The bounty started to sail away, carrying the Sword of Sanctuary on it. Morro quickly pulled the boat to a stop.


He screamed, clearly frustrated. Soul Archer, Bansha, and Ghoultar floated towards Morro.

"Quickly, put all your strength into summoning Wrayth!"

Bansha whispered into Morro's ear. He didn't question, just did as she said. Morro glowed with a more powerful ghostly aura. Suddenly, Wrayth was pulled into existence. (Eye don wanna gew ovah dem details ÓŻ┐3 )

"You summoned me?"

Morro didn't answer him, just collapsed to the ground.

"Get the Sword, Wrayth!"

Bansha ordered the ghost, then leaned down to Morro. Wrayth nodded his head and flew up to the bounty, stopping when he reached the side. The Ninja backed away. Kai stood on the end right side, Zane next to him. Jay stood next to Zane and Cole next to him. Kai was holding the Sword.

Wrayth whipped his whip thingy at Kai, intent on getting the Sword. Time seemed to slow. The chain moved slowly, getting nearer and nearer to Kai. Zane looked from the chain to the Sword. Then, with the chain inches away from the Sword, Zane threw himself between them. Time returned to its normal speed.

The chain wrapped around Zane, and Wrayth pulled. Zane cried out and was pulled over.


The Ninja yelled as Wrayth flew away with a struggling Zane. They looked over the rail. Kai rushed up to the command room, where his sister was steering the ship. Jay and Cole followed the Ninja of Fire.

"We have to go back."

Sensei Wu looked at Kai.

"We cannot."

Kai preceded to argue with his mentor.

"Sensei, you don't understand-"

"I understand perfectly well. I saw what happened."

"Then you understand that-"

"Zane knew what he had to do. Jay or Cole would have been to far away to make it, and you were holding the Sword. Zane made his choice. We will get him back, but not today. I'm sorry Kai."

Kai looked at his Sensei, disbelieving.

"I can't believe it. He's our brother!"


Kai rushed out of the room, dropping the Sword of Sancuary as he ran. Sensei Wu sighed.


Wrayth floated down to the boat, holding a struggling Zane in his chain whip. Morro was just waking up when he landed. Wrayth held Zane in his grasp.

"Did-did you get the Sword of Sanctuary?"

Morro asked, supported by Bansha. Wrayth shook his head.

"No. I would have, but this one jumped in the way."

Morro growled, then grabbed Zane by the front of his robes.

"You...will pay dearly for interfering, Droid. But first..."

He staggered, Bansha catching him.

"I'm...weak. We need to...go back to base. Then, I'll deal with you."

Zane struggled, and Soul Archer aimed an arrow at him. Zane froze.

"Don't move, Ninja."


Zane was chained to a wall, his head down. Morro was sitting on a ghostly throne, looking weak.

"I need strength. But where can I get some..."

Morro mumbled to himself. Zane's shirt was off. He had been hurt. They had carved symbols into his metal skin, then whipped him with a obsidian whip.(Titanium is practically industructble, duh. Also, I did my research. *has proud/smug look on face*) Morro glanced at Zane, and suddenly thought of something. He grinned.


Ronin entered the his old shop. He looked around and saw Zane. His eyes widened. Zane looked weak, like he was hurt. His head was down, his arms chained up behind his back, along with his ankles. Zane looked up and saw Ronin.

His expression quickly changed to angry.

" traitor!"

Ronin flinched. Zane tried to grab Ronin, but it did nothing. Zane finally stopped trying and hung limp. Zane's eyes were clearly tired, full of defeat.

"Hello, Ronin."

Ronin looked around the room. Morro was lounging on a ghostly throne, his feet up on one of the armrests, his hands behind his head, which was resting on the other armrest. He looked relaxed. Bansha and Ghoultar hovered on the left side of the throne, while Soul Archer hovered on the right. Ronin glanced back, where Wrayth was lurking near Zane, guarding him, preventing escape. But Zane was in no condition to attempt any form of escape, even if he wanted to.

He looked back at Morro. His eyes were closed, and he was smiling.

"What'd you do to him?"

Morro ignored the question, keeping his eyes closed.

"When did you start caring for others well being?"

"It's a habit I've fallen into."

"Well, bad habits should be gotten rid of."

Ronin stared at Morro.

"He's just feeling a little...weak."

Ronin raised his eyebrow at him.

"When I came back here, my strength had been all used up to summon Wrayth. So, I found source of strength."

Ronin's eyes widened in realization.

"You-you drained his strength?!"

Morro finally opened his eyes. They were glowing green. He swung his legs over to sit facing Ronin.

"Don't believe me? I'll show you, then."

"You don't have-"

"I needed a refill either way."

Morro got up and strolled over to Zane, who flinched away at the sight of Morro. Morro kneeled down next to Zane, and beckoned Ronin closer. He guessed he didn't have a choice. Ronin cautiously walked over.

Morro placed a hand on Zane's shoulder and closed his eyes. Wisps of green smoke surrounded Zane, and he struggled, but it was no use. White smoke sucked itself into Morro's hand, dissolving. Zane stopped struggling and his eyes filled with weariness. Morro finally took his hand off Zane and opened his eyes. They were now glowing a more vibrant green.

Zane hung limp, clearly drained. Slight wisps of green smoke still clung to him, but he did nothing. Morro stood up. Ronin turned to Morro, who was grinning.

"You see? I take his strength. It drains him. He has no chance of escape, and I have a supply of strength."

"What happens when your finished with him?"

Morro smirked.

"Well, that'll be a long time. But if I do finish with him, Soul Archer or Wrayth will take care of him."

Ronin's eyes widened.

"You mean-"

"He's not going to die. He's already done that. They'll just use their powers to turn him into a ghost or something. Of course, that'll only be in a emergency."

Morro walked over to Zane, lifting his chin up to look him in the eyes. Morro's eyes were glowing green with strength and power, while Zane's blue eyes were dim and full of pain. His body was limp. Zane stared back at Morro.

"Since he's a robot, his strength is more. He has more strength, strength that's more powerful than humans. Well, at least, he did."

Morro laughed, taking his hand away from Zane. Morro strolled over to Ronin.

"You know the plan. Distract them, keep them off course. Convince them not to go on without their..."

Morro grinned and gestured to Zane.

"Robot friend."

Ronin hesitated, then nodded. He started to walk out, before glancing back at Zane momentarily. Zane met his eyes, then mouthed, Don't save me. Ronin then walked out without a second thought.