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Sora's Bond, OR Leon's Conscience and memories

Riku's Bond, OR Leon himself

Forever Yours
XI: I Cling to You

It was dark, darker then the halls the minion had been previously walking in, the minion shuddered as he had crawled his way through to the holding chambers. As he had made it he saw the Catalyst, the one the 'light' was trying to turn...A loud groan started and the minion became self-conscious. But surely there was no way the Catalyst would be able to move, he was in shackles!

"...Where...?" Sora asked himself, blinking to himself many times to get adjusted to the darkness.

"Ah, you're awake Sir Catalyst." The minion flinched as he heard a strained voice of a very tired Donald, ever since the agent had came back he was more grumpy and evil then it seemed.

"? Donald?" Sora asked and yelled as there was a loud slam of thunder against his entire body. The minion flinched once again, not because of the yells but because of the sudden light that had begun because of the spell.

"Heh, fortunately for you, I'm not allowed to kill you..." The minion could feel the tension in the room ahead and hesitated from entering fully to give the Catalyst his food.

"Fortunate indeed, maybe Cloud won't kill you so much now." Sora smirked and was slapped, his neck creaking a bit from the sheer force of the blow,


"Where's Goofy, Donald?" Sora asked, swallowing the blood that had came from his sides and up.

"Probably off gallivanting the halls...why?" Donald asked, his curiosity getting the better of him as he glared at Sora. Sora could only smile at Donald with very tired eyes,

"I have a feeling that he isn't anything like you at all..." Sora grinned and Donald yelled, giving Sora another dose of pain. The minion sighed and stayed clear from the door as it had opened with a loud slam against the wall,

"You. Minion!" Minion stood straight, holding the food right behind him, clearly afraid of Donald, though that was funny because Minion was a lot taller than Donald was. "Make sure the Catalyst is treated 'kindly'." Donald spat out the words with a horrible grimace. Minion nodded, knowing what the words really meant and he walked in the cell, slamming it right behind him.

"Who's there now?" Sora asked, he could fell a new aura in the air, it wasn't that of a hostile one, but it wasn't really calm enough to be hostile.

"Just your food-baring." Minion silently said, walking towards Sora.

"Ah..." Sora quietly replied then spoke, "I'm not hungry."

"...You will be..." The minion just spoke, sighing to itself with a frown, "So you're the Catalyst."

"That's what...everyone keeps saying..." Minion blinked as he heard a very sad tone in the Catalyst's voice as he spoke the sentence, curiosity got the better of the minion,


"...Yeah..." Minion found himself leaving the room for some really odd reason, did the Catalyst do it unintentionally, or did he leave due to his own power? The minion shook his head and walked off, frowning to itself...

"I'm sorry Mr. Sora..."

"And so am I."

The minion just simply left the stall, sighing for the poor Catalyst.

"This way!" His silver hair blowing along with his quick rushes, yelling as loud as the waterfall that was pouring. The ecosystem of Traverse Town was going insane! Everything that controlled the original nature of the place was falling apart, as though someone had made all the gears just bolt away and the machines refused to work.

"RIKU WATC-...out..." Riku was quickly covered with the waterfall's quick spurts and he gaffed.


"Riku calm down! The waterfall's reacting because of you're not calm!" Aerith cried out, sighing over Cloud's shoulder, of which she was riding upon.

"But WHY?"

"Probably because of your little bond with the Catalyst, you two share parts of each other's powers...looks like you got the nature powers." Riku growled at Sephiroth who stared at the waterfall carelessly,

"Well it isn't any help in trying to find Sora!"

"Yes but that's your fault in the first place."

"Both of you, shut up!" Cloud intervened in the fight, pushing the two out of the way as he continued to rush through the waterfalls.

"Grumpy Cloud?" Ansem asked, from way above a type of weird cliff that pushed into the sky out of nowhere, Traverse Town was in chaos that much was for certain.

"That nightmare I had earlier drained the energy from my mako, I'm too used to it even if I want it gone." Cloud quickly replied, as Aerith held up part of his bangs to continue through the cave they started to go into.

"Are you sure we're going the right way?"

"Can you smell Sora?" Riku asked and they all shook their head no, "I thought not. I'm the best thing we've got right now, so let's just follow my lead."

The party was simple enough, the only left behind was Kosui and the reason Aerith was on Cloud's back was to conceal the fact she was an angel, they wouldn't expect an angel more than likely.

"I really wish there was a much easier way of tracking him down." Yuffie sighed, easily passing through tumbles of rock without getting any rubble on her.

"Yes, but with this place collapsing, it's lost any tracking energies in the air."

"Heh, even then we wouldn't be able to track him." Sephiroth smirked, dodging as Yuffie had accidentally caused a small rock slide within the cave, "He is the Catalyst remember? Nothing could ever sense him because he had no real energy..."

"True...but it still would have been helpful." Cloud sighed, summoning up strength to push away the slide in and revealing light.

"So we're really going to go after them..." Ansem quietly said, smiling softly, "It's all or nothing when we get there, isn't it?" Sephiroth blinked, flinching as he helped Cloud up and Aerith kicked him,

"...Yeah...I guess we can finally get revenge..." Ansem gave Sephiroth a frightful grin and jumped up out to the entrance,

"Definitely, so no holding back Sephiroth! Give dad a reason to be proud of that cursed wing of yours!" Sephiroth smirked and jumped right besides his brother, but knocked him foreword,

"Only if you stop being goofy long enough!"


"Sephiroth stop picking on your brother!"

"Oh phoo, you're no fun!" Riku looked down at the jumping figures and sighed, staring into the suddenly darkening sky,

"...Yeah...all or nothing..."

Goofy simply stalked the halls of the headquarters, sighing to himself. Though the time had been really short there, it had been a lot of fun...poor Donald though. Goofy sighed and looked at a mirror that happened to be there and touched his face.

He wasn't always this human looking, he used to be a grand knight way back in the medieval ages, guarding over King Arthur and the lot of the Round Table. Goofy sighed once again, staring at the mirror a lot closely, he missed his old form that he did. Donald was also not the way he was now, he was a mighty wizard that protected all that he loved with grand power, unfortunately...

They've burned it all down...

Why won't you join us?

You will get your chance at revenge...


Goofy shook his head immediately, taking off the small hat he always had on and stared at the only remainder of his old form, two small attempts of dog-ears popped out and fell to his side and he stared.

"Goofy?" Goofy's insides froze as he quickly placed his hat and dog-ears back in the hat up,

"Hyuck...yes Donald?" Goofy coughed back, giving Donald a smile. Donald looked disdained. You would think someone who had lived hell through so many years would learn to stop making such an ugly look,

"I need you to report to...the 'light' for me." Goofy nodded and walked off as Donald gave him the instructions. Goofy really hated this, all he wished was to go back to the simple days.

Life was hard enough when the ones you had to hunt down are not at all bad.

Blood, fire...yes mostly fire...


...Yes, especially when a part of them reminded him of the overwhelming protection they had for each other. Life was not at all fair.

Goofy did not know he wasn't the only one stalking in the halls, following after him quietly and quickly as a thief was Leon. Leon was still covered in the rags that gave him protection from the spanning desert sand outside of the headquarters but here it gave him stealth, considering the place was dark, damp and had only the smell of putrid blood with the agonizing cover of sand all over.

The factions between the so-called 'darkness' and the one who carried the 'light' were so very annoying. As soon as Leon assassinated the 'light' he would work on all vampires around the world, then maybe some peace would be upholded. This whole place was so annoying to live within, why had he, an immortal, have to deal with this planet?

You still love her you know.

Shut up.

But that's why you're still here. You love her too much...you don't want to leave the planet because of that.

Damn it, I said shut UP! I don't need YOU telling me what I feel about her!

Then go back to her, tell her the truth, and just live quietly for the rest of your live. Forget this.

I can't.

That's why I hate you immortals. You're always so stubborn to know the truth.

Leon sighed from his conscience and quickly covered his mouth as heard and stopped to look around from where the sound came from. Luckily, Leon was against the roof, holding unto the parts of railings carefully, glaring at every movement that Goofy made.

Obviously thinking the place was now clear Goofy continued on his small little journey. This place wasn't very complex, Leon noted as he searched into part of the edges of the roof, it was as though the patches on the roof were there on purpose. That thought made Leon harden, glaring ahead as Goofy started to hum, climbing up stairs calmly.

"Goofy." Goofy stood straight and held his hand up in a salute motion, Leon almost did the same, used to the training from his used to be superiors, but that would end up just letting go of the patch he held so tightly, that would not be good.

"Yes Mistress Light?" Leon blinked wildly, this was who held the light within them? ...But wait, wasn't she...? Leon stared with slight fear as he stared at the girl who smiled at Goofy,

"I heard from my minion that Donald wanted to report something to me?" Goofy nodded,

"Yes Mistress Light...He said that the Catalyst isn't going to give into any requests and it took all of his will not to give into the Catalyst's own will." Light nodded,

"Well of course," Light sighed, "I'm afraid that was my fault...but not to worry, he'll fall soon."

"Of course."

"Yes...Oh...could you do something about our intruder?" Leon's eyes widened as Goofy turned to him and shot out a small dagger, stabbing him through the shoulder.

"Dammit!" Leon cursed as he fell to the ground, groping his shoulder for the dagger's helm to drag out. He soon found it and stashed it in his other hand, "A fight, huh?"

"If I must, but only because you don't come peacefully."


"Then again I say, I must."

Their battle began.

I told you, you should have just turned around

And I told you to shut up, but you don't listen to me either, do you? Leon growled at the voice within his head, reaching to rub the blood that had reached his vision. Unfortunately shackles stopped him.

Leon just had his ass handed to him, and he wasn't used to that fact, but then again, he was also wasn't used to powerful guardians being alive anymore.

I bloody hate guardians.

Wonderful, something we... Leon's attention was torn as he started to hear screams, loud and threatening to break the air. Unfortunately all Leon could do was stare in the general direction, glaring down at the immortal holding chains and shackles.

Terrifying screams, someone must be getting tortured. Leon sighed, how terrible, there was hardly anything he could do though.

"Throw him in with the immortal...perhaps something interesting will happen." Leon blinked as there was a small gray light to shine through the quick-open door and a loud squishy THUD to accompany it. Before the light could go away, Leon managed to catch a look at his new cellmate. The sight he saw caught him completely off-guard.

Down-cast brunette hair and half-dimming shining blue eyes with blood pouring from them, his cloak was torn away from the tortures and the earlier damage from the six pairs of wings that were now sprouting from his back, symbols were cast all over the brunette's upper body, seeping the blood back into him, quickly healing him.

"Sora?" Leon gave himself away and Sora stared straight at him. The scary thing was, was that Sora gave Leon a cheesy grin,

"Hello Sir Leon."

"What happened to you?" Leon asked, curiosity got the better of him, but only a bit.

"Nothing I couldn't handle..."

"I see...why the hell are you smiling?"

"Because, someone will come for me soon. And when they come this whole place will be sorry..." Sora kept grinning but Leon stared into the smile and saw that it was so fake.

And why wouldn't have it been? Sora had concluded that he was just hoping for death before he would destroy the world or whatever it was. Sora knew that nobody was going to come for him, no one cared anymore. Riku just flat out told him that he hated him, his mother was long dead, the only thing of her alive was his memories and his father certainly was long-gone as he usually was...no...no one was going to come for poor Catalyst Sora.

"I see." Leon stared at Sora, sighing as he started to see tears starting to pour out of the sides of the brunette. Leon could hear other people and he heard...other people crying with the brunette.

Leon felt that he hated this emotion building up inside as he stared at Sora, who did nothing but lean back against the wall and continue to smile with tears pouring from his eyes.

Riku racked his ears open to try to listen to the airs calming breath, its soothing whispers and the leads towards Sora.

"God, I'm so tired...we've been traveling all day." Yuffie commented, taking Ansem's scarf and rubbing off the thick substance of sunscreen she had on, Ansem protested of course which only got him hit on the head.

"You okay Cloud?" Aerith asked and Cloud only nodded, sighing to himself and washing off part of the bangs that dripped down from sheer workload to even keep up.

"Well it shouldn't be too far now..." Ansem commented cheerfully, sitting down to the small fire they made to keep the night from becoming too cold.

"You know, I can't believe we've never thought of trying to even find out the Slayers headquarters till now..." Sephiroth commented, sitting next to Ansem to stare at the embers that brushed up into the air.

"Not much to think about. This place isn't going to help any of you seem normal..."

"Still would have been helpful to know."

"I suppose..." Aerith replied, sighing as she stared at the fire with a sad look.

"...The moon's almost full."

"I know."

"You're going to miss it here, aren't you?" Sephiroth asked then looked over at Cloud who was sleeping quietly.

"Yes, but I'm going to miss him more of course."

"...Of course..." The two stared at each other, understanding that small bit for once and both sighed at the same time for the small depression.

"Pray for no nightmares. I'm actually tired for once."

"Yes, I will, goodnight everyone."

"Right, night." The only one who didn't fall asleep was Riku, and all he did was stare out from the cliffsides out to an everspanding desert far from Traverse Town.

"Good night Sora..."

Sora heard this, and it comforted him, even if he thought it was just a part of his imagination.

But could imagination really say those words with such love and caring tones with it?

I would hope not.

Morning arose, blood dried and tears disappeared. Sleepy eyes opened to look at a very angry torturer. Sora sighed,

"Why are you doing this?" The black mask didn't reply but he did grin, and such a grin filled with ugly yellow teeth and crooks and cracks within them. Sora flinched from the ugly sight. The ugly teeth man dragged Sora out of his room and Leon woke up to the sound of the piercing screams, sighing as he got a bit more comfortable where he was.

Was this all that was left? If Leon had expected the guardian he would have been out of here by now, he would have been back to his small little hovel, resting to charge for the last fight. But there was still this damn fight...Leon stared down at his waist, being able to see the weight that he carried within it. A gun hostler was there, holding what seemed to be a gun in there. But it was no ordinary weapon, and they must have thought it was obviously, letting him keep it.

Something interesting.

I bet that's what the 'Light' meant.

Hm...it doesn't matter either way.

But you could still escape from out of here...

No...it better to stay here for awhile...there's something that we have to see...

Ah. Was all the voice said as he stared as the door opened once again, throwing in the brunette who landed with a sickening THUD once again.

"Morning." Leon almost scoffed and just shook his head,

"Morning to you too." Sora sighed, standing up as his wings covered him in a fury, as though to hide his body from Leon's eyes.

"Well at least I survived my first night, you too! How are you doing?" Leon bit back the words that wanted to come from his mouth and just stared at Sora dully. "Don't look at me that way!" Sora commented, frowning at Leon who just shook his head.

"So someone's going to rescue you huh?" Leon commented sarcastically then regretted as he saw the hint of sadness climbing in Sora's eyes. "Hey, hey! Don't start crying! Okay, I'm sorry, okay?" Sora nodded slowly, then sighed,

"I miss them..."


"My friends, and..." Sora blushed slightly but he seemed a bit regretful with the blush, "boyfriend..." Leon blinked, not expecting Sora to be that kind of person, but whatever right?

"Ah." Sora stared closely at Leon, then tilted his head,

"Don't you miss her?" Leon twitched a little, wondering what Sora meant, but also thought of whom he may have been referring too.

"Who's her?"

"Yuffie, your wife." Leon stared at Sora with wide-eyes, his shackles tightening around him as he struggled to move slightly.

"I have no wife, what are you talking about?" Leon faked.

"Liar...you know she misses you." Sora decided to say, leaning against the wall with tired eyes, "She really does. Why did you leave her?" Leon did not answer back seeing as Sora had fallen asleep anyway, it would be pointless to waste any energy talking.

Left her for her own protection.

I did not, she betrayed me!

I hope that makes you sleep at night.

God damn it, I said shut up!

I really hate immortals.

And Leon really hated immortal consciences.

"So nothing has happened?"

"No, nothing at all Mistress Light." Goofy flinched as he called her name once again, sighing too only himself as he stared at the one standing before him.

"Hm, odd. I really would have thought that he would have made a move to escape from now."

"Immortals are often more clever than that Mistress Light."

"Yes...I suppose so." Light glared at Goofy, disgruntled by her knight guardian as he only nodded. "Where is Donald?" Goofy flinched once again, he knew that tone and she wanted to play a sadistic game...

"I don't know." Goofy quickly replied, not lying entirely, just wanting to make sure Donald was safe from her grasp.

"Oh really?"

"Yes Mistress Light."

"Hm...fine, come here Goofy." Goofy sighed and went on to play her evil games, mainly checkers since she was bored it seemed.

Donald leaned against the wall as he was listening to their conversation, sighing inwardly as he heard Goofy sigh from the onslaughter of the Light's 'games'.

"Stupid Goofy." Donald muttered, moving out to check on the guests of honor.

It was afternoon now, Riku rested along with everyone else, seeing as they had to slow down or their bodies would collapse. It was just endless desert, and yet Riku was positive he could feel Sora all around, his energy, his wholesome life and everything else that Riku loved about him, he could feel in the air.

"Agh, I really wish this could have happened in some kind of ocean or something. I can take water, but just 50 miles of desert?" Yuffie demanded, whining and trying to smear the extra cases of sunscreen she planted all around her body, applying a new layer every hour they ran/walked.

"Isn't the ocean considered holy water?" Riku asked her, tilting one eyebrow up with a frown.


"And doesn't holy water burn vampires like you?"

"It does." Riku stared at Yuffie silently, and just shook his head. The desert wasn't all that bad. Of course if Riku weren't so desperately chasing after Sora, he would have agreed with Yuffie. Riku hated sand and sun, but when it was filled with Sora's energy...it didn't seem all that bad.

Aerith yawned, having kept up all night to keep everyone safe from any nightmares that may have been wondering randomly around. Aerith really hated nightmares, they always annoyed her...well at least Cloud was carrying her.

"Getting sleepy?"

"Oh hush you." Aerith hit Sephiroth on the top of his head, which snickered lightly at her, and yawned once again. Cloud followed her,

"Aerith please stop that, it's very infectious."

"S-s-sorry Cloud." Aerith yawned once again, stretching her neck to the side to clear the creaking sound she thought was there. Cloud simply smiled at her softly and nodded, then looked over to Riku and Yuffie, who was bugging the solemn silver-hair.

"I'm worried about Riku."

"Hm? Why's that?"

"..." Cloud didn't reply back right away, his eyes softening into a pure blue mist that didn't seem to be there at all, "Because he's in love...and if he loses that..."


"Yeah, and have you ever heard any inch about their pasts?" Aerith shook her head and Cloud sighed, pushing back some of his blonde bangs, "Well I've heard a bit from Vincent, my dear friend that gave me this claw," Cloud held the claw up and Aerith nodded, "He told me of the first vampires families and how they lived the first one thousand years of their lives. About the time of King Arthur and them was when it really became the worse for them."

"How?" Aerith blinked, curious of the past and Sephiroth kept his mouth shut. Cloud shrugged and stared at Sephiroth, who just shook his head.

"I don't really remember much from that time. The only one who would be able to tell you anything would be Ansem or Riku..."


"Why don't you remember much?" Aerith asked, blinking slightly as she stared at Sephiroth. Sephiroth shrugged,

"I don't know, Ansem says it was because there was some stupid type of wizard who managed to cast a memory replacing spell, which didn't work all the way, because I still remember living in that time, but not what happened." Sephiroth stared up at the hot baring sun, twitching from the neo-glow coming from the hottening area.

"Well that doesn't answer too much, but I guess it makes sense."

"Does Riku look like he's ready to continue?" Cloud asked, tilting his head to look over at the solemn demon.

"YUFFIE!" Riku shouted suddenly as Yuffie giggled evilly and ran into part of the desert, having Riku chase after her. The trio stared as they ran...farther and farther away,

"ACK! WAIT FOR US!" They cried out, following them as quickly as they could, while Ansem trailed behind silently, staring ahead only seeing something none of them saw.

Pure Darkness was ahead, and he felt it within his soul.

Oh how he wished he would have packed Kosui.

Sora was really starting to get sick of this whole thing. Again he was free from chains but the cage was so full of...auras? Yes, that's what they could be called, Sora supposed, and the auras were all dangerous and scary, pairing up on both Sora and his cellmate. Sora was smart enough to know that Leon really was Yuffie's wife, the way he denied it though would make you think otherwise. Sora leaned against the wall, his wings retreating from the wall to cover his whole body in feather warmth.

"I'm surprised they haven't tried to torment you or anything." Sora commented, staring over at Leon who was leaning his forehead against a wall in an aggravated matter.

"Yes, I'm getting suspicious of it." Leon replied back quickly. Sora found that Leon was a silent man, kind of like Riku, only with more wisdom somehow.

"Hm." Leon stared over at Sora, blinking rather slowly then frowning,

"Where did you get those wings? The only ones who had those kinds of wings died off centuries ago." Sora blinked, there were others? What?

"There were others?" Leon nodded,

"Yes, they also had the same marks you have over you." Sora stared down at his torn sleeves and saw the mystic markings surrounding his arms with dried blood. "They also healed incredibly fast like you."

"What were these called?"

"Sepherims." Sora blinked slowly, weren't they another type of angel? At least in some Fantasy books it was always that way, of course could have it changed or did it mean something else?

"Sepherims?" Leon nodded and a victorious smile consumed his face as Sora could recognize the look of remembrance.

"Yes...they were a mighty proud race that God made, letting them live on earth."

"What happened to them?" Leon's smile frowned,

"They were slaughtered by Arthur's Round Table, the corrupt table thought that the race was getting too powerful...that and a wizard gave a prophesy that was passed through his line." Sora frowned a bit, looking down and frowning,

"The Catalyst, right?" Leon stared over at Sora, very surprised.

"Yes, that was the legend, how do you know about the Catalyst." Sora gave a very sorrow-filled smile,

"Because that's who I am. I am the Catalyst." Leon stared and then started to laugh at Sora, Sora frowned at Leon, not sure at what the older man was laughing about,

"You? YOU? You're the Catalyst? Oh my...now that is just so funny!"

"What's so funny about it?" Leon stopped smiling and stared at Sora,

"Because...this is the last battle and with the Catalyst here..." Sora blinked, seeing that Leon looked a little insane, he rushed up the courage to slap Leon. Leon blinked wildly then shook his head,

"Damn, this place is getting to me."

"What's wrong?"

"I haven't had my powers sucked away from me in so long..." Leon sighed, leaning against the wall once again, frowning darkly, "this place is trying to manipulate my weakness."

"Oh, is that all?" Sora said simply and placed his hands on Leon's forehead, closing his eyes a brilliant light came and a mark appeared on Leon's forehead, more kanji that said, "Free Mind."

"How?" Leon blinked, staring at Sora, feeling much better then he had entered in the horrible place. Sora just smiled at him,

"I don't know how." Leon continued to stare but he did feel a lot better, "So what was that of the Sepherims?" Sora asked, sitting down on the floor to give him his entire attention.

"What? Oh yes, the Sepherims...Yes they were slaughtered in a short war, you see the Sepherims only wished for peace for the world and only lived in nature, giving it better fertile lands and only tried to make the world a better place."

"...So they were still killed despite that?" Leon nodded but then stared at Sora,

"Yes." Sora frowned and leaned in on his knees, which he drew to himself. "You're a survivor though." Leon softly said and Sora only could look up, Leon's eyes look a little softer, "A survivor of the Sepherims and the Catalyst...heh."

"Is that really so funny? I don't want to destroy the world or destroy the darkness." Sora started to feel tears to pour down again, "especially if the darkness is a part of the person I love." Leon stared down at Sora and sighed,

"I know how you feel kid."


"But that mustn't stop you from fulfilling-"

"NO! I don't believe that! I don't care even if he doesn't even love me anymore...I still love him, it may hurt, but I have to still believe. After all-" Sora glared up at Leon with furious tears, "Yuffie is still doing the same for you." Leon felt something bad running through his heart as though it exploded within him as he stared at the angry teenager.


"Good night." Leon stared at the collapsing form of the survivor of such an ancient race and stared out into the weak lights running through the cells side-walls,

"Idiot, it's not even night yet."

"You look happy." Yuffie noted, pointing at Riku who happily kicked parts of the dirt away to reveal, guess what, more dust!

"I am."

"Why's that?"

"There's an Oasis near, usually there's some anti-demons by Oasis, they might have seen Sora." Yuffie blinked and followed the nearly skipping Riku.

"Riku, geeze, it's not THAT big of a deal." Sephiroth commented, only to get hit on the head by Riku,

"Yes it is!" Ansem groaned,

"I hate anti-demons, they're pathetic."

"Well we don't really have a choice, Aerith's passed out anyhow, the anti-demons will give us a small little part to rest."

"Ugh..." Ansem paled, staring at the sleeping angel on Cloud's back, "I really hate anti-demons." Anti-demons, as it seems, wasn't anything one would expect, they were like little imps. Green colored skin with hooked ears, but with normal human smiles they grinned at the vampires.

"Why hello, it's so nice to have some outcomers!"

"Oh yes it is indeed nice darling. Please, please! Please come in!" Ansem groaned inwardly, now here's the part he hated most about the anti-demons.

"Now how much gold do you have?" Ansem resisted his urge to growl and beat the crap out of the anti-demons, known for their 'barter' skills. Riku just pushed Ansem back gently and looked down at the imp like creatures,

"We're not really here to rest, we just want some information." The imp's grins grew and Riku glared at them, which made them tilt their smiles just a little,

"Oh? Well still, how much gold do you have?" Riku sighed and poured a whole pouch full, which they flew after immediately. "Hehehe, yes...yes..."

"Now, what kind of information are you looking for?"

"Have you seen a brunette with six pair of wings flying around here? We're looking for him." The anti-demon's eyes went wide and they looked at each other,

"Uhhh...that we have no information about."

"Yes none at-" Riku grabbed Sephiroth's pouch and poured the gold and their looks of fear changed a little bit.

"I need to know, where is he?"

"We have no clue what you're talking about."

"Oh forget it! Let's do this my way!" Ansem started to get antsy, wasting good gold on these pathetic excuses for being, Ansem drew out one of the stones and glared at the anti-demons, "Now tell us where he is."

"Ah! Honey run!" Ansem grabbed 'honey' and growled, keeping a tight hold on 'her' and shoving the stone in her direction. 'She' whimpered in fear,

"Yes! Yes, we saw someone of the Sepherim's description being carried the Light! Please, Please let me go! I'll give you your gold back, just please let me go!" She started to cry and Ansem sighed.

"Which way."

"That way!" She pointed a trembling finger to the way farther reaches of the desert. Ansem growled to himself and let go of the anti-demon, whose other came, holding unto to her as they both trembled.

"Now was that so hard?" Ansem asked coldly, then started to travel off. Everyone stared off, shocked about Ansem but Aerith shook her head, as she had woken up during the fight,

"We're deeply sorry." Riku rushed after Ansem and the others did as well.

"What's with your dark side appearing again?" Riku asked coldly from Ansem's side, whispering to keep it a secret to the others. Ansem sighed and pulled back some of his hair,

"It's because I can only see the darkness ahead, I can't see the Light anymore...and I really don't want anything to go dark."

"...So your seer powers are acting up again?" Ansem held his head in an immense headache,

"Yes and no, I can only see the battle of darkness, but I can't see anything else."

"I see."

"So I just want to get this over as fast as I can." Riku chuckled,

"No rushing a piece of art." Ansem shook his head as they continued through the desert.

Five Hours Later

"Woah...I think we've found it." They stood on top of a cliff, furious wind blowing and they had to cover their mouths after that statement. They all stared down at the large dome-like headquarters, it gave off a DOOM kind of feeling. When the wind calmed down, Cloud placed Aerith down calmly and searched around a bit with his eyes.

"So what do you think we're dealing with?"

"Gaurdians...undead ones." Everyone groaned except for Aerith, who smirked confidently.

"Have you forgotten you have someone with the power to make the dead rest." Riku shook his head and Aerith frowned,

"Gaurdians are different."

"They're mainly indifferent to magick, especially with their damn shields."

"Undead can't carry shields!"

"Gaurdians can." Cloud nodded to confirm what Aerith was arguing over with Sephiroth,

"They can, watch. Since they're undead they'll be none the wiser." Cloud picked up a small rock and Aerith blinked, as did Yuffie,

"There's no way that's going to hit them."

"Watch." Cloud said silently, gave a signal for them to duck down and he threw it. With impressive speed, as though it was a heat-seeker missile, it made it, only to be quickly blocked by a shield. The undead looked up for one second, but ignored otherwise.

"My god, they're good..."

"I put a little wind magick in it, that's why they were able to sense it right away, they just couldn't sense if it was from a tornado far from here or not."

"Oh man, how are we supposed to DO this?" Cloud smirked a little.

"Kill me."

"WHA-?" Ansem clamped his hand over Sephiroth's mouth, giving his brother the shh as they ducked down again. A few minutes passed by and they came back up,

"Yeah, you kill me I go to hell, but then I'll be able to travel within the headquarters," Cloud gave another smirk, "I'll just be your little rogue."

"God it's been forever since we've played Dungeons and Dragons." Ansem smiled, getting into the little joke, "Alright then, who wants to do the killing blow?"

"I'll do it." Riku said, and quickly smiled at Cloud, who did the same, and snapped Cloud's neck in a squishy little CRACK, Aerith shook, looking pale. "Guess what class I was."

"Imagonnapuke..." Aerith said, looking away as Cloud's body disappeared into the sand and all they could do is wait calmly.

Leon's mind was indeed free, and as it was free he could sense so much around the area, and there, more auras were arriving...but wait, one of them disappeared? Could these be Sora's hope?

"Heh, feeding time." Leon blinked and stared as the Light entered herself with her accomplices. Leon growled, quickly brushing his hair into his face so they wouldn't see the symbol he earned. "Grab Sora." Goofy nodded quietly and held Sora up, also then shackling him up. The Light quickly gave him light slaps to his face, which woke Sora up. He glared immediately at the Light.

"Eat this." Donald came up, holding up some bread. Leon immediately suspected something, as did Sora from the look on his face. Sora was angry, not only from being forced from a nap but being shackled like this, his wings got restless.

"You can go to hell first." Sora suggested, spitting on Donald. Donald growled and whipped the spit away, glaring at Sora angrily.

"Oh, now that there wasn't too nice." Light said, picking up the bread and handling it in front of Sora, "And aren't you hungry? I heard you didn't eat yesterday." The grumbling of Sora's stomach confirmed this.

"Sora, don't!" Leon said, frowning at the trio near Sora, "They're up to something, whatever you do, DON'T eat that bread!" The Light sneered over at Leon and gently pushed Donald to take care of him. Leon was about to speak some more but his mouth shut itself, he could feel it, nothing would come out of his mouth for awhile, and this wizard had cast a very high-level silence spell. Leon just stared as he watched Sora.

"Now come on, you really are hungry, don't listen to a crazed immortal, he's probably hungry too, wants to take it himself." Sora frowned, seeing the game she was trying to play on him,

"It's not going to work." Sora replied back simply, sighing at the Light. The Light blinked, as though not sure what Sora was talking about all, then growled,

"I see." She turned for a second, leaving Sora to sigh, but then she stopped and took some of the bread. Sora stared widely and coughed as his cheekbones were held together to hold open his mouth and the Light attacked, pouring the bread into him. Sora grew afraid and his wings attacked for him, making the Light fly off to the walls and bang against the cell walls.

"YOU BITCH! HOW DARE YOU!" Sora screamed at her and the Light just chuckled, grabbing herself up. Leon continued to stare, not able too much else sadly.

"Now come on Sora, why would you say such cruel things to your lover?" Sora's mind was starting to melt, an incredible force was telling him be quiet and follow the Light's every order, but a small voice continued to keep him in his own state of mind,

"What makes you think I will ever call you something like, especially after what you've done to me, Kairi!" Kairi, the prep from his school was obviously no prep now. She was the one who held the Light, not something that was so believable. Kairi nodded,

"But you enjoyed it, didn't you?" Sora's mind screamed at him, NO! But the melting was coming out so much faster, his pure blue eyes were slowly turning darker and the pupil was disappearing as though he really was brainwashed.

"Y-n-..." Sora struggled with his answers, what was left of his mind screamed at him, screamed at him to answer what he really wanted to say, Kairi didn't help as she held his face.

Riku...Riku. I love Riku, not anyone else. Riku, if you can still hear me, please for-

Riku snapped right away, hearing the dying voice was too much for him.

Sora...SORA? Riku begged for the other in his mind, what had happened? Riku panicked within himself, trying to figure out what could have possibly happened.

"Somethings happened to Sora..." Riku stared at his comrades, breathing in and out uneasily, he quickly went to Aerith,

"Can you see if he's okay? Can't you sense if his soul went to heaven or hell, or wherever?" Riku panicked, he didn't want Sora to die, no that was any good if he did.

"Calm down Riku." Aerith spoke and sighed, doing as Riku asked her, she searched internally for awhile, and Yuffie only calmed Riku's panicking, "No...no souls have died recently."

"Well that's a new one." Yuffie said, looking over at Aerith, who nodded,

"Yes I am used to at least one soul going somewhere, but...no one has died..." Riku sighed, though he ignored the odd thing happening between heaven and hell, Sora was not dead, and that was all that mattered.

"Well as long as he's okay." Riku smiled, and quietly sat down again, staring down at the undead guardians moving restlessly around.

"Oooo! Cloud! Nice to see you again! Such a quick visit from last time too!" Cloud moaned as his mother glomped on him happily. Sometimes Cloud thought she truly was insane, but he never told her this, that would just make her give him the scary look. Mothers and scary looks never are good when they're combined towards their own children.

"Yes, I just want to get underneath the headquarters for the Light."

"Oh, so you're finally destroying them now are you?"

"No." Cloud gritted his teeth towards his father, who shrugged a bit indifferent, "I'm just going to rescue our friend."

"Oh the keyblade master?" Cloud nodded at his mother, "Well good luck with that honey...Oh! I forgot! Vincent-chan wanted to see you before you go off!" Hojo sighed at his darling wife's silly rants. Cloud was silent for a second then glared at his father,

"You knew I was going to come here, didn't you?"

"Well of course I did, not only this is your true home, you had the Catalyst with you, I knew this was coming sooner or later." Hojo spoke, mixing some chemicals together then throwing them into a random fire hole. Cloud's glare hardened,

"So I bet you also knew about Donald and Goofy." Hojo was silent for only a second, staring at his son carefully, then he nodded,

"Yes, I did."

"YOU BASTARD!" Cloud cried out and tackled his father, only to be pulled back from a strong force. Cloud growled and he was about to swing a punch until he saw the face, "Vincent?" Vincent gave a small tired smile to Cloud,

"Hey, it's been awhile, I've heard you've been rising quite a bit of hell without me watching over you." Cloud stared at Vincent and stopped all efforts of force and looked given out. Vincent sighed,

"Thank you Vincent." Vincent looked up towards Hojo and Cloud sense the same tension there always was when they looked at each other, but Vincent gave the usual result,

"Your welcome your evilness."

"You always flatter me."

"As do you." Vincent bowed halfway and strayed Cloud off from his father and mother. Cloud sighed, and looked at Vincent,

"Why'd you stop me from attacking him?"

"A fine lad like yourself shouldn't go around attacking his father." Vincent gave another weak smile at Cloud, who just sighed in frustration. Vincent lead the way for Cloud, but Cloud could tell that Vincent was restless somehow,

"Is something wrong?" Vincent paused then turned to Cloud,

"Give me the claw for a second." Cloud blinked and held up his precious treasure, Vincent examined it closely. "You've used it lately." Cloud nodded, as Vincent inspected this. "...Its blade..."


"Its blade, it's dull. You've been troubles lately, haven't you?" Cloud blinked,

"Well it's kind of hard NOT to have troubles when you're surrounded by a pair that wants to love you." Vincent blinked, then smiled,

"Oh I see. This wouldn't happen to be the 'Daughter-in-law' that I keep hearing from Lucrecia and the one I heard that punched Hojo, would it?" Cloud blushed, having being found out so easily. "Hm...you need to decide."

"No I don't. It's simple, I'm not going to love either of them." Vincent rose an eyebrow,

"Oh? Why not?"

"Because...I'd just end up not giving them any real true love..." Cloud said softly, "That and who knows what my father would do if he had grandchildren." Vincent blinked,

"Oh so you like the 'Daughter-in-law' more than the one who fought?" Cloud yipped, how was Vincent always so good at interrogations? It just wasn't fair or right!

"I suppose." Cloud quietly replied back, "But that's probably because she's an angel." Vincent shook his head,

"It doesn't matter, even though you have human blood in you, it's not effected by any status of any world, that's why you have no fear to anything," Vincent paused for a second, then gave another weak smile, "except for me of course."

"Oh of course." Cloud sarcastically said back and Vincent continued his weak smile.

"But really, you're going to have to choose someone soon, the blade needs to be its sharpest for this battle, I can sense it." Vincent said rather quickly, taking the dull part of the blade and giving it a miracle wax off. Cloud stared at the claw calmly then shook his head,

"Then you should keep it, I shouldn't have something keeping me encumbered if I'm not going to use it." Vincent kept his quiet face on, which suited Vincent a lot more than that weak smile,

"No, you're going to need it."

"Not if I'm not going to use it."

"But you are going to use it."

"Says who?"

"Says me." Vincent blatantly said, pointing at himself calmly, waiting for Cloud's response. Cloud sighed, taking the claw and placing it once again at his side,

"The blade's going to stay dull."

"Not if you want to protect Aerith." Cloud blinked and turned around to find Vincent had disappeared, Vincent was a very scary and quick man when he wanted to be,

"Unbelievable," Cloud shook his head and jumped into the small gate that Vincent had led him to. When he reached into the headquarters gates, Cloud quietly rushed into the darkness, giving himself camouflage easily. Cloud searched around then froze as voices started to speak,

"So Sora, do you think that would be a rather appropriate way of dealing with the darkness?" Sora? Cloud stood against the darkness, glaring and listening in as much as he could. Sora's voice came, but it was rather tired, sounded very fake,

"Of course, anyway you find is perfect darling." Cloud fought off a growl, so Sora did work for the Light. The other voice giggled a rather haughty giggle,

"Oh you flatter me, thank you darling." Cloud tilted his head as he saw Sora being forced against a wall in a horrible hug, by a girl he recognized as Kairi. Kairi gave Sora a kiss, but Cloud noticed that he didn't put any emotion in it. Sora's eyes were so pale and sickly, especially when they turned to look at Cloud directly. Cloud had ducked away easily enough and he kept himself from screaming. The pain had started in his mind once again and it took everything he had to contain the pain he felt.

"Of course." Cloud blinked as the thuds of walking came closer, "Uhm...Kairi, honey, shall we go check on the immortal?" Kairi blinked at Sora,

"Whatever for?"

"Didn't you leave his blade with him?" Kairi blinked then gasped,

"Oh goodness, I did do that!" Cloud breathed out a sigh of relief as they ran the opposite direction.

"My God, he's been brainwashed..." Cloud thought outloud quietly and followed after them, time to see who this immortal was. Though the pain increased as he continued following them, Curiosity drifted far more than fear, he continued stalking the walls and through the halls, slowly after the two who had taken off. When he reached his destination, he crawled near another cell as the two calmly walked out,

"Well there's no way for the immortal to reach for it anyway."

"I'm sorry that you burned your hand." Sora said blankly, holding Kairi's burnt palm,

"Awww, you're so sweet, thank you." Sora nodded and kissed the palm, which healed it immediately and Cloud could only stare disgusted. Cloud then noticed the door wasn't closed yet, and with the two preoccupied with each other...he flung himself quickly into the room as Sora closed the door backwards. Cloud paused for the door to open again but the slight thuds signaled them that they were walking away and Cloud calmed down.

"Who the hell are you?" Cloud blinked and stared ahead with shock.

Shackled deeply against the walls, and barely hanging was Squall, the immortal of guns and strategic fighting. Cloud only nodded and walked up to the other,

"I am Cloud, prince of hell...Squall." Squall frowned, seeing that he was recognized.

"I'm Leon now."

"Of course." Cloud respected the immortal's choice then frowned again, "You don't seem to be the kind of person who could get stuck in a place like this."

"I'm usually not. I wasn't expecting a live guardian." Cloud stared, alive? That must have been Goofy, which would explain the only wounds on the immortal, blunt damage.

"Hm...do you want to get out of here."

"Not if that means I have to sell my soul." Cloud stiffed a laugh,

"I'm nothing like my father." Leon quietly stared, wondering if that was the truth, "Is that your 'blade'?" Cloud asked, pointing to the weapon at Leon's side.

"It is, come to steal it?" Cloud sighed again,

"As I said, I'm nothing like my father. I just want to give it to you so you can escape...and see someone who wants to see you again..." Leon paused then looked away,

"I don't want to see her."

"So you know your wife is waiting for you?" Leon glared foreword, frowning darkly to himself. "Well if you don't want out, it doesn't matter, I'm still going to let you out of your chains."

"Even if I tried to kill you?"

"Whatever, I'd just end up back in hell and travel back to my group, by all means, kill me, it'd save me the trouble of making a diversion." Leon felt himself chuckle by the sarcastic blonde as the blonde moved closer.

"You're definitely not like your father."

"Like I said." Cloud's eyes glowed the beautiful mako and with a quick blink of the eye, the shackles fell off, pierced from all sides.

"Hm, nice clean job."

"I tend to have learned that from a friend of mine."

"As the prince of hell, I'm certain you have a lot of friends."

"All to many." Cloud smirked at their banter.

"So tell me, she's really waiting out there?"

"She's been searching for you...for forever." Cloud replied back softly, nodding once then gave Leon another smile, "Well I'm off, gotta report what happened to Sora to his boyfriend." Leon was silent then sighed,

"Wait, let me go with you." Cloud stared, then gave Leon a big great smile.

When the two had successfully managed to escape from the headquarters and make it back to the hilltop, Yuffie tackled Leon despite the many years, it seemed she still could recognize him.

"Now where the hell have you been!" Yuffie yelled at him after the comforting hugs and kisses, everyone flinched as Yuffie lectured her husband.

"So what's the deal?" Riku asked, letting the couple catch up, explaining each other a lot of things that they all misunderstood.

But more on that later.

"Sora's been brainwashed, the place isn't filled with guardians otherwise and it's rather simple to look through." Cloud quickly said and they all stared at him carefully.

"Sora's...been what?" Riku asked, almost terrified by the truth, he could only blink slowly from Cloud's nod. Sora was just brainwashed, he could snap him out of it...right?

"Right then, we need to come up with a plan..."

"And move at night." Leon intervened, pulling from Yuffie's angry ear pulling.

"Why night?"

"Undead are more restless at night, if you place another force in a different place they'll go chasing after it."

"Oh that's right, I forgot about that."

"That's good, now dear Squall, stare at me directly in the eyes and tell me the truth." Leon sighed,

"I was also curious on you, after all it's going to be awhile till night, please tell us what happened." Aerith asked, smiling at the immortal gently. Leon blinked and looked up at the sky,

"A point."

And so they all settled down and Leon told the truth. The Light had betrayed him into thinking that Yuffie had cheated on him, and had wanted to bite him and get rid of him forever.

By the time Leon finished his tale, he could tell though, the real Yuffie was here with him, and she was hugging his side so hard that it almost hurt the immortal. So he truly found her once again, and he was truly free from any kind of lie on earth. Sora had granted him that power, and now...he would have to pay back the favor.

It became dark, as planned and they started to move out, seeing as the undead had indeed moved out from a quick throw of an extra fake stone that Ansem held. They quickly and quietly moved in, and could tell that it was pretty bright despite the earlier description.

"Something's wrong."

"A sacrifice." Leon quickly motioned, dodging out of sight, with others that followed him,


"Of course, but who would they have? They would need a stone to use a sacrifice correctly." Ansem darkened as soon as he whispered, "Oh god...Kosui."

"Now Ansem, I'm sure they wouldn't know if Kosui had a stone. Be calm."

"Oh? They have Sora in their grasp." The group silences whooshed through the small targeted room,

"Crap, that does make a point."

"Kosui, my heartless!" Sephiroth grabbed his brother as he was about to ruin their hiding spot,

"Hush. I'm sure we'll find her, but we need to stay together for now."

"Damn it." Ansem bit down on his lip, containing his anger and with the mixture of the terrible memory of just darkness, he really didn't want to see that. He just really didn't want to.

"Keep moving...now." Cloud spoke, walking rather quickly through the rooms, searching for some type of altar. It was actually rather hard, especially since it wasn't so dark anymore and they were trying to hide themselves without drawing attention to themselves.

"There." Whispered Aerith, who was right behind Cloud as she pointed out a room glowing a brilliant aqua color.

"That's definitely Kosui's aqua stone color." Ansem growled underneath his breath, Cloud nodded,

"Right...everyone ready?" They all nodded, drawing their weapons and in their battle positions and charged the room.

Flouting in the center was Kosui, her eyes blank as Sora's and the aqua light surrounded her, along with a dark claw like hand coming from the ground. Surrounding her was Mistress Light, Donald, Goofy and Sora, they stared over to their intruders with slight surprise.

"You" Kairi hissed at Riku, who shrugged indifferently, "I didn't think it was you that was giving my lovely Sora so much resistance to the mind-melt." Riku then glared at her darkly, a smile placed upon his face as he looked over at Sora, who stared at him back, as though he had no clue who he truly was,

"That's right, that's who I am." Kairi huffed,

"So, are you going to give up like good little boys and girl or are we going to have to fight?" Sephiroth asked, smirking as his wing spread out to his best wingspan.

"FIREBALL!" Everyone dodged out of the way and Yuffie wasn't lucky enough to do the same, she hissed at the burnt mark that started spreading across her elbow.

"Yuffie, you okay?" Leon called out to her, making sure he didn't show any emotion, which Yuffie was used to, this would happen in the fights they had before,

"Of course I am, worry about yourself you geek!" Leon blinked at the word but then drew out his weapon, which transformed in front of everyone's eyes.

Spreading out into a sword-shaped weapon, but at the ends it had a handle like a large shotgun, it looked very strong and powerful.

"Well I was hoping for a battle, and take care of yourself Yuffie!"

"Gag, you trying to flirt with me again?"

"No way!" They both acted disgusted and nearly everyone was surprised by this little plan they did to protect themselves.

"Humph." Kairi scoffed, then she snapped. Dazzling lights surrounded the area and Kosui screamed as small black things grew from her chest, followed by dark flying things and even little wizards.

"Kosui!" Ansem screamed, charging towards her only to get tackled by the many...things that came from Kosui's chest. "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" Ansem screamed, determined to get Kosui, who fell to the ground her eyes looking blank and dark.

"FIREBALL!" Everyone screamed, dodging the blast once again and Aerith blew a white blast towards Donald but Goofy got in front of him to throw the blast away. The battle started and everyone was on to one thought, kill or be killed. Everyone that...except for Sora and Riku.

"Sora..." Riku softly said, staring into Sora's blank blue eyes.

"And you are...?" Sora tilted his head confused. Riku was slightly confused from this, not only did it hurt to see Sora like this, but it was in admist of a battle and none of them was really battling. Riku's hair covered his eyes,

"I'm Riku...I'm the enemy of the Light."


"Yes, so do you dare attack?"

"Do you intend to kill her?" Riku bit his lip, hearing those words from a quiet Sora was not something he ever wanted to hear again, this just wasn't right at all.

"Yes. I intend to kill her with all of my blasted soul left. She stole something precious to me." Sora just replied,

"Whatever she says is hers, is hers." Riku growled and stared at Sora with his own piercing eyes,

"I will never let her just own you." Sora blinked but then instinct took over him, making him put up one hand, and with a brilliant flash of light, the keyblade appeared.

"Die." Riku growled, biting back the tears that threatened to come up and dodged the blows of the Catalyst as they had their own personal battle.

Ansem was fighting off all the weird things that he heard Kairi dub as Heartless, but no, they would never be real heartless to him. The only one who was the true heartless was Kosui, and he HAD to get to her!

"Kosui! Just stay there, I'll come after you! I promise!" Ansem cried out, coming into a mad panic.

"An-Ansem?" Kosui whimpered, staring from her place of the hand that held her darkly. Ansem's hopes peeked up,

"Yes, Kosui it's me!" Ansem talked to her, despite the warring 'heartless' that ganged up on him.

"Where...what?" Kosui asked, standing from the hand and staring around,

"Just keep there, I promise to tell you everything after I'm done with. these. little. pests!" Ansem grunted, blowing many blasts and flesh flew everywhere of the 'heartlesses' and he made it to Kosui, holding her happily. "You're save, that's good."

"Uncle Ansem?" Kosui blinked then she paled, "Ansem!" She yelled, pushing him with incredible strength into the hand and took a blow of pure light, and disappeared within it. The only remains left was the original aqua stone. Ansem stared, and he stared with wide-eyes, almost scared, and not sure what really happened.

"Kosui?" Ansem asked, holding the stone, he started to tremble and only held the stone around him, "Kosui..."

"Damn, missed him." Kairi called and screamed as she dodged another blow coming from Sephiroth.

"Ansem?" Sephiroth questioned as Ansem just curled into a sitting position, shaking terribly.

"S-sephiroth...She's...she's..." Sephiroth growled and saw a pair of fireballs directing themselves towards Ansem, he flung himself, covering that one wing and he screamed as it burned. They burned off and that was what Sephiroth couldn't handle, he screamed as he saw the wing falling, his precious wing! "Oh no! Sephiroth!"

"I'm fine Ansem." Ansem glared and held the stone, a small shield appearing over the brothers, who breathed reluctantly as they watched the battle-taking place.

Yuffie and Leon face against Donald and Goofy, Donald kept blowing spells in any direction he could as Goofy blocked the onslaughts that Leon and Yuffie blew to take down the wizard.

So much tears and blood...fire, why was it so damn hot?

Goofy shoved the blows off one direction to another, he started to fear for Donald, this was really getting to be too much of a huge deal, this battle was getting to be too strong.

"Donald, you need to slow down your attacks!" Goofy yelled, seeing Donald's mana started to deplete.

"Not until he's DEAD!" Donald angrily cried out, as Cloud dodged the fireballs and light bursts from both spellcasters fairly easy, "He has to die!"

"DONALD!" Goofy tried to stop his friend, but the other got frustrated as his mana ran out and charged for the prince of hell. Leon grinned as he saw his attack of opportunity and Goofy growled and threw himself in after Donald, tackling the other and yelling as he felt the gunblade strike through his entire body and a loud BOOM resonated the area.

"Goofy?" Donald asked, turning around to see the corpse of his friend, his eyes wide in fear,

"I promised Daisy, I'd protect you no matter what...Please live long and happy." Donald breathed slowly as Goofy's corpse dropped upon him, and he followed soon after with a chop from Yuffie's great ninja stars. Kairi screamed, seeing her main bodyguard dead, her wizard dead and her 'boy-toy' fighting against the other. It was all narrowed down to her and the others. Kairi cursed then saw Aerith, and saw her wings, an evil smile enveloped her as she flouted above to the air. Yuffie hissed as her wing stopped working and Aerith went over to heal Yuffie. Kairi spotted this and the charged attack and threw it at Aerith...but she didn't get the chance.

"Gack." Kairi retched foreword as Cloud's claw shinged through her insides, her entire body, the blade was very sharp and seemed to have grew longer as one could see Cloud's angry face, his mako glaring brightly.

"In the name of everything living, you are dead now."


"I...I couldn't let her kill you..."


"I...I..." Aerith smiled happily,

"It's okay Cloud! I love you too!" Kairi fell from the blade and straight unto one of the hand claws, holding her body up but the light blasted through the air.

"RIKU!" Through the brightened air, Riku could see Sora, his angel, his one and only, reaching for him despite the many wounds Sora gave him during the battle...

"Sora!" Riku held out his hand for Sora to reach and when they reached each other, Sora started crying,

"I knew you would rescue me!"

"Of course! I love you more then the earth itself!" The two cried together happily as the light continued to blaze around the room and blow the entire place apart.

One Year Later

"Kosui! Kosui! Damn it Kosui, you can't keep hiding from me!" A childish giggle came as a weird black figure came from a tree, long nails and antennae came from this black figure and Riku sighed, "You're such a child." The heartless giggled again and was tackled,

"AHA! Found you!" Riku glared down, twitching down at the person who tackled Kosui,

"So it was YOU who told her to play hide and go seek." Ansem stared up with terror,

"...No I wasn't...?" Ansem's screams flared the air and a tired sigh came from a veteran Sephiroth, who looked very normal, especially dressed in a long dark gray sweater.

"Riku calm down, Kosui come here, I know you have the candles, put them on the cake." Kosui nodded and crawled off awkwardly with a pair of candles in her long fingers.

"Owowowowowow!" Ansem cried out childishly as Riku put him into a wrestling move.

"Riku leave Ansem alone." Riku looked up and saw a smiling Sora, his smile was so pure and nice that Riku did as he requested and walked to his lover, giving the other a soft kiss, who complied happily. Sephiroth coughed jealously but they paid no attention.

"Oh come on, we have rooms for a reason!" Leon peeked over, only to yelp as Yuffie tackled him to the ground,

"But it's so much more fun to watch youngsters going at it!" Riku and Sora had stopped by now and stared at the oldest couple there as they both laughed softly.

"It's amazing." Sora blinked and tilted his head at Riku,

"What is?"

"Everything was so peacefully resolved, I never would have thought it would turn out like this..." Sora smiled then grinned once again.

"It's because you had me, the Catalyst."

"Oh yeah, the world came to end alright."

"But a better end."

"A end that was better."

"Much better."

"Oh you two make me sick!" Sephiroth gagged, sticking his tongue out at the two who just laughed.

"Hey guys! We're ready to light the candles!"



"OUCH!" Riku and Sora smiled as they heard the calls of Aerith and Cloud. It was so great that they got closer to each other, at least Aerith managed to convince him. In this new world, there wasn't much of a difference between moon and sun.

"Due any day now, right?" Yuffie said smiling, looking down at Aerith's huge stomach and Aerith smiled back, nodding.

"Man that will be ONE pretty baby." Sephiroth commented, shivering from the image of the bishonen/bishojou that would come from Aerith.

"Mou, Leeeooon."


"But I haven't said anything yet."

"I'm not ready for a brat."

"It'll only be a brat if we don't raise it correctly."

"Okay let me rephrase that, I'm not ready for changing diapers."

"Oh! You'll never be ready!" Leon swooped Yuffie up into a kiss and she stopped arguing.

"Hey, let's blow out the candles. This world is officially one year old now."

"The year 1 A.S.B.U.T.W."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"After Sora Blew Up The World." Sora glared at Ansem who just laughed at him.

"Alright, all together now!" The blew out the candles and Ansem yelled as Kosui jumped into the cake, splatting all over the group.

"AH!" They all screamed.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Aerith screamed and they looked over her, "My water broke."

"What?" Cloud panicked,

"Musta been the scare of Kosui blowing up the cake."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING JUST STANDING THERE! GET ME TO A HOSPITAL...NOW!" Aerith yelled and everyone yelled in a panic, starting to get everything ready for the large travel to the hospital in a cramped car.

Riku stopped Sora for a second and he just looked back confused as Riku put up Sora's bangs,

"Life and Death huh?"

"Followed with Peace and Chaos."

"But with you, I'll always be in peace." Riku softly said happily, leaning in on Sora,

"I love you Riku."

"And I love you Sora."

Now of course you must be confused on what happened, as Sora did, he fulfilled the prophecy and destroyed the 'world.' He also destroyed 'darkness' he was the Catalyst all right...but in such a peaceful way like his ancestors before him. Kosui was brought back from a soul still left, the soul of an emotion so far and deep from Ansem.

But explanations didn't matter now, especially since everyone was in such a better place, everyone had a seal on them that explained what they were like, what the truth was...




"PLEASE HURRY!" Riku and Sora laughed,

"Good thing I can't have children!" Riku then blinked, a smirk revealing on his face,

"Or can you." Sora blinked with a dark blush,

"No I can't!"

"I don't know, being the Catalyst must have more powers then one would expect!"

"No! Riku!"

"Hehehehe, I'm just kidding, though that would be nice."

"NO IT WOULDN'T!" Sora complained as Riku gave him a simple kiss and they both sighed. They then yelped as a very angry veteran Sephiroth dragged them,

"We have a really pissed pregnant woman here and all you two can do is flirt? I swear to God."

Yes...swear to God, because he helps make everything possible, even if the situations might turn a bit to not be how they may look like. Though a lot died to fulfill the purpose, they died happily.



Everyone was happy in the end for being faithful to his or her own beliefs.

And as they all entered in the hospital by car Sora could only think of one thing.

Another adventure is waiting for us

Oh always, Sora, Always.


There is a long silence of crickets,
Riku: What...a weird...ending.
Me: Yeah but it ended happily and that's all I'm happy about.
Sora/Smiles/ I'm just glad it's over now.
Me: Yup...I won't be writing any of two together fics for awhile...but I will later, I promise. /Evil smile/
Sora: ...You're not planning on a sequel are you?
A: Jhess? Do a sequel?
D/Ends up falling down laughing her butt off/
Me/Growls/ Well that was the end of the fanfic.../Cries/ I want to thank you all for standing by my side and I'm sorry if it wasn't a very good ending or way for it be at all. But that's the end, and I'm just glad I managed to finish it at all! This was my first finished fanfic! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and that's the end, thank you once again!