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(Mother Gaia)

'Mother Magic'



Chapter 5

Harry slipped off Barret's shoulder when they got close to Seventh Heaven and felt a little sorry for Tifa as he knew that Barret would be scaring her customers away again. He waited with the others outside as he did just that. Harry winced at the gunfire coming from inside the bar, and the number of customers that ran out cursing at Barret before running away. Tifa ran out and bowed to them in apology before running back inside, most likely to yell at Barret. Shaking his head, Harry walked up the steps and passed his papa as he stepped back out, Jessie, Biggs and Wedge following right behind him. Just before he walked too far from the front door he heard Barret call Cloud over.

"Yo, Cloud! Over here, now!" Barret shouted.

His attention was pulled from that when a pink blur come shooting at him.

"Harry!" a little voice shouted before he received a hug attack from his little sister Marlene.

"Hello Marlene." Harry said gently, smiling as he picked her up and gave her a big hug. Looking down at the little brunette girl he noticed she was wearing the little pink dress he'd made for her just the other week. Staring into her sparkling brown eyes, he kissed her forehead and asked, "Have you been a good girl?"

Marlene nodded her cute little head, beaming at him as he put her back on the ground. Looking at him, Marlene was thankful that her papa had given her a big brother. He was the best person in the world, next to her papa. He would make dresses for her and let her play with his long, pretty hair. And, if her brother was happy, then maybe she could get another story tonight before bed. He told the best ones after all.

Behind them, the door opened and Marlene, thinking its Barret, shot around Harry and rushed forward towards the door.

"Papa!" she cried, her arms stretched out in welcome.

But instead of Barret, it was a slightly shocked Cloud. Her eyes widened at the stranger in front of her as she skidded to a stop before turning sharply and shooting back to her brother to hide behind his legs. Harry giggled at the wide eyed look Cloud had on his face at nearly being hugged by a child and being called 'papa'.

Tifa, seeing what happened from the bar where she had been clearing some glasses, smirked before putting the glasses down before coming from behind the bar.

"Marlene! Aren't you going to say anything to Cloud?" Tifa said bending to Marlene's level. She didn't want her old friend and crush feeling so awkward that he left. She was hoping that he would stick around for a while if not longer. But sadly the little girl wasn't going to cooperate with her as Marlene just shook her head and moved closer to Harry's legs. Tifa left out a sigh before standing back up and walking over to Cloud. She couldn't help her heart beating a bit faster as she got closer to him. He was the hottest man she had seen in a long time and with his blonde spiky hair and muscular build, he had changed a lot since she saw him last. Taking her mind off that she smiled at him when she was in front of him.

"Welcome home, Cloud. Looks like everything went well." Tifa said happily. She knew it was the right idea to have Barret hire Cloud for the mission. Though she knew what Barret and Cloud were like together since meeting so she had to ask the obvious question, "Did you fight with Barret?"

"Yeah." Cloud said like it was no big deal. Though that was true as they did fight a lot since they'd first met and it had only gotten worst since he met Harry again, though he found it funny that the big man didn't know that the two had met before. He would be a lot more pissed if he knew that he had walked the raven haired boy home earlier that day.

"I should have known." Tifa sighed, she didn't like the thought of them fighting. Sooner or later Barret was going to blow his top or Cloud would leave and she didn't want that to happen. "He's always pushing people around, and you've always been in fights ever since you were little."

Harry glared a little at Tifa for saying that. 'Papa's not that bad.' he thought before he heard something that made jealousy pool at the bottom of the stomach.

"I was worried." Tifa said softly, gazing at Cloud with a slight dreamy look in her eye.

Cloud saw the look and wanted to hit himself in the head. He wasn't stupid, he had known about Tifa's crush ever since he set foot in Seventh Heaven. He was trying very hard not to encourage it as any feelings he had about her when they were children had disappeared, he saw her more as a childhood friend than anything else. Seeing her after Harry had walked off had been a surprise, the years had changed her and she had grown into a beautiful woman but he just wasn't interested.

That's when he remembered the flower still in his pouch. This would be the perfect time to give it to Harry and maybe then Tifa would stop giving him that look that was sending shivers down his spine.

Taking it out Tifa instantly spotted it.

"Flowers? How nice... You almost never see them here in the slums. But..." Tifa said looking at Cloud with a sweet smile. "A flower for me? Oh Cloud, you shouldn't have..."

Harry felt a shot of rage rush through him but he tried to fight it back down, he didn't own Cloud, he wasn't even dating him. Tifa had known him far longer than his morning walk with him.

"Err…it's not." Cloud said awkwardly. He didn't think she would instantly think it was for her but he carried out his plan plus he had brought it for Harry in the first place.

"Oh… Then who is it for?" Tifa asked, trying to hide her disappointment as she crossed her arms under her breasts.

Cloud looked at Harry, walking over to him he handed the flower over. "Here, I thought it would cheer you up after what happened at the reactor."

"Cloud….Thank you." Harry smile gently at him before bringing the flower to his face to smell. It had a beautiful scent and strangely reminded him of something, something just out of reach in his memory.

"Big bro, can I smell?" Marlene asked excitedly. She had only been able to see the few flowers her brother had been able grew in his room and those weren't white like this one.

"Of course." Harry said holding the flower to Marlene's nose for her to sniff.

"It's smells beautiful, what are you going to do with it?" she asked curiously.

"How about…." Harry began, tapping his chin with a finger in thought for a moment before an idea hits him. Smiling, he slowly brought the white flower to his head and placed it gently into his hair by his ear. "How does that look?" he asked, turning his head this way and that.

"You look very pretty Harry." Marlene said excitedly jumping up and down.

"Thanks" Harry blushed before turning to Cloud. "Thank you again Cloud, its lovely."

Cloud shrugged, it had been an on the spot decision to buy the flower but it did suit Harry.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Tifa glaring daggers at the raven. He hoped Tifa got over it soon and found someone else to crush on.

Turning his attention to something else, Cloud noticed that Barret hadn't come back in yet. 'I hope that guy isn't trying to get out of paying.' Cloud thought as he turned and walked towards the door. Hearing a thumping noise coming from outside, the blonde realised that the big man was coming in and he was right behind the door. Thinking quick, he hopped out of the way and onto a nearby table just as Barret threw open the door.

"Papa, welcome home!" Marlene cheered, running out from behind Harry and towards Barret. With a large grin, he lifts the tiny girl up onto his shoulder. Looking over to his son to see that he was alright, he noticed the white flower in Harry's dark hair right away.

"Huh? Where'd you get that flower darlin?" Barret asked.

"Cloud gave it to him papa." Marlene said helpfully, not knowing what her words were about to set off.

A vein popped up on Barret's forehead as rage started to boil within his blood. His gun started to click with irritation at hearing his darling girl's words but before he could blow his top, Harry sent him a stern look. 'Not in front of Marlene.' Harry thought.

"Really…." Barret said through gritted teeth.

"Yeah! Doesn't he look pretty, Papa?" Marlene asked happily.

"Yes…. Very….. Pretty" Barret agreed, though everyone but Marlene could see that he was just barely holding on to his temper.

Cloud couldn't hold back his smirk as he watched the little scene in front of him. He could understand Barret being overprotective of Harry as he was a beautiful boy, his looks alone would turn anyone's head. Plus, if his gut feeling was right, Harry was a rarity in the world let alone the slums, and living in the slums, it wasn't uncommon for pretty youths to be kidnapped. But Barret seemed to show a lot more rage with him, maybe it was because Harry had a habit of blushing around him.

Tifa saw that Barret wasn't far from blowing his top about the situation and she couldn't help but be angry as well. She had known Cloud longer than Harry and she knew everything about him as they were childhood friends, if Cloud had stayed in their hometown she was sure they would have been sweethearts. 'Maybe he found out about Harry having no memories from his past and was just being nice.' Tifa thought in denial.

"You all right, Barret?" Tifa asked, trying to get the topic off Harry and the flower.

"Great! Get in here, fools! We're startin' the meetin'!" Barret shouted. Harry joined him at the pinball machine elevator and just before he pushed the button he turned to face Cloud. "You wait up here, I will send up the elevator when we're done."

He sent the blond one last glare before he pushed the button making it head down to the super-secret basement that was hiding under the bar.

Harry gave a little wave before disappearing downwards and Cloud watched the raven haired beauty before seeing the other three member jumps down after them.

He didn't know how long this meeting between them was going to last, hopefully not too long as he heard Tifa called out behind him. "Come sit down and take a load off."

Cloud sighed and did so, after all she was an old friend and he didn't want to hurt her, just get her to stop crushing on him.

"How about something to drink?" Tifa asked happily.

He didn't really feel like it, but ordered anyway, he might need one before trying to get his money out of Barret. "Give me something hard."

"Just a minute. I'll make one for you." Tifa said excitedly, happy to show off the skills she had developed as a bartender. Turning she started to mix his drink and decided she would give him one of her best. Getting it done, she passed it over the counter to place it in front of him.

As he sipped his drink, she spoke softly. "You know, I'm relieved you made it back safely."

Cloud held back a sigh of annoyance, this was exactly what he had been trying to avoid since meeting up with her again.

"What's with you all of a sudden? That wasn't even a tough job." He said trying to play it off as nothing.

"I guess not..." Tifa sigh sadly, she knew she couldn't come on too strongly with him if she wanted to get him talking so instead she said "You were in SOLDIER, after all."

Drinking the last of his drink, Cloud set down the glass and stood from the bar. He didn't want to be alone was Tifa too long if she was going to act like this, behind him he hear the elevator come back up and knew it was time to get this over with.

"Make sure you get your pay from Barret." Tifa said watching him go with the sad look in her eye. Maybe she could try again later.

"Don't worry. Once I get that money, I'm outta here." Cloud said, a bit annoyed that she thought he needed reminding.

"Cloud are you feeling alright?" Tifa asked softly out of nowhere.

This stopped him out of surprise and he turned to look at her funny expression. "Yeah." 'Why wouldn't I be? Not like anything happen on this mission.' he thought before asking. "Why?"

The job hadn't been that hard, and they pulled it off fast with only a slight hiccup with the robot. So he didn't see why she was so worried.

"No reason, you just looked a little tired I guess." She said looking down at her clasped hands.

Cloud held back another sigh, he would never understand women and their out of nowhere comments. Moving over to the elevator pinball, he stepped on and pushed the same button and went down.

He soon found himself in a small room with a large TV reporting the reactor explosion. Jessie was working at her computer that was next to the elevator and TV. There was a long couch that stretched across the entire back wall, most likely place for someone to crash if they had been working down there. Biggs and Wedge were sitting at the table that was in the centre of the room and took up most of the free space.

Cloud easily spotted Barret, the guy wasn't hard to miss, using a punching bag that was in the other corner of the small room. Marlene was nearby on sitting on a box and Harry was next to her.

Harry spotted Cloud and gave a little wave to the ex-SOILDER before turning back with a slight blush to his father, Barret had been at it since the end of the meeting, and he'd had to whisper to Jessie to send the elevator back up for Cloud as his papa wasn't going to do it any time soon.

"Yo, Cloud! There's somethin' I wanna ask ya." Barret said after he stopped punching the bag and everyone turned to see what Barret wanted. "Was there anyone from SOLDIER fighting us today?"

Cloud crossed his arms and shock his head at him, "None. I'm positive."

Barret hit the bag again before saying "You sound pretty sure."

Laughing at Barret, Cloud said cockily, "If there was anyone from SOLDIER you wouldn't be standing here now."

"Don't go thinkin' you so bad jus cuz you was in SOLDIER." Barret spat angrily before making a move to charge Cloud. Harry let out a squeak as Biggs grabbed a hold of the big guy and tried to hold him back.

"Dad stop it, you scaring Marlene!" Harry told him off as Cloud moved to the other side of the room and let out a slight sigh of annoyance at the angry man.

Barret, having had enough, grabbed Biggs and threw him across the room while Harry sighed at his dad's behaviour.

"Yeah, you're strong. Probably all them guys in SOLDIER are. But don't forget your skinny ass's working for AVALANCHE now! Don't get no ideas 'bout hangin' on to Shinra." Barret said glaring at the blonde.

'Did this guy every stop?' Cloud thought.

"Stayin' with Shinra? You asked me a question and I answered it... that's all." He said uncaringly though he was slightly pissed that Barret would even say such a stupid thing, having enough of this Cloud walked right up into Barret's face before saying, "I'm going upstairs. I want to talk about my money."

"Shucks! ...money..." Barret said pissed that the blonde had brought it up.

Cloud didn't care, he started to walk away but Harry quickly hopped off his seat and ran up to him, "Wait, Cloud please." Harry said holding Clouds arm, he looked into those glowing eyes silently begging him not to leave like this.

Out the corner of his eye, Harry saw Tifa hop down into the room and stand to the side with a slightly pissed look on her face before it was gone. 'I guess she isn't happy with me being so close to Cloud or she wanted to be the one standing here.' Harry thought before turning his attention to the man in front of him. The tension in the room was high but Cloud had become slightly lost in those emerald gems of Harry's. He hadn't noticed before but they seemed to glow like he had Mako in his blood but that was impossible. Harry was never in SOILDER.

But Barret, hating seeing his innocent son so close to the ex-SOILDER, shouted. "Harry! Let him go! He looks like he still misses Shinra!"

Cloud saw how those words upset Harry as he let go of his arm and was looking down at the ground, pissed Cloud turn back to Barret, "Shut up! I don't care about either Shinra or SOLDIER!"

Spinning around he stormed to the elevator but before getting on it he turn back and look at everyone in the room though not too long at Harry.

"But don't get me wrong! I don't care about AVALANCHE or the Planet for that matter!" he said uncaring before taking the pinball elevator back up.

Harry sighed as Barret raged in the corner with Tifa trying to calm him down, the others looking on not knowing what to do plus Biggs really didn't want to be hit again. Cloud's words had hurt him but he could understand that not everyone cared about the planet like he and others did. But he had to think there was a way to make Cloud see that saving Mother was the only hope they had.

Standing by the TV he heard the news report "...today the No.1 Reactor was bombed. The terrorist group AVALANCHE has claimed responsibility for the bombing. It is expected that AVALANCHE will continue its reign of terror. But citizens of Midgar... there is no need to fear. I have mobilized SOLDIER to protect our citizenry against this senseless violence. Thank you and good night."

'What a bunch of lies Shinra are telling everyone. They don't say anything of them killing our home.' Harry raged before letting out another sigh. 'Cloud must care or he wouldn't have saved me back in that reactor. I should go talk to him.' Making up his mind, Harry called the elevator back down, stepped on and pressed the button to return to the bar and saw Cloud sitting at one of the table's closet to the door waiting for Barret and his money.

"Cloud?" Harry asked softy, walking up to him slowly. Cloud looked up at the raven but said nothing.

"I know you said that you don't care what's happing out there but you must, if just a little. Our home is slowly dying and soon there won't be a home for any of us." Harry said, giving Cloud his best kicked puppy look.

"It's not my problem, Harry." Cloud said softly. He couldn't be mean to Harry not with that pleading expression and he had to look away from those sad eyes.

"It's everyone's problem Cloud. Do you know what it's like feeling the pain of the planet crying out every day and it getting worst?" Harry demanded upset that he wasn't getting through to him.

"What do you mean the planet is crying?" Cloud asked confused.

"N-Nothing, pay no attention to me Cloud." Harry laughed nervously. He could feel his Mother sending calming waves over his frayed nerves at the slip up, though his Mother didn't seem to be anger about it, maybe she liked Cloud.


"Cloud! Wait!" Tifa came rushing up to them from the elevator. Neither of them had been paying any attention so they hadn't noticed someone coming up, Harry hoped she hadn't heard what he'd said. He knew it wasn't time for anyone to know what he was and what he could do.

"Listen, Cloud. I'm begging you. Please join us." She pleaded, giving him puppy eyes and lean forward to show the top of his breasts

This made Harry roll his eyes at her actions, he had seen her use this tactic many times before.

"Sorry Tifa..." Cloud said calmly, those puppy eyes weren't going to work on him nor was the little show not after withstanding Harry's, those would've worked if he had kept looking into them.

"The Planet is dying. Slowly but surely it's dying." Tifa said passionately. "Someone has to do something."

"So let Barret and his buddies do something about it. It's got nothin' to do with me." Cloud said before turning to leave. He shot a look at Harry's sad face but he knew he couldn't let that get to him.

"So! You're really leaving!?" Tifa shouted from behind him, "You're just going to walk right out, ignoring your childhood friend!?"

"What...?" Could asked confused as he turned back to look at her,

"You forgot the promise, too." Tifa said sadly looking down at her hands.

"Promise?" Cloud was confused. He didn't remember giving her a promise of staying and helping with AVALANCHE.

Before Tifa could say anything more a shout from below bellowed up through the floorboards. "HARRY."

Harry sighed at his papa's call before turning to Cloud he said. "Please wait before leaving Cloud, please."

Cloud looked into those green eyes and gave a nod before Harry smiled at him and made his way back to the elevator, taking it back down.

Once Harry was out of sight, Cloud really wanted to get out of there, Tifa was looking at him with a hurt look on her face and it just made everything awkward.

"So you DID forget." Tifa said upset that he had forgotten. Not only had he forgotten his promise, she had seen the looks that Cloud have been giving Harry and she wanted him to look at her like that. It annoyed her that he was staring at where Harry had disappeared back downstairs when a thought hit her. Maybe reminding him of their past and his promise could get him to stay. 'Maybe I can get him to remember.' she thought.

"Remember... Cloud. It was seven years ago..." she said trying to jog his memory.

Cloud closed his eyes, he tried not to think of his home town too much, but he thought of that night he was decided to leave, they had been on the well, he remembered Tifa asking to speak with him there, he had been so surprised as she hadn't really talked to him before that night, hello's and so on were the only words that had been exchange between them. He had gone in the end though, he remembered waiting for so long that he had gotten cold and he had been on the verge of leaving when she'd finally turned up.


The night was dark but was illuminated by the hundreds of stars that blinked throughout the sky. Cloud looked up at them and rubbed his arms to get the warmth back into them, he had been waiting for an hour now and still she hadn't turned up. He hoped this wasn't a joke cooked up by her and her friends.

'I will give her an hour more then I am going home.' Young Cloud thought, even though he had a crush on the girl he didn't want to turn into a popsicle. Swinging his legs over the edge of the well he thought about what he had told everyone that day. His mother had been the only one that had known that he had wanted to join SOILDER and be a hero like Sephiroth.

Hearing a noise behind him, he turned and saw Tifa walking towards him in her blue dress that reminded him of the stars in the sky.

"Sorry I'm late." Little Tifa said smiling at the blonde, sitting down next to him. She turned to him and said, "You said you wanted to talk to me about something?"

'I thought you wanted to meet me.' Cloud thought confusedly. 'Maybe I forgot it was me.' Waving it away from his mind he said, "Come this spring... I'm leaving this town for Midgar."

"...All boys are leaving our town." Tifa said sadly, all the cute boys were leaving and she had to stay here.

'Isn't that a good thing.' Cloud said in his mind but out loud he said, "But I'm different from all of them. I'm not just going to find a job."

Standing up and looking to the dark sky, little Cloud said passionately. "I want to join SOLDIER, and I'm going to be the best there is, just like Sephiroth."

"Sephiroth... The Great Sephiroth." Tifa said her mind going to the poster of the great man that was hanging in the inn.

Cloud climbed to the top of the wells roof and looked out at the stars thinking of the great things he would do just like his idol.

"Isn't it hard to join SOLDIER?" Tifa asked looking up at Cloud.

"…I probably won't be able to come back to this town for a while." Cloud said, thinking about all the training he was going to have to go through. His thoughts strayed to his mother, he had to make sure he sent her letters when he got there. Though he wasn't sure he was ever come back to this town.

Tifa giggled a little bit at that, he didn't answer her question.

"...Huh?" Cloud looked down at her in confusion to her laughing.

Instead of answering him, Tifa swung her legs back and forth the edge of the well, her mind going over all the exciting things Cloud would do.

"Will you be in the newspapers if you do well?" Tifa asked, growing excited at the thought of being in the paper.

"I'll try." Though he didn't know if he wanted really that. Being as shy as he was and having everyone know his name sounded a bit frightening. He wondered how Sephiroth did it.

"Hey, why don't we make a promise?" Tifa said smiling that the brilliant idea that struck her. "Umm, if you get really famous and I'm ever in a bind...You come save me, all right?"

"What?" Cloud looked down at her like she was mad. 'Why would she want that? I thought she knew how to fight with all those training lessons she has.' Cloud thought, confused that she was asking for him to save her.

"Whenever I'm in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me." Tifa said, her face set in a day dreaming expression. She always dreamt a knight who would come and save her from this town and take her on adventures. "I want to at least experience that once."

"What?" Cloud yelped in surprise, he didn't get why she was asking him. He always thought she could have experience that with all the other guys that hung around her.

"Come on! Promise me!" Tifa demanded looking back up at him with a stern looking face that frightened him slightly. Girls could be scary sometimes.

"All right... I promise." Cloud replied, hoping the girl would back off if he made the silly promise. He didn't see himself coming back here again so they were unlikely to meet again.

End Flashback (Back at the Seventh Heaven.)

"You remember now? ...Our promise?" Tifa said looking hopefully at him.

Cloud sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He remembered the promise alright but she couldn't really be holding him to it all these years later, could she? They had been kids for crying out loud and he had thought at the time he would never see Tifa again. He looked at her face and saw that she was really going to hold him to that promise from years ago. He really wanted to grit his teeth but he took a calming breath and said, "I'm not a hero and I'm not famous. I can't keep... the promise that I made when I was just a child."

"But you got your childhood dream, didn't you? You joined SOLDIER." Tifa said strongly her hand clasp to a chest.

Cloud looked down and tried to think of a way to let the girl down without hurting her too much. But Tifa didn't give him the chance as she pressed on.

"So come on! You've got to keep your promise..." Tifa begged him, looking close to tears.

"Look Tifa that promise was made by a child to a child, we are adults now so…" Cloud was cut off as he spotted Harry and the kid's heads pop up from the hole followed by Barret who was climbing up the elevator with them on his shoulders. As soon as the big man was at the top he jumped off and put Harry and Marlene down and stormed up to them.

"Wait a sec big-time SOLDIER!" Barret called out before coming to a stop in front of him, he grits his teeth and tosses Cloud a bag. "A promise is a promise! Here!"

Cloud felt how heavy the bag was and he knew his 1500 Gil was inside. Looking up he spotted Harry looking at him from behind the big man, those green pools looked at him so sadly that he made up his mind right there.

Looking at Barret Cloud said. "This is my pay? Don't make me laugh."

"What? Then you'll...!" Tifa was so happy she could get all the words out, though she wouldn't be so happy if she knew that Cloud was not stay because of their kid promise but the dark beauty standing behind her and Barret.

"Really Cloud?" Harry smiled and clapped his hands together, pure joy etched on his face.

Cloud smirked when he saw Barret's face cloud over in rage at seeing Harry so happy that he was staying. He wondered if he could make it go even redder, with that in mind he said cockily, "You got the next mission lined up? I'll do it for 3000."

"What...!?" Barret shouted, his veins popping out on his forehead. First this guy had the balls to flirt with his baby boy and now he had the nerve to ask for more money!?

Both Harry and Tifa, seeing that Barret was about to blow, quickly moved to calm the big man down once more.

Tifa got to him first and whispered in his right ear. "It's ok, it's ok. We're really hurting for help, right?"

"She's right papa, we need all the help we can get." Harry whispered into his other ear.

"Uh... ugh... That money's for Marlene's schoolin'..." Barret growled to himself turning away and walking to the edge of the elevator. He had to put some distance between him and the blond bastard before he put his fist in that cocky face.

"Don't worry dad I'll get it back for you." Harry said to him. He knew how to make medicines from the plants he grew in his room. He could always sell those and maybe even some of the flowers.

"No, I will find a way." Barret said back, not wanting his son to have to worry about money, it was his job to provide for his family.

Barret frowns and makes his mind up, turning back to face Cloud he crosses his arms. There was no way he could spend 3000 gil in hiring the guy but Tifa and Harry had convinced him that they needed help.

"2000!" Barret shout out his finally offer.

Harry looked at Cloud and silently begged him to take it, he knew they didn't have much and most was saved for Marlene's schooling.

Cloud saw the look and it made his chest tighten for a seconded before he broke eye contact and nodded his head in agreement to the sum. He didn't really care for the money, not that he would ever let Barret know that.

Tifa walks over to Cloud, smiling happily as she does. She said in gratitude. "Thanks, Cloud."

Looking at the clock, Harry saw that it was late, if their plans where to work tomorrow then they all needed their sleep so they were well rested for the mission.

"It's late and it's been an eventful day. If we want to be in top form for the mission we need to head off to bed." Harry said before he turned to Cloud. "This way Cloud I'll get you settled downstairs."

Harry walked over to the elevator, paying no mind to his papa's stuttering behind him while Cloud walked over but not before throwing a smirk at Barret over his shoulder.

Pushing the button, Harry sent them back down, ignoring his papa's silent raging and the glare Tifa was throwing his way. Instead, he concentrated on trying to not blush at how close he was to Cloud.

Once they hit the basement floor he saw that everyone was still in the room talking or in Jessie's case working. Harry spoke as he and Cloud stepped off the elevator. "Off to bed now guys, everything is set for the mission in the morning and anything that still needs doing can be done then."

"Great my bed is calling me." Biggs said happily, he still ached from where his boss threw him into the wall. He needed to learn not to try and stop Barret when he was on a rampage. It was hazardous for his health.

"Nighty night all." Wedge called out as he yawned and made his way onto the elevator with Biggs.

"Night Harry, Cloud, see you in the morning," Jessie called out as she stepped onto the elevator next to them and pressed the button.

Harry walked over to the wardrobe and got out some blankets and pillows that were stored inside. He didn't want Cloud to sleep uncomfortably as it got quite cold down here sometimes. Turning with his arms full he said, "Here Cloud you can use these."

Harry placed them on the long couch and started setting up the blonde's bed for the night.

Cloud didn't take his eyes of the beauty now that they were alone. There was something about him that drew him in like a fly to honey, he had noticed it the first time they met in the train station and the pull was slowly getting stronger.

"I am glad you are going to help us Cloud." Harry said with his back to him as he placed the pillow at the head of the makeshift bed and pulled the covers over it to make it neat.

"I am doing it for the money nothing else." Cloud said crossing his arms.

"Right," Harry said turning to face him with a small smile, not believing him for a second.

Cloud tries to think of a way to change the subject as fast as he can, he was starting to feel awkward that Harry seemed to know that he was lying. Then he remembered that he'd wanted to ask Harry something that had caught his attention earlier.

"What did you mean hearing the planet's cry before?" Cloud asked his tone serious. He had never heard of anyone ever saying they could hear the planet before.

Harry swallowed nervously and laughed, waving his hand at him as he said. "Oh well it's..."

"It's what?" Cloud asked, stepping closer to Harry until he was standing in front of him looking down at him. Cloud didn't understand what had the raven so worried but whatever he was hiding it was important and Cloud had a feeling that it was something that if the wrong people knew, it would put Harry in danger.

Harry didn't know what to do. He so wanted to tell Cloud everything but after hiding for so long, he was worried at what could or would happen. He knew if Shinra found out about him, he would be in danger and hunted like an animal. 'What do I do? Something inside me tells me I can trust Cloud, that he would never hurt me but how can I tell someone that I am the son of Gaia and Mother Magic herself!?' Harry thought in a panic.

(Tell him just a little for now, he will know soon enough.) His mother's words appeared in his mind calming his racing heart as she came to his aid.

'Okay mother. If you think that is best.' Harry wanted to say more but this wasn't the time, not with Cloud looking at him like he was.

(Do not worry. I will give my reasons later.) Mother Gaia said before giving him a last hug and leaving him.

"Well, I have always heard it, ever since I woke to see papa above me in that junkyard." Harry explained as best he could without giving too much away.

"What?" Cloud asked confused. He knew Harry was adopted but he didn't know how Barret had come to have Harry as a son.

"Didn't you know? Barret found me. If it wasn't for him I would be very lost or…dead." Harry said gravely. He knew now that if his papa hadn't taken him in that day, he would have been in a lot more trouble. The Slums weren't a place for someone to wander around in confused to the danger that hid there.

"But since that day I have always heard the planet crying in pain and Shinra is the core reason for it. This is bigger than you or me, Cloud. If the planet dies then..." Harry said passionately before his voice faded at the end.

"What Harry?" though Cloud had a clue as to what Harry was going to say.

"We all die." Harry said, green orbs staring into blue.

Cloud could tell that Harry believed every word he spoke and in his heart he knew it was true. If Shinra didn't stop taking Mako from the planet, there wouldn't be anything left.

"Harry, what do you mean? How can you hear the planet?" Cloud asked again placing his hands on Harry's shoulders. He needed to know, he didn't know why but something inside him told him that this was important.

"Cloud…" Harry whispered looking up at him

"Harry it's time for BED!" Barret shouted down the elevator shaft as the lift came back down for him.

Cloud gritted his teeth. He was just about to learn what made Harry so special and what drew him to him since their first meeting.

"Good night Cloud." Harry said softly stepping away from Cloud, who let his hands fall back to his sides as Harry stepped onto the elevator and pushed the button.

"Good night Harry, and Harry I will find out what you are hiding." Cloud promised as he watched the raven leave.

"One day Cloud, one day." Harry said smiling mysteriously and Cloud could have sworn that he saw those emerald eyes glow for second before he totally disappeared.

Cloud couldn't help but feel like he had been so close to figuring the mysterious raven out. The more he learned, the bigger the puzzle that was Harry grew. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Cloud took off his shoes and sword and rested them beside the wall. Pulling the covers back on the bed had Harry made for him, he climbed in and pulled the covers back over him as he rested a hand behind his head.

He tried to remind himself that he wouldn't be around to find out what Harry meant but maybe after the mission the raven would tell him. Closing his eyes he drifted to sleep, his dreams filled with crying and a lone figure standing in a field of flowers that were covered in flames.


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