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Chapter 12 : Yes Sir

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She seemed to be doing well.

But she wasn't.

She laughed, she danced, she drank, she talked with her classmates about college. Rei was going to Harvard.. Sandra's divorced parents were getting back to gether and Tom didn't know whether to pick the Art or the Theatre college. And Bulma couldn't care less.

Rick had told her, that he had a surprise planned 'just for the two of us'.

"Nice," she had said. "So how is she doing?" not realizing that he was talking about her.

And that's because she was realizing something else.

Vegeta would leave. Tomorrow.

"To leave - left - left" Bulma's lips, that felt strangely cold even through her cherry red lipstick, had spoken.

Ricky chuckled and asked her if she wanted another drink.

Goku and Chi Chi were doing great, Chi Chi was wearing a beautiful red dress and Goku looked just too jummy in that tux of his. They were having so much fun. They were being so in love.

Krillin and 18 looked kind of strange as a dancing couple, because of Krillin's height. But neither of them really cared. They could do anything! They were together.

Maron came, to nobody's surprise, in a red tiny, but still incredible elegant looking, dress. She and Yamcha were the most prideful couple in the room. And they both knew the name of the hotel they would spend the night in by heart.

They were all having fun.

But not Bulma, she was screaming, crying and confused inside. And no one seemed to notice. No one in the room of 300 students even looked up, not even her favourite Biologie teacher miss Grandlo who was talking with the barkeeper noticed. And not even Ricky, who was now talking in front of her, noticed.

She didn't know where he was talking about, and to be honest, she wasn't even in the slightest way interested.

But one thing she did know.

She didn't want to lose him.

He was her everything..

and who wanted to lose everything?

Warm soft lips placed on her cold cherry ones.

She pulled away immediately.

"Ricky what the hell are you doing?" she shrieked, still in shock. She noticed that they were outside in the garden standing underneath a three, noted that they had a few of these threes in their garden in capsule corp too, their mother had picked them out.

"What does it look like, baby?" he streched out the word like "baaayy-bee" making it sound as if the 'bee' part was said in inhalation. "I'm going to have a bit of fun with my favourite date." he winked.

His left hand on her ass, her left hand with a smack on his right shaven cheek. His hand detached he looked up confused.

"No, don't Ricky. We had fun tonight, and this is not how I wanted this night to end."

"Me neither, babe." He pronounced neither as 'neether' and it remembered her of Vegeta, who always pronounced it as 'nyther' it sounded more intelligent in her opinion. "I've got the keys." He got them out of his pocked and swirled it ringenly around in front of her face. "The room is all ours." He tried to kiss her again, but she took a few steps back in time. "What is wrong with you! I thought you'd be an easy fuck! I didn't rent that room for nothing you know."

Just as Bulma wanted to respond, she was interrupted.

"Look like you did."

Immediately she smiled, and their was moisture of happiness forming in her eyes.

"Now back of fool, before you'll be too beaten to even walk" His voice was with pure venom, and behind her he placed a comforting hand on Bulma's left shoulder.

She shivered by this little gesture and blinked back her tears that were threatening to come.

"Mr. Vegeta.. I - I ehm.. I.." not capable uttering any words he was looking confused at his pants, which was becoming suspiciously wet, before he ran away. Back to the party with a trail of moisterous fear on his heals.

Bulma wanted to say something, but the words that were forming in her mind didn't seem to make any sense, besides she didn't trust her voice yet. So instead she leaned back in his solid chest, and sighed deeply. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, trying to slow the quick beating of her heart. Her collarbone was aching, but her arms seemed to heavy to scratch it.

When she opened her eyes she had found some courage to speek.

"I'm coming with you." She turned around to see his response, but his eyes looked too confused to respond her statement.

When he was looking at her she felt as if the distance between them was too big, she closed it by stepping closer. Their noses only touching and her collarbone burning.

"Why?" he asked, his eyes focused on her lips.

"Because.." she said. "I realized today that I love you. And I don't think it will ever pass." she managed to chuckle softly just in time before their lips met.

The sensation seemed too overwhelming, the beating of her heart too fast, and the aching of her collarbone too burning, the kiss was too short for both their liking. And they looked at each other, both wondering why they had stopped, and decided to let the passion continue. Their lips met again.

Vegeta's strong arms floated up her back, and one of her ams that was already sitauted around his neck, pulled him even closer. Her other hand had now it's place on his chest, where it was pulling the fabric of the shirt together limply, his muscles reflexing underneath it.

She was pleased to know that she wasn't the only one effected by one other's touch.

"So does that mean I can come with you?" she asked innocently, her eyes glancing at his lips to his eyes and back again, but decided to stay focused on his eyes after realizing she wanted first the answer and than the kiss.

"No." Vegeta answered and kissed her briefly. "It means that you will come with me." He kissed her neck and thousands of shivers joilted through her. He flicked his tongue over her collarbone.

If she wanted to back away, she had to do it now. She knew what was going to happen next.. and it would be a decision for life.. she could stop it.

But she didn't.

She just uttered two short words before he bit her bonded.

"Yes Sir"

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