(1 year later; 2004)

"There we go. Perfect." Ginny stepped back with a smile, looking me over from where I was sitting in her bedroom in front of a large mirror they'd moved in.

I was wearing a simple, strapless, white dress that hugged my body until the waist, where it flared out and hung to just past my knees. My honey-gold hair, which I'd grown out to the middle of my back just for today, was in big, loose curls, my bangs braided back out of my face. My makeup was simple and natural, with some eyeliner to make my green eyes pop.

Ginny, as one of my bridesmaids, was wearing a simple, knee-length white dress with shoulder straps and a V-neck, a wide, light purple belt around her waist. Her vibrant, red hair was in waves with the front pinned away from her face.

"Thanks, Ginny." I smiled, glancing around the room at the others. Angelina was helping Hermione try to straighten her wild curls, both wearing the same dress as Ginny. I'd become fairly close to Angelina in the past couple years she and George had been dating. I also knew that George had plans to propose to her soon, he was just trying to think of a creative way to do so.

Near them, Fleur, wearing the same bridesmaid dress, was tying a purple ribbon in four year old Victoire's perfect, blonde hair. Victoire, being the flower girl, was wearing a similar dress to the others, only hers flared out more in the skirt.

Within the past year or so, Ron and Hermione got married, Harry and Ginny married several months after them, then in late 2003 Harry and Ginny had their son, James and Bill and Fleur had another daughter, Dominique. James and Dominique were currently being babysat either by their fathers or Molly, it was hard to tell.

A knock on the door made us all turn.

"Knock knock. A handsome young gentleman wants to speak to the bride." a familiar voice called through the wood. I covered my mouth with a hand hearing George, barely making out my son's familiar giggle. Ginny approached the door with narrowed eyes. She cracked it open and glanced down, probably at Adam before looking up at someone towering over her.

"Ear check." she stated firmly, reaching a hand through the crack in the doorway, probably to pat over the stump where George's ear was missing, to verify it was him. There was no way in hell Ginny Potter was going to allow Fred to get a sneak peak of his bride. "Okay, come in." she agreed, opening the door to allow my son and the best man to enter the room, both wearing simple dress shirts, as Fred and I wanted a simple wedding.

Adam saw me and scurried over. I picked him up and placed him on my lap, hugging him to me.

"Wow Momma! You look pretty! Dad's really excited to see you, but he was walking back and forth a lot at home. Uncle George says it's because he's nervous you'll run away." Adam stated.

I fixed a firm look on George, who'd entered behind Adam.

George chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. "Um, Adam, I said I was joking about that, remember? Your mom wouldn't run off on Freddie, now, would she?"

After that night Draco had hurt Adam, Hermione was able to get us in touch with some people who could help make sure Draco couldn't come near Adam, and after several months, we finally succeeded. Though, that might have had something to do with Draco finally admitting that Adam was better off without him, with a father-figure in his life who could take much better care of him. Apparently, when Draco was a child his father had rather…strict disciplinary techniques, which often involved Draco getting whacked with a cane or smacked across the face. After a long talk with Astoria, Draco decided he didn't want his kids raised that way. So, he decided to step back and let Fred take over as Adam's dad, and he's taking classes to become a better father figure for when he and Astoria have their own child.

When we won the custody issue, Fred took me out on a special date, and proposed. He simply slid a small black box across the dinner table, and when I opened it he asked the question.

When Fred and I told Adam, and explained what that meant, he literally jumped into Fred's arms and gave him the tightest hug he'd ever given anyone before asking the cutest question I'd ever heard.

"Does this mean I can call you 'dad' now?"

I've very rarely seen Fred cry, but I swear he teared up just a little there when he told Adam he'd be honored.

A few days later, a thought had occurred to me and I asked Adam why he'd always called George 'Uncle George', and Bill 'Uncle Bill' and so on, but he'd never called Fred 'Uncle Fred'. He'd answered simply that it didn't sound right.

"He never felt like an Uncle to me, Momma. He felt…different. More special. I'm glad I can call him 'dad' now. I like calling him 'dad'."

And just like that question occurred to me, right now, on my wedding day, another question occurred to me, but I wanted to wait until I was alone with my son to ask him.

"So, is Fred really that nervous?" I asked George sympathetically.

George shrugged. "A little bit." he admitted, moving to sit next to me while the girls all moved to the other side of the room to help each other with any finishing touches. "I don't think he's nervous about you changing your mind. He's still afraid he's pushing you too far too fast. He's worried you'll resent him later in life for making you marry him before you're ready."

I blinked in surprise, a gentle, worried expression sliding over my face. "He told you all that?" I asked quietly.

George shook his head with a small smile. "Nah, twin thing. I just know."

I smiled slightly. "Well,…could you go tell him something?"

George nodded, smile still in place.

"Tell him I've been waiting for this day for a long time. And just like I told him over a year ago, I could never regret anything with him, least of all today. I love him too much to regret this."

George smiled gratefully at me. "I'll go tell him now." he stood up and kissed the top of my head in a brotherly fashion before ruffling Adam's hair a little. "You stay here with your mom. You remember your job?" he checked and Adam nodded seriously. George winked at me, but before he left, he spun Angelina to him and snogged her for a while, making me and Fleur cover Adam and Victoire's eyes. Ginny finally smacked him and chased him out of the room.

When all the girls were ready, Ginny lead them down to the living room of the Burrow to wait and make sure everything was ready, giving me a few minutes alone with my son.

"Hey, Adam? Could I ask you a question?" I asked curiously. He looked up at me from my lap and nodded. "Well,…this is kind of random, but…you always called…Draco 'father'." I paused and watched Adam's expression. He looked a bit worried at the subject but nodded, "Why'd you call him 'father' but you call Fred 'dad'?"

"Is that bad?" Adam asked worriedly.

"Oh, no, no, no. It's not bad at all, either one works fine. I was just wondering."

Adam looked down and shrugged, playing with my hand on his lap. "Well,…Uncle Bill, and Uncle Harry, and Pop are all dads…But Father wasn't like them. He didn't love you like they love Aunt Fleur, or Aunt Ginny, or Nana. He didn't feel like a dad to me. But Fred…he's always felt like a dad to me. He helped teach me things and take care of me, and chased away the nightmares and made me feel better. He loves you, and he loves me. We're a family. So, he's my dad."

I swallowed and blinked away the tears that burned my eyes, not wanting Ginny to freak out about me ruining my makeup. I hugged Adam close to me, kissing the top of his head.

"I love you, Adam." I whispered into his hair. "And Fred loves you so much."

We sat like that for a moment before someone knocked on the door and Ginny entered, telling us it was time.

We went down to the back door of the Burrow. The sun was shining down on the guests all sitting on simple fold up chairs. I could see Fred and the Minister, Kingsley, standing at the front. George was standing next to his twin, and behind him stood Charlie, Ron, and then Bill. Ginny turned to us at the door.

"Okay Adam, you remember your job?" she checked.

Adam nodded. "Yep. I hold Momma's hand and walk down to Dad. Then I go stand by Uncle George."

Ginny nodded with a smile. "Perfect. Good Job." she smiled at me before turning and leading the way down the makeshift isle.

Following her, Hermione and Angelina were the next to go in order. Fleur checked that Victoire knew what she was doing before taking her turn to walk.

Victoire looked nervously back at me and Adam. I smiled gently down at her, and she finally smiled back. Then, she turned and skipped happily down the isle, throwing purple flower petals from the basket she was carrying. Everyone laughed and 'aw'ed over how cute she was. Then, when she reached her mother at the end, I knew it was time.

Adam looked up at me and I nodded. He smiled big before taking my hand and gently tugging it until we both walked out and started down the isle.

Fred's eyes fell on me and he smiled gently, his chest puffing out as he took in a deep breath. We had both talked about having Adam "walk me down the isle" since my father wasn't alive to do so, and I wanted Adam to have a big part in the wedding, since he was a big part of our lives, and he always would be.

When we finally reached the end of the isle, Fred took my free hand and Adam released the one he was holding so he could move to stand in front of George, behind Fred.

Fred then took both my hands as we stood facing each other.

Honestly, the ceremony was a blur to me, I was lost in my thoughts and just answered when I was supposed to. If you asked me to try and tell you everything that was said, I don't think I could. There was, however, a couple phrases I remember:

"You may now kiss the bride."

Fred smirked at me before yanking me to him by the waist and pressing a firm kiss to my lips. When we pulled away he kept one arm around my waist to hold me to him, using his free arm to pick Adam up. This was followed by the second sentence I can actually remember:

"I happily introduce for the first time: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weasley!"

The applause nearly drowned out Adam yelling, "Me too!", which made me, Fred, Kingsley, George and Ginny laugh, since we were the only ones who heard him.

We all stepped away from our spot, the guests all stood from their seats, and Bill and Charlie waved their wands, causing all the chairs to move into circles of six. Then round, white-clothed tables floated from around the side of the house to be placed in each circle of chairs.

Everyone took seats at tables with people they knew, just met, or hadn't seen in a while.

A couple hours later, after everyone had eaten and Fred and I had our first dance as a married couple, the sun was going down, staining the sky in different oranges, pinks, purples, and blues. Fred and I were sitting at our table, him with his arm behind my chair so I could lean into him. We were watching everyone who was on the dance floor.

Charlie was dancing with one of my coworkers, Maggie. Bill and Fleur were dancing just a ways off while Molly fussed over Dominique at her table. Adam was talking excitedly to Ron and Hermione. George and Angelina were slow dancing, George whispering in her ear, making her giggle. Looking up close, I could see that where George was holding her left hand, he was fiddling with the shiny, new engagement ring on her third finger. Apparently he got permission from Fred to propose to Angelina at the end of his best man speech in front of everyone. While I would've turned the color of a tomato if Fred did that to me, Angelina loved it and practically screamed 'yes'.

I glanced over at my husband beside me, noticing that he, too, was watching his twin, a huge grin spread over his face. I bit my lip for a moment before I rested my hand on his leg.

Fred looked down at me, his huge grin still in place.

"Hey Fred, remember when you told me you wanted to have at least a few kids down the road?" I asked quietly.

Fred's brow furrowed in slight confusion, but his grin slipped into an easy smile. "Yeah. Why?"

I looked down at his leg, where his hand had taken my hand the second I placed it there. "Well, was there a specific time you wanted to start having kids? Like did you want to wait a few years, or…" I trailed off with a shrug, looking back up at him.

His grin slowly morphed into a smirk before he leaned down so his lips were at my ear, his breath hot on my neck.

"If I had my way, you'd be coming home from the honeymoon pregnant." he whispered heatedly, placing a small kiss to my jaw line. I shuttered, closing my eyes for a moment. Our honeymoon was just us staying for a week in a small cottage by the lake in Scotland, just the two of us. George was going to be watching Adam for us, unless Molly decided she was going to take him for a day.

I bit my lip, trying to fight off the bubble of happiness that erupted in my chest. "What about before the honeymoon?" I asked nonchalantly, looking up at him with big, innocent eyes.

Fred lifted one eyebrow as he scanned my face with his eyes. He turned in his chair to face me better, one arm on the back of my chair, his other elbow resting on the table with his hand still holding mine.

"Either this is your way of trying to seduce me into sneaking away for a little bit during our own wedding, which I wouldn't be completely against," he paused to wink at me before continuing, "or you're trying to tell me you're…" he trailed off, eyeing me expectantly. I smiled and nodded. He glanced down at my flat stomach before looking back up at my face, a grin threatening to break out.

"Are you serious?" his voice only came out in a breath. I nodded again, tugging his hand that I was holding and placing it on my stomach, even though I knew I wasn't far enough for him to feel anything, I didn't even have a bump yet, but it was the symbolism behind it.

Fred stared down at his hand, his thumb slowly stroking just under my ribcage.

"You're pregnant." he whispered, looking back up at my face. "How? When?" he asked, his questions becoming excited even as he kept it to a whisper.

"Well, remember last month when you got a little too excited about joining me in the shower?" I asked teasingly, making him grimace slightly.

"I forgot the contraceptive spell, didn't I?" he muttered, running his hand down his face.

"Yeah. But I was right there with you, if that makes you feel any better." I pointed out.

He grinned at me, letting his hand drop. "When did you find out?"

"Last night." I admitted. "When I missed my period last week I figured it couldn't hurt to check."

Fred chuckled, tugging my chair closer to his and wrapping his arm around my shoulders. "Good thing you're not too far along. If we announced you were pregnant and Mum did the math and found out I knocked you up out of wedlock…" he trailed off with a look of mild horror and fear. I laughed at his expression, burying my face in his neck. Despite finding it funny, I had no doubt Molly would not be pleased.

"We'll just have to wait another month or two before we tell." I answered reassuringly.

Fred nodded, once again placing his hand on my stomach and stroking it with his thumb thoughtfully. "Can't believe it. Three new Weasleys in one day." he mumble with a small smile.

I looked up at him in confusion. "Three?"

Fred smiled at me before leaning in to kiss my lips. "You, Adam, and now our own little one." he whispered happily. I smiled in return. When we had first gotten engaged, Fred had mentioned wanting to make Adam an official Weasley, so today I wasn't the only one to take the name Weasley. Adam was now officially Adam John Weasley, and he had been telling people as much for the past few hours.

"I love you, Fred." I whispered, resting my forehead against his. Fred pressed a kiss to my lips, not removing his forehead from mine.

"And I love you, Annie Weasley." he opened his eyes and thought for a moment, his smile breaking into an excited grin. "Man, I can't wait to tell George!"