We Are The Powerpuff Girls

By Daronta

Chapter 1: Nothing but Spice

In the city of Townsville lies a sacred emerald diamond, lined in gold, marked by four diamond pearls on each edge and a round, beautiful, gold gem in the center. The crowd stands in awe, knowing that this moment was to be a memorable one. The girl standing in the center of the golden ring smirks, turns her cap backwards as another steps up to the plate that was being guarded by a soldier hidden in his leather armor and, a single catcher's mitt?

"It's about that time Chloe," she smirks holding a baseball in the palm of her catcher's mitt.

"Quit the small talk, Jessica," the short dark haired player stepping on the plate, patting the edge of her silver bat on the heels of her shoe.

"Give me a good throw, so I can send this ball towards the stars." Chloe assures holding the bat's handle up in front of her chest.

"There she goes," a fan sitting in the stands sighs, sitting on her long amber hair. "It's always a spectacular with her."

"Isn't she always amazing to watch though?" The pony-tailed blonde exclaims with her widen misty-blue eyes watching the hitter.

"Sure it may be entertaining to the average viewer; however, it's the ninth inning and her team is down 3 runs. With all the bases loaded she should be focusing on finishing this game with every swing she has, instead all she's worrying about is…"

"Here it comes!" the blonde interrupts. Sure enough Jessica throws the first pitch and it zips past the immobile Chloe. "She missed, what a fast ball!"

"I doubt that," the red head claims. "Like I trying to say, Buttercup is nothing but a show off at heart."

Jessica throws another fast ball and Chloe lets if fly right on by once again.

"Come on, Buttercup!" the red head's brown eyes start to scowl. "Quit messing around out there!"

Too late for all that yelling now, don't you think Blossom? Chloe smiles as she grips the bat and turns her wrists. This is the moment she's been waiting for; she lives to hear people like Blossom worry over the outcome of her final chance. She craves to see the faces of all the baffled fans who were watching her, whether it was twenty people or a hundred. Her brown and green hazel eyes glared at her rival standing in the pitcher's mound. Hit me, she thinks to herself. Give me everything you've got!

"I'm gonna hit you with the viper's path!" Jessica lines herself up and chucks an underthrow towards empire.

Gotcha, Chloe sees the ball coming. It starts as a straight fast ball but curves upward into a circular motion as if it were coiling the air. She swings before the ball was within her reach but sure enough the big end of the bat connects and she hits it hard, throwing the ball out of the field into the streets no longer able to be found.

"A Home Run!" the blonde cheers. Blossom lets out a heavy sigh and releases the fence from her grip.

"I can't tell if you're happy about the win or just happy you know what a home run is."

"Both!" she exclaims gleefully.

"No point in running the bases, that was the finally play, we win losers." Chloe says dropping the bat and heading for her two relieved fans in the stands.

"Quit bragging, it was one point and and you could've blew it!" Jessica retorted. "Anyways don't forget to come out tonight, Ace says it's important!"

"Yeah, yeah, sure thing," Chloe says waving bye as her continues walking away.

"Buttercup that was amazing! Jessica was pitching, you weren't hitting! She pitched again, you did nothing! Blossom started crying!"

"I did not!" Blossom interjects. "Get your facts straight Bubbles

"And you sent Jessica's infamous snake way..." Bubbles proceeds despite Blossom's interruption.

"Viper's path," Chloe corrected.

"Out of the sky and into the sun!" Bubbles concluded inhaling deeply. "You're so cool!"

"As always, but I was aiming for the stars though," Chloe smirked brushing her hand in her green letterman's jacket. "Too bad, I'll try again later."

"Yeah right, how about you try hitting the ball instead of hoping on last minute antics to win the game," Blossom proposed. "You know you have the skills and yet you let your opportunities pass you just to show off. What if you missed?"

"A, that's not fun enough. B, me miss? Don't make me laugh. And C, I don't need a C because I won so I consider this a pass." Chloe grinned inching her face closer to Blossom's.

"Ooo snap!" Bubbles breaks in between the both of them. "She got you there Blossom."

"Whatever, a sloppy win is still considered a loss in my book." Blossom sighs. "Come on, we have to get back inside before dinner is served."

"Don't the younger ones get to eat first?" Chloe mentions as they walk into the old brick built building that stood 28 stories tall behind the baseball field.

"Yeah, but I need to help Miss Keane get the other kids seated and served." Blossom reminds the two.

"Why do you even bother with that? You know that the sixteen year olds are the only ones who have to volunteer to help the other caretakers and you're 2 years too early." Chloe profess.

"I'm not going to let Miss Keane fend for herself."

"Hey Blossom, I'll help you and Miss Keane," Bubbles insist.

"No way, isn't your special coming on tonight?" Blossom rejects. "Your fashion designs will impress the Morbucks tomorrow so you go ahead and draw tonight."

"Miss Keane is cool and all but she has the other twenty-seven caretakers with her and loads of volunteers, she'll be fine."

"Don't take the people in your life for granted."

"Blossom is right Buttercup we should let her handle the dinner rush so we can prepare for tomorrow."

"Okay, but none of that fashion show, walkway stuff this time," Chloe warned walking past the girls and on to the stairway.

"Aww, but you looked so good the last time!" Bubble cries chasing her up the stairs to the seventh floor.

Chloe and Bubbles make it to room seventy-eight and settle in. Chloe drops her Letterman's jacket on one of the mattresses lying on the floor with the jungle-green comforter. She walks to the widow, sits on the sill and looks out the window. Bubbles lays down on another mattress covered in with an indigo comforter, which was layered with dozens of magazines and paper filled with colored images of clothing on faceless models. She searches for a blank sheet of paper in her colorful clutter.

"Do you think we'll be adopted tomorrow?" Bubbles asks as she draws a figure for her next creation.

"I doubt it," Chloe replies while she stares out the window, glaring at the fence where the Pokey Oaks Foster Home sign stands.

"Why is that?"

"Come on Bubbles, no matter how smart Blossom is, no family is gonna take all three of us in."

"But this time is different," Bubbles pleaded. "The Morbucks are the richest family in Townsville, so adopting us three shouldn't be a problem like the other times."

"I guess you're right," Chloe concedes. She spots Jessica De Vito running down the front walkway and climbing over the fence. "Maybe we can actually keep our promise."


"Listen, I'm gonna go downstairs and grab something to eat," Chloe informed Bubbles as she gets up and throws on her Letterman's jacket. "You need anything?"

"Nope, I'm fine."

"Good, I'll be back soon." She walks out of the room and keeps the door cracked slightly open behind her.

"It's about time you've made it out here," Jessica says waiting for Chloe to finish climbing over the twelve foot fence.

"You know me," Chloe gasp jumping down off the fence. "I love to build the suspense."

"Come on, Ace is waiting at the Townsville National Zoo."

"Sure thing, lets go."

Next Chapter: Family of Ace