Hello fellow fan fiction readers and Moulin Rouge fans. This story is about Christian and Satine after the play. Yes this is another Satine-doesn't-die- story. This is right after the curtain falls after the play. Satine still fell in Christian's arms and she thinks she is dying.

Chapter 1: Selling Dreams

~Satine's POV~ There was so much pain. I felt so much pain. "Chr-ist-ian" I tried saying. "Get the doctor!" I heard Christian yell. Then suddenly he picked me up and carried me somewhere. I didn't know where first but then I recognized it. My dressing room. I could barely open my eyes. "Chr-ist-ian?" "I'm right here baby." He said. "Okay the doctor's here now Satine what's wrong?" the doctor asked me. I could barely breathe. "I need air!" I yelled. He poured something down my throat. Then I began to cough up blood. Then the Doctor dragged Christian and Harold out of the room.

~Christian POV~ The doctor dragged Harold and me out of the room. "You guys Satine has Consumption. Luckily she had only had it for a few months. Two weeks from we probably couldn't have stop it. So give her this. In one week no more blood should come up. Which is good cause it means the consumption is gone. Who should I give the medicine to?" the doctor asked. I looked at Harold then he said, " Give it to him, He's her boyfriend." I smiled and Harold walked away. "Okay she needs to take this twice a day. She already took it now so before you go to bed. Okay?" I nodded. "Okay I'll be back next week to check on her. She should not leave the premises for two weeks." I nodded again. The doctor walked off and I headed back into Satine's dressing room.

~Satine's POV~ As Christian and Harold left the room I was getting revised by the medicine the doctor gave me. Then the door opened. "How are you doing Chickpea?" It was Harold. "Okay. Harry am I dying?" I asked him frighten. "Well Chickpea two weeks from now if they didn't catch it then you could've died. Chickpea Christian really loves you and I am not going to stand in the way of you guys." I smiled. Then the door opened again. It was Christian. "I'll leave you two alone." Harold said. I smiled as he left the room. "I'm sorry Christian!" I started to cry. "For What?" "For telling you I didn't love you when I did." I cried. "Oh Satine I knew you loved me all along. I didn't mean to throw money at you and say that awful thing I said I was just angry." He said. "So Christian I decided to leave the Moulin Rouge Tomorrow." I said. "Oh honey you can't leave for two weeks Doctor's orders." Then I cried. Suddenly Harold busted in. "I'AM SELLING THE MOULIN ROUGE!!!" "Why Harold?" I asked "Because it doesn't make me happy anymore." Harold said. "Who's buying it?" Christian asked. "Surprisingly the duke. He says he's keeping it a brothel for any girls who want to stay." "So you're finally getting over this place." I replied. He nodded. "Who's staying?" I asked "Well Nini she staying, brownie, Jesse, Chloe. And you if you want to?" I sat there. Sure the Moulin Rouge is my home and I have been here since I was 13 but I had love. True love in my hands. That's everything I ever wanted. "One last time. I want to perform one last time. I want to be the Sparkling diamond one more time. Christian." I said "Alright." He said.