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Only a few weeks after Willow had moved in with Oz she made the announcement that they were expecting a baby, the news was bittersweet for Buffy; on one hand she was extremely happy for her best friend but that pang of longing happened.

Will had been a little reluctant to tell her the news but Buffy was adamant that she was okay and not to downplay the turn of events. They were snuggled on the sofa watching a movie when she told Angel the news and could feel his body tense.

His arm wrapped around her tighter and laid his cheek on top of her head "That's great news" she smiled weakly before shifting to face him, she could see the worry in his eyes. If truth be told she was surprised at herself for being strong.

"Angel, I'm not going to break…" he stroked the side of her face with his fingers, she closed her eyes and leaned against his touch "This is a good thing, I'm happy for them" her smile became genuine as she remembered the excitement on her friends face.

Angel wrapped both his arms around her and shifted her onto his lap, he searched her eyes to see if she was telling the truth, although there was a hint of sadness he could see that she was okay and was happy.

"I'm fine" she grabbed his face with her hands to hold him in place "I'm fine" she stressed her words before kissing him lightly; he tightened his grip on her and rolled them to lay down on the sofa. She scowled playfully at him and hugged him closer.

Angel nudged the pillow behind his head to get comfortable then tightened his arm around her body as she snuggled against him. She placed her head on his chest and sighed contentedly.

Buffy closed her eyes and focused on the steady thump, thump of his heart "Willow will be a great mom" her fingers played with the button on his shirt pocket for a moment before she ran her palm down his side to grasp onto his hand.

He tilted his head to the side and kissed the top of her hair "Yeah she will be" soothingly he ran his free hand up and down her back until they both fell asleep.


When Christmas came his mom and dad flew out to California to join the festivities, Kathy fussed over Buffy, they had spoke on the phone once or twice but it wasn't the same; she was happy that her son found her again and was happy.

Joyce, Dawn and Kathy were in the living room talking over past events, Angel was in the kitchen putting final touches on their meal; Buffy was sitting out on the porch just enjoying the cooler air that December brought.

Colin stepped outside and cleared his throat "May I?" when she nodded he sat down on the bench beside her "I've been waiting to speak to you all evening but I couldn't get you alone" he chuckled as he looked at the garden then back at her.

Buffy smiled at the older man, he was a second father to her, although he wasn't much of a speaker he always showed that he cared for her "I know how much you mean to my son, I'm sure I don't have to tell you how hard it was when we left… I'm glad that you can be together again"

Colin smiled and pulled out and envelope from the pocket on the inside of his waistcoat "This, I wanted to give you, well both of you… I want you to have this" he handed her the envelope and smiled widely.

She pulled out the paper from the inside and scrunched her eyebrows, she read through the deeds and choked, this was unexpected "What?" she looked over to the man who was for all intents and purposes her father-in-law in shock.

The older man chuckled "Angel thinks that were selling this place, I couldn't bare it; it's a beautiful cottage and deserves someone who would enjoy spending some time there in the summer" the deeds he handed over was for their property in Galway.

Buffy looked down at the papers and stuttered, this was beyond nice, it was their first Christmas together and the in-laws got them a house? Of course it was there's already but still it was a grand gesture "Wow"

She cleared her throat and looked to him with tears in her eyes "I don't know what to say… thank you" she wrapped her arms around his neck and squeeze him tight. Colin chuckled and patted her on the back "You're more than welcome Buffy"

The older man cleared his throat and smiled fondly.

"You know, this was one of the places me and Kath stayed at on our honeymoon, we've not been back in so long, although we've travelled all our lives it's time we stop with the long haul flights and give this place to people who are in love who could find space in their hearts to love this too"

Buffy put the papers back in the envelope "I've never been to Ireland… in fact the furthest I've been is to Mexico" she chuckled, she'd longed to travel for so long but the costs were too much to do on a whim "Thank you again"

Colin shrugged his shoulders "Needn't say thank you dear, you're family" he ran his hand over her hair then went back inside. Buffy remained on the bench for a minute or so longer then headed back inside; she placed the envelope in the drawer so she could help with dinner.

Angel was buzzing around the kitchen when she entered, he tipped his head to the side "You okay?" he could see the glassiness in her eyes. She smiled widely and wrapped her arms around him and placed a kiss on his back "I'm perfect"

Her small hands ran up and down his chest as she pressed into his back "I know" he smirked down at her then leaned down to kiss her when she ducked under his arm to face him. The kiss grew heated in a matter of moments but they pulled away when they heard Joyce holler.

"Honey, Mr Giles is here" Buffy looked to Angel one last time then left him alone in the kitchen, she looked around the living room to his and her family, well their family and she couldn't help but smile.


She watched with love and with sadness as Angel cradled Will and Oz's new born baby who was only a couple of hours old. His face was lit up as he gently rocked the baby and made the cutest noises, that pang came back, the one that longed for one of her own.

"She's beautiful Will" she looked back to her best friend who was glowing and smiled widely, it had been a long night in the hospital for the two of them but that didn't matter, they now had their baby in their arms after nine long months.

Willow smiled "Thank you" she stifled a yawn then blushed, Oz kissed the top of her hair then took a seat beside the bed. She turned back to Angel who was still smiling at the bundle in his arms, he was a natural; fatherhood suited him.

"You wanna hold her?" she came out of her daze and nodded, her hands were shaking as she walked over to him; it had been many years since she had held a baby and was nervous. She calmed herself and sat in the seat that he had vacated.

"Hi" the baby opened her eyes and gurgled, Buffy bit her lip at how cute she was "Aren't you just precious" at the funny face the baby pulled she laughed softly, she was so proud but at the same time she felt like crying.

The new parents were deep in conversation with each other not paying them attention, Buffy was almost in a trance; her eyes never leaving the precious bundle in her arms, even when a nurse came in to check up on Willow.

Angel ran his knuckles over her cheek, he kept a close eye on her as he watched her cuddle the baby, he'd managed to get out of her that she was a little jealous of the couple but was still incredibly happy.

They spent the rest of the visit slot holding the baby, when the time was up Willow grabbed Buffy's hand before she left "I wanted to ask you something…" she cleared her throat then smiled "I'd like you to be the baby's godmother"

Buffy felt the tears surface in her eyes "Oh Will, I'd love too" she leaned over and hugged her friend "Thank you… get some rest and I'll come back tomorrow!" the red head nodded then yawned once again, Buffy gave Oz a quick hug then left.

Angel stopped off at a bakery to pick up some cakes before they headed back home, usually she would be the first one in the box picking out the best one and scoffing it before they'd stepped over the threshold but the box was still sealed.

He followed her as she went into the living room and curled up on the sofa, bringing the blanket that rested on the back around her "What's wrong?" she looked slowly from the ground up to him and forced a smile.

"Just tired" he knew that was a lie, she was feeling down. He came over to the sofa and pulled her into his arms, bringing the blanket around him too.

His hands found hers resting over her tummy, he covered them then ran this thumb over the top of her hand "Nice of them to make you the Godmother huh?" she nodded silently against his chest; he placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Buff… I know this is tough, I don't know exactly how you are feeling but I want you to know that I love you" he tipped her chin so he could look into her eyes but they were closed and her bottom lip was trembling.

He ran his thumb over her lip "We're in a good place just now, Work is good… you're doing well in college but if you want… we can try?" her eyebrows scrunched together when she finally opened her eyes to look at him.

Angel smiled down at her "I know how much it means to you to be a mom and hell, having a baby in your arms looks good on you" Buffy puckered her lips together then looked back at him "What?"

She shifted so that she could look at him properly "Really?" when he nodded she stifled a sob and wrapped her arms around his neck, although she wanted a baby badly she wasn't in a rush to get pregnant, if that was the case then she would have stopped her birth control earlier.

He was right, they were in a good place, although she was towards the end of the first year of her college of course she didn't mind putting the future years on hold; she still had a part time job that would give her something to do.

She trailed kisses along his neck then latched onto his mouth, her tongue slipped inside to massage his; she pulled back and rested her forehead against his when the need to breathe ruined the moment "When do you think we should start?"

She yelped in surprise when he stood up with her in his arms "How about now?" she scowled at him playfully then shook her head "There are cakes in there that need to be eaten Mister!"

Angel looked at her with hooded eyes then murmured against her ear "There can be cake in bed" she wrapped her arms around him tightly as he took her in a searing kiss, before grabbing the box on the way up to the bedroom.