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It has been 4 years since Rita has had her life-saving surgery. She is almost completely done healing, and she couldn't be happier. Of course, Ryuunosuke was twice as happy and then some. Ryuunosuke confessed his love right before her surgery, and they gloriously reunited when Rita returned. The two then started dating and fell deeply in love. After high school, they moved in together. Ryuunosuke's gynophobia is completely gone. He is now quite the romantic and protective over his gorgeous girlfriend. On this very night, they were going star gazing. But Ryuunosuke had a little more planned...

She was wearing a cute pink t-shirt and skinny jeans, with her wavy, blonde hair up in a ponytail. Ryuunosuke wore his normal overalls over a t-shirt. It very much seemed like a normal night. There was quite a hill to get up to the spot. Rita was ecstatic, she always dreamed of doing things like this with him. Just little things that couples do, she never thought her dreams could be so fulfilled. She was practically running to the spot, with Ryuunosuke lagging behind her.

"Outta breath already Ryuu Ryuu?"

He rolled his eyes and managed to catch up to his girl.

"Still hanging on to that nickname, Freeloader?"

"Still sarcastic as ever, Mr. Tsundere?"

"I'm not a tsundere!", Ryuunosuke exclaimed.

"Mmm yes you are..." , Rita said while leaning in to him. He glared down at her but acceptingly put his hands around her waist. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes and a perfect, gleaming smile spread across her face.

"Who hates women now?"

"Oh shush it.." He responded while placing a kiss on her forehead. She giggled at his absolute cuteness and her cheeks turned rosy. She hurried along, grabbing his hand.

"C'mon Ryuu Ryuu! I wanna spend all night here!"

"You're letting your English dialect slip again..."

Her eyes gave a funny stare, "Gotta problem with that, Ryuu-no-su-ke?"

"Nope, not at all. I actually find it quite cute." He said with a side smile, glancing at her.

"Awhh stawp it you..."

Hand in hand, they arrived at the beautiful spot that Ryuunosuke picked out.

"It's... beautiful!" Rita lit up with even more excitement.

"Sure is." Ryuunosuke said while staring directly at Rita.

Seeing him in the corner of her eye, she quickly replied with, "Just come here..."

She pulled him in by his overall straps and kissed his oh so familiar lips.

Her heart beat so fast, like it does every time she is with him.

His heart beat so fast, like it does every time he is with her.

Their lips moved in sync, with his hand sliding to her back and pulling her closer. Her hands caressed his chest and then trickled down his luscious hair. Ryuunosuke's hands moved along the curves of her waist and gripped her shirt gently. They both opened their eyes at the same time, which caused them to automatically smile, ending the passionate kiss. Rita giggled, while Ryuunosuke looked deeply into her eyes. He blushed, knowing the depths of her eyes and their absolute beauty. It was dark, so her eyes glistened in the moonlight.

"Let's get the blanket laid out" , she said expressing a devious smirk.

Ryuunosuke took off his backpack and opened it. They brought along Rita's favorite green blanket. It really was Rita's FAVORITE, she could never sleep without it.

When the blanket was all set, Rita sprawled across it, reuniting with her favorite piece of fabric. Ryuunosuke laid down next to her and put an arm around her. She snuggled into his shoulder and had the happiest smile.

Laying down, they both looked up into the night sky.

"There's so many stars...". Rita proclaimed in awe.

Ryuunosuke pointed to something in the sky.

"Look, a shooting star! Make a wish"

Rita smiled, "My wish already came true. I have all that I have ever wanted."

Her eyes remained staring at the sky. Her voice was soft and gentle. Ryuunosuke understood what her words meant and his heartbeat got even faster. He loved Rita so much. He used to think the word soulmates was overrated, but now he can't get that word out of his mind.

"Soulmates, eh?"

Ryuunosuke's face turned bright red and he looked at her.


"You mouthed the word when you were thinking about it, silly."

Ryuunosuke growled at himself. Then, he remembered his original intention and knew this was the perfect time.

Right after some tickling.

"Ah! R-Ryuunosuke!" She squealed and quickly got taken over by giggles.

Only Ryuunosuke knew this, but Rita was extremely ticklish.

"Ryuu Ryuu! Stawwwwpp", she managed to say while uncontrollably laughing.

"This is what you get for stalking my lips!"

"I can't help it... they are just so tempting ya know?" She quickly went in for a kiss and the butterflies erupted in his stomach.

It was a little kiss, and afterwards Ryuunosuke got back to business

"So.. do you think we are s-soulmates?"

Rita smiled and tilted her head. "Of course!"

He felt his cheeks heat up and breath got quicker. He has to remain calm though. He has to play this off cool. He sat up and let the moonlight deliver his silhouette. Rita could sense a more serious aura. Ryuunosuke stared into the night sky, and after what seemed like forever, he begun.

"I.. I know we are soulmates. Rita, my life has changed since the day I met you. We have been through so much together, it's almost unbelievable. It was so scary, but you were always by my side. You always said such comforting words, never failed to give me the love I needed. The one thing I will never forget is when you said that you'll never die because you love me too much... W-Well I guess that really was true then.."

He felt himself tear up, but he smiled and quickly wiped his eye. He noticed Rita's surprised face and her hand clenching her red necklace above her heart. He continued.

"You put happiness in my life. I used to be gynophobic, and absolutely hated women. I never thought I would fall in love, but damn, I was so wrong. You really changed my life, Rita. I developed such a deep connection with you, I didn't even realize it. I loved you for a long time but I was so scared to admit it. Now, I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, Rita."

And with that, he dug into his overall pocket and grabbed the small box. Rita covered her open mouth with her hands, and felt the tears run down her cheeks. With the box in her view, Ryuunosuke opened it and exposed the beautiful diamond ring.

"Rita Ainsworth... W-Will you marry me?"

Her jaw-dropped expression quickly turned into an overwhelming smile. She looked into Ryuunosuke's eyes with that perfect smile of hers.

"O-Of c-course", she barely managed to say.

Ryuunosuke, extremely proud of himself, took the ring out and graciously slid it onto Rita's left finger. Her teary blue eyes shimmered in the moonlight. She raised her shaking hand in front of her, staring at the ring that would lock their future.

"R-Ryuunosuke..." She latched herself onto him and he held her tightly.

"I-It's so beautiful.. ", she said in his embrace.

Ryuunosuke whispered, "Just like you."

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Rita: THAT WAS SOO BEAUTIFULLL *grabs the tissues*


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Ryuunosuke: ...

Kanda: Ah Ryuunosuke.. This'll be a reality for you some day.

Ryuunosuke: *hangs head low*

Rita: Aw cheer up Ryuu Ryuu *runs and kisses him*

Ryuunosuke: *turns red but surprisingly kisses back*

Shiina: Love. *points*

Ryuunosuke: *gets away from the kiss* I-I just.. Wanted to know what it felt like.. T-That's all..

Jin: Did you enjoy it Ryuu Ryuu.

Ryuunosuke: *really embarrassed* I-I.. I'm going to my room!

Rita: R-Ryuunosuke? *pulls his shirt and looks up at him with puppy eyes*

Ryuunosuke: *blushes* I-I guess you can come with me. *grabs her wrist and leads her*

Nanami: Awww! He's really growing up!

Jin: *smirks*



Nanami: AHHHHH


Shiina: *emotionless*

Misaki: One more time everyone... Ryuuri power!

Everyone: *pumps fist in air* RYUURI POWER!

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