Hi guys, this is not a new story but I have some ideas for mew stories but I have no time due to my vacation and of course summer homework, stupid high school. Idol's love is my main priority but I will be writing new stories. These are some of my ideas:

Title: The Sword of Destiny and the Sword of Fate

Genre: Romance/Adventure/Humor/Supernatural

Synopsis: Fine and Rein are ancient sword spirits who take the shape as girls. They were sealed in the Sword of Destiny and the Sword of Fate. One day, Shade and Bright accidentally unsealed these powerful spirits and are forced to help them. SxRxBxF

Just something I thought about after watching a lot of supernatural animes.

Title: Prodigy High School

Genre: Romance

Synopsis: Fine and Rein were accepted to the most prestigious high school in the world. Every student has some kind of talent of their own. They meet Shade, the math prodigy and Bright, the prodigy of language. RxS and BxF

Thought about this when I was watching it started with a kiss and thought how happy I would be if I was a prodigy. But sadly I'm not…

Title: Tick…Tock…Time for Love

Genre: Romance

Synopsis: Fine Sun always wanted to be loved by someone, anyone. But in comparison to her twin sister, she was always second, until she met someone who likes her for her. Will she finally feel loved? FxB and RxS

I thought I should have more Brine in my life instead of Shein or Shine.

Title: Falling for Who?

Genre: Romance

Synopsis: Fine and Rein get confused about their feelings when their crushes Bright and Shade start acting like another person. SxRxBxF

Still undecided pairings but I reading some stories like this but they never finish so I thought I would write my own version and hopefully finish it.

Title: Loving Two Different You

Genre: Romance

Synopsis: Fine couldn't get Shade to stop liking Rein and Rein couldn't get Bright to stop liking Fine so they decide to pretend to be each other so Shade would like Fine and Bright would like Rein. Will their plan work? SxF and BxR

Basically the girl version of Falling for Who?

That's it, please review which story I should post in September and if you guys have some ideas that should happen in any of these stories feel free to review or PM me. Thank you!