Crucify My Love


Disclaimers: All credits go to Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of Inuyasha. I am simply borrowing these endearing characters for a few pages. ^_^


"You should be more careful next time," admonished Miroku as he reached around and pulled the bandage he'd been trying around Sango's ribcage.

A noncommittal shrug and grunt was all the answer Sango gave. She was too busy giving the monk suspicious looks. She half-expected the perverted monk to start coping a feel on her while he was dressing her sore ribs. She dredged up the meanest look she can under these circumstances and focused it on the monk.

"There. All done," Miroku said cheerfully as he pulled back and examined his handiwork.

Sango immediately lowered the yukata she was holding up and covered the underside of her breasts quickly, afraid that Miroku's eyes would be holding that lecherous look she found so annoying. His lechery made her skin crawl and made her so furious that slapping him silly has become a part of their journey. When the lecherous look didn't come, Sango looked up, searching Miroku's face.

Miroku was facing her and yet seemed lost in his private thoughts. She worried her lower lip for a minute and unable to help herself, she burst out, "All right! Did I hit you so hard that you've become a basket case?"

Focusing intent eyes on her that made her squirm, Miroku asked softly, "Why did you do that?"

"Do what? Ask a question?" answered Sango feebly. She could feel a dratted blush climbing up her cheeks and she cursed herself for being so affected by a monk-- a monk that asks every woman he meets to bear his child no less! It was the firelight, decided Sango, that and the fact that Kirara was the only female company she had for the last few days since Kagome went back to her world for a week.

Miroku shook his head. "I wanted to know why you took the blow meant for me," he explained, his face looking earnest and curious. He smiled a little when Sango turned red and sputtered but clearly, getting Sango's goat that night wasn't his intention.

Sango had to bite her tongue to stop stuttering. She tried to shrug as well but the gesture made her sore ribs ache and she winced.

/ So why did I do that? / mused Sango as she zoned out, thinking about the events that gave her this injury. It was early afternoon and she, Inuyasha, Shippou and Miroku were on their way back to Kaede after following a lead on a shard's location when they were ambushed by another one of Naraku's minions. Their opponent was a little like Kagura, only he was a man who used a whip to control air. Shippou got thrown back and Inuyasha had leapt up to save him from falling off a cliff leaving Miroku and Sango to face the demon.

The man moved with an extraordinary speed that made Sango miss her initial attack. The man spun around, focused on Miroku who was just opening his Kazaana and unleashed a gigantic fist of air towards the monk.

Everything happened so fast that Sango scarcely realized her reactions. All she could remember was the overpowering fear and the sharp desperation-- and then, the blinding pain. Miroku's arms had caught her, held her against him and then there was darkness. After that overlong pause, Sango sighed as she answered slowly, "I don't know... instinct I suppose."

Miroku's face was still unreadable as he stared at Sango, as if gauging how much truth her admission contained. Feeling panicky for a reason she couldn't justify, Sango began babbling.

"And of course I was also feeling rotten! I mean, I missed my shot and put you in danger-- although indirectly and I suppose that I am rather getting rusty and must hone up my extermination skills since demons now are no longer ordinary and we seem to be getting attacked every other day and so-- ," Sango caught the slightly amused look on Miroku's face and she growled at him.

The monk's face slowly relaxed into his usual expression of nonchalance, drawing a sigh of relief from Sango. Dealing with a lustful Houshi-sama was easy enough-- she's had lots of practice but when he turns serious and intense, focusing those dark eyes that had seen so much, known so much on her....

Sango's face turned to a luminescent red as her bangs hid her eyes. There was steam coming out of her head as she really felt close to losing it. Imagine, all this excitement just thinking about those eyes! / Why the hell am I thinking about that damnable, perverted, lascivious and all right, good-looking monk? Ugh! Where did good-looking come from? Disgusting! But wait-- the word Kagome said before is so fitting on him. That's right... Houshi-sama is so bloody gorgeous../

She jumped and turned redder when she felt Miroku's hand on her shoulder. She looked up slowly, meeting Miroku's dark and intense gaze. "Focus," said Sango in her mind, trying not be swept away by the electricity surging through her veins. Her heart was pumping fast and her breaths are coming shorter and faster, almost as if she were in battle. But this was different. She tried to think about her mission, to avenge her family by killing Naruku but all those thoughts melted away as her heart beat frantically in her ears. /Can he hear my heartbeat?/ wondered Sango as Miroku's hand pressed against her shoulder lightly and then moved in a tender caress.

"Arigato," he said softly as Sango stared into those dark eyes, mesmerized. It was as if everything faded away, time stopped and they were the only two people on Earth.

And then the silence faded, as the look of intensity Miroku was wearing changed into the mask of a happy-go-lucky, woman-chasing monk. There was a familiar glint in his eyes that made Sango recoil. As if it was the most natural thing to do, Miroku's hand slid down from Sango's shoulder and then groped her chest.

A vein bulged out of her forehead as she screamed, "SUKEBE!" and sent her fist at Miroku's face.


So much for romance! The thought of revenge has never seemed so sweet.



A/N: Well there's more where that came from if you want! This is my first Inuyasha fic and I would really appreciate comments and reviews a lot! Sango and Miroku are my favorite couple in this anime! Inuyasah and Kagome coming up in the next installment.