Chapter 2-Stay Away from Her.

Now years after the death of her parents, Ursula left the wolf pack to go hunting for animals on her own. She didn't know that there's a defender in the Jungle she is in now.

Ursula, now feral, is hunting for a zebra because she can eat animals, it's a circle of life, even if it's for humans. She's pounce and chase a herd of Zebras, and one got separated from the herd knowing it's already heading to death, and it was cornered and Ursula drools in craving before she can eat it, she pounces but got side slam outta nowhere. Then she got injured and looking upside down it was a man in a loincloth, then flipped and growl at him. The man in a loincloth revealing it's our hero, the king of the Jungle, George. Ursula yelled, "Filthy man ruined Ursula's dinner!" "Wild Girl bad for George's rescue!" yelled George. And those two are staring at each other, dead in the eye. Ursula make her first move, George shields himself, but she attacked him from behind. She's trying to eat George, but he threw her out and Ursula lands on her hands and feet. George black-eyed and bruised up and stand while the shriveled up Ursula retreats, George stand and used his jungle call then Swing away.

Later Ursula was at the river eating a fish in frustration said, "Who Jungle King think he is? He no interfere in Ursula's Hunt! Next time Jungle King encounters Ursula, she make sure he dead man!" She bit off the head of the fish and ate it. While at George's home, George is speaking to his mentor, an ape name Ape, Ape asked, "George, did you got in the fight with an animal? Well, at least it's your job." "Nope. George got in fight with Wild Girl." said George. "She chased a Zebra, and George hit her. Wild Girl even match for him, she said, her name Ursula." Ape sighed and said, "George, she may be a lonely girl maybe I would like to introduce her to myself." "Ape, George wants him stay away from her," Said George, "she's bad news." Ape turn off the light and sleep. George walk outside to make sure Ursula is not stalking him and Ape. Then George got in to sleep.

George is going to sleep, but Ursula's not the only one who has a tragic past, in this next chapter, we'll see what's really going on in George's Nightmare.