The Summoning of Emma Swan

Regina couldn't believe her eyes as they all stood looking at the crooked silver dagger now engraved with Emma's name. She did not bother to look at Robin, Hook, Snow, Charming; They were all equally stunned.

Henry and and a very worn out Rumple walked towards them all. Henry ran to Regina and put his arms around her waist. Regina put her arms around him, but was in shock.

"What happened?"

"You might not want to know," Rumple answered, looking darkly at the dagger. He could read the name. Henry could too.

Emma sacrificed herself for me, Regina thought. For me.

Regina knew Emma could have let the darkness take her, and Emma could have worked it out later with Henry and the idiots, but that wasn't what Emma had done. Emma had literally given her life over, bravely, as Regina was certain Emma had no idea what really would happen when she had touched the blade to the darkness.

Regina had never felt so sad yet so loved in all her life.

Hook looked at Regina and was mystified by the devastation and wonder on the Evil Queen's face. Isn't that the look he should have? He quickly attempted a frown, even though he honestly couldn't say what the appropriate feeling was.

Do I get a hotter, cooler version of my girlfriend now? He thought shallowly. Maybe she'll finally be in the mood to spread her legs for me again. He smiled at his own little joke.

Yet Regina looked like she couldn't breathe, and she didn't have to fake anything, least of all the tears blurring her vision.

"No," she said suddenly, rushing to claim the dagger. Hook stepped forward awkwardly, yet didn't have the nerve to interfere as Regina picked up the dagger and held it towards the sky.

"1, 2, 3, 4, call the dark one to my door," she chanted.

The wind picked up. The dark clouds high in the sky parted and the moon became full and red.

"Call the pig, the wolf, the ram. Come to the circle all who can. Knock knock on my door, the dark one's here. Now sleep no more."

It was as if the air was being sucked from the atmosphere as a dark cloud appeared and Emma's form zapped in its place.

The dark one stood completely still as they all held their breath. Steam rose from her shoulders. Emma lowered her hood and opened her eyes, slowly surveying each one of them before her gaze finally fell on Regina, and she gave a smile that sent chills down Regina's spine.

"Regina," Emma said taking a step towards her.

Regina did not know what to say. Never had she felt such a mixture of fear and excitement in all her life. Her heart was racing and she felt as though her tongue was made of cement.

Emma was different. Her long blond hair hung longer and fuller than before. Her skin was pale, yet flushed with an unmistakable shimmer. Her eyes were dark, and lined with dark circles. She wore her long dark robe adorned with red rubies and black pearls. The most startling feature was her calm, eerie smile. There was a new confidence to her, as if she knew something the rest of them didn't.

They stood staring at one another for what felt like eternity inside a single second before Emma's eyes fell on the dagger clutched in Regina's grasp.

"I am yours," Emma said. At last, the three words she had imagined herself saying over and over again for years. She had whispered them alone in bed, touching herself while fantasizing about taking Regina on her very own desk at the station. She had whispered them at Regina's back after the Queen had barked an order and turned to storm away. At last she could say them and they were true.

Hook cleared his throat. "Now wait a moment," he said taking a step towards Emma. Emma immediately held her hand up, using her powers to choke Hook and hold him in place.

"I don't think so," Emma said simply. She tightened her grip and smiled a little wider.

"Emma," Hook said, his voice cracked. "You belong with me."

"Never," Emma said. She laughed darkly. "Not while I was mortal and certainly not now that I am the all powerful. You, Hook, are a roach."

"No, wait," Hook said clawing at the invisible grasp around his throat.

But Emma only walked forward using her magic to force him to his knees. She stepped towards him and bent to look directly into his eyes. "I see every lie you've ever told. I can hear the cry of every woman you raped. I know every disgusting secret hidden within this useless sack of flesh you inhabit, and it makes me want to vomit."

In one swift motion Emma suddenly ripped Hook's lips from his pretty face causing him to howl and bend forward dripping blood directly onto her leather boots.

Everyone watched helplessly as Emma threw his lips to the side, they became centipedes and crawled away. Emma watched them for a moment before setting them ablaze with her eyes. She looked down at Hook. "Now you cannot lie in the afterlife, since you have been found to be unworthy to remain in this world," she said. Hook's eyes begged pathetically for mercy.

"Not today, captain," Emma said. She gave her wrist a sharp flick as Hook began to shrink. Emma turned her gaze to Rumple.

"Remember this trick," she winked at him and Rumple nearly shat his pants.

Hook was nothing but a large, despicable cockroach in the street, and Emma did not hesitate as she stomped her decadent leather boot down with a sickening crunch. This action seemed to bring her great pleasure as she stretched her arms up and looked around.

Hook is dead. Regina thought. Hook is dead. Hook is dead. What the fuck is happening? Hook is dead.

She suddenly has a flash back of a few weeks ago when she and Emma had broken into a bottle of Chardonnay together. "You should just get rid of him," Regina had said.

They were laughing together as Emma went into embarrassing detail in reference to Hook's performance (or lack thereof) in the bedroom.

"It's like prom night all over again," Emma said laughing.

"And what's prom again?"

"You know the thing when you're 16 and awkward, it's like a ball," Emma said. "But with high-schoolers."

"Right, right," Regina said, topping both their glasses off again.

"I thought maybe he was just extra excited for us to be together, but by the third time, I was finally like, hey buddy would like me to introduce you to my clitoris?"

Regina blushed as she nearly spit her wine out.

"Guess what he says to me," Emma went on. "I cannot believe this."

"Tell me," Regina said, although she guessed it couldn't get anymore embarrassing for Hook.

"He looks at me and says, white boys don't eat pussy! Can you believe that!"

"Ugh, what joke!" Regina said, taking another sip. She looked at Emma evenly. "You should just get rid of him," she said.

"I have thought about it," Emma admitted. "I just feel sorry for him."

"Just get rid of him!" Regina said enthusiastically. Emma laughed and they toasted their glasses.

"Just get rid of him," Emma mimicked looking at Regina with a wicked smile, bringing her back to reality.

Regina was standing very calmly, her expression unreadable, yet on the inside her heart was pounding like a sledge hammer against her rib cage. Emma could read her thoughts, she knew being the Keeper of the Dagger connected the two of them eternally. She held the dagger a little tighter realizing she had control over Emma. Emma is the dark one, Regina thought.

She felt an odd sort of confused heart break. Her most unlikely friend, her beloved bestie, her gal pal was the dark one!

We have to find Merlin, she thought.

Emma shot her an angry look suddenly.

"Shit," Regina muttered.

"M-mom?" Henry.

"Fuck," Regina muttered. She shared a concerned look with Snow who shrugged helplessly. Regina kept her thoughts controlled and free of ideas of rounding up with Snow, Charming, and the others. Obviously they would need to plan, but it would all have to be in secret.

Emma went to Henry and knelt down so she was eye level with him. She put her hand on his shoulder, and gave him a soft look. "I am still your Mother, kid," she said firmly, yet with kindness. Henry looked at the flattened cockroach. "Don't be afraid. It's not the first time you've seen me kill, and we both know you hated Hook. He was a bother, and a bad influence on you, nothing more. You don't have to be afraid of me, Henry."

"I'm not afraid," Henry said. He smiled and hugged Emma around the neck. "But...what happens now? Do I still get to see you everyday?"

"Of course," Emma said. She stood and looked at Regina. "Your mother and I must talk," she said. "There is much to say." Again Regina felt a rush of excitement mixed with fear under the intensity of Emma's gaze.

She felt an irritation, a tug at her hand, and turned to find Robin standing there. He was giving her that wimpy, wide-eyed, scared little boy look which always tended to annoy her.

She didn't say anything to him, but turned back to Emma who approached her standing mere inches away. Regina subtly dropped Robin's hand. She could make up an excuse later that it was out of protection for him in regards to Emma, but really for some reason she didn't want Emma to see them holding hands.

"Ready to get outta here?" Emma asked, with a grin. Robin stepped forward to protest, but Emma threw him three yards away, with a flick of her wrist, before he could even open his mouth. He landed with a thud and Regina winced, though the evil queen that lived within her was impressed. Emma took Regina by the waist and they instantly disappeared in a purple and black cloud of smoke.

Henry was the only one who noticed that when they disappeared the colors of the smoke weren't just aligned, they were lovers.