For the love of all of our sanity, pretend that Mina and Pieter are speaking to each other in German. I am one woman with one translator and I cannot work miracles. Pretty sure my translator can, but beside the point. To that end there will be dialogue tags when they switch languages just for clarity. Also thanks to everyone who suggested a title for this because I was coming up mostly blank, and special thanks to illtakehimtogoplease on tumblr who's suggestion is now the actual fic title. Also polyamory lays ahead, folks, that ain't your shtick thank you for visiting but this isn't the droid you are looking for. This won't update as fast as Soft Hands, but I'll try to get up an update a week until the whole thing is finished then I can post much faster.

Mina watched as the small red haired one drug off the little mouse with a smirk on her face.

"I think we should change her name to feisty mouse," she said to Pieter without looking at him.

Pieter remained silent, but she could feel his stare on her. She turned to him, finally managing to look away from the Bellas.


"You find her interesting, don't you?" he asked, switching to German.

She cocked an eyebrow. "Of course I find her interesting. Since when have you met a person that only compliments when they mean to insult?" she responded, switching back to her native tongue as well.


Mina glared at him.

Pieter rolled his eyes and continued. "Kommissar, you and I both know what I mean by interesting."

She looked back at the Bella, now being plied with drinks by her friends to calm her down. The little mouse was probably a light weight. Oh how cute would that be. With her small stature it wasn't out of the realm of possibility.

Mina finally looked back at Pieter. "Perhaps I do find her interesting. But we both also know that I find a great many people interesting. You are the only one I've found interesting for a long period of time." She reached out and gripped his hand for just a few seconds before dropping it again. "You already knew that, darling. You knew that at the start and you were fine with it. Has that changed?"

His gaze shifted behind her to where the Bellas were. "What if I find the little mouse interesting as well?"

Mina took a step back and looked at Pieter carefully, sharp blue eyes missing nothing. Pieter after a second met her gaze, green eyes clear and honest. He was not lying to her. He liked the little mouse.

"I would ask what you wanted to do about it."

They had had an open relationship since the beginning. Mina liked meaningless little flings and Pieter did not mind so long as they were truly meaningless. Being in DSM and touring had made those conditions easy enough. She was very fond of Pieter, perhaps it was love, maybe it wasn't, but she always wanted more. The flings filled that hole and she still got to come home to a person who loved her for who she was. This was the first time that Pieter himself had actually been interested in anyone else. Mina felt a tinge of jealousy, but more overwhelming was the curiosity.

"I don't know. What would you do?"

She looked back at the little mouse and bit her lip. "I'm not sure either, Pieter."

"The famous Kommissar unsure. Someone must alert the presses."

She stepped forward and slapped him on the arm. He flinched back and faked as if he was dying. Mina just rolled her eyes.

"Ah, there is the drama queen that I know."

He grinned at her just as the gong rang and the strange little man with perhaps an unhealthy obsession with a cappella rolled forward on his scooter and announced the riff off. Mina turned towards Pieter and smirked. He smiled back with childlike glee. Perhaps they didn't know what to do about the mouse, but they did know how to win a riff off and that was almost as good.

Mina leaned into Pieter a bit breathless after jumping around and singing for their victory. She took a big breath and let it out slowly, eyes searching the room rather unconsciously. Pieter's hand came to rest on the small of her back and she leaned into it.

"Eight o'clock," Pieter said, bending down just a bit to murmur in her ear.

She looked in the direction Pieter directed and there was the little mouse sulking with another drink in her hand. She hadn't even known she was looking for the other woman until she'd set eyes on her. She turned back to Pieter.

"Perhaps we can just see where it goes?" she asked him.

"I'll follow where you lead."

Mina's lips quirked up for just a second at that. "You always do. Come, a drink sounds good after that, yes?"


Pieter followed behind her, keeping up enough to still have his hand stay right where it was. Mina didn't mind. His presence had always been steadying. And perhaps she might need it. As much as Pieter's antics had been over the top, it was rare that she didn't know immediately what to do about any issue that came her way.

"Ah, little mouse," Mina said as she slid onto a bar stool right beside the Bella.

"You know I do have a name, right? As much as I like you using a term of endearment for me, I like my name too." She stared down into her drink and scowled.

"I believe we all have names, so I was aware." Mina chuckled and flagged down the bartender.

"It can't be as horrible as Flabby Abby," Pieter chimed in, still behind Mina, chest brushing her back.

"Her name is Fat Amy." The mouse looked up and glared at Pieter. "And why don't you sit down. Waving your muscles in my face isn't nice because I want to lick them. Damn it." She slugged back some of her drink. "Stupid perfect Germans," she muttered under her breath.

"Then tell me, mouse, what is your name if you're so adamant that we use it?" Mina leaned forward and smirked.


"It suits you."

The bartender finally appeared and Pieter ordered drinks for the both of them, leaning up against Mina so that the man could hear him. Mina watched Beca closely, cataloguing the flash of jealousy and then another emotion that followed swiftly after that Mina could not name.

"Thanks, I guess. You probably have some crazy beautiful name that matches your perfect face and body." She closed her eyes and looked pained.

Mina bit her lip considering for a few seconds. "Mina, my name is Mina."

Behind her she felt Pieter still for just a second. She didn't give her name out to just anyone. She rarely gave it out at all. Kommissar was how almost everyone knew her and she was fine with that. She liked being the person in charge both in rank and name.

Pieter stepped back from Mina. "Pieter." He mock bowed with a smile on his face. "And you may lick my muscles anytime you wish."

Beca sucked in a breath and that and Mina almost laughed at the gaping fish like face she made.

"Now, now, Pieter, don't scar the girl. We've only just exchanged names." She smirked at him.

He shot her a look that said he knew it was a bit more than that before turning back to Beca. "What, she did say that she wanted to, I was only being polite."

"I suppose you were."

The bartender set their drinks in front of them. Mina brought the beer up to her mouth and took a long pull. Nothing like German beer, but better than the normal American swill. She had to admit the strange man at least knew how to throw a party.

Pieter took a drink of his and made a disgusted noise. "That is gross," he said in German.

Mina handed him her own drink and took his. She took a drink and had to agree. She set it back on the bar and pushed it away from her.

"You chose very wrong," Mina looked up at Pieter and scrunched her face up.

"I told him two of his best draft beers. Apparently he took that to mean a decent one and a disgusting one."

Beca chimed in. "German beer snobs."

They both turned towards her in unison. "You know German?" They asked at the same time.

"Whoa, that was a little freaky. You're like perfect German robots who are beautiful enough to take over the world and no one would say a thing." She shook herself visibly. "But yeah, I speak German. I double majored." She shrugged.

"Did you now?" Mina asked leaning forward, pushing the disgusting beer away from her some more so she had the room.

"Yeah, my grandparents on my mom's side were from Germany. I picked up some from them, but I wasn't very fluent so I took a bunch of classes and went on exchange for the summer before my junior year and that first semester of that year." She shrugged. "It was worth it to see my grandma's face light up, you know?" A wistful look crossed the mouse's face.

"She's gone now?" Pieter said, picking up on the meaning of her expression instantly.

"Yeah, she passed away this past summer."

"I'm sorry for your loss," Mina reached out and squeezed Beca's hand and a second later Pieter's hand was on top of both of theirs. Mina sighed almost imperceptibly. Something inside her settled at the soft skin under her hand and the rough skin over it.

"I am sorry for your loss as well, little mouse—Beca." Pieter squeezed both of their hands before withdrawing slowly.

"She's in a better place." Beca looked away, but didn't pull her hand away from Mina's grip.

Mina sensed the need to change the subject. "Where did you study when you were abroad?"

"University of Freiburg."

Mina looked back up at Pieter. "You were not far from us then. We attended school in Munich."

"Oh cool, where?"

"Hochschule für Musik und Theater München."

"You're shitting me. No fucking wonder DSM is that damn good." Beca took a long drink and shook herself.

"Feeling inferior, little mouse?" Pieter stepped forward, towering over the girl, but ruined his intimidation tactic by wiggling his eyebrows absurdly.

"No! Ok, yes, maybe but Jesus, how many fucking instruments do you play if you went there."

"Ten," Mina answered.

"Eight," Pieter said. "Violin does not work very well with these hands." He flexed his rather large hands and shrugged.

"You did manage with the piano. I swear with practice you would be fine." Mina reached out and poked him in the side.

"But now we're out of school, what is the purpose."

"The purpose, you idiot, is that you have a competitive streak a mile long."

"So do you." He crossed his arms.

"We aren't talking about me."

"Do you two bicker this cutely normally?" Beca asked interrupting the squabble. "You're like an old married couple. Wait, are you two together? Because I'm getting weird vibes here that both of you are hitting on me but at the same time you're a little too friendly to be friends and I sort of don't want to embarrass myself any more than I already am because I definitely want you to be hitting on me and Jesus I need to shut up now."

Mina looked at Pieter who met her gaze half a second later. Well, it was now or never she supposed.

"We are both," Mina said, grabbing the beer from Pieter's hands and taking another long drink. It was halfway gone already and she had a feeling that this conversation was going to need more alcohol in short order. She looked at Pieter as she handed him back the drink and he understood instantly, flagging down the bartender again.

"Wait, you are both? What does that even mean?" Beca asked switching back to English in her confusion.

"It means, little mouse, we are in an open relationship and both of us find you…interesting," Mina said sticking to German.

Beca looked between the two of them, eyes darting faster than lightening. Mina wondered how in the world that the woman didn't get dizzy looking around like that.

"Wait, so is this like some sort of kinky threesome offer?"

"It doesn't have to be, it could just be us talking to you. We generally like your feisty nature, mouse." Mina shrugged.

Pieter looked over Mina's head. "But if you happen to be into that sort of thing, I do not think either of us would mind." He wiggled his eyebrows again and Mina rolled her eyes at him.

"Pay no mind to that idiot." She sat back, bumping into his rather solid chest.

Pieter's hand came to rest on her shoulder, fingers brushing through the soft hairs on the nape of her neck absently. "What? I believe a fun time would be had by all."

"God, you two must be…I'm just. Holy shit." Beca shook her head hard, hair flying out around her, a bright red blush covering her cheeks.

Mina smirked at her as the bartender showed up again and took away the disgusting beer and leaving two fresh ones of the tolerable brew. She picked up hers and took a sip.

"What, little mouse, are you imagining it?"

"No!" Beca said a little too quickly. "Why would I want to imagine two perfect specimens such as yourself doing ungodly things to me? I have a perfectly nice boyfriend and I…I love him."

Mina's eyes scanned the Bella's face. "You don't sound convinced of that fact, mouse."

"I-I am!" Beca looked away from the two of them.

Pieter leaned down and whispered to Mina in French. "I believe we might have a chance."

She turned to look at him, faces barely an inch apart. "Don't be an idiot, we aren't going to lure her out like that. I'm sure she does not have the arrangement we do and I won't have her feeling guilty over anything we may or may not do," Mina said responding in the same language.

"Jesus, how many languages do you two know?" Beca asked.

"Eight," they both said at the same time.

"It's just a bit of fun," Pieter said, going back to their conversation.

"You are such a man sometimes." She shoved gently at his shoulder. "What if we wanted it to be more? We would be ruining it. And for fuck's sake she's a human and deserves to be treated like one, most importantly."

Pieter sigh. "You have a point."

"Damn right I do." She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek before turning back to Beca. "Though some of the languages we speak are different."

"I speak German, English, French, Danish, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish," Pieter said.

"And I speak German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Danish, and Polish," Mina said.

"Hot damn. I thought I was doing good with two."

Mina smirked. "Oh you are, for an American."

"Hey!" Beca visibly bristled for a moment before deflating entirely. "Yeah, you're probably right." She took a drink and frowned at the bottom of her glass a second later. Beca's eyes shifted out towards the dancefloor for a second before she raised up her hand to flag the bartender down.

"Don't like to dance, mouse?" Pieter asked. "I think you would be a very good dancer. You are very shapely."

Mina snorted but nodded her agreement. Pieter had two moods, smooth as ice, and obvious as a sledgehammer. He had been very smooth when wooing her, but apparently with the little mouse he was taking a different route. As flustered as Beca got the next second it might not have been a bad idea.

"Yeah, well—you! I. I am not drunk enough for this." Beca put her head in her hands. "And I'm not drunk enough to dance either. That's the only time I do dance outside of practice and competitions."

"Oh, little mouse," Mina purred. "You don't know what you're missing. Dancing while you're fully aware of your senses is freeing, to feel the music going through you, beating in time with your heart, throbbing, it's so very sensual."

Beca groaned and just slumped down further. Mina smirked up at Pieter. "I believe you should flag down the bartender again for our mouse. She's not going to be getting anywhere anytime soon."

Pieter nodded and stood straight again, doing just as asked.

"What were you drinking, mouse?" Pieter asked, looking directly at the bartender again who was looking a little harried at having to deal with Pieter so many times in like than ten minutes.

"Anything with large amounts of alcohol in it. I'm not picking."

"Long Island Iced Tea?" He asked.

"That's good. In fact, that's great."

Mina chuckled. "Don't want to remember tonight, darling?"

"Don't call me liebling, damn it," Beca said, switching to English once more. "It's making me even more confused. And there's still not enough alcohol, remember?"

"What, mouse, have you not thought about girls before?" She looked the girl over from head to toe. "I find that very hard to believe. You and the red head scream past relationship."

"No! I am straight thank you. Just because I dream of kissing girls sometimes and I want to fuck you it doesn't mean anything." This time Beca started to bang her head gently off the bar. "Oh my god why can't I shut up around you."

"Well, I would think that the alcohol does you no favors, but I do like when you babble. It is cute," Pieter said, sliding a drink in front of Beca. "But your Iced Tea is here, little troll."

"I like mouse better," Beca said looking up through her hair for a second before sitting up fully and taking a long pull on her drink.

"Very well, mouse, it suits you." He smiled, pouring every ounce of charm he had into.

"Jesus, do your smiles have to be so fucking bright and perfect?" Beca shook herself.

"Thank you, nice to know all those years of braces were worth something," Pieter said, taking a sip of his beer.

"You, you had to have braces?" Beca looked at him disbelievingly.

"Of course, what child didn't?" He shrugged. "Mina did as well. Our middle school pictures aren't the best, but whose are."

Mina glared up at him. She did not want to be reminded about that time period in her life. Frizzy hair and caked on makeup and an ungodly amount of hormones and enough social awkwardness to fill a boat. She shivered.

"I think you're a dead man later, dude," Beca said, laughing. "Never mention the awkward middle school years, especially of a girl."

Pieter looked down at Mina and he paled just a bit. His expression morphed into a sheepish one and Mina rolled her eyes at him.

"Big idiot. Why do I claim you as mine, again?"

"Because you enjoy the booty."

Mina looked to the ceiling as if it would help her. "My god."

But then Beca was laughing again and perhaps all wasn't lost. Mina returned her eyes to an appropriate level and took another drink of her beer. Beca was already halfway through the iced tea. Mina was surprised. She would have thought as small as Beca was she would have been showing that much alcohol already, but then again she was a college senior. That was a lot of time to build up a tolerance.

"I'm glad you find him amusing, mouse, because sometimes I wonder." Mina reached up and squeezed Pieter's hand, letting him know she was only teasing. He just intertwined their fingers and said nothing else.

"I think you both together is what's really the funny thing. You act like sixteen year olds."

"I blame him."

"She's right, mostly it is me. She's the scary one remember?" Pieter smirked.

Mina snorted but didn't deny it. She liked being the scary one. It made leading as a woman that much easier.

"Oh, I remember, but people who look like they can kill me are sort of my type. God damn it." She took another drink. "How in the world did you two even happen? I mean you're obviously gorgeous, but other than that you sort of seem polar opposites."

Mina looked back at Pieter and he nodded at her to take this. She shrugged and turned back to Beca.

"We've known each other for a short eternity. That would be why he knows what my middle school pictures look like. The two of us were the children who were very into music and so we bonded over that and things went from there. We were friends up until the end of high school but then we lost track of each other after we went off to college. We joined DSM not long after graduating. In four years this one became the hunk of meat you see before you, before that he was rather long and lanky." She patted his solid chest and smirked. "We recognized each other, of course, even with the added muscle, and became friends again in short order. After that, I believe he made it his mission to woo me. He can be smooth if he wants, but he usually doesn't want to. It took about a year, but here we are." Mina shrugged.

Beca hesitated for a second. "And that whole open relationship thing?"

"Mina was…free spirited even in high school. I knew about the flings and I didn't care about them. They mean nothing."

Mina nodded that confirmation.

Beca scowled. "So I mean nothing?"

Mina looked back at Pieter again for confirmation. "No, you are the first person that Pieter has ever showed interest in. That does not mean nothing." She looked towards the dance floor. "And I admit, even to me, you do not feel like the regular fling."

Beca looked even more confused at that. "I don't even know what to do with that." She shook herself. "Right, doesn't matter, boyfriend. Boyfriend. I love him."

Mina tilted her head to the side. "It sounds like you're trying to convince yourself of that."

"I am not!" Beca took another drink, draining her glass and pushing it aside. "It's just been rough lately. It's nothing. Normal couples go through rough patches."

Mina reached out again and took Beca's hands. "If we are making you uncomfortable all you have to do is ask us to stop. I enjoy talking to you, and as we said before this doesn't have to be anything other than banter, but if you want us to go we will."

Beca shook her head. "No, it's fine. Really, it's nothing. Jesse and I are both secure enough in our relationship that I can talk to other people. It would be stupid if I couldn't. Even if you both are super fucking hot." Beca threw up her hands but said nothing else, resigned to the flirting now. "But thanks for the offer. It's nice of you. Not something I'd expect from someone who goes by the name Kommissar."

Mina smirked. "I'm full of surprises. So is this one, believe it or not." She let go of Pieter's hand to poke him in the chest. "I'm sure you are as well."

Beca snorted. "Yeah, just ask my friends. Not exactly an open book. They're still prying things out of me after four years."

"It's not bad to be a closed off person, so long as you can open up to a chosen few," Pieter said, just loud enough to be heard over the music.

Beca looked up to him for a long moment before she looked away again. "Yeah, but most people don't really get that."

He nodded. "This is true, but most people don't get a great many things. Which makes making jokes very hard sometimes."

"You see, he almost pulled off being smooth, and then he just ruins it."

"Beca!" someone shouted in the crowd.

Mina looked around and spotted one of the other Bellas, the red headed one who seems to hover around the mouse quite a bit. She walked up to Beca's side and latched onto her arm.

"Come on, it's time to dance. I know you've had at least two drinks."

"Chloe, do I have to? I'm still not drunk enough yet?"

Chloe blinked at her a second. "You're doing that thing again where you're talking in German and don't realize it."

"Oh, sorry," Beca said switching to English. "Do I have to?"

"Yes, now come on." Chloe pulled her off the bar stool.

Beca looked at Mina and Pieter helplessly.

"Go on, little mouse, we can always find you later. Pieter makes a very good look out."

"Yes." Pieter wiggled his eyebrows.

"Ok, see you later," Beca called back to them, already being drug into the crowd.

Pieter walked over and sat down on the barstool that Beca had just vacated. "Well, that was rather…interesting."

Mina huffed at the double meaning of that word and took another drink of her beer. Now it was she who was not drunk enough for this. "Yes, I suppose it was."

"She doesn't feel like a normal fling to you?" he asked, looking at her. He face held no judgement, only curiosity. Sometimes Mina thought perhaps he was a little too understanding about everything, but then again that was probably just more of an insecurity implanted by monogamous society more than anything. Pieter was a good man, she knew that.

"No, she doesn't." She bit her lip. "Did you want her to be a fling? You're the one who's never really done anything like this before."

"I do not know. It is too early to tell yet. But you are right in the fact that my being attracted to her at all and wanting to act on it means something. I'm not sure just what yet, but it does mean something." He shrugged. "I make a great lot of snap decisions—"

"But never about anything important, I know." Mina inhaled deeply.

They sat in silence for a few minutes sipping at their drinks before one of Pieter's favorite hip hop songs came on. He perked up immediately and stood.

"Come on! Let's dance."

Mina rolled her eyes but followed him out into the crowd nonetheless. He would make a complete fool of himself dancing while Mina stood off to the side laughing at his antics, dancing on her own. It was how things always were and it was comfortable, and maybe at that moment that's exactly what they needed.