The Prompt: (from captain-k-jones)

Captain Charming + "Go and live with her, then! See if I care." I feel like this would be awesome for an AU story!

A/N: I started writing this after the one and only Colin related dream I have ever had - involving the elevator and, strangely, scapeartist - and I can't lie, all that convention craziness certainly spurred it along. Thanks to zengoalie for reading it over and reminding me there is a line between fan fiction and wishful thinking LOL. The prompt will appear...just not yet...

The vacation was exactly what Emma Swan had needed. The months of late nights and ridiculous work hours that had followed her messy break up with Walsh had really taken their toll. Her boss had all but ordered her to take time away and after some fairly ineffectual protests she had agreed.

And standing here in her New York hotel room, in the space and the silence that was all hers alone, she was very glad she had. The last minute mystery hotel website had been another great idea. This place was way beyond what she could normally afford - she was fairly certain she had spotted at least one celebrity face in the lobby - and she was going to take every possible advantage. The fancy shampoo in the bathroom didn't stand a chance.

She thrust open the curtains and looked out over the hustle and bustle below, torn between getting out into the city and exploring and reveling in the peace of this amazing room and the equally amazing bath tub that had made her jaw drop.

Exploring, then bath, she decided.

Grabbing the essentials and throwing them in her tote, she took one last look around her home for the next few days and headed out the door towards the elevators. There was so much to see, she wasn't sure where to start but she was ready to try.

When the doors slid open on her floor, she moved straight to the back of the elevator and leaned against the rail, scrolling maps on her phone so she was ready as soon as she hit the street. Emma couldn't remember ever being this many floors up from the lobby in any building so she was going to make use of every minute.

She was deep in mental planning when the ding of the bell indicated a stop. The doors slid open silently and a figure stepped in. A whiff of expensive cologne and something ridiculously manly reached her and she couldn't resist checking out who it was that smelled so good. She raised her eyes slowly, trying to be subtle, and found herself faced with a manicured scruff and the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

Familiar blue eyes. Disturbingly familiar.

"Oh my god, it's you." The words came out involuntarily and Emma felt a flush rise in her cheeks. The blue eyes sparkled with amusement at her words.

"Killian will do," he said, a smirk playing on his lips.

Don't look at his lips, she thought, warning alarms ringing madly in her head. Don't look at the ridiculously handsome face that may or may not be the wallpaper on the very phone you are holding...oh shit...hide your phone.

She scrambled to put the offending device away as he continued.

"But you have me at a disadvantage, love. You know my name, but I have no idea of yours."

She breathed deeply, hoping the moment to compose herself would be enough to allow actual words to come out of her mouth rather than the random string of nonsense she was envisioning.

"I'm Emma. Emma Swan."

Nice work Emma, she said to herself, keeping cool. Not freaking out at all about your favourite singer of all time standing next to you. Smelling like that. And looking like that...oh god...

Emma bit hard on her lip in the desperate hope of keeping her internal monologue exactly that.

"Well, Emma Swan. It's a pleasure to meet you." His voice was smooth and rich and his accent washed over her, bringing that flush to the surface again as he continued. "What brings you to New York?"

Was he kidding with the questions?

"Um...just a vacation."

"Excellent." He grinned at her as the elevator doors slid open and gestured for her to step out ahead of him. She sucked in a breath as she realised his hand was lightly resting on the small of her back as she exited.

"Well, Swan, it has been a delight." He fixed his gaze on her, making her traitorous knees struggle to keep her upright. He held out a hand and she took it hesitantly, realising there was no way she could shake his hand and speak at the same time. She nodded a response, hoping he would not think she was a complete loser.

But instead of shaking her hand as she expected, he lifted it to his lips and brushed a gentle kiss on her knuckles, accompanied by the most mischievous wink she had ever seen. She fought valiantly against the giggle that began to form in her throat, but was saved from any need to answer him by a shrill voice cutting across the lobby.

"Killian! There you are, darling."

Emma heard him swear under his breath as a willowy red-head in a brilliant green blouse tottered towards them on the highest heels she had ever seen. It took Emma a moment to realise she had seen this very woman on the cover of several of the trashy gossip magazines she had treated herself to at the airport that morning. Zelena Mills was possibly the most famous woman on the planet and - if the articles she had been reading earlier held true - involved with Killian Jones.

"I'll just be going then…" Emma started, but he still had hold of her hand and seemed unwilling to let it go.

"Please don't." The words were so quiet she almost thought she had imagined them, especially as he was swept into a cloud of expensive perfume and air kisses. Zelena hooked her arm into Killian's and began to lead him away, ignoring Emma's presence and the fact he still had her fingers captured in his.

Not for long.

As Zelena pulled him towards the greenery of the lobby, he looked back over his shoulder at Emma.

"I hope we run into each other again, Swan."

Emma could do nothing but smile awkwardly at him as she headed out into the city. She leaned back against the wall outside the hotel's revolving door, head spinning, needing a moment to process the surreal experience that was Killian Jones in the flesh. There was really only one thing for it, she thought, retrieving her phone from her pocket.

"Ruby? Are you sitting down? You are not going to believe what just happened."