Strongest United

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Two dark orange eyes silently watched the four green silhouettes racing across the rooftops as though they had no cares in the world. The figure smirked as a snake like tongue slithered across her blood red lips.

"Okay Leo," She said more to herself than the Foot Bots that stood alongside her. "It's time you experienced how it feels to have those you love taken from you."

"So we attack Turtle-freaks, Snake-girl?" A Mutant Rhino asked. Standing alongside him was a mutant warthog.

"Yes." Karai smirked. "Remember, I want them alive; I want them to suffer slowly and painfully before I let them expire."

"He hee, so do we Boss-Lady." The Warthog crowed.

"What about the human comrades of Turtles?" Rocksteady asked. "Surely they come looking for them…"

"I'm counting on it..." Karai sneered. "I have a score to settle with O'Neil. And I want to see their Rat Master on his knees and broken before I see him dead. I have nothing against Jones, I might let him live as my play mate…before I finally take his life."

"I've had a freaky girl or two in my day," Bebop whistled. "But I have to say you the freakiest girl I ever met and that's saying a lot."

"It's time we made our move." Karai said ignoring Bebop's comments. "Follow my lead."

"Booyakasha!" Mikey cheered as he jumped through the air. Somersaulting three times and landing on the rooftop of a building. His
actions were rewarded by a smack to the back of his head by his red masked brother.

"You want to wake up the entire town?!" Raph snarled.

"Hey…I'm just having some fun." Mikey said back. Leo rolled his eyes in irritation; he had long since given up on reminding his brothers that as ninja they were to stay silent. He also couldn't help feeling uneasy it was only a scant number of weeks ago that Karai had attacked his brother and friends. If it hadn't been for the healing hands mantra that Splinter had taught him, his brothers, Casey, and himself would have died. It was only out of desperation that he had been able to perform it as effectively as he had. Otherwise it could have taken months for him to officially master it.

"Is something wrong, Leo?" A voice asked behind him. Leo glanced to his right and noticed Donatello had come up beside him. Ever the caring ear for whatever troubled his family, Leo smiled softly in appreciation at his dark eyed brother.

"Just thinking…" Leo answered.

"About Karai?" Donnie asked. Leo's eyes widened in surprise, it was almost scary about how Donnie could read him like a book sometimes. But then again…Donnie was the one who would understand how he felt having an unrequited love of his own.

"Yeah…" Leo sighed. "It just feels like every time we get her back…we lose her again. Why can't she see that the Shredder is using her?"

"She's his trump card." Donnie let a breath come out as a hiss through the gap between his front teeth as his eyes darkened introspectively. "He wants us to believe he has all the cards in the deck, but in reality she's the only card he has to play... and a dangerous one at that. As long as he has her in his possession he has something he can use against Splinter, and currently with that mind control worm she will only believe what the Shredder wants her to believe."

"Not to mention that if he finds he can't control her any more, he'll kill her simply because she would be something he could take from Splinter." Leo sighed, finding the whole facetious cycle that the Shredder had created all the more frustrating. He was about to say more when he sensed danger close by. His head darted about as he drew his katana blade. Donnie instinctively grabbed his bo staff, his eyes also looked about for danger.

"Attack!" Karai yelled as a swarm of Foot Bots stormed forward.

"Oh no…FOOT BOTS!" Mikey yelled

"And here I thought today wouldn't have any surprises" Raph said drawing his sai and jumped into battle. Leo sliced through several Foot Bots before meeting Karai blade to blade.

"Karai…" Leo said trying to break through the control that that the Shredder held on her. "Karai, things don't have to be like this. Let us help you..."

"The only thing I want is you begging for mercy!" Karai hissed baring her snake like fangs at him.

Above the battle Rocksteady aimed a gun armed with tranq-darts and focused the scope on Raph. The Rhino smirked with triumph as his finger slowly pulled the trigger.

"Nighty-night, Freaks!" Bebop said as the first dart hit home in Raph's carotid artery. The red masked turtle reacted as though he was stung by a bee. One hand went to his neck pulling away the dart, his eyes widened and traveled to his brothers who were still battling the Foot Bots.

"Guys…" He gasped as his brain began to fog over. He saw Donnie get struck with a similar dart. The purple masked turtle dropped his bo staff before he slumped to his knees and fell to the ground. Mikey gave a gasp of surprise also before he yawned.

"Don't mind…me." Mikey yawned as his eyelids grew heavy and he fell to the ground. "I'm gonna…I'll be taking...nap." Despite his efforts Raph also succumbed to the drugs that had been entered into veins.

"Mikey, Donnie…." Leo gasped his brother's names in horror as his they fell one by one into a deep and dreamless slumber. "Raph…!" The Foot Bots descended upon his brothers like a bunch of spiders upon three helpless insects trapped in their web. Hurriedly they bound his brothers limbs before carrying them off to a van waiting below. He wanted to run to them…he wanted to cut down every single one of the robots so he can get his brothers to safety, but Karai hindered his way.

"I don't know how you managed to defeat me last time," Karai hissed. "But you won't be so lucky again! This is the day you and your brothers fall."

"Why are you doing this?!" Leo demanded as he struggled against her. He didn't want to hurt her; he wanted to reach her somehow.

"I've told you…I don't care about any of you or your miserable lives." Karai snarled. "I want to get to Splinter, he took away someone I loved dearly and I want to repay him in kind."

"Karai!" Leo said angrily. "The Shredder is lying to you! He's been lying to you your whole life!"

"Lies won't save your brothers…or you." Karai hissed ignoring Leo's words. Pushing him back she jumped away as a dart struck Leo in the neck. Leonardo staggered as the tranquilizer swiftly took effect.

~Master Splinter…Father…~ Was the last thought he had as he slumped to the rooftop, his eyes glazing over. ~Help….~

In the underground lair, Splinter's eyes opened from their trance and he stood up his breath coming in and out in hurried gasps. He knew right away something was seriously wrong, he could feel it.

"April?" He could hear Casey ask in concern from the lair.

"I sense….I sense the guys, they're in trouble." April whispered her voice panicked. She looked up as Splinter exited the dojo his expression grave.

Leo's eyes opened as the room blurred into focus. His head hurt and he was disoriented because of the tranq. Shaking his head he looked about him and found himself alone in a small metal room. His brothers were gone along with his T-phone and weapons.

He tried to keep himself calm but in reality his mind whirled about at frantic speed.

~Where am I? Where are my brothers? Are my brothers alright?~

"So how does it feel to be alone Leo?" Karai asked over an overhead speaker.

"Karai…" Leo yelled, his anger quickly becoming beyond his control. "What have you done to my brothers?"

"Nothing…at least not yet," Karai said with an air of the cat who caught the canary. "Like you, each one of them is starting to adjust to their new living quarters. I wonder how you will act while your brothers suffer in agony, all the while knowing that there is nothing you can do to help them."

"NO!" Leo roared. "Take your issues out on me…leave my brothers out of this!"

"It's out of my hands, Leo." Karai purred. "My Father wants you and your entire family eliminated and I have my orders."

"We're your family." Leo said earnestly, hoping to reach any part of Karai's mind that was fighting the mind control. "Listen to me, your true name is Hamato Miwa, your mother was named Hamato Tang Shen and your real father is Hamato Yoshi. The Shredder abducted you when you were just a baby and raised you to believe his twisted sense of reality…"

"Tell me Leo," Karai inquired ignoring Leo's words. "Which of your brothers would you say is your favorite?"

"What?" Leo asked not understanding the question.

"Of your brothers, who do you like better than the others?" Karai clarified. Leo could almost imagine the feral smirk that was crossing her face.

"I…" Leo started to answer before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath calming his already agitated mind. "I don't have a favorite, each of them mean the world to me. And no matter how many times I get angry at them for not following my orders, or irritated when they behave childishly, or even…even when they point out that I'm not listening to them or taking their suggestions into consideration. I wouldn't love them any less."

"How touching…" Karai sneered with disgust. "I guess I'll have to make a choice then..."

"Wait Karai," Leo stated hoping he could break past the control the Shredder held over the Kunoichi. "I know why you separated the four of us. As a member of the Foot Clan the Shredder taught you that respect and loyalty is only won through power, fear, and intimidation. And those who depend on others are the weak that deserve to be crushed. But the Shredder is wrong, it's because my brothers and I rely on one another that we are able to face the challenges of this world. That's where our strength is. Shredder has his followers but all of them…even you… are disposable. He doesn't understand love, companionship, or loyalty and never will because he thinks of such concepts as facile, in the end the only thing that matters to him is his anger and ideals and those will lead to his downfall. "

"You don't know what you're talking about." Karai hissed. "You're dependence on one another made you easy to capture…as your brothers fell you dropped your guard because you worried about them. You foolishly offer your very existence for their survival. Alone you are pathetic and your brothers are just as weak as you are if not more. Get comfortable Leonardo…you'll be here for a while and then we will see how reliable your so called unity actually is. "