Ok, I know this is really short for me, and also, I just posted a chapter for one of my Fairy Tail stories… but after reading the latest chapter of A Fragile Heart by Gunmare, which isn't going at all how I want it to, I decided to rectify this: and write my own take on what should/could have happened during Volume 10.
In addition to the above mentioned reason, this in the Light Novel, made me downright hate Rias for weeks. I mean, she was there, she saw what happened to Issei and never once thought, that, THAT, was why he couldn't confess to her.
Since I wrote this so quickly I haven't had time to formulate much of a plan for it yet, or even a pairing. I'm currently tossing up between three, Gabriel, Ophis or Tiamat. I will think on it a bit more and probably post another short chapter tomorrow with the result (it is 5:55 am here right now… yeah I was that motivated to write this, I cracked it out in 30 minutes in the middle of the night, almost the early morning), but I would like your opinions as well. Obviously, it goes without saying that none of the ORC girls can be in this, and I'm even thinking of a single pairing, shocker right? Especially in DxD, which is itself a harem genre.
In any case, please let me know what you think and sorry if there are typos, I rushed this like crazy, but I will proofread it tomorrow.
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'Ddraig talking and Sacred Gear sounds'

"Ddraig thinking"



Chapter 1 – Heartbreak

'Issei, to you, what am I? Who am I?' Asked Rias, her back to Issei.

'…Umm, to me President is President.' Said Issei slightly confused.

'Idiot!' Cried Rias, he voiced sounding as though she was crying, a sob escaping her throat.

Rias rushed out of the clubroom.

Asia rushed to the door, but paused to look back at Issei.

'Issei, you are horrible! It's too much! Why can't you… why can't you understand Rias' feelings?' Questioned Asia, tears in her eyes, confusing Issei, before she went after Rias.

'That wasn't right Issei.' Said Yuuto with a sigh.

'N-not right as in what?' Asked Issei in confusion.

'That, exactly that. You… I can understand very well what the girls are going through.' Said Yuuto, sounding exasperated.

'Exactly. It is natural for Rias and Asia to get mad.' Scolded Akeno, sounding angry as well.

'Even I, who is dense at these sorts of things, thought you were a bit off, Issei.' Chimed in Xenovia.

'Mou! Issei, sure is a no-no! Poor Rias!' Added Irina, sounding mad as well.

'…You are the worst.' Said Koneko is a cold voice.

Issei, meanwhile, was utterly confused and had no idea why everyone was looking at him in such disappointment and anger.

"I don't get it, what did I do?" Thought Issei, before turning to Gasper.

'Hey Gasper, am I really bad here?' Asked Issei desperately.

Gasper seemed somewhat uncomfortable, but answered nonetheless.

'Um, yes, I think you are very bad.' Said Gasper timidly, causing Issei to drop to his knees.

'Um, this is the fault of my mother and I, right? I'm sorry.' Said Ravel, getting Issei to look at her strangely.

"How is this Ravel's fault?" Questioned Issei.

Akeno walked over to Ravel and placed her hands on her shoulders.

'This isn't your fault Ravel. Issei is most at fault here because he never tried to think about the crucial thing, between Rias and himself until now.' Said Akeno kindly, causing Ravel to perk up.

The atmosphere was so tense, Issei couldn't take it and abruptly left the room, getting some surprised expressions from those in the clubroom.

'Do you think he will go to Rias and make things right?' Asked Yuuto curiously.

'I hope so, Rias looked crushed.' Said Akeno.

'I just don't understand why Issei keeps acting like this.' Said Xenovia with a sigh.

'Hopefully, Issei-senpai will fix everything.' Said Gasper hopefully.

-line break-

"I don't understand, why was everyone so angry with me… what did I do?" Thought Issei, as he clenched his fist.

"I can't take this anymore… this sense of unknowing… not knowing if President loves me or not… if all the girls love me or not… or if…" Thought Issei, before a face flashed in his mind.

'Will you die for me?'

Issei clenched his chest as he entered his house, both his parents were out shopping. Their new house required lots of supplies after all.

Issei chuckled dryly.

"Is that all I was to them, the prized Red Dragon Emperor… someone to show-off in front of others, but never be honest with?" Thought Issei, the pain of that very thought, caused him to scrunch his eyes up.

"Well no more. I know it wasn't the best idea… to continue to be such an open pervert. I love boobs so much, but it seems none of them take me seriously because of it." Thought Issei, remembering the verbal assault he had just taken, as he entered his room.

"No more! I can't do this anymore!" Shouted Issei internally, as he started to cry.

"The sense of not knowing, the sense of fear, that feeling of uncertainty." Thought Issei, as he closed his eyes shut tightly.

'Will you die for me?'

'No more.' Whispered Issei, as he quickly packed a backpack with all he needed from his room, before heading down to the kitchen.

'No more.' Muttered Issei sadly, as he grabbed enough food to last him for a few weeks.

'No more.' Said Issei, as he closed the door behind him and dropped his key on the mat.

'NO MORE!' Shouted Issei, as a red glow suddenly encompassed his being and a magic circle appeared under him.

A massive amount of energy burst from Issei's form, so strong, that everyone in Kuoh felt it, even those who were not magically aware.

'Will you die for me?'

'RRRRAGGGGGHHRHRHRHHAHAARAAAAAAAA!' Roared Issei in agony, before he vanished in a burst of red energy.

-line break-

'Um, Kiba-senpai.' Said Gasper timidly, sometime after Issei had left the clubroom.

'Hmm, what is it Gasper?' Asked Yuuto.

'Do you, I mean, was it fair for all of us to gang up on Issei-senpai like that?' Asked Gasper.

'What do you mean, Gasper? We didn't gang up on him.' Replied Yuuto.

'Well, I mean, he did seem to be really confused.' Added Ravel timidly.

'Hmm, you have a point, Issei did seem to be genuinely confused, but why?' Added Xenovia.

'Do you… do you think we were a bit too hard on him?' Asked Irina.

'Well, Issei needs to understand how Rias feels, it is important to all of us as well. If Issei can't admit his feelings to Rias, then how is he… oh no.' Said Akeno, suddenly coming to a realisation.

'What is it Akeno?' Asked Yuuto curiously.

'Issei couldn't admit his feelings to Rias! That was it!' Shouted Akeno in realisation.

'What do you mean?' Asked Irina.

'The last person Issei admitted his feelings to…' Said Akeno, as a look of shock appeared on her face.

'…Raynare.' Said Koneko suddenly, as her eyes widened.

Yuuto's eyes widened at this.

'Of course, how could we forget?' Shouted Kiba in horror.

'Um what do you mean? Who is Raynare?' Asked Irina curiously.

'Issei's first and only girlfriend, one who he confessed his love to, but, she was a fallen angel and she killed him, for the Boosted Gear.' Said Akeno sadly.

'So do you think that because of that, he can't admit his feelings to anyone, not even Rias?' Asked Xenovia.

'Poor Issei-senpai, what have we done?' Whimpered Gasper.

At that moment a huge wave of power was felt, along with a pained and anguished roar.

'Is that… Issei! Oh no, quick! We need to go find him!' Shouted Akeno, before they all ran to the sound of the voice.

-line break-

Rias was currently crying in a bathroom, her eyes puffy and swollen.

'Um Rias, are you ok?' Asked Asia kindly, as she entered the bathroom and spotted Rias at the sinks.

'*sniff* Oh, I'm fine Asia. What are you doing here?' Asked Rias.

'I came to check up on you, I mean, Issei isn't being very nice to you right now, which is unlike him.' Said Asia timidly.

'*sniff* Well, I don't know what to tell you Asia. I just can't get a straight answer from Issei.' Said Rias sadly.

'I'm sure he loves you Rias, he would do anything for you.' Said Asia comfortingly, as she walked over to Rias and patted her on the shoulder.

'I just don't know anymore, it was easy in the beginning, he was a blunt pervert who loved breasts and said mine were the best. He fought tooth and nail to save me from Riser and from any other threats.' Said Rias fondly with a hiccup.

'I still remember when Issei first met me. He was so kind and honest, almost childlike.' Said Asia with a smile.

'Yeah, I remember when he woke up next to me for the first time, he was so nervous.' Commented Rias with a small smile.

'And I remember how he cried for me and called me his friend… even as I was dying in his arms, Issei wanted me to be happy.' Said Asia.

The two reminisced in their memories for a moment before Rias remembered something.

'Although, after you died, he was heartbroken. His power rose dramatically and he even took down that fallen angel all by himself, I was so proud of him.' Said Rias.

'Yes, I heard that he defeated Raynare, all for my sake.' Said Asia fondly.

The two smiled at this, before they both came to the same realisation.

'Raynare!' They both cried, before feeling an immense wave of power, and a loud, pained roar of anguish that actually shattered the mirrors in the girl's bathroom.

'Oh no, quickly! Asia, come stand next to me!' Shouted Rias to Asia, who obliged, before a large red magic circle appeared under the two.

The two disappeared in a flash of red and appeared just outside the gates of the Hyoudou Household.

The two ran up to the door before stopping at the doormat.

Rias slumped to her knees in shock, while Asia raised her hands to her face and stifled a gasp, as she tried to hold back her tears. Moments later, everyone from the clubroom arrived as well and saw both Asia and Rias crying. Akeno looked to see what they were crying over, before she too, cried as well. The rest of the girls did the same in turn, with Gasper crying as well when he saw the doormat, while Kiba clenched his fist in anger.

There, on the mat of the Hyoudou Household, along with Issei's keys: were eight pawn pieces.