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Draco's Promise

Hermione pushed open the door of the Room of Requirement, her brow furrowing. She had expected the Room would cease to exist in this capacity, once the ferret-mess was over. Draco sat on the sofa, looking over at her with a small grin playing on his lips.

"So your parents are gone?"

He shook his head. "Tea with Professor McGonagall, first, then they'll be on their way back to Wiltshire."

Nodding, she closed the door. "So, then what are you doing here?" She crossed the room and settled on the cushion beside him. "Hiding out from them?"

"No," he said, that smile still curving his lips as he shook his head.

Chestnut eyes narrowing, she pouted. "Am I missing something?"

"Missing something? No." Slipping a hand around the back of her neck, he pulled her close, brushing his lips over hers as he continued, "Forgetting something? Yes."

After she gave into the kiss, playfully nipping as Draco's darting tongue, she remembered. There had been one last thing Draco had wanted to use the small flat's bedroom for when this was all over.

She broke the kiss, meeting his gaze with wide eyes as a half-grin tugged one corner of her mouth upward. "Oh."

Draco bit his lip on a wicked grin as he nodded. He stood, holding a hand out to her.

She slipped her fingers into his and let him pull her up from the sofa. Hermione could feel the warmth of a blush flooding her cheeks as he led her to the bedroom door.

"Doesn't look like they're here, either," Ron said with a tired shake of his head as he followed Harry, Pansy and Ginny into the Room of Requirement.

Harry shrugged and cracked a grin. "Thank you, Captain Obvious."

Pansy snorted a giggle. Though, she was very quick to dart her gaze toward the oh-so-fascinating blank wall above the sofa as Ron shot his sort-of-girlfriend a dirty look.

"So then, why's the Room still here, like this?"

Ginny shrugged at her brother's question as she gripped the knob of the bedroom door and twisted. "Well, they might not be here right now, but maybe they're not actually finished with . . . ." Her voice trailed off as she pulled the door open and peered inside.

Closing the door just as quickly, she spun, pressing her back to it.

"Um . . . . You know what? They're, um, occupied." At Ginny's words, the other three exchanged a look. After the passing of a few heartbeats, their jaws dropped and their brows shot up.

"Maybe we should give them a . . . few minutes."

Harry suddenly looked uncomfortable about being in the adjoining room. Ron appeared quite simply dumbstruck.

Pansy, on the other hand, grinned. "Are they . . . ?" she finished the question with a suggestive waggle of her perfectly arched brows.

Ginny opened her mouth to respond, but was cut off by a rather audible scandalized gasp from the other side of the door.

Followed by a giggle, and . . . . "Draco!"

Ginny shot forward from the door as though the wood burned her back. "Or we'll just come back later."

The boys nodded in agreement, trailing after Ginny as she headed for the Room's entrance.

As he opened the door that lead out into the corridor, Harry noted that they were one Slytherin witch shy. He glanced back into the room.

Shoulders slumping, he tugged Ron's elbow and then nodded back toward the bedroom door.

Ron followed his friend's direction. There was Pansy, a wicked grin lighting her expression as she pressed her ear to the oak panels.

"Parkinson," he said in a hissing whisper.

With a roll of her dark eyes, she waved dismissively at him.

Sighing, he circled back for her, slipping a hand around her wrist and tugging her away.

"Oh, alright, fine," she said with a disgruntled groan as she shook her head at him.

He pretended he didn't hear her calling them all prudes under her breath as she stomped after them.

If any of them had stayed just a few minutes longer, they might've heard the couple on the other side of the door speak their first I love yous.


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