I did it kids! This fic is finally done and over with. After all these years y'all can binge it now that it's complete one last time. Thanks for sticking with me all this time. Hope you guys enjoy the finale.

"Gods, dudes, you have no idea how many fucking forms there are to fill out when you want to live in a country for an extended period of time. Do you know how much googling I had to do just to figure out what the right ones were? Do you?" Beca ranted as soon as she appeared from the crowd at the airport. She her going on did not prevent her from walking right into Pieter's open arms, however.

"I see you survived it all without a terminal hand cramp," Mina teased her, sandwiching her in a hug from her other side.

"Barely." Her words were muffled, Pieter's chest blocking most of the sound.

Beca pushed back after a few long moments in their arms. She poked Pieter in the chest. "You have some serious hauling to do, buddy. I brought two bags with me and let me tell you they are not light. Side note, I really need to get on that whole arm day thing."

Pieter flexed and grinned when Beca couldn't quite tear her eyes from the display. "I have them for a reason. And now that reason is apparently to carry both your bags and Mina's when we are on trips."

Mina let out an indignant noise, but she didn't say anything else. He did carry her bags more often than not on their trips.

"Hey, as long as I don't carry anything, I'm totally fine with that. You keep on lifting weights buddy boy." Beca looked around for a second before finding what she wanted and headed off in the direction of what looked to be the baggage claim.

"I also have these arms so I can pin her to the wall in the hallway and fuck her for as long as I see fit," Pieter whispered to Mina with a wicked grin on his face.

"Are you even going to let her shower and unpack a bit first?"

He shrugged. "Maybe, we'll see how it goes. Love is spontaneous after all."

She rolled her eyes but took his hand. In some ways he was right she supposed. In other ways he wasn't. It took time too, time to build into something grand and hard to dismantle so that it would last them. She looked out a Beca, confidently making her way through the airport. Mina thought that they were well on there way to something like that.

They reached the baggage claim and waited for a few minutes before everything got going. Beca slumped hard against Pieter, yawning.

"Sounds like you need a nap," Mina said, looking at Pieter with a significant look. It was his turn to roll his eyes. He was a man, not stupid, he seemed to say. He could wait until Beca had had a nap to try anything.

Mina bit her lip, trying to contain a smile at the thought of Beca being in their bed at home on a regular basis. It had been almost a month waiting on Beca to get her affairs in order and she had let thoughts of what it would be like when Beca was with them flit through her mind, but for the most part she had pushed those thoughts aside. She knew the wait would be longer if she fantasized about how nice it would be and she knew that anything she came up with would pale in comparison to the real thing. Certainly everything that she had ever imagined about being with Beca had been so much better in real life so far, why not this as well?

"Oh yeah, totally. I didn't have Bellas to herd so it wasn't as bad as Copenhagen, but still flying internationally sucks. Being on a plane so long literally is the worst and there's always a crying baby and even though the plane is huge somehow there are never enough bathrooms." She yawned again. "Not to mention trying to sleep sitting up. I want to be rich enough to pay for those lay flat seats in the first class one day. God, that would have been great."

A second later she pointed to a bright blue suitcase. "That one is mine." She stood up off of Pieter and shuffled so she was leaning against Mina.

Mina took her weight gladly as Pieter hefted the bag off the carousel with a grunt. He looked down at the bag and then back at Beca comically.

"What in the world did you pack in this thing, bricks?"

Beca laughed. "I wouldn't pay the overweight bag fee for bricks, but that would have been funny for sure. It's clothes all in those vacuum bags that make it easier to store a bunch of clothes at a time. And shoes. I love shoes. If this one had a shoe size anywhere near mine she would have double the shoe selection, but no she's completely proportional and has bigger feet."

"Trust me, if I could go down a size or two in shoe I would. They are so hard to find in my size. Thank god for the internet."

"Why do you need more than five pairs of shoes? Five pairs covers literally every occasion you could need. I do not understand." He shook his head. "I haven't understood since this once and I moved in together and half of the closet floor is just shoes. We are going to need a larger closet."

Beca pointed at another bag, this one almost magenta in color. "Speaking of bigger closets, that's the second bag."

Pieter pulled that bag off and sighed. "A much bigger closet."

Mina laughed at him. He was probably right, but they would find the room, or they would move to an apartment that suited their needs. Lord knew they had moved before, what was once more to make their lives with the mouse easier?

Mina grabbed the handle of Beca's carryon. "To the car?"

Beca and Pieter nodded, and they all filed towards the parking garage and towards home.

They arrived back at their apartment and helped Beca unload her stack of bags from the car and haul them up to the apartment. They set everything down just inside the door and Beca looked around curiously. The door opened up into their living room, full of a large couch and a few comfy looking chairs, floor covered in a large rug. It was one of Mina's favorite parts of the apartment. The door to the kitchen opened ahead of them, sun glinting off of some of the appliances and into the living room, and off to the side was the hallway to the two bedrooms of the apartment. Mina grabbed Beca's hand and pulled her towards the hall.

"The kitchen is through there," she said as they passed. "Bedrooms and bathroom are here." They walked down the hall to the room at the end and stepped through the door. It was bright in their room, the sun hitting the white walls and making everything appear gold rimmed. "And this will be our room." She gestured at the king bed which took up a good portion of the room.

"Oh god a bed!" Beca walked forward and collapsed.

Mina laughed. "I think it would be more comfortable to not sleep with a bag still on your back?"

"Dunno about that I think I'm good right here."

Pieter came up behind them, rolling one of the suitcases with him. "And I think you could find more comfortable clothes than that."

"Leggings are basically pjs. The only downside is I'm still wearing a bra, but I can definitely ignore that." At this point Beca was mumbling into the pillow.

Pieter looked at Mina and shook his head, eyes warm and so very in love. She beamed back at him, feeling so much the same. The mouse was home with them. Beca would live with them and work with them and be with them for as long as they all wanted that. It was really real, it was happening right in front of them.

Pieter pushed further into the room and set down Beca's suitcase and started to dig through it, stopping and looking at some bags to try and determine what was in them before he opened up a few bags, digging through them all before pulling out a pair of cotton shorts and a tank top. He stood and walked over to Beca before nudging her gently.

"I found pjs for you."

Mina stepped forward and took hold of one of the straps of Beca's bag. "I've got this so you can change."

Beca groaned, but righted herself, handing the bag off to Mina and taking the clothes from Pieter. She got up enough to shed her leggings and slip on the shorts, then flopped back down to pull off the shirt and slip off the bra before slipping on the tank. She crawled up to the head of the bed and crawled under the covers and sighed.

"Ok so yeah this is more comfortable, but I still would have been fine, spoilsports." Beca stuck out her tongue at them, but her eyes were already closed.

"Have a nice nap, mouse," Mina said, laughing.

"We'll get started on dinner. I think when you wake up you're going to be starving," Pieter said.

"Oh you bet," Beca mumbled, already half asleep. She grabbed a pillow and pressed it to her face. "Smells good." And then she was asleep.

Mina looked at Beca, asleep in their bed for a few long moments, Pieter doing the same, before as one they moved back out into the living room and then to the kitchen.

"What are we going to make?" Pieter asked, starting to open and close the cabinets to get an idea of what they had.

"I'm making Black Forest cake, that's about all I've come up with. Do you have any ideas?"

Pieter laughed. "You are so predictable. Every important occasion is just an occasion to make Black Forest cake."

Mina shrugged and started pulling out the bowls and mixer she would need. "And? Every holiday is an excuse for you to get the meat sweats and you know I'm right."

His eyes lit up, but Mina stopped him before he could speak.

"Do you really want the meat sweats tonight Pieter? Think about that."

He huffed. "Fine, fine, it will be a more balanced meal then. We are at least having potatoes then."

"Blockhead, we're German, of course we are." Mina bit her lip, an idea popping into her mind. "If you want to really impress the mouse you can make that bread you do on occasion."

"Oh, that bread goes well with the asparagus and hollandaise sauce we've made before." He riffled through the fridge and came back with everything he needed. "But bread, asparagus, and cake don't quite make a meal."

"Yes, yes, I didn't say we couldn't have any meat. We have bratwurst yes?"

Pieter nodded. "Ok, but what about those potatoes you said we would most definitely have?"

"You have a brain you can think of ideas for those too, you know."

"The spinach mashed potatoes?"

"Sounds good to me, though I think exactly no professional chef would applaud how we put a meal together."

"Oh poo on them, I think we did a wonderful job."

"Because you love literally every dish we are making. You aren't biased at all."

He shrugged and went to work making the bread. Mina hip checked him playfully as she walked over to grab the potatoes to peel them. They worked in companionable silence for a long while, the sun starting to sink outside their window in earnest now. Mina switched on the small radio on the counter and turned the volume down to a soft hum that wouldn't disturb Beca back in their room. She hummed along with the tunes and she completed various tasks. Pieter took random dance breaks just to drag a smile from her and sometimes get the kitchen dirtier than need be as flour fell off his hands. It was peaceful and she felt so full of love it was hard to contain it.

Mina heard the shuffling footsteps before Pieter did, turning just a second before Beca appeared in the doorway, looking sleep rumpled and still exhausted.

"Good morning, my love," Mina said in a teasing voice.

"I am definitely not awake, but I woke up and my brain thought I was late and I had missed my plane to get to you guys and yeah." She shrugged. "Travel anxiety is a bitch I guess?" She moved forward and wrapped herself around Pieter and sighed. "This fixed it, though." She closed her eyes and sighed.

"You want me to come nap with you for a little while?" Pieter asked. "Just to make sure your brain knows that it's definitely in the right place."

Beca considered it for a bit. "But you're busy making food."

Mina looked around at all that they had done. She could get everything done now in a reasonable amount of time by herself. She glanced up and caught Pieter's eyes. "I can handle the rest on my own. This lug is very good at prep work. I can get you both when everything is ready."

"Great, because I need at least another hour." She grabbed for Pieter's hands and pulled back, face scrunched. "What in the world is on your hands that's slimy?"

"I was separating eggs."

Beca went to the sink and washed her hands quickly. "A warning next time."

Pieter pushed Beca out of the way gently and washed his own hands. "You didn't exactly give me time, now did you."

Beca crossed her arms. "Maybe, but like, you're a god remember, aren't you supposed to be like omniscient or something?"

"Oh, darling, not when it comes to you two, but I do my utmost best." He bent over and kissed Beca on the forehead.

Beca uncrossed her arms and grabbed his hand again. "I suppose that's good enough." She stood up to kiss him. "I love you even without the whole mind reading thing. Probably better that you don't know how to do that. What comes out of my mouth with the compliments isn't nearly as bad as what's in my head."

Pieter pulled Beca towards the doorway. "Tell me about these thoughts?"

"He's never going to let that go," Mina called after them, laughing. She bit her lip and went back to arranging the asparagus on the baking sheet. The bratwurst was ready to go on its own pan when Pieter's bread was done in a few minutes. With all things considered, Beca probably had the hour to sleep that she wanted, but not much longer than that.

Her mind drifted as she finished up cooking. DSM had practice in the morning. They would be done mid afternoon and then she and Pieter a meeting with one of the sponsors. She had a strong feeling that they were going to be cranky at them for losing worlds just like the other sponsors, but these ones wouldn't threaten to pull the plug like some of the others, so it would be a fairly easy day. She could come to Beca and show her the ideas that she had for their next arrangement. She was a bit stuck on one transition and she hoped Beca could help her. She smiled until it hurt, thinking of how the next few days would go. They would be normal, but not because Beca was here with them now.

She imagined days passing, of them going on DSM's next tour, of Beca seeing the world in a way she hadn't before, of Beca's eyes going wide at every single town they visited, pulling them off in the spare time they had to go look at the sights. She imagined the next competition, of regionals, and nationals, and the yearly Euro Sing Off they took part in. Of Beca being all serious and focused with them as they got ready, of her inevitably saying something funny when she saw them all made up in leather and fishnets.

Mina put the asparagus in the oven for the last twenty minutes with the bratwurst and imagined past the DSM years. She knew she didn't want to stay in this job forever, and neither did Pieter. She couldn't imagine Beca would either. For now it was a wonderful adventure, but later, later they wanted to settle down, to use the skills and contacts they were building now, to settle into more permanent jobs in the industry they loved. What would that settled future with the three of them? It would probably look something much like this, coming home and making dinner with one another.

She started to mash the potatoes and her mind drifted further. Maybe one day...she had always wanted a child. She had talked about it with Pieter in terms of very, very far in the future. Pieter was very on board with being a father. Mina had no doubt that he would be the most wonderful father. She wondered if Beca would be on the same page with them. Unbidden she imagined a little girl, the dark curly hair of Beca and Pieter's lopsided smile and her heart squeezed in her chest. Maybe, far in the future when they had had enough, that little girl would be reality.

She slipped the cake into bake and set the time, looking around. The rest of their dinner was already done, warming and waiting for the rest of the house to awake and come and get it. She washed her hands and stepped out of the kitchen and towards the bedroom.

Mina stopped in the doorway again, watching. Beca was half on top of Pieter, snoring lightly. They were both bathed in the golden light of the setting sun and her heart squeezed in her chest again. This was her reality. A reality that if anyone had asked her about a year before she would have laughed in their face, but now it was. It was and she was the happiest she could ever remember. No matter what happened in the future, so long as she had these two beside her, she knew she would stay just this happy.

She walked in the room and sat on the edge of the bed. She reached out to run her hand through Beca's hair. "Come on, sleepyheads, food is ready."

Becca blinked open her eyes and looked up at Mina and smiled drowsily. "Missed you."

"Well you don't have to anymore."

"No. I don't." She sat up and kissed Mina softly. "I love you."

"I love you too, mouse."

"Does anyone love me?" Pieter asked, stretching out all his limbs.

"Blockhead," she said at the same time as Beca.

"I'll take that as a yes." He pushed up and kissed each of them in turn. Then he pushed off the bed. "Now if you'll excuse me there is food and it is calling my name."

They both looked after him and shook their heads. Mina looked back at Beca and smiled. The light was reflecting around Beca like she had a halo and Mina couldn't agree more. "I'm glad we found you all those months ago."

"I am too. I'm...I wouldn't have imagined this ever, but it's...just so good. It's hard to find the words."

"We have all the time in the world for you to find the words, my love." She pulled Beca off the bed and they went in search of Pieter and the food, hands interlaced, smiling, and so very, very full of love.