Snake Pit

Dinner was a quiet affair, or as quiet as it could be with hundreds of students in the Great Hall talking with each other while eating their dinner. The first years stared around in wonder, particularly those who were born to Muggles and hadn't known about magic until their eleventh or twelfth birthdays, depending on when the student's birthday was. The new fifth-year student ignored the stares on him from some of his older and younger classmates as he ate his meal. Up at the Staff Table, two men were watching the new transfer student. One man was Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts. A man who had defeated Grindelwald and had more titles and names than was necessary with a long white beard he could tuck into his belt, a crooked nose, long white hair and flamboyant robes, these being of bronze with hippogriffs cantering around them. A pair of twinkling blue eyes that were absent of the telltale twinkle stared in worry, and dare he say it, fear at the new student.

The other person who stared at the Slytherin table was none other than Professor Severus Snape, feared Potions Master, known as greasy git and bat of the dungeons to the students. A man who loved Potions and knew the craft but was a terrible teacher and biased against anyone not in Slytherin. The man had once loved a woman named Lily Evans and it had hurt him to know that he failed in his vow to her to protect her son. Pale skin, as if the man never stepped outside the castle, shone beneath the candlelight in the Great Hall, a hooked nose and black eyes stared through black bangs with curiosity at the enmity that was Abaddon Moor. This teenager who showed no fear and carried himself like a Pureblood was a puzzle and Severus Snape was determined to figure out this particular puzzle in time.

Up and down the Slytherin table, students were staring at the new student among them, like predators circling around a prey animal. It was rare that Hogwarts had transfer students, let alone homeschooled students. Sure, many Pureblood students got their early wizarding education at home under the care of tutors, but to find someone who had been without formal schooling for most of his life was unheard of among many. Even the other tables had students who were peering at the Slytherin table, in hopes of unraveling the mystery that was Abaddon Moor. What was it about this teenagerā€¦this epitome of pureblood graceā€¦that exuded such a dark aura that made one shudder in fear and yet drew them into that darkness at the same time?

"So you're the new student," said a voice who was to Pansy's left. Abaddon turned his head to see a dark skinned boy with short black hair and brown eyes that spoke with an Italian accent. He had an arrogant tone to his voice that Abaddon instantly disliked. "Do you play Qudditch?"

Abaddon shook his head as he stabbed his fork at a piece of steak and kidney pie. "Quidditch has never interested me," said Abaddon, lifting the fork to his mouth and popping the piece of pie into his mouth. "Who might you be?" he asked, ignoring the scandalized looks on those students who were part of the Slytherin Quidditch team. Was it a crime in British society to not be interested in Quidditch?

"Blaise Zabini and Heir to the Zabini fortune," said Blaise.

"Son of Mrs. Zabini, the woman who rumor has it marries rich men and then kills them a few months later, thereby inheriting their wealth?" Abaddon questioned, dark amusement lacing his voice now. Blaise gaped at the boy in front of him as the new student's mouth curled up in a smirk. Only recently had Mrs. Zabini married her seventh husband and Abaddon had placed a bet with some other slaves on the man's upcoming death. Abaddon had placed seven galleons on six months before the man was killed. There was a starting bid of twenty galleons and five knuts in the bid pool. Whoever won the bet would get the entire pool.

"How do you know about my mother being married?" questioned Blaise suspiciously.

"It was in the Daily Prophet," said Pansy and Abaddon could see the surprise on her face that he had known about this information. She wondered about the smirk on his face as well but figured it would be rude to ask.

"It was also in a few international newspapers as well," spoke Abaddon. "I remember reading about it in the International Wizarding News, which is the international wizarding newspaper."

The conversation ended there as dinner was concentrated on. When the plates were cleared, a variety of sweets appeared on each of the tables. Abaddon was pleased to see a few bowls of different fruits appear on the Slytherin table and took a small bowl, filling it with a few different fruit cubes and slices in the case of the oranges that he began eating. Once the dishes were cleared, the Headmaster stood up and gave out some notices to the school that were given every year, mainly for the incoming first years' benefit, and then they were dismissed to their common rooms for bed. Abaddon followed the other Slytherins out of the Great Hall, across the Entrance Hall and down the stairs to the dungeon corridor. They passed down a staircase to a door that led into the Dungeon Corridor and then entered the dungeons, the door swinging shut behind the last student. It was a silent walk through the dungeons and when they got there the password was given. "Ashwinder," spoke Draco Malfoy who had been dubbed Prefect by Professor Snape over the summer along with Pansy Parkinson for the girls.

The two fifth year prefects introduced themselves to the first years who were gathered in a group in the center of the common room. It was a few minutes later that Professor Snape came out of the secret passage that led from his personal quarters to Slytherin House. Abaddon listened as his Head of House spoke about house unity, how they would be hated by the other houses because they were Slytherins, how arguments in the house stayed in the house or there would be a reduction in points, how they were to stick up for their own and how Merlin had been within Slytherin House as a student which people tended to forget. They were instructed to never bring outsiders, in other words students of other Houses, into Slytherin and that the password would change every fortnight. The students were then dismissed to their dormitories except for Mr. Mills who was asked to stay behind.

Once the common room was devoid of students, Abaddon sank into a chair and looked around him. The common room was in the dungeons and located beneath the Black Lake as evidenced by the green light coming from the windows. The green light outside the windows was actually the water of the Black Lake and one would be able to see the Giant Squid and sometimes other interesting water creatures swimming past. There were greenish lamps, tapestries featuring the adventures of famous Medieval Slytherins, low-backed black and green button-tufted leather sofas, a fireplace with a snake on it and skulls on the mantle, dark wooden cupboards, and tables for studying. Three greenish lamps were around the fireplace. There was a grand atmosphere about the common room but also a cold one. Nevertheless, it was quite comfortable.

"It has been brought to my attention Mr. Mills that you were homeschooled?" Professor Snape questioned as he took a seat in a chair across from his new fifth year snake.

Abaddon pulled his gaze from the fire that was crackling in the fireplace and turned his attention to his Head of House. "I was sir," said Abaddon, watching Snape like Snape was watching himself in return. Chemical had gone on after the students to guard his master's bed and possessions from the other wizard within his dorm room. There were two students to a room in Slytherin and Abaddon just happened to be with Mr. Malfoy. "I was homeschooled ever since I was six-years-old. Hogwarts is my first time being away from home."

"What type of subjects did you take?" Professor Snape asked, wondering if he could learn more about his new snake.

"Transfiguration, Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Astronomy, Charms, Potions, Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Muggle Studies, Spell Creation, Warding, Healing, Parselmagic, Italian of which I speak fluently, Marital Arts, Swordsmanship and Archery." The answer was bland and listed every magical subject he had studied so far that made up his classes at home. That wasn't counting English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography.

Professor Snape was stunned at the list of classes that the teenager before him had taken but was disturbed by the idea of the boy learning the Dark Arts and Parselmagic. Good Merlin! Don't tell me he is a Parselmouth! "You shouldn't be learning Dark Magic. It's dangerous and very seductive," spoke Severus. Severus had been a foolish man who had wanted recognition and power which had led him to becoming a Death Eater. He had been taken in by the words of the Dark Lord and the lure of Dark Magic which had nearly corrupted what bit of soul he had.

"You speak as if you have experience," said Abaddon coolly before rising from the sofa he was sitting on and vanishing down the hallway that led to the boy dormitories. As he left the Professor standing within the common room, both were thinking the same thing. He doesn't smell human.