Leena discovers she is pregnant with the street's Sharks little sister

Chapter 1- Leena discovers she is pregnant and leaves the pregnancy test behind

Leena is a friend of the Bolton Brothers who were human long before they met and now thanks to Doc Paradigme they are now sharks and they have been fighting him ever since but Leena will soon discover she is pregant with their little sister who is inmuine to gene-slamming virus but only on a small point but she will get tunred into a female great white shark regardless when she and her mother come back to Fission city and Skyla gets captured by the Seaviates and taken to Doc Paradigme's lair.

Today they were all chilling out at a Buger Joint eating Burgers and drinking their shakes when two of Paradigme's Seavients drove past them splashing them all with muddy water making Ripster growl angrly at the sight of his little brother's getting soaked with muddy water and seeing the seavients laughing as they drove away.

He shouted " Shark Attack!" And they all drove after the Seavients with Jab sharkdiving into the ground and caught up to the Seaveints and blasted them into an abadoned Building with the rest of the Street Sharks following them with Leena staying behind as she was looking pale for some reason so she noticed a pharmacy shop were she went in accompoined by Beanz who had figured out what was wrong with Leena so he waited out side and a few minutes later she came back out so he asked " Well what's wrong?".

She said " I am 2 weeks along the gender is a little girl i don't know who the father is but i will go to the doctors to get a perterinaty test to find out who the father is so i will call Doctor Paradigme and tell him i will be late coming in tommorrow as i have a errand to run".

Meanwhile the boys were giving Doc Paradigme minions a real good beating until one of them decided to blast one of the buildings walls casuing the building to cave in on itself but the Sharks Sharkdived to safety to the street outside where they found Lena and Bendz who were eating fish and chips with some Humgo burgers for the guys so they all drove back to their HQ which was under Fission Univeristy as their base was in the Steam tunnels which led to the Universty and the comic book store next door and also Bendz home.

So they all had Dinner and all went to bed except for Lena and Bendz who were chatting so Bendz said " If you do discover who the father is what will you do?."

Lena thought about it then said with a very sad look " I will have to leave you guy's for the baby's safety but i will write a note for the boys as they will be heartbroken as when they discover i am gone, they will think Pardigime kidnapped me so that's why i am writing them a letter but don't worry i will be back in 23 years time when Skyla is trained enough to fight alongside the Street Sharks in their battle against Doc Paraidigime but i will stay in contact with you bendz do you have any idea as to where i go?."

Bendz had an idea and said " How about my parents place in Seaview i will call them and tell them the suituation and also that the first name of the baby is decided and that you will be taking a pertinity test to see who the father is they will be thrilled to have you as i told them all about you when they last phoned to see how i was doing."

So when Lena went to bed Bendz phoned his parent's and told them the suituation and they were happy to help Lena and help raise Skyla so Bendz told them when Lena dicovers who the father is to her baby then she will head over as soon as she can and hung up the phone.

So early the following morning Lena wrote the letter for the boys then phoned Doc Pardigime and told him that she will be late coming to work as she had an errand to run and he said that was fine so at the docotrs she had done the pertinity test so she was waiting for the results so a few minutes later Doc Spencer called her in and said " Lena the pertinity test came back and the father is none other than Professor Robert Bolton will you be telling the Street Sharks about this?."

Lena nodded and said " Thank you very much Doc Spencer i will see you later". And with that Lena left the docotrs and headed to work but what she didn't know was that Streex had been out Sharkdiving as usual and had come up to check the coast was clear for him when he saw Lena coming out of the doctors and wondered what was going on so with Lena had arrived at work and Pardigime was busy working on his latest memeber Sam a 13 year old boy and was geneslamming him with a Tiger and when he came out of the tube he was pure handsome.

So he sent Tigerix out with the rest of the seavients to a mission that detailed the stealing of a super powered Computer that was located in a top reserch facility outside Fission City but as usual the Sharks defeted them and sent them packing.

So when Lena got back home from work it was midnight as Doctor Paridgime had asked her to help him out with something important so by the time she got home she was tired so as she came in she was meet by Bendz who had her stuff all packed and ready for her to head off and also outside was a taxi waiting to take Lena to Seaview so she told him who the father of Skyla was to Bendz's shocked look so he recieved the letter and saw Lena off and sighed to himself how he was going to break the news of Lena leaving and that she was having their little sister well he thought to himself if they don't believe the letter then i will tell them but i am going to tell them the truth and they can deal with it in their own way.

So how will the boys take the news well lets just say broken hearts but they will heal when Bendz's tells them the reason why and i think the perfect couples for this story will be Skyla/ Ripster and also Rox/Streex for these two finding a abandoned baby by the sewer opening on their way back from their date so Rox and Streex will become parents to baby girl who they name Roxie