Title: Bound by Blood

Author: Yaoi no Hime

Genre: o.o just about everything…

Summary: After celebrating the defeat of Naraku, Kagome gets drunk off of sake and goes to wash-up in a nearby hot spring. She wakes up the next morning naked in Sesshoumaru's arms, no memory of the previous night…and that's not the only problem. [Sess/Kag]

Pairing: Sess/Kag

Disclaimer: Inu Yasha and its characters do not belong to me. The only things that do are original characters and the plot.

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~*~Chapter 2~*~

            Kagome awakes to find herself sleeping in a small hut. She was probably back in the village. She sighs and weakly sits up, looking around to make sure no one was there. She sighs and contemplates on her dream, wondering if it was actually real. Feeling a familiar tingle at her neck clearly answered her question. 'So it wasn't a dream…' This was all hard to believe…she was actually under the control of Sesshoumaru! 'I don't want to betray Inu Yasha…but I don't have a choice. If I do this, nobody will get hurt…physically at least.' She holds her face in her hands and sobs quietly. This wasn't fair, being torn like this. She hated Sesshoumaru and she hated herself even more for enjoying his…actions…even in the least. She hears noises from behind the straw door and quickly lies back down, closing her eyes to pretend sleeping. There's slight ruffling as someone enters the room, slowly sitting down next to her as if not to awake her.

            "Kagome…" Inu Yasha brushes a strand of hair out her face as he softly speaks to her. "What did he do to you…?" He continues stroking her face tenderly and sighs. 'I swear, next time I see that bastard, I'll kill him!' Thinking about his half brother made him angrily growl out loud, but he quiets down thinking that Kagome is asleep. He sighs and stands up to go before a small hand stops him.

            "Inu Yasha…please stay?" Kagome opens her eyes and looks up at him pleadingly. Seeing those eyes, the angered hanyou couldn't resist.

            He smiles down at her and blushes, "You were awake all that time?"

            She blushes, but nods. She wanted to hold Inu Yasha one last time before she did Sesshoumaru's biddings. It hurt her too much to have to betray the one she love so that they'd all survive. She sighs, 'Am I being selfish? Maybe I'm only doing this to avoid Sesshoumaru doing something to me…no! I should stop thinking so much and make the best of this moment…'

            Inu Yasha kneels down and lies onto the straw bed with Kagome. It was then that he realized that he never slept with Kagome like this. He never held her in his arms and actually slept peacefully with her. He smiles and does just that. It was too inevitable. His anger boils as he realizes that even if he loved her that much, he wasn't her first, but his brother was. His brother had taken advantage of the body of the one he loved…he would pay.

            Kagome snuggles comfortably in his arms and almost starts crying. It wasn't fair that it had to be this way, but it had to be done and she swore that she would soon find a way to regain their trust someday. She could imagine the look of betrayal in Inu Yasha's eyes when she hands the Tetsuaiga over to his archrival and half brother. The broken girl fights her tears, pulling Inu Yasha closer to her own body. For now she would just enjoy the ephemeral moment.

            Gulping slightly, Inu Yasha pulls back a little and plants a soft kiss in Kagome's lips. She starts and more than gladly returns the kiss. She moans into the kiss and opens her mouth more for him to explore. She was glad that technically this was her first real kiss as opposed to Sesshoumaru's forced one. Inu Yasha blushes a little at the moan — to think that he of all people would be in the least bit shy — and accepts the invitation, exploring her tasteful mouth with his own tongue dancing with hers. He breaks the kiss and trails more butterfly kisses down her jaw  and towards her neck. She gasps and twirls his almost silver hair around her fingers. This was a dream come true, to be…making out…with the guy of her dreams; the guy she's wanted since as long as she knew him.

            Inu Yasha's hands trail down to her sides and he explores her curves that he'd always noticed were there (even if he claimed she had no body). She was perfect in his eyes. From her nagging to her laughing and even to her painful 'osuwari's.' Just as he's about to travel to 'more sensitive areas' Kagome's squinted eyes snap open and she holds her head in pain.

            Inu Yasha's eyes widen, was it too much for her current state? "Kagome?! What's wrong!? What's wrong with you, tell me!"

            The spoken girl gasps in pain, hot tears trailing down her cheeks, and hears a dreadfully familiar voice in her mind chuckling and speaking to her. 'Mine…' She shakes her head and chokes slightly, looking for words. 'No! No! No! I don't want to do this to him! Please…no…' The voice, obviously belonging to Sesshoumaru laughs a chilling, spine tingling laugh, 'Are you defying me? You don't want me to kill your precious friends do you?' Kagome could faintly hear Inu Yasha calling her name, shaking her in her whilst in her current trance. 'I don't want him hurt…but doing this will hurt him more. I couldn't stand it. Please, don't make me do this…I'm begging you!' She could feel Sesshoumaru grin as he answers her plea, 'I'm not making you do anything. It's your choice that decides his fate.' She bows her head and the youkai lord's presence dissipates from her chaotic mind.

            She looks up at Inu Yasha through hurtful eyes and breaks down sobbing. The worried hanyou, surprised, holds her close, rocking her in his arms. Eventually, her sobs die down and she drifts into a hopefully dreamless sleep. He growls and mentally curses his brother again. 'I know this is his doing! What is he doing to make her like this?' He sighs downheartedly and lies down with the terrified girl.


            'Wake up…it's time wench.'

            Kagome opens her eyes slowly and maneuvers herself out of Inu Yasha's protective arms. She smiles down at him sadly and shakes her head whispering, "Inu Yasha…gomen nasai and aishiteru."

            She steps outside the hut and awaits Sesshoumaru's appearance. She shivers slightly and wraps the miko outfit she had woken up with tighter around herself. 'No more thinking about it…I've officially decided to do this. I love Inu Yasha…'

            The wind suddenly changes direction and she shivers again, knowing what that meant. Slowly, but surely, Sesshoumaru appears from seemingly nowhere and smirks down at her. "I see you've decided. Very well then, I will find this very amusing." He then unsheathes his Tenseiga and slashes at a random house. "I think these people will find it impossible to believe that their very own resident miko has betrayed them unless they see it for themselves, don't you agree with me?"

            Kagome's eyes widen as she watches the townspeople wake up and emerge from their houses in a rush to see what was going on. "You said you weren't going to kill anyone!"

            Sesshoumaru smirks, "Nobody's dead yet. That was just a storage room, wench. Would a noble lord like myself go against his word?"

            "Kagome-chan! What's going  on…Sesshoumaru! What're you doing here?!" Sango growls and readies her boomerang (I've forgotten he name of that thing. Could someone tell me it in their review? Thanks.). At her sides were Shippou and Miroku with his Buddhist (?) staff. Finally, Inu Yasha, startled awake by the scent of Sesshoumaru, emerges from the hut and eyes his half brother dangerously and clutching his Tetsuaiga fiercely. Oh yes, payback was going to be a bitch.

            The Lord of the Western Lands chuckles and points a lazy finger at the nervous reincarnated miko. "Why don't you ask you wench here?"

            Everyone turns to Kagome and she bows her head. "I don't know what he's talking about!" Noticing the strange tone in her voice, Sesshoumaru raises a fine eyebrow. The wench was good. Kagome runs over and behind Inu Yasha, pretending to hide away from her tormenter.

Inu Yasha growls fiercely and everyone could feel his aura burst up. "Step away, everyone! I'm dealing with this son of a bitch myself." Kaede gulps and realizes that this match was going to be intense, so she starts rounding up the various people and their families to safe ground.

Kagome bites her lip as she watches Sesshoumaru stare at her expectantly. 'I don't want to be kept waiting wench. I do not feel like fighting this sorry excuse for a youkai brother of mine. If I do, I intend on killing him for good. So go on with it already!' Kagome winces at his mental talk and nods. Reaching her hand towards Inu Yasha's she feels her tears fall freely. Finally, after a slight pause, she successfully grabs the Tetsuaiga from Inu Yasha's grasp and quickly steps away from her friends.

Inu Yasha, and everyone else's, eyes widen in shock as Kagome slowly backs up towards Sesshoumaru. "Kagome?! What…what're you doing?"

Shippou stares at her disbelievingly, "No! He has to be controlling her, Kagome-chan would never do something like this to Inu Yasha!"

Kagome bows her head, not wanting to look at their shocked faces, and backs up more towards Sesshoumaru. "I'm sorry…" The warm tears fall down her face and furiously wipes at them…doing so, catching a glimpse at Inu Yasha's face. His eyes were glassy as if tears would soon come falling and his face portrayed a painful expression.

He looks at her in betrayal and hurt, but then it turns into anger. "So you were just trying to butter me up?! Kagome…why?"

Kagome falls to her knees, "I can't say. I swear I don't want to hurt you Inu Yasha, but I have no choice! I have to do this…"

Miroku narrows his eyes, "Kagome! What do you mean? You don't have to do this, we'll protect you with our lives!"

Sango shakes her head, "Kagome-chan…don't do this. Miroku's right; we want to protect you! You shouldn't do this…please!"

The miko shakes her head, "You don't understand! I don't have a choice doing this! Just listen to me on this! Please! I really don't want to hurt you Inu Yasha…I don't…" She sobs and quickly hands the sword to Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru smiles to himself. This was all going better than expected. He had expected his brother's rashness in a situation such as this and it was all the more to add to the plan he'd formulated just a few hours ago. Oh yes, everything was going more than perfect. Now for the last step. He swiftly pulls Kagome back by her arm and implants his lips over hers. Everyone gasps and Kagome struggles, surprised. 'Let go of me! You just said I had to give you the Tetsuaiga! You have it so let me be!' Sesshoumaru embraces her small frame and sends a painful wave to Kagome's mind, chuckling. 'Heh. There's more to this little plan than you think, wench. Now follow along or they die.' Kagome winces and abides by his commands, reluctantly returning his passionate kiss.

Inu Yasha growls, noticing the wince, 'What is he doing to her? There's gotta be something up with this. Would Kagome purposely play with my heart like this? No…'

Sesshoumaru breaks the kiss and Kagome passes out. He laughs chillingly and sends a sharp glance at the villagers who had yet to be evacuated, Kaede, Sango, Miroku, Shippou, and finally Inu Yasha. "I'll be going now." He picks the fallen miko up off the ground and takes off in his three-headed youkai that had suddenly appeared a few seconds before.

Inu Yasha's eyes widen and he, and the others, runs to catch up with Sesshoumaru. "You bastard! Bring her back! Kagome~!"


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