Welcome everyone to my first ever Batman/Star Wars story. I have been waiting a long time to work on this story. Now that I finished with my classes I can finally work on this. I want to thank my friend for his help on the story and to my friends for running my ideas by with you guys.

You guys are the best and I appreciate all the support you have given me for this story. I also want to thank the people who created the Batman Arkham games. They helped inspired me to make this story. I also promise my Batman will be just like from the series of the DC universe.

There will be some differences, but I will make sure my Batman is someone you guys will like. Now, let's get the disclaimer over with. I don't own anything of Batman, anything from the DC universe, and from the Star Wars universe. It's time for the story to begin and enjoy everyone.

Also: Bold- means thoughts & Italic- will mean what an alien is saying in their native language.

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away…

*Star Wars theme song*

Conflict and violence continues spreading across the galaxy. The Clone Wars continues as both the Republic and Separatist forces battle across the galaxy for control.

The war has also caused the Jedi Order to focus their attention to assist the Republic in battles, and less on the crimes that have begun to spread. All across the galaxy criminals have used this chance to rise up and take control helping spread the violence.

The Chancellor has done little to stop crime since his focus has been on the war and knows none of the criminals would dare go against him with the power he has. The Jedi Order has spread their own so far across the galaxy that they have lost focused on helping protect the innocent from the criminals that harm them.

That was until word began spreading three years ago of a masked vigilante that began appearing across the galaxy. A vigilante dressed as a bat that began taking down small time criminals on different planets and slowly a different kind of fear was spread.

*Batman Forever theme*

The man dressed as a bat soon started spreading over much larger criminals, criminal organizations, slavery, and even Separatist home worlds fighting crime the last few months. This was a problem not only criminals dealt with, but also the Republic where many of its political members felt this masked vigilante needs to be arrested.

Not only for taking the law into his own hands, but also for interfering in matters that doesn't involve him. While others continue their support for him and felt what he is doing is more than what the Republic or the Jedi Order have done for the people.

The Chancellor decided to ask the Jedi Order to help in bringing in this man to justice and before he can get involved in any more matters of the Chancellor. And with any luck they will find him before he ruins the plans of the Chancellor that he has been working on for so many years.

Star Wars: the Dark Knight

Unknown location

Inside a large dark cave, hundreds of bats are seen hanging on the ceiling sleeping. Suddenly they hear a loud sound that woke them up as their eyes begin to open and they let out a small screeching sound as they turn to the source of the sound.

An elevator door opened brightening up the cave as the bats begin to take flight making loud screeching noises. An armored figure appeared from the door and heads to a large room where be begins suiting up.

He puts on an armored dark costume with a red bat symbol on the chest. He puts on his arm spikes, his belt, grabs some gadgets off the wall, and puts on a mask before proceeding towards the door as a long dark cape emerged from the back.

In the center of what appears to be a command room, an armored vehicle appeared. He enters the vehicle before activating it.

Across from the vehicle, lights begin to activate revealing a long road that leads to a bright doorway. He drives the vehicle towards it not showing any signs of fear or hesitation. The vehicle collides with the doorway vanishing from the cave.


Outside the city a cargo ship appeared and headed towards the loading dock. Nearby several thugs in armor kept an eye out as the shipment began to land.

An expensive looking cruiser flies by. The driver walks around and opens the door as the passenger, Carmine Falcone appears.

Carmine is the leader of the Falcone family, a mob that controls part of the criminal underworld. His family sells alcohol, drugs, weapons, and have decided to join in the slavery business.

As the war progressed the Falcone Family along with other criminal organizations began assisting Count Dooku and his master helping them remain in control. Whether they ask them to deal with anyone who they felt was in their way, hunt down anyone that that is a threat, and make sure nothing happens until the war is over.

In exchange for doing this they were given immunity from the Republic as long as they do not interfere with any affairs from either side and they do not get caught with a crime that will put them away for life. An agreement they agreed to so they can gain newfound freedom and spread their business across the galaxy.

With the Jedi Order focused on the war, the Falcone family has been able to use this chance to make more money in the slave industry. Falcone came to the docks to see the shipment he plans to sell to the Zygerrian Empire for money.

"Welcome Mr. Falcone sir," greeted one of the thugs. "We have the new shipment as promised."

"Good," replied Falcone as they walk towards the crate and inside he sees at least a hundred female Twi'lek and Togruta women all inside. Some appeared to be around 10-20 years old.

"Perfect, my new clients will love this new shipment. Get them to the warehouse and make sure their ready for the auction."

"Yes sir," replied the thug as he motions for the men to get the crate ready to move.

As Falcone heads back into his vehicle one of the men hears something nearby. Walking over to investigate he sees what appears to be a dark figure standing nearby.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" the thug asked.

As the thug approaches the figure he is suddenly grabbed and pulled into the darkness letting out a scream. One of the thugs hears this and notices his friend is gone.

He approaches where he went, along with one of the other men as they approach an opened container. As he calls out for his friend, the lights are suddenly hit by something metallic causing them to go out.

One of the men kneels down and picks up the object seeing it is a metal bat shape object. As he stands back up he notices his friend looking up.

He looks up as well to see a dark figure hanging upside down from one of the cranes. He drops down and attacks both men taking them both out.

Their screams attracts the attention of the other men as they begin regrouping with weapons armed. Falcone remains in his vehicle waiting to find out what is going on, while the women in the containers huddle together hoping someone has come to their rescue.

One of the men who didn't regroup and was alone notices something fly past him causing him to open fire. He sees one of his friends running nearby, but is tackled and taken away by a dark figure causing the thug to panic when he saw what happened.

He continues firing until he ran out of ammo and begins backing away afraid. "Where are you?!"

"Here," the dark figure whispered hanging upside down behind the thug as he grabs him before the other men could find them.

As the thugs create a circle looking for who is attacking them, the figure appeared jumping right in the middle and begins attacking the men. Despite having their weapons and outnumbering the attacker, they were unable to take them down.

Falcone left the safety of his vehicle where he sees this one man taking down his men like they were nothing. He takes off running back to the safety of his vehicle as he pulls out his blaster.

"Drive, now!" he ordered his driver, but finds him knocked out as he starts to grow frightened by what is happening. "What the hell are you?"

Suddenly something lands on the hood of his vehicle, breaks through the glass of the sunroof, and pulls him through it revealing a man dressed as a bat.

"I'm Batman," the dark figure replied as he delivers a head-butt knocking him out. He looks over to see the women escaping the containers and see who saved them. "You're free."

He activates his rocket boots and takes off with Falcone as the women cheered on thanking him for saving them.

That's the end of the first chapter. Sorry for keeping it short, but I didn't want to make the first chapter too long. At least not until I am sure everyone likes how the first chapter goes. The next few might be the same, but I'll try to make them longer next time. So be patient for those that like this story and want to see more.

Also yeah several things one the Batman Forever movie may not be one of the best, but man that opening with the theme song is so awesome so I wanted to try something with it for the opening here. Secondly yeah that fight scene was much like the Batman Begins movie, with some differences that aren't that big. Third will we see some familiar characters in this story? Well, only one way to find that out huh?

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