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Chapter 23: Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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Author's notes

Hi guys! This is the last part of Crawling! I hope that you all enjoyed this story as we went through a whirlwind of situations and emotions. I loved writing this story and I will soon start on my new story. In fact if I finish Somebody to you there will be two new stories! I know the ending to Crawling is a bit strange but you all know I am a bit strange. If you have any questions, queries or just comments feel free to ask or tell! Thank you all! You guys are the best! Watch this space.


Chapter 23 - Epilogue

"Damon!" I hear my name being called as I sit down in front of the television. Elena and Joe are already settled in as they share a bowl of popcorn. After packing out and shopping and just settling in to our new place we decided to just spend the weekend relaxing. So we invited Ric and Joe over seeing as we were not going to throw a house warming party and we were now going to watch a movie and just hang around before we would go out back and enjoy my new barbeque.

"Don't tell me you forgot the beer." I yell back to Ric and I can hear him snort like this is all a big joke. Forgetting the beer on a barbeque was really fucked up.

"No, change the channel to channel 7 really quick." Ric yells back as I hear him coming closer and I frown because why would he ask me that? I look to Joe and Elena who just stare at me blankly like they have no clue what the hell is going on either.

I pick up the remote and change the channel and sit on the couch as I look at the screen. "In a special announcement on Channel 7 local news today, Alaric Saltzman is asking Joe Laughlin her hand in marriage." Everything goes silent as I look to Joe and Elena is staring at her in pure surprise. "We are going live to them via phone call… Alaric are you there?" the news reader says as Ric pops his head into the room the phone against his ear.

"Currently she is in shock." Alaric says and I want to laugh at that but the look on Joe's face tells me that if I laugh I will regret it because I am not allowed to ruin her big moment.

But her face softens instantly as she looks to Ric and she smiles nodding her head. "Yes." It was plain and simple as the word leaves her mouth and then she is on her feet and she rushes towards Ric smiling almost tackling him to the ground.

"She said 'yes'" He confirms into the phone and then she grabs the phone.

"That's a hell yes from Joe Laughlin!" she almost yells and then Elena is on her feet and she rushes to them embracing them both. And I sit there in surprise as I look to them. I never thought that thing had progressed to the point where they would marry, I suspect that there might be a bun in the oven but I mean I didn't even know that they were dating. I can see that the news reader smile and laugh on the screen as she looks from side to side and she just shakes her head.

"And in other local news…" the news reader continues before a black and white picture of Niklaus pops onto the screen. I rise to my feet and lightly grasp Elena's arm. I wasn't sure what was going on and why he was on the television but I make sure to draw our little groups attention to the television screen.

"Guys look…" I hear Elena say and the laughter and giggle stop abruptly as we look to the screen.

"Local drug dealer Niklaus Michaelson was found dead this morning…" I wasn't sure if I should smile and yell in joy at the news. But I back step to the couch and sit down, Elena soon follows her eyes glued to the screen. "The police received information that he was a local drug dealer and when they hit his apartment they found him dead with an estimated 30 million dollars' worth of cocaine in his possession. Authorities has not yet confirmed whether there was foul play or if he died of a drug overdose." I look to Ric and he seems just as surprised as I was.

The last of these bastards was finally dead. I could not believe it. I look to Elena and she turns to me as a tear rolls down her cheek, I embrace her and pull her towards me in a loving embrace as I hold her close to me.

"Damon… it's over." She half whispers.

"It seems that way." I say as I look to Ric and he seems surprised as well like he didn't even know about it, but this must have been his doing right? He must have played a part in this to inform their crime intelligence. "Ric did you know?" I ask as we both look to him and he just shakes his head. I'm not even sure if Joe knows what's going on right now, she's too occupied with the fact that Ric just proposed to her on the television.

"No." was Ric simple reply. He seemed to be in complete shock as he stared at us. "I didn't know at all." Ric says.

"It seems that we have more than one thing to celebrate." We hear Elena say.

We actually popped open a bottle of champagne that night and we and when I say we I mean Ric, myself and Elena drank to Ric and Joe's engagement, to our new house and to the fact that the last bastard that had ruined Elena's life was finally dead. Even if they didn't know what truly happened.

No one would ever suspect the cyanide that tainted the cocaine he used. I mean would you suspect poisoning when the guys is a complete drug addict? Didn't think so. A fatal dose of cyanide for humans is 1.5 mg per kilogram of body weight. So the 120 mg that was mixed with his cocaine was truly a fatal dose. It is a rather rapid killer depending on the dose that he had taken, death for him would have been within 1 to 15 minutes. It was fast and not slow and torturing.

But there was no investigation, he was only later linked to Elena's case but Ric made sure that he closed that case before they fell into the wrong hands. Ric never questioned me about the incident even thou it felt like he knew something was wrong, that there was foul play. But the case was closed as cocaine overdose.

But surely you are wondering how I know all of this? Ric never told me anything about Niklaus Michaelson case or Elena Gilberts case.. He never shared any detailed of Elena's case with me and till today he still believed that Elena had killed Masson, Matty died in a fraud scam gone wrong, he killed Wes and Enzo and Niklaus died of a cocaine overdose.

I'll leave him to believe that. I would live with myself, with their blood on my hands. The guilt of taking a live just to justify an act that they committed. What has been done has been done and I can't change that. I protected not only Elena but myself as well. This world is full of monsters, I just needed to make sure that Elena didn't have any more monster in her closet to worry about. I didn't care if there were still monsters lurking around in my closets, just as long as Elena was safe and sound and happy. I knew we still had a lot to take care of, we had our dark places and we needed to face our demons within. But we would do that together.

But that's the thing about love. I ripped my heart out for Elena because I love her, when she is in need of an extra heartbeat. I give my strength away wholeheartedly to her because she seems to need it a bit more. Because that's who I am, I tear myself apart for Elena. Knowing that she will put me back the way I need to be.

I hope, someone, someday will do the same thing for you.