor coming from the direction of the palace kitchens that puts me on edge. Its fishy and I feel my stomach churn and the next thing I know I am racing back to my room, up a few flights of stairs. I get questionable looks from some of the servants and maids but try and muster a smile before covering my mouth with my hand and being on my way.

I bolt through the door of my bedroom, slightly startled by my maid, Eve making the bed. She looks up at me with a smile before it fades into worry. But I barley see it as I run to the bathroom across the carpet and kneel before the toilet and let what ever was in my stomach out.

"You Highness?" It sounds like a question as I barley hear Eve come in through the door from the lurching sounds that echo from the toilet bowl. I feel a hand on my back, slightly rubbing and someone moving my curled hair out of the way as I literally hug the toilet.

" Thank you Eve." I mummer once I feel my stomach has settled. I turn away from the toilet and sit crossed legged on the bathroom tiles as I hear Eve flush the toilet and she offers her hands to help me get up.

I wash my mouth out with water, as well as my face. I never had that happen to me before, I mean, I have throw up but never because of a fishy smell or a smell in general. For the past couple weeks I haven't been feeling all that good to come and think of it. Stuffy noise, dizzy spells, throwing up…

I watch as my eyes widen in the mirror in realization of this situation." Eve, what's the date today?" I ask trying to push away the panic in my voice.

"Um the 28th your majesty… is everything all right, would you like me to call the doctor for you?" She asks worriedly. Eve is a little younger then me, about 20 or so. She is always very caring and a very good personal maid for me.

I turn around with a forced smile, I'm late by two weeks." No, no" I exaggerate." I just remembered I have to go out and see someone tonight."

" But you have dinner with Samara tonight your majesty." Eve reminds me I scowled myself in my head. I don't know Why Sky's mother wanted to see me, I am guessing just a routine chat, we have actually become quite close over the years.

"Tell her I am very sorry, but I had a prior commitment. I will re-seclude if she likes for tomorrow lunch time instead." I say heading out to the bathroom and into the bedroom, to put some casual clothes on to head out.

"Yes your majesty, I will also tell the chef so he can prepare something other then fish tonight he was making for you."

I grip the handle of the cupboard tightly and force down the gag reflex and the reminder of fish and just nod my head. Once changing out of my royal blue dress and into some jeans and a jumper I turn back to Eve.

"Thanks for all your help Eve, I promise I will be back by 10 clock."


I wait patiently at the door for someone to answer. Linfea is always so peaceful and quiet especially at night. Flora's house is inbuilt into a small hill like most houses around this area, a door and a few windows are the only things to tell the difference.

I finally, after a few long moments hear footsteps approaching and the door opens with a creak. Flora appears at the door a little confused but then she sees me and puts on a smile.

"Bloom, I wasn't expecting you, what are you doing here, sweetie?' She asks and I look at her beaming self, she has barley changed since Alfea, although I think she has become more beautiful. She wears a simple pink floral dress and brown leather sandals.

"Umm…" I should really have thought of a better answer but before I can explain any further I hear a small voice from inside the house.

"Aunty Bloom!" My little four year old goddaughter comes into view as she starts running to me at the door. I just bend down on my knees and pick her up in my arms and rest her on my hip. I smile before playfully smothering her face in kisses and she squalls and laughs. " Aunty Bloom, stop!"

I stop for a second before I give her one last peck on the cheek and she giggles." How is my beautiful Lily?" I ask as I look at her in her green jumpsuit for bed, and her hair is slightly damp, probably from just having a bath.

"I am good, what are you doing here Aunty Bloom?" Lily tilts her head in curiosity and I softly smile.

"Yes Lily, What is Aunty Bloom doing here?" I look to see Flora giving me a look with raised eyebrows just like her daughter. Lily might have the same raven dark hair and ocean blue eyes like her father but her expressions some how resembles Flora to the sound of laugh.

I smile shyly." Can I come in?" I ask and Flora sighs with a smile and heads into her home and I follow, still with Lily on my hip, although once in the open area of the house Lily starts squirming about and I place her down.

Flora's house that she now lives in with her family is gorgeous and very homely. To my left is a very spacious and open kitchen, with large counter tops and every appliance you can think of. To my right is a living room with a big leather arm chair and plumb green sofas facing a TV. Although I notice some scattered plushies and toys on the floor where some little ones might have been playing earlier. And a dinning table behind, which is lovely, decorated with pot plants and flowers on the windowsill.

Heading over to the kitchen I see Flora's new son, Hugo in his high chair near the kitchen counters. Flora goes to check on him, and notices his bottle is empty and goes to the kitchen to prepare some warm milk for him I guessing.

"Hello Mr. Hugo." I chirp once I get close enough, his big green eyes widen when he looks up at me he seems confused for a second before he smiles. I lean down and give him a raspberry on his cheek and he squeals and giggles. His in his blue and white striped PJ.s.

I feel a tug on my jeans and look down to a pouting Lily and I smile.

"Hey Lily." I hear Flora say as she unscrews the top of Hugo's bottle," Why don't you go get your SiFi beans to show Aunty Bloom."

"Yay!" Lily says as she heads out to the corridor to the other side of the house and disappears around a corner.

Flora and I both laugh and Flora then looks to me as she fills Hugo's bottle with milk." Sweetie" she says it softly and places the milk down and looking me in the eye" Is everything all right, did something happen with Sky?"

"No, no… well not really, that's what I actually need clarification on if something did actually happen with me and Sky." I ramble away and Flora just looks more confused and raises and eyebrow, but before she can ask anymore Lily comes back in holding a small pot carefully in both hands.

"Look Aunty Bloom, Sifi beans!" She exclaims and I crouch down to look at them, putting my hands over hers grasping the pot. It looks well looked after, a small sprout with a few leaves and a growing pink bean incased in a green shell that looks like it is nearly ready to bloom.

"Wow Lily, you really have taken good care of them." I say inspecting her little plant. Lily's smile grows. Flora steps around from the counter and behind Lily.

"Your teacher said yours was the best taken cared of in class, didn't she Lily?" Flora says as she runs her finger through her daughter's dark hair, softly tucking her bangs behind her ears. Lily nods enthusiastically with a hmmhmm.

"Well-" I say with smile" If you are anything like your mother I am sure you are going to be the best of the best." I say taking a quick glance up at Flora who smiles lovingly at me and then at her daughter.

"Lily." Flora then softens her tone." Its your bed time now, sweetie."

Lily pouts and whines a little." But mummy, I wanted to spend more time with Aunty Bloom."

"Honey, I know but Aunty Bloom and mummy have to have a chat, and I am sure Aunty Bloom will be back soon enough." Flora encourages looking down at me.

"I'll be back soon Lily, I promise." I say giving her a quick hug around her pot plant and Lily nods with a smile." Now you be a good girl to your family, and take care of your SiFi beans, okay?"

Lily nods as I get up from my crouch, my knees slightly aching." Okay." Flora reaches down and grabs Lily's little hand." Good night Aunty Bloom!"

"Good night Lily." I say with a soft wave as Flora and Lily disappear behind the corner of the corridor. I sigh, thinking how gorgeous Lily has become, a gentle soul just like her mother and father.

I hear a little noise behind me and see Hugo shaking his bottle, which he has already finished. I walk over to him and he smiles goofily at me." Did you already finish your milk, little guy." I say with a pout and hands on hips and he giggles nervously, shaking his head" I think some one did."

Hugo squeals as I lift him up from the high chair and place him on my hip. Hugo was born about 7 months ago. He like Lily was born a healthy baby, and I don't think Heila and Flora could have been happier.

Hugo quiets down and grabs a hold of my neckline and he stifles it between his fingers. He looks so adorable and innocent with his green doe eyes, that I kiss his forehead, and rock him back and forth. Although I get a blundering feeling that I will be having to get use to holding something or someone as precious as this soon…

" Bloom." I turn around and see Flora coming back into the room. She leans on the counter top in front of me and watches me closely still holding her son." So, what is the thing that you need clarification on between what you think happened between you and Sky?" She even sounds confused by what she just said and I laugh while softly nuzzling Hugo's forehead with my chin and lips.

"Flo, I think I might be pregnant…." I dare look up at her and he eyes widen she looks like she is trying to find something to say, and I hope she does because I cant believe that this is happening. But Hugo makes a little whining noise and Flora walks up to me and on instinct I hand him over to Flora and she places him on her hip.

"I'll just put him down for the night, I'll be back out in a sec, okay?" she says with nurturing eyes and I nod before giving a little wave to Hugo and he goes to bed.


I wait a few minutes for Flora to come back out, although it seems like hours. Processing my information in my head is draining. Of course this could be a false alarm but that's why I came here first.

Flora comes back out as I am now sitting on the green sofa; she gives me a cautious smile and comes to sit next to me.

"Bloom I thought… you and Sky where being careful about this, using protection and things." Flora asks and I shake my head.

"Yes we were, that's what I don't get, and we always used protection." I state.

"Well, I am guessing your periods late, the question is how long?" She carries on and I think back.

"Two weeks, but since then we were always using-" I cut myself short remembering one lust filled night and I groan out loud. The night when Sky woke from a nightmare. No wander I was so horny, it was the week before my period, that's when I get all hormonal.

I look to Flora and she is properly knowing what I am thinking. Before I can say anything else, Flora pulls out a box behind her and I look at it closely and register what it is. A home pregnancy test. I think my gulp was auditable.

" Don't tell me you have had one of those on standby all these years, just so you can tell Stella and Layla the news before anyone, like I did that horribly, years ago-"

Flora cuts me off with a laugh." No sweetie, Heilia and I have been trying for another baby recently I have a few in the cupboard." She says.

I tilt my head." Flora another already, you just had Hugo."

Flora smiles" I know, but I always wanted a family of three children." She thinks happily before shaking her head" Don't distract me, this is about you-" She hands me the box"- so… you know where the bathroom is."

I bit my lip as I get up on shaky feet, slowly walking to the bathroom, feeling excited and nervous at the same time. All though dominant, is nervousness right now.

After peeing on a stick I have to wait for a couple minutes. I would have thought Flora would have picked up on the baby's magical ora. But I guess that it's to soon to tell. Oh gosh my baby…

I hear Flora knock on the door, and she comes in, softly closing the door behind her. " Bloom, you and Sky never talked about, you know, having a baby one day?"

I just sigh. Of course we talked about it, I mean its what's required of me being a queen, to give Eraklyon an heir to the throne but Sky and I never really put a time on it. When we were actually going to have a baby, this just feels surreal at the moment.

Before I can answer the beep goes off and I shiver in anticipation, I turn around with a big breathe, not really knowing what to hope for.

I look down and I see it


I let out a built up sigh and for some reason place a hand on my stomach looking down realizing things are going to change. I am pregnant.

I hadn't even notice Flora look over my shoulder before she turns me around and places her hands on my cheeks." Hey, your going to be fine, everything is going to be okay because I am here for you and your going to be an excellent mother."

I melt at her words and can only mange a nod with a sad smile before she crashes me in hug. She rubs up and down my back as the realization hits me.

"Flora, honey who are you talking to?" I hear Heilia say out side the door as he starts to open it and he looks very confronted and confused by me in here.

"Heila!" Flora screeches pulling away form me and motioning for him to close the door. Heilia puts on a sorry face before quickly shutting the door. A small giggle forms from me and Flora hugs me again but it turns into tears. I feel overwhelmed into crying.


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