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The Love of Mimi Brown


Every child should grow up knowing the love of a grandparent. After young baby Harry is left on the door step of his Aunt Petunia Dursley, who is believed to be his only living family, what happens when a grandmother who is very angry at her daughter, the true father of her grandson, and Headmaster Albus Dumbledoredecides to return and takes action for the sake of little Harry, who she loves so much? Will her surviving step-daughter and her horrid husband, the father of her grandchild, and Albus Dumbledore survive the encounter? Read to find out.


This story is dedicated to my very own Mimi, who was taken back up to heaven by the Lord because he wanted his angel to come home on Tuesday July 7, 2015. You will live on in my heart and mind and shall have immortality in my story that I have written in your honor to share the love that you gave to me. I love you, Mimi Brown, may you rest in peace.

Chapter 1: Lily's Mother

Ever since they met as children, Severus felt a special connection to Lily Evans and her family. Well, maybe not her half-sister Petunia!

Petunia was a mean and bitter little girl ever since her own mother had died when she was three years old, and her father had remarried to give her a mother to love and care for her while he was at work providing for his family.

She had learned to respect her step-mother, but quickly became very jealous when her sister Lily was born, and even more so when it was discovered that Lily was in fact a witch. As the years passed,Petunia enjoyed teasing Lily and her new little friend Severus Snape, calling them freaks. The problem was that Severus and Lily weren't the only ones in their town or in Lily's family who were freaks, as Petunia liked to call them.

Her step-mother, Marry Stella Evans (nee Brown) was also what the people of the magical world would call a pure-blood witch. She was the only girl out of six brothers in her family, so when she decided to leave the magical world and marry a widowed Muggle man with his young daughter in tow, nobody in her family seemed to care.

She lavished her husband, step-daughter, and daughter with love, and even welcomed Lily's little friend Severus, who seemed to be from a poor family, into her home and heart with open motherly arms filled with love and affection. In her mind,it was a pleasure to have her young daughter make friends with someone who would be able to help her to learn things about the wizarding world. She always had a special little smile for the dark-haired boy, and loved to invite him in for dinner, never failing to send him home with two large plates or even an entire pot of hot and delicious food for him to share with his family.

Sometimes, Lily would bring Severus home with her, bruised and crying. The first time that this happened, Severus was hesitant to enter the downstairs bathroom and have his bruises and scratches attended to by Lily's mum. That changed when Lily dragged him inside of the sparkling clean room, and forced him to sit on top of the closed toilet lid while her mother closed the door with a snap, and muttered something under her breath. Lily sat on the edge of the tub and smiled soothingly at Severus, who was now giving her a terror filled look as her mother turned around with what appeared to be a wand in her hand and squatted so that she was at eye level with the boy.

"You're a witch?" he stammered in pure shock.

"Yes, but let's not tell anyone else about that little fact unless you have too, dear. My family doesn't exactly know that I've married a Muggle and have a daughter that is a half-blood. As a matter of fact, everyone in the magical world thinks that I'm a Muggle and that Lily is a Muggle-born, because I had stopped using magic until after she was born to keep her magic from being noticed too much," said Marry as she tenderly tilted the boy's chin, so that she could look into his eyes and dab his tears away with a soft lavender colored handkerchief.

"Can I please tell my mum that you're a witch?" asked Severus. "I know that it would make her feel better about letting me come over here so often."

"I don't see why not, as long as she doesn't tell anyone in the Ministry about me." Marry smiled as she waved her wand in a complicated pattern over him, casting a diagnostic charm on him to see how badly he was hurt.

"I don't think that you have to worry about that, Mrs. Evans. My mother never uses magic anymore, because of my father, and her own family never speaks to her because she married a Muggle," said Severus.

"First of all, you're like family to Lily and I. I'd like it very much if you'd leave off with calling me Mrs. Evans, and call me Mimi instead. Secondly, I need you to tell me the absolute truth about something that is very important," she said as she flicked her wand and unlocked a hidden door in the back of the medicine cabinet to reveal a large amount of various healing potions and ointments. She pulled out a child's pain relief potion, a jar of bruise paste and what Severus knew to be Essence of Dittany from the cabinet.

"You shouldn't try to lie to mum, Sev. She can read minds," said Lily as Severus looked up at Mimi apprehensively.

"It's not mindreading, sweetie, it's called Legilimency," said Mimi as she crossed her arms and gave Severus a look.

"Severus, the whole town knows that your father drinks. What I need you to tell me the truth about is if he is the one putting his hands on you and making these bruises and cuts? Does he beat you and your mother?" asked Mimi calmly as she gave him a thoughtful look.

Severus was in shock over what she had asked, and that she had guessed what was going on in his house with such accuracy,and gulped before he dared to speak. He found that the words just wouldn't come out, so he finally just nodded his head before feeling the urge to stare into her soft brown eyes.

"Lily will be standing right outside of the door, Severus. I need you to take off your shirt and anything else that is covering a bruise so that I can help you apply this bruise paste to anywhere that you can't reach yourself," ordered Mimi as she flicked her wand, making the bathroom door unlock before nodding to her daughter.

Fifteen minutes later found Severus completely healed, sitting at the dining room table eating lunch with the Evansfamily. When he left later that day, it was with a large pot of food for his family to eat, healing potions and ointments, and a letter for Severus's mother that was to be given to her when they were alone together.

Because of the care that Mimi showed to Severus and his mother, Eileen and Marry soon became close friends. So that day,during Lily and Severus's third year at Hogwarts when Lily's mother supposedly became very ill and died in the hospital,only Eileen knew the truth behind what had really happened to Marry, where exactly she had been taken, and by whom.

Marry was unable to return to her daughter and husband, and was therefore unable to continue to help Severus and Eileen. Eileen was sworn to secrecy, having taken the vow. Years later, during Severus's fifth year, she took that secret to her grave, no longer being able to handle Tobias Snape's abuse. Severus wouldn't have even known that his mother had died if it hadn't been for a mysterious letter that arrived in a soft purple envelope being carried by a white snowy owl with soft brown eyes.

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