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Chapter 8 Flea Bath's and Rat Traps

Three months later the Purity potion was completed, and had successfully been used upon the gaunt ring, the Diadem of Ravenclaw cleansing them of the dark piece of soul as well as any other dark charms that Tom had placed upon them. They waited until the weekend to use the potion upon Harry. Harry was put into a potion induced sleep so that he'd feel no pain, as the potion was administered. As the potion was poured over his scar, they heard the sound of Phoenix song as Faux suddenly appeared parched on the headboard above Harry's bed singing as the boy's body began to glow with the same light that surrounded Faux as the darkness left his body screaming before vanishing completely. Severus leapt back in shock as the basilisk suddenly appeared and coiled herself around the bed protectively with her yellow eyes fluttering beneath transparent protective eyelids.

Marry laughed as the Basilisk and the Phoenix seemed to argue over something, and Severus backed away fearfully. "Mimi!" Severus stammered fearfully.

"Don't worry, Severus, Toby is safer now than he has ever been. Salazar's Basilisk was thankful to Toby and I, so, she's bonded to him as his familiar, and so has faux, though according to that argument that he's having with Naga, he's agreed to remain with Albus, until the proper time, and to not let on that anything has changed, since Naga will always be with Toby." Marry said as she left the bedroom to have a cup of tea.

"How in Salazar's name is a bloody basilisk of that size going to stay by Toby's side without being noticed?" Severus asked as he backed from the room never removing his eyes from the massive snake who was obviously still bickering with the phoenix.

"The Basilisk has her own magic, some of which is not documented in any book or tome that isn't written by Salazar Slytherin, in parcel tongue." Mimi said as she handed Severus a cup of tea laced with fire whiskey that he sipped gratefully as he sank into an armchair.

"Mimi, how do we know that the basilisk won't kill Toby accidentally?" Severus sighed.

"Basilisk's are extremely intelligent creatures Severus. Now please stop worrying about it. I do believe that you have end of term to worry about as do I, that said, please let me get back to work." Mimi smiled as she settled herself and began grading once more.

Later that week Severus and Mimi was in Headmaster Dumbledore's office discussing her lesson plans for the next school year when Lucius Malfoy burst into the room enraged and rudely interrupted them. Merry took notice of the house elf that was with him, and left the office so that Albus could speak with him. Grandson that the elf was abused, because of talks that he had, had with his friend Draco, who felt sorry for the elf, but could do nothing, unless he bring his father's temper down upon him. Those she hid in an alcove near the gates of Hogwarts where she knew that Lucius would have to pass, and placed one of Toby's old socks into the old diary.

Lucius stalked passed her and she stepped out from her hiding spot silently and called out to him making him jump in shock. "Lord Malfoy, if I may have a word with you!" she said calmly.

"So the rumors are true! You are alive after all, Lady Brown." Lucius drawled silkily.

"Indeed, I am. I wanted to return this to you, as it was you who placed it into the innocent hands of one of my students in the hopes of reviving Voldemort." Mimi said boldly as she thrust the book back into his hands.

Lucius gaped and tossed the diary to Dobby, who gave the elderly lady a puzzled look as she mimicked opening a book before pointing at him when Lucius's back was turned. The elf opened the book and pulled out the sock before trembling with excitement and joy. "Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby has clothes, he is Free!" the elf said as he hugged the sock as Lucius turned around to find Marry gone and a white owl sitting in the rafters of the covered bridge watching him, as he raged when the elf popped away. Once Lucius was gone Mary reappeared in front of the elf with a large smile upon her face.

"Well, Dobby! Since you are a free elf now, what would you think of serving me and my grandson, who's idea it was to release you, in return I shall pay you, and you may purchase any kind of clothing that your little heart desires." Mimi said as the elf looked up at her with wide eyes.

"You is the Granny of Harry Potter. You and Harry Potter saved Dobby. It is an honor to have the opportunity to serve the family of the Great Harry Potter. Dobby will keep all of your secrets, and will do anything to help his new Master's and Mistress." Dobby said happily.

"That's good Dobby. Our home is under the fadelious charm. Here's the address. It will please me if you'd go there right away and get to know my other elves. You are free to do whatever you with to make your life more happy. We shall meet you home" Mimi said as the elf bowed and popped away with a large smile upon his face.

Summer was fun for Toby and his friends. Even if he didn't get to see them to protect his secret. He had now taken to riding Miss T, every morning before breakfast, and had landed in a clearing in the forest so that Miss T. could drink from the cool stream that ran through it, when he looked up to see Rainbow walking towards him with a massive black Irish wolf hound, who looked as if he had seen better days. His fur was matted and tangled. He was terribly thin, and he had a massive case of fleas. The dog belly crawled along the ground making soft whimpering noises as to not frighten off the boy, and Harry stood and cautiously walked towards the shaggy dog with his hand out in a friendly manner that made the dog wag his tail eagerly.

"Hey there boy, you get lost from your owner?" Harry soothed as he scratched the dog's ears and checked for a collar and identification tags. The dog scratched at his fleas and wined pitifully. "Poor boy, you're a mess. Why don't you come home with me, and I'll see if my Mimi has any table scraps that we can give you." Toby said as he removed his belt and looped it around the dog's neck like a collar and leash so that he could lead the dog home. Padfoot had been searching for Harry ever since his escape from Azkaban, after seeing a newspaper article that clearly showed the Rat Pettigrew sitting upon the shoulder of a boy who would be attending Hogwarts with Harry.

He had searched and searched and was about to give up when he came upon the boy with the strange cat and the winged horse. The boy smelled somewhat like he remembered Harry smelling, only there were physical differences between Harry and this boy. He had the same green eyes as Harry did, but his hair was silky and smooth and went down to his shoulders to be held back by a black ribbon. This boy, may not be Harry, but perhaps, if he played the part of the loyal dog, the boy would take him to Hogwarts so that he could get his revenge upon the rat Peter. He allowed the boy to lead him to his home and perked his ears as they entered the back garden and he could smell the enticing sent of bacon frying and his stomach growled hungrily.

"Toby, what have you found there?" Mimi asked as she exited the back door of the kitchen as Miss T. trotted into the yard and over to her morning grain, as Rainbow meowed and ran into the house to partake of her favorite pass time of mouse hunting.

"I found a dog, Mimi. He looks like someone threw him away or abused him. He's so skinny, can I keep him please?" Harry asked pleadingly.

"Well, he doesn't have a collar, and he seems like a nice dog. I guess that you may keep him, but he isn't going into the house until he get's a good bath. He stinks, and the poor old boy is riddled with fleas and ticks." Mimi said as she took ahold of the belt that Harry was using to control the dog and started walking him into the barn. "Go inside and get cleaned up for breakfast while I make the dog more comfortable. Once you've cleaned your hands you may bring out that plate of bacon fat, and the leftovers from last night and we'll feed it to the dog." Mimi said as Toby smiled and ran into the house.

"I knew that you'd show up eventually Sirius Black!" Mimi said as she dragged the dog into the feed room and removed Toby's belt from around his neck. "It's no use, Sirius, you might as well change back, and tell me what in God's name you're thinking doing this." Mimi snapped as she stood there blocking the door with her arms crossed and an angry expression upon her face.

Sirius changed back into his human form and gave the elderly witch a puzzled look as he scratched his head. "Who are you exactly, and how do you know who I am?' Sirius asked in a fearful tone.

"My name is Marry Stella Brown-Evans. I was Lily's mother, and I am Harry's grandmother, though he hasn't gone by that name since he was four years old. It's lucky for you that he found you instead of his father, or worse a dementor." Mimi said.

"Wait a minute, Harry's father is dead, he was killed by You Know Who's hand." Sirius said.

"James Potter was never Harry's father. Lily had a one night stand with Harry's father, on her wedding night because James was too busy gallivanting around with you on that blasted motor bike. Harry's name is now Toby Harrison Prince. That will remain his name until the Dark Lord has been defeated once and for all, and his birth father is free to stop spying for the light. I know that you've had issues with Toby's father in the past. That said if you so much as snarl at him, I'll make sure that you not only get the bath that you badly need, but I'll take you to the Magical Veterinarian, and will have your manly pride removed. Do I make myself crystal clear?" Mimi asked as the back door of the house banged.

"Yes, ma'am!" Sirius said in a soft voice.

"Good now, you'd better not let Toby see you in this form. I will return to the feed room later this evening after Toby's in bed, and you'll tell me why you've gone through all of this trouble to get here. Now change back, Toby's coming with something for you to eat." Mimi said as Toby came running into the barn calling for his Mimi. We're in here Toby, I was just fixing up a nice bed for snuffles here." Mimi said as Toby opened the door.

"You must be hungry boy. Here you go." Toby said as he placed a large bowl onto the ground at the dog's feet along with a bucket of cold clean water for the dog to drink. Mimi, I asked dad, if I can keep the dog, and he agrees with you, as long as the dog doesn't mess up the house, and get's a bath. He even said that he'd help me give him a bath after breakfast." Toby said as he scratched the dog making his tail wag before leaving the feed room behind his Mimi.

Sirius lounged on a bale of hay that was covered in an old horse blanket after he had finished his breakfast, and then perked his ears as the sound of Harry, no his grandmother had said that his name was Toby now, came into the barn with another voice, that of a man. Toby opened the door and called to the dog, by the name that his Mimi had called him. "Come on Snuffles, it's bath time." Toby said as the dog followed him out to a large wash tub outside of the barn where Sirius got a good first look at none other than Snivelous Snape. Sirius backed up in fear of what Severus would do to him if he knew exactly who he was.

"Oh no you don't!" Severus said as he stepped over and picked the dog up and placed him into the tub with the dog wriggling to escape. Before Sirius could escape the tub Toby grabbed him and dumped a bucket of warm water over him. Next he shivered as cold shampoo was drizzled from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. He then felt the most amazing sensation as two pairs of hands massaged and scrubbed the flea soap deep into his fur sending pleasure down his spine. "Who would ever think that Snape would not only be Harry, I mean Toby's real father, and that he'd be so gentle and attentive to a scruffy old mutt like me. I'd better be really careful not to let him know exactly who I am or he's hex me into next year!" Sirius thought as he relaxed in the tub as the fleas and ticks dropped off of him as if he was poisonous to them.

Sirius waited until they had rinsed him and they were reaching for towels before he shook vigorously drenching both Severus and Toby before leaping out of the tub and ripping the towel out of Severus's hands letting it fall to the ground before he started to roll upon it making Toby laugh. Mimi came out of the house and cast a drying charm upon Severus, Toby and Snuffles before she attacked his fur with a brush and a pair of clippers to make him look a little more presentable. Later that night Sirius was laying at the foot of Toby's bed as the boy fell asleep. He left Toby's bed, and ventured into the sitting room where Severus was speaking to Mimi about the up and coming school year and lay upon the carpet at Mimi's feet listening to their conversation, until Severus got up, stretched, and gave him a scratch behind the ear before retiring to his own room for the night.

"Come along, Snuffles, you and I need to have that little chat, now." Mimi said as she held open the back door that led out into the back gardens and towards the stables. Sirius followed her and transformed back into his human form looking much better after receiving the bath and the haircut, though he couldn't figure out how his wild mane of hair and the scraggly that was his facial hair had been removed and tamed when he was in his animagus form. "Okay, Sirius, here's a plate for you to eat, and a nutrition potion that will help you get back up to snuff. Now tell me, why have you left Azkaban, and why are you so hell bent on getting to Hogwarts?" Mimi said as if she had read his mind.

"To answer your question, you're not exactly the worlds best occlumense, Sirius. You're so open with your thoughts that I can see them very easily." Mimi said making him choke on his food in shock.

"Lady Brown, I had to get out of Azkaban. I was framed! I didn't murder those muggles, or Peter Pettigrew, and I wasn't the Potter's Secret keeper. Peter was!" Sirius said calmly as he took a sip of the butter beer that Mimi handed him to clear his throat.

"So, your plan is what? Go to Hogwarts with my grandson, track down the rat, and disembowel him?" Mimi scowled.

"Something along those lines. He led the Dark Lord right to my best friends. I want him dead." Sirius snarled sounding like an angry dog at that moment more than ever.

"I understand, however, there is another way, an easier way. A way to capture him and clear your name. Let me help you if you wish to be free." Mimi said crossing her arms.

"How can you help?" Sirius asked.

"It's simple, you will earn Severus's trust, and will accompany Toby to Hogwarts. Once there you will work with Rainbow to hunt down and point out the rat animagus. After that, I'll simply transform into my animagus form, which happens to be the rat's natural enemy, and we'll snatch him off of the ground and he'll be sent straight to Azkaban and will more than likely receive the Dementors kiss for his crimes. However just incase things don't go as planned, you'd better give me a copy of your memories of that day and everything leading up to it, so that it can be used to help you if this doesn't work." Mimi said as she handed Sirius an empty phial to place his memories into before walking out of the barn only to be followed by Snuffles seconds later.

The rest of the summer found Sirius getting to realize that Snape wasn't as bad as he had once thought. The man had great respect for Toby's grandmother, and was stern yet still gave Toby love and made the boy laugh and have fun, a thing that Sirius had always thought was beyond the dark robed wizard. He was starting to like Severus until one day when he was in the kitchen and noticed Severus's faded dark mark, and started growling from under the table, until he was chased out of the house by the business end of a broom by Lady Brown who had seen the whole thing. "Mimi, why did you chase the dog out of the house?" Severus asked as he finished up the lunch dishes.

"Oh, he was scratching again. I'm going to give him another bath. It has been a while since his last one." Mimi said as she grabbed the bottle of horse shampoo and the bottle of flea soap from the shelf in the mud room and briskly stepped out onto the back porch and scanned the yard for the dog. Toby was in the stable grooming Miss T. and was about to place a saddle on her back for an afternoon ride over to his friend's house, when Mimi stepped into the barn looking for the dog who was hiding in the loose hay pile.

"If you're looking for Snuffles, he's under the hay pile. What did he do?" Toby asked as he tightened his saddle.

"He was itching his fleas under the kitchen table, so I'm going to bathe him again." Mimi said as Miss T. lowered her head and allowed Toby to place her bridle on.

"Do you want any help, Mimi? I can always go and visit Neville later." Toby said as Snuffles poked his head out of the hay pile and yelped as he was suddenly levitated directly into the tub outside.

"No dear, Neville has been waiting for you. I can handle this scruffy ruffian." Mimi said as she rolled up her sleeves and started to scrub the black wolf hound vigorously while he sat in the tub wining and whimpering as if he was being tortured.

"Okay, Mimi, I'll be home before dinner time." Toby said happily as he mounted Miss T. and she leapt into the sky and vanished instantly.

"You brought this on yourself, Padfoot. I did warn you of what I'd do if you snarled at Severus. Now stop that crying, or Ill give you something to cry for, after I spray you with flowery smelling perfume and place pretty pink ribbons in your fur after I take you to the vet." Mimi snapped as she vanished the tub after rinsing him off and cast a drying charm on him before ordering him into the feed room. Padfoot ran into the feed room with his tail tucked between his legs and instantly transformed back into his human form as Mimi entered and placed up silencing wards so that they wouldn't be overheard.

"Now what was that growling about?' Mimi asked with a stern expression on her face.

"Snape is a death eater!" Sirius blurted angrily.

"Trust me when I say that both Albus and I are well aware of this fact. Severus is a spy for the Order of the Phoenix. Granted I'm still very put out over how long Albus is taking to pay back the money that he took from my grandson's volt, but Severus is on our side, Sirius. Now if you cant respect that point, then I'll have no choice but to send you on your way and leave you to the dementors instead of protecting you." Mimi said with a cold glint in her eyes.

"Now I think that you should sleep out here in the barn tonight so that you have no distractions and are able to think of what you did wrong, and how to remedy it." Mimi said as she left the feed room.

"But what about dinner later tonight?" Sirius asked.

"Act like a dog eat and sleep like a dog!" Mimi snapped as she flicked her wand conjuring a dog bowl with dry dog kibble that didn't smell very appetizing making Sirius's jaw drop in shock. He transformed back into his dog form and tried to leave the stables only to find that he was tethered to a loop in the wall. Grumbling to himself he reentered the feed room and attempted to change back into his human form only to find that he was stuck in his animagus form.

When Toby came home from Neville's home he noticed the dog tied to the barn and scratched his head affectionately. Snuffles, I told you that it was only a matter of time before my gran or my dad caught you lifting your leg in the potions lab. You're lucky that Mimi hasn't done worse to you." Toby said as he unsaddle Miss T. and brushed her before putting her into her stall for the night. Sirius watched Toby as he entered the house and hugged his Mimi before washing his hands in the kitchen sink and taking a seat at the dinner table. He looked up when he heard the soft voice of someone sniggering at him.

"You have got to be the most ridiculous human that I've ever come across. You know, you're very lucky that the Master of Potions doesn't know exactly who you are, or you'd be potions ingredients for certain." Miss T. said as she tossed her head before taking a long sip of her water.

"You can talk?" Sirius thought hoping that the winged horse would hear him.

"As many years as you've been an Animagus, have you never attempted to speak to another animal? Of course I can speak. That said you'd better behave yourself or you'll be left here on the end of that enchanted tether with the feed room and surrounding area enchanted to instantly remove your waste, and your feed and water bowls enchanted to refill." Miss T. said calmly.

" She wouldn't dare do that to me, would she?" Sirius asked.

"Let's just put it this way, do you really wish to push her and find out?" Miss T. Said as she buried her nose into her feed.

"Don't be a horses ass you feather brained old nag!" Sirius snapped before Miss T. popped her head out and sneezed directly into his face coating it with thick mucus that reminded him of having the bat boogie hex placed upon him.

"That's just wrong!" Sirius sulked as he used his front paws to attempt to clean his face.

"You deserved it! Oh and did I mention that it won't come off until you either apologize or have gotten another bath?" Miss T. nickered making Sirius groan with despair.

A few weeks later Toby was walking through the train with Draco on their way back to the Slytherin car when the train suddenly stopped and it went cold inside when they were just outside of the compartment that Ron, Neville, and Hermione were sitting in. Dark shadows floated outside as someone suddenly opened the door and they were pulled into the compartment by the hand of the adult who had up until then been asleep. "Get in here, and don't leave this compartment until the train starts moving again. I'm going to go and see what's happened." the Professor in ragged tattered robes said as he left the students alone in the car.

Draco, Hermione, Neville, and Toby all looked at each other with fearful expressions upon their faces as Snuffles cried and scratched frantically at the compartment door begging to be let in as Dementors floated into the train. Toby gave Draco a look and stepped to open the door as Snaffles tackled him to the floor of the compartment and licked him eagerly before he suddenly stopped, looked up at what was now standing in the doorway and promptly wet himself before diving under the seats and whimpering with fear. The Dementor entered the compartment and suddenly another entered behind him and they began to suck the joy out of both Draco and Toby.

Both boys screamed and collapsed to the ground. Upon seeing Toby being attacked Snuffles growled and leapt at the Dementors in a moment of extreme valor or extreme stupidity. He wasn't sure which at that moment. He launched himself at the closest Dementor grabbed the tattered black cloak that it wore and commenced to pull it away from Toby. Remus ran through the train upon hearing the students screams, and saw a familiar shaggy dog standing in the corridor of the train snarling and growling as he fought to pull the Dementor that he had ahold away from the compartment with the other following closely. He summoned his Patronus and upon hearing the incantation the shaggy dog ducked allowing the patronus to hit the dementor square in the chest. "None of us are hiding Sirius Black here." Remus said as he grasped the black dog by the collar only to have him nip him and run back into the compartment where he started to lick the two boys eagerly attempting to awaken them.

Remus placed the two boys back upon the seats as they awakened and handed them each a large bar of chocolate. "Make sure that they both eat all of that. I'm going to send an owl to the school to inform them of the dementor attack." he said as he watched Toby eat the Chocolate. As he left the compartment he was almost to the boys loo when he was grabbed from behind and pulled into the bathroom that was silenced and locked instantly.

"Moony, it's me! Hold your fire old friend!" Sirius said holding his hand up defensively.

"Sirius, what in Merlin's name are you doing here?" Remus asked now feeling confused.

"I was framed, Moony. Wormtail was the Potter's Secret keeper not me. He led the dark lord to them and then when I was about to capture him, he blew up the street, cut off his finger, and killed those innocent muggles. I'm here to help Harry's grandmother, find and capture Wormtail. He's been pretending to be the pet of that red headed boy in the compartment. Please Moony you've got to believe me, and you can't tell the Headmaster that I am here, or that anyone was attacked. According to Harry's grandmother, and his real father, Albus has been trying everything to find which student is Harry." Sirius said frantically.

"Let me get this straight, Padfoot! Are you telling me that one of those boys in that compartment is Harry, and that James is not his real father, and that his grandmother knows everything?" Remus asked in clear shock.

"Yes, I made a vow that I'd not reveal any more than that. Please Moony, just report that all is well and that the dementors are gone. I'm begging you. Lady Brown will neuter me if I allow Albus to find out that Toby Prince is Harry." Sirius pleaded with his friend.

"Fine, but you're going to ensure that I have the opportunity to speak to Harry or Toby, as well as his so called father, and his grandmother as soon as it can be arraigned." Remus said as Sirius changed back into his animagus form and left the room with his tail wagging to return to the teens.

After the sorting and the start of term feast, Remus stepped out into the empty corridors and noticed Padfoot sitting at the feet of Professor Brown. He stepped over to them and followed the elder witch and his friend as they ventured down into the dungeons and entered an empty classroom. Once inside the elder with locked and silenced the room so they wouldn't be overheard, before turning to the black dog and nodding at him.

Sirius returned to his human form, and introduced Remus to the older witch. "Remus, this is Lady Marry Evans (Nee Brown). She's Harry's grandmother from his mother's side of the family." said Sirius in a calm tone.

"Wait a minute! Are you telling me that this is Lily's mother?" Remus asked in a shocked voice.

"Yes, she is. I've told her everything, and she's agreed to help capture Wormtail." Sirius said before noticing the annoyed expression on the face of Mimi Brown.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I got excited!" he said hanging his head with shame. "Mimi, this is Remus Lupin, but we have always called him Moony."

"I'm pleased to meet you Remus. I am glad that you were present when the Dementors attacked. Has Sirius informed you of what's going on?" she asked.

"Yes, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to teach your grandson to protect himself with patronus charm, since the Dementors are guarding the school grounds." Remus suggested.

"That is a good idea, but perhaps you should teach them all, so that Dumbledore won't get curious, and single Toby out. I don't trust that old codger as far as I can physically throw him without my magic." Mimi said calmly.

"I'll see to that, Lady Brown." Mooney said as he left the room.

The school year passed and Padfoot spent most of his time attempting to get ahold of Ron Weasley's Rat Scabbers. As time passed he was getting very frustrated until one day He awoke to find Naga curled up on Toby's bed with a smug expression upon her reptilian face. "What in the world are you so smug about fang face?" Padfoot huffed as he looked at the basilisk.

"Get the wolf, and Mistress Brown, and my young Masster's father, and you'll find out!" hissed Naga as she curled up on Toby's bed with a satisfied expression.

"Okay, but this better be good." Padfoot huffed as he left the room and sought out the three professors who were just leaving the staff room at that moment.

The shaggy dog bounded up to them all and started barking persistently, making all three Professors give him a look. He than ran around behind them and gave all of them gentle nudges to move them in the direction that he wanted them to go, before bounding back around them and standing in the corridor wagging his tail wildly. "We don't have time to play with you right now Snuffles. Go back to your young master!" Severus ordered earning a grumble from the dog.

"Severus, wait, he wants us to follow him. There's something important that we need to see." Marry said as she calmly started to follow the dog back to the Slytherin dorm. Severus and Remus gave each other a look and followed the dog.

The common room door opened freely as the portrait of Salazar Slytherin caught sight of one of the Slytherin student's familiars who was in the company of the head of house. Upon seeing the massive basilisk curled up upon Toby Prince's bed, Remus pulled his wand prepared for any outcome. "What have you found, Naga," Marry asked the Basilisk?

"I found thisss little morssssel sssskulking around the Potionssss classss room late lasssst night, Missstresss. May I pleassse eat him," Naga hissed opening her scaled lips to reveal a very horrified shabby rat shaking in fear for his life behind the teeth of the deadly serpent.

"Not, this time Naga. I am afraid that we have other plans for this particular rat." Marry said as she levitated Wormtail out of the basilisks mouth.

Marry instantly conjured a cage for the mangy rat, before giving Severus, Remus, and the dog a smirk, changing into her animagus form, and flying out of the school with the rat cage clasped tightly in her talons. She was gone for the rest of that day dealing with the Ministry ensuring that Sirius Black's name was cleared.

As the sun began to sink in the western horizon, Severus in a rare mood, walked with Remus and chatted with him about a potion that He and his son had been working on, which they both hoped would end Remus's need for the Wolves Bane Potion forever, ridding him of the need to lock himself away at the full moon. They were almost to the secret entrance of the Womping Willow, when the sounds of arguing voices came from the very place that the Professors were now headed. Snuffles was standing between Toby, Draco, Hermione, and Ron snapping and snarling at the boy who had his wand drawn and was trying to decide who he wanted to hex more in his fit of anger.

"Right then, why don't you just fess up, and admit that one of your pesky feline mennouses ate my pet rat," Ron Weasley screamed angrily!

"Ronald, I'm telling you, neither Krookshanks or Rainbow, has eaten your rat," Hermione snapped as Toby held back his tongue, and his Dog, after learning from his Basilisk familiar exactly who Ron's rat, Scabbers, truly was, and who had really taken him.

"Get off of it, Weasel breath! Sure, Rainbow, and Crookshanks both like to chase rats, but I hardly think that either one of them would eat your mankey old rat. They'd probably die if they had," Draco sniggered.

"Stay out of this Malfoy, it doesn't concern you," Ron snarled!

Draco stood between Hermione, and Ron with his wand out, to defend his friend who had Toby's Rainbow Kneesle sitting on her shoulder, while she attempted to hold her very fat orange kneesle cat. "Break it up, you four! It's almost time for all students to be inside of the castle. Break this up before I give all of you detention," Snape snapped angrily.

"Professor, Weasley tried to attack Toby, Hermione, and I as we were on our way back from Haggrid's hut, after having him make sure that our pets were properly cared for," Draco said as his head of house stepped between the other boy, and his friends.

"Lower your wand, Master Weasley," Remus ordered before changing his mind and simply disarming the boy, making him scowl.

"Hay," Ron yelped in shock!

"Sir, one of those darned cat's ate my pet Rat," Ron argued!

"They did nothing of the sort, Ron! You know very well that your rat has been slipping off every day since the beginning of the year," Hermione snapped as Draco took Toby's Rainbow kneesle from her shoulder in preparation to return to the castle as his head of house had ordered.

"I can handle this Lupin, go on about your business. Mr. Prince, Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger, go to the castle at once." Severus ordered his son and his friends, as he grabbed Ron Weasley by the scruff of his robes.

Remus nodded, and continued on his path, not daring to look up at the moon, as Severus preceded to drag the protesting boy back to the school following the other students and their pets. Suddenly pain ripped through his body, and he doubled over moaning in pain as the transformation took ahold of him, letting a pained howl issue from his lips. He was mere inches away from the last safe place beyond the entrance of the secret hollow beneath the Womping Willow, when the change took him over and he turned in his wolf form to see the retreating Professor and the delicious looking students. He snarled and lunged towards them, only to be rushed at by Toby Prince's Dog, who instantly transformed into his human form and attempted to man handle him back to the safety of the inside of the Willow.

Sirius tried to hold his friend back as Severus turned to gape in open mouthed shock at what he was seeing. "Don't just stand there like an empty cauldron, Severus, you fool! Get the student's to safety," Sirius Screamed as he was thrown by the overwhelming strength of the werewolf to slide landing inches from where Severus stood in shock before transforming back into his animagus form to fight his friend who was not in his right mind after being taken over by the power of the full moon. Toby and Draco each grabbed at Ron, and tried to help him run, as Hermione tugged at the Professor's sleeve in an attempt to get him to move.

Hermione tried to pull him away but her efforts weren't working on her Professor, who drew his wand and stood protectively between the four students and the imp roaching wolf. Wolf Remus tossed the shaggy black dog who was now unconscious to the side of the Black Lake. Suddenly the howl of another wolf echoed out over the school grounds from the Forbidden Forest just beyond the Black Lake, making the werewolf turn and run into the forest after it, as Dementors started to swirl around the unconscious form of the man who now lay upon the moon lit shore of the Black Lake, drawing in deep breaths of his soul with each downward swoop that they took towards his body.

Toby screamed and ran passed his stunned father with his wand raised defensively. "Expecto Patronum," yelled Toby, Draco, and Hermione in perfect unison. Severus watched in awe as three corporeal patronuses spouted from the tips of the three teens wands. A phoenix erupted from Toby's wand. At the same time an otter and a Dragon erupted from Hermione and Draco's wand. The patronuses shone brightly and a silvery doe patronus erupted from Severuses wand once his initial shock wore off.

The Patronuses swooped at the dememtors together driving them off, and away from Sirius. As the Dementors left Sirius there was another scream from behind the group of fighting wizards, and Draco turned to see Ron being attacked by a rogue dememtor. Draco swung his wand over his head sending his dragon patronus flying towards the Dememtor making it fly away in fear and Ron looked up at the Slytherin boy in shock and disbelief.

As the school year drew to a close, the four friends spent every spare minute together. Toby, Draco, Hermione, and Neville were sitting in their favorite place under the beach tree near the banks of the Black Lake, when Ron Weasley came over to them with his eyes downcast and he scuffed the toes of his shoes into the soft bank sand. "Can we help you, Ronald, Toby asked as he stroked Rainbow's head with one hand and strokes Naga's head with his other as the massive basilisk wrapped her coils around Toby and his friends protectively?

"Um, I was told to give you this, by Professor Lupin," he said as he handed a sealed letter over to Toby. "I also wanted to say that I'm sorry, for the way that I've treated all of you, and that I'm very glad that you saved my life, Draco. I owe you a life debt, and I would like to be friends with all of you, to start making amends to you all." Ron said setting his blue eyes to Draco's silver ones.

Draco and the others got to their feet and each of them held out their hands, placing them one at a time over Ron's outstretched one. "I accept you as my friend no matter how my house feels about the Slytherin Gryffindor rivalry," Draco said calmly as he placed his hand over Ron's.

"I accept your friendship and apology in the fashion of a true friend," Toby said placing his hand over where Draco's remained.

"I accept your friendship now, and forever until the wizarding world ends taking my life," Neville said as he placed his hand over Toby's.

"I will accept your friendship with all of my heart, and will never falter in my loyalty to my true friends." Hermione said placing her hand over Neville's. Magic swirled around them, and Naga coiled around the friends and placed the end of her tail around the clasped hands of the friends.

"I Naga, queen of the sssserpentssss, do hereby pledge to protect the ssssacred five, until my lasssst breath. My venom and my gaze will never harm these ssssacred friendsssss. Whoa be it upon the livessss of any who dare to harm them! I grant to the sssacred five the powerssss of the foundersss. To all the power to undersssstand the language of all animalsss. To the many times great nessstling of Lady Rowena Ravenclaw, I grant, unbounding wit and wisssdom." A blue light surrounded Hermione Granger making her gasp in shock. "Never let anyone tell you that you are less than you are, for your blood is as pure as that of your for mother. The Great Rowena Ravenclaw. Sssso mote it be!" Naga said.

"To the many timessss great grandchild of lady Helga Hufflepuff, I grant the power of hidden sssstrength, and ever lassssting love for all of the wizarding worldssss misssfitssss." Naga said as Ron Weasley glowed with a yellow light. "To the many timessss great grandchild of Godrick Gryffindor, I grant the power of bravery and sssstrength ," Naga said as Neville glowed red. "To the many timessss great grandchild of Ssssalizar Ssssslytherin, I grant the power of true kunning and knoledge over all potionssss known and not written." Naga said as Draco glowed green with light. "Lastly to the many timessss grandchild of the Great Merlin who wasssss the father of all magic, I grant the power of all Magic. Sssssso Mote it be." Naga said as Toby glowed in bright white light.

"It will take you all time to learn of your powersssss, If you ever have any quesssstionssss, don't hesssitate to asssk any of the portraitssss, Myssself, or Faux the feather brained." Naga hissed as she slithered away upon the sight of Professor Dumbledor, who was coming towards them.