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I:The sweet blood

It was a dark night, the cloaked figure ran out, gentily and silently. The cloak figure was thristy, a thrist that kept reminding him how hungry he was as well.
He needed to feed. The cloak kept moving under the silhouette moon-light. Then he stopped to see an inspring figure.
Down below the long big streets of Traverse town. The figure right now was shivering in a black jacket, it had brown spiky hair and the cloak could see brown eyes peering about,
The Cloak raised his brow as he felt attracted to the figure below. The Cloak suddenly took a big whiff of the air.
He could smell it, sweet blood...unlike any he had felt, and somehow admitted a powerful light. The cloak lipped his lips in anticipation, and he spawned down, following the boy down below.
Sora was his name, this boy, he was unaware of anything following him, all that he knew was that it was chilly out and he had his heart broken by a girl he used to like, Kairi.
Silent tears crept Sora's face, "That jerk," He sniffed, wiping his eyes, and kept walking. What had happened was unknown to Sora himself, all he did was ask her to go to the movies, she accepted, then before they went in...she...
Sora shook his head, 'Stop, negative thoughts of the past aren't going to help you at all' Sora then kept walking, but suddenly got an omnious feeling.
He then started to run, and run. Perhaps what happened at the movies, or was it the weird feeling that everyone has, while walking in a dark night as of this one, nothing reflected but the moon-light, which followed out running hero.
But as he ran into an alley, with nothing but the moon showing his way, four figures came. Heartless. That's what they called themselves.
They were a gang...Sora knew how they formed, he was a friend to one. And he saw her in front of him today. Well not as she used to look. She used to have happy bright blue eyes and great blond hair but...she turned total goth with black hair and her eyes gave a tired look, she wore a blue tunic with a robe helm.
"Kosui..." ((A/N:Kosui is one of my creations. Usually she's a beginning heartless that belongs to me XD))

"Evening Sora." She replied, looking at him with a look of pain. Sora then glanced at all the rest, they had chains, nunchucks and the last was cracking his knuckles.

"So what do you want?" Sora asked, smugly.

"I don't like your tone," The one with the nunchucks growled, twirling them around threating. Sora blinked and saw Kosui's usual bored face flood with panic but it went away,

"That's out of fear Shiku."

"Oh!" The one named Shiku blinked. Above the cloak almost smacked himself on the head, but he knew he would make to much noise, nay, he would bring attention to other vampires that were prowling the night.
The cloak could feel Kosui have some strange power, but he choose to ignore it, all his concerns was on the boy, Sora...yes that was his name.
'Thank God for idiots...' Sora thought then blinked as Kosui's eyes flashed away and she turned around and ran.
"What'd she do that for?" Shiku blinked, then shurgged, swinging the nunchucks and went foreward to smack Sora.
Sora winced, waiting for the blow as he closed his never came, he struggled to open on eye then gasped as he saw foaming blood running down everywhere.
Sora then saw a cloak. The Cloak forsed him against the alley wall, he saw glittering eyes and silver hair. Sora's heart pounced as the...thing came in closer.
Their breath's drew and the cloak pushed gentily to Sora's lips. Sora felt a soft tongue touching his lips, Sora almost moaned before the cloak pulled apart.
'The eyes are serching my soul' Sora thought, silently chuckling.

"Shhh..." The cloak touched Sora's left ear, "it will all be over soon," it whispered. 'The voice belongs to a man' Sora thought. 'And what will be over soon?'
Then Sora winced as the man bit into his neck, the pain kept incresing and Sora could feel being drained of something.
The cloak kept tasting the blood, it was sweet. Very nice, so sweet that he wanted to keep going. The moment to last...but he knew it wouldn't.
This was a mortal...and that's all he could be...but as he kept draining Sora of his blood, he couldn't bring himself to do it. Riku forced himself off of Sora's neck, and saw that Sora slowly dripped to the ground with lifeless eyes.
But...'He's still alive' The cloak hissed in his mind, "Gah..." He ran to his wrist and ripped part of his own flesh and went near to Sora.
"Hey," He waved the small flesh wound around and saw Sora sniff out for it. He then remembered if you're bitten your become temprorary blind, "You need to have some blood to survive."
He then slighty put it in Sora's gapping mouth, then winced as Sora immedadtly bit in. Sora drank for only five minutes before giving up and ran off the arm.
"Hey, are you okay?"

"What...what...happened?" Sora questioned as his vision was slowly coming back.

"You're now a stick around me," the man stood up and turned off to walk away then turned back to Sora, who was struggling to get up himself, "Or you'll die in a worse place."
Sora knew what he knew, thanks to studying a bit of the Christen, and several others, religion. Sora then ran up to be around the cloak figure.

"Hey...umm...what's your name?" Sora asked awkardly. The cloak stopped and looked at Sora with meaninful eyes,
Then he turned to the sky with the moon, "...Just call me Riku..."


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