"All of you are now bound by the Ancient Decrees of the Victors, specifically the Reparations of the Conquered." The terrifying being in the tattered cloak informed the defeated denizens of Hogwarts.

The disguised Arcobaleno had thoroughly crushed their enemies and it was now time to drive home their punishment on the world who wronged their Sky.

However, Bermuda was in charge of that as this next part distinctly fell under the Vindice's jurisdiction.

Temporary allies or no, the former Arcobaleno did not wish to irritate the Mafia Enforcers.

"You will all bear a Chain of Judgment until you have been Judged and have accepted your Verdict. You have three days to gather evidence for your Defense. The Tribunals will be conducted at Azkaban Prison, which is now under our control, as you have lost the right to be responsible for your criminals." The same being informed them in a chillingly flat voice that entirely lacked any sense of empathy for the defeated peoples. "You cannot hide, and if you make any attempt to escape Judgment you will be subject to the full force of the Absconder's Forfeit in addition to the penalties you will receive under the Reparations of the Conquered. Attempting to take your own life is considered as an attempt to escape Judgment and will be treated as such. We will now place the Chains of Judgment upon you, do not resist, you will not enjoy the consequences."


The next few days were extremely hectic for the victors, but they were especially determined to see their plans through when they'd found out that Harry had died for seven minutes after the Vindice had consumed Voldemort with their Flame.

(The Vindice hadn't felt the need to inform their temporary allies that Dumbledore hadn't been consumed as well. The old wizard was currently locked up in the lowest level of the Vindicare as punishment for causing grievous harm to their Sky. The Flames that consumed Voldemort had been used to obscure the view as they pulled the old man through the portal that opened up behind him.)

Those from the Wizarding World who attempted to flee were held at the Vindicare while the taskforce renovated Azkaban.

Attempting to flee was made more difficult for them as under the Ancient Decree of the Victors the Goblins held the right to deny access to the Vaults until Judgment was passed. It was made doubly difficult because most families were so interrelated, meaning that the majority of the British Wizards, and a fair few from surrounding nations, were currently in an indeterminate state and awaiting Judgment.

If it seemed callous and cruel, that is because it was, the Vindice were ambivalent towards political ideals and personal motivations, and they were simply judging everyone according to the law. However, since the Vindice were now the law to the British magicals, all the laws that defined crime and punishment that did not coincide with the Vindice's ideas of justice were stricken from the record, which would be a bitter disappointment to many of the Purebloods who had been banking on using laws that had been passed since Voldemort's initial downfall or his resurgence to their advantage.

The surrounding Ministries were far too terrified of these specter-like, shadowy enforcers- who casually took out both Dumbledore and Voldemort- to interfere or demand that their citizens be extradited and tried in their home countries. The few Flame-Active persons who recognized who the Vindice truly were cowered in abject terror and prayed for mercy.

The ICW unanimously voted to stay out of Britain's affairs, just as they had when Voldemort had been wreaking havoc. Magical nations were rather firmly insular, after all.

The Vindice themselves were grateful that they needed very little rest and that the snowflakes allowed Bermuda to grant them a nearly unlimited amount of Flame as they went about their new duties as well as their usual ones.

Contrary to popular belief, there were a little over twenty Vindice altogether, so monitoring Azkaban would not be a strain on them once everything settled down. Granted the Vindice propagated the idea of them being an insanely small organization to help inspire a greater panic in the hearts of would-be criminals.


Azkaban was barely recognizable.

(Actually, Azkaban was entirely obscured by the new upgrades. Viper had done a good job to begin with, but Kawahira had decided to surreptitiously assist. Kawahira was not fond of humans in general, and by-and-large British magicals seemed to embody everything he hated most about humanity, so it was with a rather wicked amount of glee that he reinforced the former Arcobaleno's work.

Plus, Harry embodied everything that Kawahira liked about the occasional human and these people had harmed the child. Working out for the best in the end or no, that grated against Kawahira's Earthborn sensibilities.

It wasn't because he thought that Harry would have made an amazing Earthborn youngster. Not at all.)

The stone had been carved with runes and cleaned, while internal infrastructure of the prison had been entirely renovated by the Vindice. The the Arcobaleno had each contributed to the upgrades before the Vindice had taken over and made the prison truly formidable, which only made it that much more daunting.

Truthfully it was even more foreboding now that it had been when the Dementors were in charge.

Verde had provided the Flame-flavored magical advancements, and between those and the Vindice's adjustments it was the setting of a criminal's worst nightmare.


The first Tribunal was that of Sirius Black.

The ruthless way the Vindice conducted the Tribunal struck terror into the hearts of those who were still awaiting their own Judgments.

The fact that the Vindice were so thorough that they sentenced Sirius for his part in nearly getting Severus Snape bitten by the Werewolf, (though it was credited as time served, as Sirius had been falsely imprisoned and the maximum sentence for that was 5 years in moderate security), showed that these beings were pitilessly impartial.

Many people were especially terrified, because-

-no one was getting away with an apology or a 'change of heart' this time.

Impartial justice had never seemed so frightening.


The Tribunals took a grueling two weeks.

Pentalties were extracted through money, land, and all manner of material possessions- on top of any time in Azkaban that was handed down.

By the time the last person was Judged, the magical population were even more terrified of their new jailers, if for no other reason than the fact that no one escaped prosecution by fleeing or even suicide, (the shadowy Vindice would show up before they could commit the act, and the Chain would absorb any damage, leaving the magicals who attempted such a thing at the Vindice's not-so-tender mercies).

Not a single person escaped their day in court.

Not one.