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Chapter III


A day has passed since Carmine Falcone was arrested the night before. The news of his arrest was made across the planet and parts of the galaxy affecting those that were shocked by the news.

Falcone claims his innocence and that he was being framed. However, the evidence provided to the prosecutor was more than enough to send Falcone to jail for his crimes.

At the senate building Padme along with the Jedi, Master Windu, Kenobi, and Skywalker went to speak with the Chancellor about Falcone's arrest to see what he will do. They brought with them information about his involvement with the Separatist, criminal acts, and how he has been involved in illegal activities on Republic controlled planets.

The Chancellor was not pleased by the news and ordered to freeze the accounts of the Falcone family. A decision that made the Jedi and Padme happy that he wasn't being lenient against Falcone despite all he did for the Chancellor.

"Lending support to the Republic is something we are grateful for, but finding out he used us to gain control and harm innocent people is something we will not tolerate," said the Chancellor speaking to the Jedi and Padme from behind his desk. "Despite this though it seems many believed we are corrupted and we knew of the crimes his family committed."

"The numbers are short though. The people have shown more interest in how Falcone was caught and what is going to happen to him," Master Windu replied, but also tried to reassure the Chancellor of the situation.

"Well thankfully the information we gained helped reveal all those involved in these crimes and we will make sure Falcone serves the rest of his life in prison," the Chancellor answered. "I have it on good word that Harvey Dent will make sure the evidence they have will put him in jail."

"The people will be glad to hear this," said Padme who was disgust to hear what the Falcone family had done. "I assume this means you'll call off the hunt for the Batman? After all it was because of him that Falcone was caught."

The Chancellor knew that the senator would bring this up and turns towards the Jedi. "I assume what I heard then that this Batman was involved?"

Obi Wan nods in response. "The witnesses all claimed it was him and that he helped capture Falcone. I know what he is doing is against the law, however he has shown he is no threat to us, he is doing good, and is only bringing in these criminals to justice."

"The law is there for a reason Master Kenobi," the Chancellor replied. "If we allowed everyone to take the law into their own hands we would have a lot of innocent deaths. This Batman must be found and brought in to justice no matter how many criminals he brought in."

"I agree," Anakin replied standing by the Chancellor's decision. "Everyone has to follow the rules, for their safety and the safety of others."

"But sometimes the law doesn't always catch up to these criminals," Padme argued. "Look I know without law and order there will be chaos, but as Master Kenobi said he's done good without murdering anyone. Even the people looked up to him, including the girls he saved."

Master Windu steps into the argument with his own. "Senator, we know the good he has done, but that doesn't mean he isn't dangerous. All it takes is one mistake and he could end up killing someone. Once that happens there is no doubt he will do it again. That's why we need to find him and keep that from happening."

"I understand that, but he has been around for three years and hasn't come close to doing anything like that am I right?" she asked causing the men in the room to be silent as she continues. "I know the law is there to keep order, but what happens when those that uphold the law are too busy fighting in a war and the police are not enough to keep the peace?"

The Jedi knew what the senator was referring to. It's true that since the war began the Jedi have been criticized claiming they are peacekeepers not soldiers, and yet they are out fighting in a war.

Their absence has allowed crime to run amuck and they have been losing support from the people. Many believe this is why they look up to the Batman who is doing more than what the Jedi and Republic is doing."

"While that is true, I'm afraid we can't bend the rules for everyone Senator Amidala," said the Chancellor who stands by his decision.

"Perhaps we should," Padme replied as she stands from her seat. "Maybe then things would be different."

A message is send to the Chancellor informing him his appointment has arrived. "We'll discuss about this later when I return. I have a meeting with Admiral Tarkin with a guest."

The Jedi bow their heads to the Chancellor before leaving the room. Padme soon follows after them, but as soon as she left the room she is confronted by Anakin.

"Why did you do that?" he asked. "Why did you speak out against the Chancellor? You know he's only trying to keep the Republic in order."

"Where's the good in hunting down someone who has been saving lives. You of all people should be able to see this Batman is not bad and is good," Padme replied a little upset her husband is not on her side.

Anakin does understand, at least a part of him does. He is glad there is someone out there who is protecting the people, stopping crime, and caring for the innocent while they focus on the war. Still, he has to agree with the Chancellor and how dangerous this Batman is. Even if he did take down Falcone he still doesn't trust this Batman guy.

"Anakin, please understand that the people need someone to look out for them while the Jedi and the Republic focuses on the war. Can you try talking to the Chancellor about this?" she asked hoping he will say yes.

Anakin lets out a small sigh and look into the eyes of his wife's pleading eyes. He does want to support her and believe that this Batman is good, but he can't.

"I'm sorry, Padme but I can't," he replied disappointing his wife. "The fact is this Batman is dangerous and it is my job to bring him in so no one gets hurt."

"Then you really don't understand," said Padme as she walks away leaving Anakin struggling on what he should do.

As Padme left she began walking along the hall of the Senate building alone with her thoughts. She can't figure out why Anakin doesn't support her about the Batman.

She wonders if he's still feeling upset with what happened to Ahsoka. It has been six months since they last heard from her and both have been concerned something has happened.

She knows Ahsoka can take care of herself and was taught how to survive from Anakin. Still, with crime high right now and how she's no longer a Jedi there's a chance some old enemies of Ahsoka will come looking for her.

That's why she wants to support the Batman, who she feels will protect Ahsoka in case she is being hunted down by some criminals. At least that's what she hopes happens.

"Are you all right, miss?" Padme snapped out of her thoughts and turns around to see a woman heading her way.

She appears to be in her 20s with long brown hair, eyes, fair skin, and is wearing a business suit. Next to her is an older woman who appears to be around her 30s with long black hair, brown eyes, and light tan skin.

"Yes, I'm fine. Can I help you?" Padme asked not recognizing the girl.

"Sorry, I'm Abigail Wayne," the woman replied before turning to the other woman. "And this is my assistant, Tatsu Yamashiro."

It is then that Padme recognizes the girl. "Abby? I can't believe it is that you?" she asked noticing the girl looked confused. "Oh sorry, it's me Padme."

Abigail soon recognized Padme and smiles happily as she embraces her in a hug. "Padme! It's good to see you again. Sorry I didn't recognize you. I was so used to you wearing all those fancy dresses and makeup."

Padme nods in agreement. "Yeah, I did look different when I wore them. I almost didn't recognize you either. It has been a while five years we last saw each other, right?"

"Yeah, five long years. How have you been?" Abigail asked.

"I'm fine, a little tired but fine," Padme replied happy to see her friend. "How have you been?

"I'm doing fine too, except you know dealing with a lot of work like you I guess," Abigail replied as the two women laughed a little.

Padme's expression changed a little as she decided to ask Abigail something else. "So, how's your brother? Is he doing okay after well you know?"

Abigail knew what Padme is referring to and nods in response. "He's doing okay, at least as best he can be. Still surprise how things ended between you two. I actually thought you two would well you know."

Padme nods understanding what Abigail is saying. "Things just didn't work out in the end."

Abigail decided to change the subject so she can lift the mood a little. "So, from being a queen of a planet to now being a senator for the people. What's next? Being chancellor?"

Padme gives a small laugh. "Who knows, it might happen. Anyways, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here on business," Abigail replied as they stop near the Chancellor's office. "The chancellor called for me and wanted to discuss a business deal for the company."

Padme now knows who the Chancellor and Tarkin were going to meet. "What do they want?"

"The same thing every past chancellor has asked from my family. To help create weapons of mass destruction to be used for war," Abigail replied with a hint of anger in her tone. "I swear each time they called us it's always with the same proposal. Every time war breaks out our family has always been called upon to be used for war."

"I remember hearing about the Chancellor trying to make a deal with a corporation. I didn't think it would be with your family's company, especially with the history it has," said Padme disappointed with what the Chancellor is trying to do.

The Wayne family's company has been around for 500 years helping supply food, medicine, machines, and transportation across the galaxy. They even help send supplies to refugees and to the poor that have suffered during any war. Since then the Republic has tried many times to get the company involved in making weapons to help them in conflict. Each time the family declined, but does make equipment for defense, but never anything for offense.

"We have been fighting for the people for so many centuries despite the negativity we get from politics about not helping in the war," Abigail let's out a small sigh. "Honestly I should stop answering the Chancellor's calls and just focus on the company."

"Why is your family against the war?" they turn towards Anakin who walked out of the office after overhearing what the two women said. "Your company could help provide equipment we can use to help end this war, but you choose not to, why?"

"Anakin, stop it," said Padme hushing at her husband before turning to her friend. "I'm sorry about that Abigail, this is Anakin Skywalker. Anakin, this is my friend Abigail Wayne."

Abigail stared at the Jedi who she could tell didn't like her. "I know who he is and where you stand on this, Skywalker. We fight for the people by supplying them medicine, food, and even homes where they can stay while this war destroys all they know."

"We fight for the people as well and we do it by fighting on the battleground against the Separatist," Anakin argued back.

"True, but when they are attacked by criminals and you're not there to stop them, what then?" Abigail argued back causing Anakin to be silence for a moment, before Padme steps in.

"Will you two please stop fighting? I don't want to have to deal with arguments than what I'm already dealing with right now," Padme pleaded trying to keep her husband and friend from fighting.

"That's fine I need to go to the meeting anyways," Abigail replied before she remembered something she wanted to ask Padme. "Anyways, while I'm here on Coruscant why don't we go out for dinner? You know to catch up."

"Sure, dinner sounds great. In fact we can have it at my place if you want" Padme suggested.

"Sounds good, well I should go get to my meeting. It was nice seeing you again Padme," the two women hug once more before Abigail turns towards Skywalker. "Goodbye, Skywalker."

She walks off into the office while Anakin turns his attention to his wife. "You never told me you knew the Wayne family."

"You never asked," Padme replied as the two began walking. "We grew up on Naboo and I've been friends with Abigail along with her brother since we were little. We then went our separate ways and we haven't seen each other in five years."

"You still could have told me and help me convince her to help us," said Anakin.

"It's her decision if she doesn't want her company to get involved in this war and I will respect her for that," Padme replied.

Anakin walks in front of Padme stopping her. "Padme, this is serious. With their support we can help end this war and defeat the Separatist."

"They already do support us with medicine and food. We can't force them to make weapons if they don't want to and we should just leave them alone, especially with what they went through," Padme replied with her expression turning to sadness.

"Like what?" Anakin asked ignoring the sad expression his wife is making.

"Let's just say Abigail and her brother have seen what weapons can do. And they won't get involved in anything that involves it," Padme replied before they made their way outside to the landing platform. "I will be going now to prepare to meet with them later tonight."

"Padme, let me come along. Just to make sure nothing happens," Anakin replied wanting to keep an eye on things.

"No," Padme answered. "I'll be fine and I don't want you to come along to stir trouble. Why don't you focus on catching the Batman since you made it clear he's a danger."

Before Anakin can reply Padme walked into her speeder with her guards and they take off. He could tell Padme was not in a good mood and knows if he pushes this any further it will not end well. So for now he'll let her cool off and focus on trying to find the Batman. Perhaps tonight he'll have a good chance catching him since he appears at night.

"All right, time to set up a plan."

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