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Vegeta was leaning against the door-post. He didn't like this, he didn't like this one little bit. 'TTRRRINNGGGGGG' The bell went. Suddenly voices were appearing and kids started to walk past him in the room. They looked shocked, curious, but didn't even dare to return his glare that he gaved them. Except for one girl. She was a blue haired beauty. Not much younger then him. All the kids in this class were like his age. All the kids in his class. His. Vegeta was their teacher.

He isn't doing this for fun. Hell no! He is not doing this for educatation either. The reason that he is here is because of his father. King Vegeta the King form planet Vegetasei gave his son assignments 10, where his mother choose 3 from. He had to do 3 assignments before he could become king. 1. Become the strongest on on his planet (he already was that one, so he only had 2 left)
2. To be a teacher on another planet (his mother loved to torture him, by let him do what he hates the most, giving company)
3. To pick a mate
And all he wanted to become king. That's a prince his destiny, isn't it?

He was still leaning against the door. Now closing it and standing in the front of the class. Pupils were chatting, and not even paying attention to him. How could they know that Vegeta was their teacher? They thought the teacher hadn't arrived yet. This was something he couldn't take. They just couldn't ignore him! Him the prince of Vegetasei! He was getting angry. And turned around to the blackboard. Making little ki blast, to be released on the board itself.

Bulma was chatting with Chichi, about the cute boy she saw when she walked in. This was their first hour of the first day in the third class of high school. She entered here with her friends, Chichi, android 18, Krillin and Goku, Yamcha and Marron (the blue-haired teen). They were a clique. They had been friends ever since the first day on high school. It was totally obvious that Chichi and Goku had a thing for eachother, but weren't together yet. Yamcha had an huge crush on Marron, where Bulma was somehow jealous at. As far as she know, she thought 18 didn't give a damn about boyfriends and stuff, and Krillin seemed to have a crush on Marron too! But she wasn't sure about that, sometimes Bulma caught him staring at 18.

'Do you mean that kid?' Chichi asked pointing at Vegeta who had his back turned to them and stood in front of the black board. 'Yeah isn't he a cuttie?'. Bulma was well known to have a crush on a guy for a couple of weeks, but she was never serious about stuff, she never had a real relation, nor fall in love. 'I don't know B-chan, he looks a kind of wicked to me, whatever, it's your choise!' Suddenly they heard a blast and all the pupils eyes looked to the black board. 'Don't fuck with me' was written with little holes of tiny ki-blasts. Everybody was stunned and went to sit right away. They all didn't dare to fuck with the person who wrote that. Hmph.. Vegeta smirked content. This was going the right way! He never liked school, and he never will. He wondered how he managed to past it? Well of course schools on Vegetasei are different. He looked over to the cowerdly humans that not dared to speak. The way it should be. 'I am Vegeta, the royal prince of Vegetasei, as you all will know, it's the most fearfull planet in the universe (pupils eyes lit up) I am your teacher. You shall not speak without my permission. I don't give a damn about you brats, but I have this assignments to do, and one of them is to be teacher. You will obey me or else I'll blast you in oblivioun. Any questions?' One single hand was raised in the sky that belonged to the blue haired Marron. He grumped, 'Yes?' 'How come that you're a teacher? I mean there aren't any teachers from our ages!' 'I am 2 years older then you, now shut up' She hided scarly behind her schoolbag. 'Take you books at page number 4, we're goig to talk about the second World War'. Vegeta bellowed, while sitting on the table.

''You!'' Vegeta said pointing at Yamcha."eh.. you mean me?" Yamcha said unsure of hisself. Vegeta didn't feel like repeating himself, "Read!" he bellowed. Following the teachers commend he started reading out loud. It was a story about the second world war. Everyone else in the room was reading with Yamcha in silence, exept for Bulma, who was simply staring at Vegeta.

How hard she tried, she just couldn't help it. He was so handsom, cute, wel-built, *giggle* and his voice so damn sexy! And his chest, it was simply not normal to have such big musceles! Goku and krillin and Yamcha were well built too, but Vegeta made it look naughty, and how she liked that. (A/N : heh.. naughty Vegeta.. how in the hell did I get that idea?) Chichi nudged her, she looked at her best friend with a blank look on her face. 'What's wrong Chi?' bulma whispered. 'He's staring at you!' she answered nodding at Vegeta. Bulma looked up. It was true Vegeta was staring at her! She blushed in embarrassement. 'Oh my gosh, did he caught me staring at his chest?' she thougt to herself, 'Mental-note: Never get catched again'. She decided to pay attention to the books instead of him.

'That's why they made an attack on pearl harbour... ' Yamcha still readed on. She didn't know if Vegeta was still looking at her. She just didn't dare to look at him again. Her cheeks were still red, and she hated that. She just couldn't concentrate on the rammbling Yamcha was saying. And she had no idea on which sentence their where. She simply stared at the book, not bother to catch up anyway. 'Atmospheric conditions prevented radio communications between D.C. and Pearl Harbor. The choice of commercial telegram, while possibly not the best means of communication, was chosen for reasons given..' Yamcha sentence was cut off when their principal. Who was walking in. 'Is everything going alright sir?' he asked Vegeta. Vegeta simply nodded. 'Alright, if you can't handle the class report them to me'. He took on glance at the class back to Vegeta then again back to the class, and with that he walked away. As soon as he was away Vegeta sighed. 'Listen up!' He exclaimed. 'You can do whatever you brats want to do, but I'm going to train. Just stay out of trouble and don't leave the class'. And with that he took his shirt off, all the girls ooww'ed and the boys just metally slapped themselves. And he started doing pushups. Everyone just stared, not daring to speak nor daring to move, exept for Maron that is. She raised her hand. 'What is it?' Vegeta hissed while doing his 200th push-up. 'Well if you don't want to teach us, then why are you a teacher, and we need the marks! Really! Well maybe not Bulma 'cause she is smart and all, did you know she made her own inventions? She even made a gravity room, all by her self, and Goku trains in it. Anyway I need those marks, so you better give it mister! And what's whit the sudden change? I thought you wanted to teach us something! Well it sure looked like it in the begin of this period, did you know that...' Vegeta couldn't take the annoying voice of her anymore. 'gggr.. SHUT UP!' Everyone looked in awe at Vegeta's temper. Maron was shocked and felt like crying, so she did.

Bulma looked at Vegeta then back at Maron who was crying on her desk. She stood up and walked over to him. 'How dare you!' she said while rasing her voice. Vegeta simply paralysed, how dared this weak human talk to him like that! 'So you are a prince from a monkey race, big deal! So you are an useless teacher, who cares, but that to make that girl cry!' she said pointing at Maron, who was still sobbing. 'To make that girl cry, made you the most emotionless jerk in the universe!' and with that she gaved him a knee in his.. well let's call it the most fragile part of a male body. And with that she walked a way, giving her friend maron a pat on her back and went back to her seet. 'Bulma one, Vegeta zero!' Chichi whispered, while Vegeta was wincing in pain in the background. At that moment the bell went and the pupils were walking away to the next period.

Maron was still sobing on their way to the next period. Chichi hugged her. 'Where is she crying for anyway?' Yamcha whispered to Krillin. 'Don't ask me!' krillin replied. 'So what do you think of that Vegeta-guy?' Goku asked the gang. 'Ass-hole' chichi said,'dido' 18 said. 'I Hate him! Maron snift, 'He acts like a total jerk!' Bulma give in. '100% ass-hole' yamcha said. 'He's a stubborn jerk!' Krillen added. 'So am I like the only one who things he's alright?' Goku asked to the gang. They all sighed.. knowing that Goku could never change.

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