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Chapter II


At the Jedi Temple, Obi Wan Kenobi is seen walking down the halls after finishing another meeting with the Council. It has been a rough month for the Order. Not because of the war, which hasn't helped with what has been going on.

It was more towards of Ahsoka Tano leaving the Order after being framed for murder, Barriss Offee setting her up, and the Council refusing to believe Ahsoka's innocence. Because of that they lost a young Jedi who could have been a great Knight, but was cast aside because the Council feared another one of their own turned to the dark side.

Not knowing that they were being deceived and that another who had so much potential ended up using them. After Ahsoka left the Order has been divided with some upset that the Council did not do a proper investigation to prove if she was telling the truth, while others no longer have any trust in them.

Obi Wan was unsure what to think about all of this, but was too focused on helping his friend Anakin get through this difficult time. Losing someone close was hard, especially when that someone was his former student who looked up to him, and he saw as a younger sister.

He has tried to help his former student get passed this, but he could tell it was still bothering him. So after his meeting with the Council he decided to go look for Anakin to speak with him and see how he is doing after getting back from a mission.

"Obi Wan," he turns around to see Anakin approaching him. "You were looking for me?"

Obi Wan nods in response. "Yes, how was your mission?"

"It went well as usual. What did you need from me?" Anakin asked.

"I just wanted to see how you are doing," Obi Wan replied as the two begin walking down the halls. "You are doing okay, right?"

Anakin lets out a small sigh figuring this is what his friend wanted to ask him. "I'm getting there. A part of still wish I could have done something to keep her from leaving."

Obi Wan nods understanding how Anakin feels and how the Council regrets how hastily they were in their decision against Ahsoka. Like Anakin he cared for Ahsoka, even speaking on her defense believing she was innocent and hopes wherever she is she is safe.

"I take you or Padme haven't heard anything from her?"

Anakin shook his head in response. "I spoke to Lux Bonteri a week ago who told me Ahsoka stayed with him for a few days, but then left after that. I just wish I know she's okay, wherever she is."

"I know," Obi Wan replied placing his hand on his friend's shoulder. "We all miss her. She was special and I wish there was something we could have done to change what happened."

Anakin's hands begin to form a fist and tighten in anger. "Maybe if the Council did a proper investigation or took her word over what Tarkin said then we could have proven she was innocent. If they had just listened to her then she wouldn't have left."

"Anakin, I understand your upset, but you can't blame the Council for what happened. We were all deceived by Barriss and she did everything in her power to make sure the evidence against Ahsoka was strong," Obi Wan replied trying to calm his friend down. "There's nothing we can do to change what happened, except try to get passed this and move on. Letting your anger hold on to the past is something a Jedi should keep to themselves, you know that."

Anakin tried to calm down and heed Obi Wan's advice, but he couldn't. He still blamed Barriss for what happened to Ahsoka and for everything she put her through. A part of him wanted to go find her and make her pay for what she did. But sadly that was not going to happen.

After Barriss was locked up her cell blew up presuming killing her since the explosion left charred remains. However, a bit of her survived allowing them to confirm it was her. They later found out the explosion was rigged by a citizen who set it up to make her pay for the death of his wife. To Anakin justice got served, but a part of him still wished he was the one that laid the justice down.

"I know, it's just too hard sometimes," said Anakin as he begins breathing easily. "Anyways, I don't want to talk about this anymore. There's something else I wanted to talk to you about. It's about what we discussed last week."

Obi Wan recalls the talk they had before Anakin left for his mission and knew what it was. "I take it's about the latest sighting of this Batman who took down Jabba's family organization."

Anakin heard of this and as much as he enjoyed hearing that news, he still wasn't happy with the Batman also getting involved in some affairs of the Republic. He found out that someone matching the Batman's description broke into the Republic lab and stole the body of the Zillo beast along with other items as well.

The Chancellor has given an order to bring in the vigilante to justice. Despite their best efforts they have been unable to find or capture the Batman who remains on the loose.

"You know what else happened right?"

Obi Wan nods knowing this other story he heard. "They couldn't prove though it was him and it doesn't seem to fit the emo of the Batman."

"Maybe doing all that 'hero' work was all a ruse," Anakin replied letting his temper get the better of him again. "I still can't believe you and some of the Council actually support this guy. For all we know he could be working for the Separatist."

It is true that some of the Council members like Obi Wan did see the Batman as someone good, even if they don't agree with the methods they heard he uses. But he still believes in him and that's why he doesn't believe he committed any crime.

"Even Padme believes what this guy is doing is right and believes he didn't do anything wrong," Anakin replied upset that his wife is not on his side. "There is no denying proof that he did do this."

"From what I heard the description was sketchy at best and there is no proof that it was actually the Batman. So as far as we're concerned he is innocent until proven guilty," Obi Wan replied as he tries to get his friend to see the good side in Batman. "Yes he is a vigilante, which is against the law, but look at the good he is doing Anakin. You have to admit ever since he appeared crime has gone down a little and we have been able to focus on other matters."

Anakin sighed as a part of him does agree with Batman helping stop crime, while the other part of him feels he needs to work within the system since they don't know who this guy really is. "If he reveals who he is then I might reconsider, but he need to leave this up to the police or us to handle these crimes. It's only a matter of time before he kills someone and that is why he needs to be stopped."

"I know, but since our focus has been on the war we haven't been able to deal with the crimes that go on in the galaxy," which was actually true.

The Jedi have been so focus on the war that they have abandoned their duties on helping maintain the peace and help stop crimes. This Batman vigilante though has been going around fighting crime and help maintain the peace, which is something the Jedi have forgot all about.

"So, what do you propose we do?" Anakin asked. "Let this vigilante break the rules?"

"No," Obi Wan replied. "If we work with him, then we will be able to end the wars on both sides."

"I don't know," said Anakin until he received a message on his com-link. Once he finished he turns towards his friend. "There's been another sighting of the Batman down at the docks outside the city. Apparently something big was going to go down and the police needs us down there."

"Then let's get going," said Obi Wan as the Jedi take off to the docks.


The Jedi arrive to find the police have arrived and are securing the area. They look around to see the droids putting several men in the back of the vehicles in handcuffs.

Whatever was going down it happened fast. The Jedi look over to also see coming out of the containers Twi'lek and Togruta women being escorted for treatment.

Obi Wan assumed that whoever brought these girls here were planning on selling them. They approach Tan Divo, who is in charge of the crime scene.

The police officer sees the Jedi and greets them. "Welcome Master Jedi, it's been a long time since any of you actually came to a crime scene that wasn't related to the war."

"What happened here?" Anakin asked getting straight to the point.

"Well," Divo hands a holodpad to one of the droids before explaining what happened. "Best we can tell is they were planning on moving the girls to be sold when the Batman showed up and took the men down."

He showed the Jedi the crime scene and they see the dents that were made against the containers where the men got hit. Weapons were dropped all over the ground and there didn't appear to be any signs of the bat man being in the area.

"How do you know the Batman was behind this?" Obi Wan asked.

"Who else would take down all these men without killing any of them?" Divo asked, which was true. "Anyways, some of the men that we found that were conscious told us what happened. And because we have a witness that saw the whole thing."

Divo points towards speaking to the women, giving their statement to one of the police droids. He then leads the Jedi towards another part of the crime scene where they are surprised to see what they found.

"And this I think you'll find interesting," he shows a man on top of a searchlight unconscious. "We found him like this when we got here and inside his vehicle we found a holopad with information about him planning to sell these women.

Obi Wan is surprised by what he is seeing, but when he looks over to his friend he sees he looks shocked.

"Anakin, are you okay?"

Anakin nods. "That's Carmine Falcone, he's one of the supporters of the Chancellor."

"Well, he's going to need a lot of support himself when we take him to trial," said Divo as he motions for his droids to get the man down.

Obi Wan looks up into the sky and taps on his friend's shoulder. "Look up."

Anakin looks up to see what appears to be a bat symbol in the sky thanks to the position Falcone is in. "So he is behind this."

Obi Wan nods. "So it seems."

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