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Story II: Chapter VIII


In the city of Theeds, the Jedi are in the palace speaking with Chancellor Mothma and Senator Organa about the situation right now. Master Windu and Yoda received word that the Joker has taken over the Arkham prison. Master Kenobi is working with the Batman and the guards to try retaking the prison. But the Joker has threatened to detonate bombs he has placed in major cities on eight different planets of the Republic systems.

He will do this if any Republic ships arrive near the planet. The Chancellor has ordered her forces to stay away from the planet and to find these bombs from these cities. However, without a proper indication of where on these eight planets the Joker has targeted there is no way of knowing which of the thousands of systems to start with. Not to mention one of those cities could be the capitol of Coruscant.

As for the Jedi they are going over what they should do and if there is a way to send some of their own to help retake the planet. Without being detected from the Joker.

"We believe we can send a small ship towards the other side of the planet in order to avoid detection," said Master Ki-Adi-Mundi as he appeared in hologram form. "If we do this we can assist Master Kenobi and retake the prison."

"No," said Mercy Graves in hologram form. "Mr. Luthor placed alert systems around the planet in case anyone tries to sneak in undetected. Even if they appeared on the other side they will be aware of their presence."

"And why is it Mr. Luthor didn't share that information with the Jedi when the prison was built?" Master Windu asked.

"Because, he felt with the lack of security the Jedi Temple has that this information would have been leaked," Mercy Drives replied to the Jedi Master. "And anyways, Mr. Luthor did inform the Chancellor. Speaking of who, asked Mr. Luthor to build a security system that would be impregnable."

Chancellor Mothma recalled Lex Luthor approaching her and offering to help build the prison's security systems. In exchange there would be a sort of partnership between his company and the Republic. The chancellor accepted the deal for the security system, but refused to accept any sort of partnership. Due to rumors about Luthor's connections to criminal organizations, despite no proof surfacing.

"Is there a way to regain control of the systems?" Chancellor Mothma asked. "I've assumed Mr. Luthor has a backup plan in case something like this happens, right?"

Mercy Drives clears her throat and replied. "Mr. Luthor didn't see any need to make one since he was confident his systems would not fail. But I assure you, chancellor. We are working hard to help retake the prison."

"Then I suggest he works faster otherwise the Republic should consider the offer the Wayne Foundation is making," Chancellor Mothma shuts off communications with Mercy Drives and turns to the Jedi letting out a small sigh. "Is there any chance that we can believe the Joker's threat is fake?"

The Jedi looked at each other and wish they could reassure the chancellor the Joker is lying. But with how unpredictable he is and how if he is lying about something it means he has done something else to make things worse.

"Unsure we are with the Joker," said Master Yoda who despite how much experience he has is lost with what is going on. "Never has the Jedi encounter someone unpredictable and dangerous as the Joker. Someone who we cannot see what he is plotting."

Chancellor Mothma sighed knowing there is one thing they can do. "Then we'll need to figure out which planets he has targeted and hopefully find these bombs if he indeed planted them."

"I think we should also try keeping this quiet," Senator Organa suggested. "If the public is made aware of this situation they will panic.'

Master Windu nods in agreement. "Very well. We will look for the bombs and do it as covertly as possible. Without the public finding out."

"Hmm afraid I am that the truth will come out," said Master Yoda who fears keeping things quiet will not work. "Knowing the Joker, this is what he will want."

Chancellor Mothma couldn't disagree with the master Jedi and what the Joker is plotting. "Then let's work fast before that happens."


Batman made his way the Intensive Treatment to find Obi Wan Kenobi. It was revealed by the Joker that Officer Frank Boles has been working for the clown and helped kidnap the Jedi Master. Using some hostages to force Kenobi to surrender and allowed the ex-officer to capture him. Now he is planning to hand him over to Harley unless Batman gets to them first.

The Joker explained how Boles has been working for Joker for some time and that's how he always manages to slip away. Using his connections, Boles has helped the Joker escape the law and give him information against the Republic. Even revealed how years ago it was a young Boles who helped the Joker get into the senate building to kill Palpatine. Batman knew he had to get to them before they harm Obi Wan.

He arrived to an elevator shaft where Harley destroyed the elevators. Trying to slow Batman down. However, he managed to make his way up, but first needed to find out what they are up to. He knew Joker is planning something and he knew with him it would be something big.

"Oracle, can you hear me?" Batman began contacting his sister to find out anything she knows.

"Batman? What's happening?" Oracle asked trying to get an update from her brother.

"Joker got away. He's sealed himself off in another part of the prison. He's got Obi Wan," Batman explained as he continues making his way down the hallway following the traces of alcohol from Frank's canteen.

Oracle was shocked to hear that Joker has Obi Wan. "You're getting him back, right?"

"I'm following a trail to track them down. I'll get him out and make sure he's safe," said Batman as he stops near a large door. "Any luck on finding the security clearance?"

"No such luck," said Oracle as she continued trying to hack into the system. "Ahsoka told me they couldn't find another copy. I guess Warden Sharp wanted to make sure there is only one copy. The best I can do right now is hack into the cameras. Other than that not much I can do until we get the security clearance."

"It will have to do," said Batman as he walks over to a vent and opens it to go in. "Keep me updated on anything you find. Also, tell the others to keep an eye on things. If Joker is planning something it will happen soon."

"Roger that and be careful," said Abigail as she switches off to continue working.

Batman made his way through the vent where he sees two of Joker's men shooting down some guards. Batman spots a nearby gargoyle and uses it to grab with his Batclaw. He quietly gets behind the men who are guarding the door behind them. He approached them and slams their heads together knocking them out.

Just before he left he noticed the weapons they used. He looks behind him to find he is near the entrance of the prison.

"Joker's men must have gotten to the weapons room. Boles probably told them about it," said Batman who needs to be careful knowing these weapons were made to handle dangerous criminals like the ones the prison have.

He spots one of the Joker's men inside the control room and manages to shut off the ray shield. He sneaks in and sees the guard speaking to the Joker.

"No problem, boss. The boys are just finishing off. The Arkham chumps never stood a chance," said the thug until Batman approached him from behind and knocked him out.

"Oh. Look who it is! Are your pointy ears burning?" said the Joker making a joke as Batman confronted him. "I suppose I'd better warn my boys you're on the way..." then the Joker came up with an idea. "Hey, maybe I won't…It'll be a nice surprise!"

The screen turned off and Batman destroys them all. "I doubt he'll keep his mouth shut. I better find another way in if they are expecting me."

He finds a vent nearby and uses it to get inside. Using the cowl vision he is able to detect the armed guards that are in the room and was able to take them down easily.

He then hears Joker's voice through the intercom talking to his men. "Ding, ding, ding, ding. Arkham is now under new management. Here's a quick update on what's going on. Some idiot is running round the prison dressed like a bat. I know. Crazy!"

Batman opens the vent and approached one of the men. Grabbing him from behind and putting him in a sleeper hold before knocking him out. All while Joker continued to speak to his men. Who are unaware he is in the room.

"Personally. I think the best solution is to put him out of his misery. It's the only reliable cure."

Once he finished speaking Batman went for the others. Quietly taking them out one-by-one. Without being detected and without them alerting the others. He glides down the last one and took him out. Once he was done he hears Joker speaking to him.

"Did you really think it was going to be that easy, Bats? I've sent a few more of my boys your way. Let's see how you deal with these odds!"

Batman uses his Batclaw to climb to the top of one of the gargoyles as he sees more men making their way into the room. Three of them, all armed with automatic weapons. For the Batman though, this was going to be easy.

"Joker wants him found! Spread out!" said one of the men as all three split up across the room to find the Batman.

Batman hangs upside down the gargoyle he is on as one of the men walks under him. Using his quickness, he is able to grab the man, pull him up, and then drops him with a rope tired around his legs leaving him upside down.

The other two men hear their buddy's scream and run towards him. Batman sees one coming nearby so he jumps off the gargoyle, and uses his cape to glide across the room. He then kicks the man in the chest knocking him down. He jumps on his chest and punches the man in the face knocking him out.

The third man hear this and begins opening fire afraid of where the Batman will show up. He makes his way up to the middle of the room where he tries to hide. As soon as he got to the entrance, the Batman jumps through the glass ceiling and knocks the man down. Once he was sure the men were down he makes his way towards the entrance when he hears the Joker calling out to him again.

"They were just like family. How could you? I think I'm going to cry," said the Joker faking being sad, before laughing.

As Batman goes to the entrance he sees bodies of guards and inmates nearby. He also finds Officer Boles, dead. He is strapped to a gurney, with his mouth opened, green paint on his face in the form of a smile, and a sign on him saying 'Dead End'. All while Joker left behind some of his laughing teeth toys nearby.

"Joker must have figured out how I was tracking them. Officer Boles' trail stops here," said Batman knowing he'll need to find Obi Wan another way.

He sees a guard appear in one of the locked rooms. "Over here, Batman!"

Batman glides down and sees who the guard is. William North who is a clean officer who accepted the position in Arkham.

"You all right?" Batman asked.

Officer North nods in response. "It was a massacre. Boles came walking in telling everyone to cover the front entrance. Said something about Joker's army coming through the main gate. Two of my guys moved to the exit and Frank shot 'em dead. They never stood a chance."

"Was Boles alone?" Batman asked.

"Thought he was, then I saw Harley Quinn," North recalled. "She was surrounded by Blackgate prisoners. They were just killing everyone in the room! I had no choice. I got in here. Locked the doors. I could see it on the security feed. They had someone with them it looked like Master Kenobi."

"Boles is dead," Batman replied. "They carried on without him. Must have outlived his usefulness."

"Good," North replied happy Boles is dead. "He was scum."

Batman walks through the door and tries to find another way out. "Oracle, can you hear me?"

"I hear you. Did you find Obi Wan?" Oracle asked.

"No. Boles is dead," Batman replied as he heads down the steps and goes into a locker room where the guards keep their belongings. "Joker must have figured out how I was tracking them. Obi Wan though is likely alive. Just need to find another way out."

"Already on it," Abigail replied as she finds a venting system that leads to a small cavern that leads to outside. "Found it. I'll send it to your cowl."

"Thanks Oracle," said Batman as he heads into a supply room where the vent is at.

Breaking it open he makes his way inside. He follows the vent that takes him out of the Intensive Treatment building. It takes him into a cave, which leads outside where he can oversee the East part of the prison. This is where the Arkham Mansion, Botanical Gardens, and the graveyard is located at.

"I better get to the Batmobile and get some supplies," said Batman as he uses his rocket boots to fly up into the air.

He then begins gliding around using his suit's wings to get fly around. He didn't want to keep using the rockets since they would make too much noise. As he glides over the towers he notices there are still some guards alive. Getting into position to secure the area and make sure Joker doesn't take the area.

Maybe he can lend them the Batmobile to help protect the area. As he makes his way to the gate to the other side of the island he hears Joker talking through the intercom.

"Hmm Harley tells me that the Batman's vehicle is stilled parked just outside the Intensive Treatment building. Now we can't just have him up and leave us, can we? Every thug, villain, murder, and kindergarten teacher that isn't carrying out party orders should head there now and smash it to pieces."

Batman begins receiving transmission letting him know the alarm of the Batmobile is going off.

"Oracle, disable the Batmobile's countermeasure system," said Batman who knew his vehicle could take the hits, but needed some of the men around to interrogate them.

"I saw the alert, what's wrong? Where are you?" Oracle asked as she is focused on getting control of the cameras.

"I'm outside the Arkham entrance. Harley Quinn probably triggered the alarm. If she's still got Obi Wan with her, he could get hurt," Batman replied knowing what the countermeasures of his Batmobile's defenses can do.

"OK, done!" Oracle replied. "The Batmobile is still parked up outside the Intensive Treatment building in Arkham North. I've send you the schematics for the entire island. I've marked key locations like your car."

"Thanks Oracle," Batman replied knowing he'll need this to know where to go.

"No problem, by the way I've talked to Lux. He said that the Jedi are going to back away from the prison and focus on finding the bombs," said Oracle explaining what is going on.

"Good. Keep them updated on what is going on here. If the Joker is up to something they'll need to know what is going on too," said Batman as he makes is way to find Obi Wan.

He glides over the gate and arrives to the other side. Finding some of Joker's men attacking his vehicle. He looked around to find Harley and Obi Wan are not there. They must have taken off once they passed the vehicle.

He takes out a small controller and activates the Batmobile's countermeasures. The vehicle fires volts of electricity at the men knocking them all out as they fell on the ground twitching. He glides down and goes to the trunk. Pulling out some explosive gel that he plans to use for later.

He looks around to find there appeared to be a scuffle. Kneeling down and using his cowl vision he finds what appears to be some blood. Just drops of it. Using his cowl vision he is able to analyze it and finds out it belongs to Obi Wan.

Most likely he got hit by Harley and she made him bleed a little. Still, even with a few drops of blood he can track Obi Wan down if he is still bleeding. Using his cowl vision he finds a bit more drops leading to the next part of the island. Obi Wan must have known he would be tracking him and needed to leave some clues behind to help him.

"Good work, Kenobi. Now to find you before they try getting rid of you," using his rocket boots he flies high into the air and heads to the next part of the island.


In a secured facility on the island, Maul is seen in his cell. Wearing the prison's uniform, his robotic legs replaced with plastic kind, and his horns cut down so they wouldn't be used to harm someone. They even placed force restraints on his arms to keep him from using the Force.

He continued sitting in his cell despite hearing how there is a prison riot going on. Even could hear the Joker speaking through the intercoms. He found his laughter to be annoying and wanted to break free. To not only hunt down the clown, but also find Kenobi.

However, his cell remained locked and there is no way for him to escape. He then hears someone humming nearby followed by some footsteps. Soon the Joker appeared before him peeling away at a fruit with a knife in his hand. The Joker turns towards Maul and begins laughing as he took a bite of the apple.

"Well, well. Look who we have here," said the Joker as he puts the knife away. "The great and powerful Maul. Not looking good are ya spikey?"

Maul kept his cool as he stood up from his bed. "And you must be the Joker. The clown prince of crime and the one who killed the chancellor. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Well, first of all we both know who the old man was. So I guess you could say I'm the one who killed the Sith Lord behind one of the bloodiest wars of all time," said the Joker as he began to laugh. "Secondly, I thought I would come by when I noticed Harley didn't let you out of your cell. I wonder why."

Maul scowls softly before he replied. "Maybe because she believes I would try killing you the first chance I get. Though her response was more because I wasn't on the list."

The Joker faked a gasp as he took out a list. "You aren't? Really?" after a few seconds of looking he realized he is right. "Well, what do you know? You aren't on a list. I guess I must have forgotten. Silly me."

Maul knew the Joker is just playing around. Probably to get an emotion out of him. "Yes, so it seems. Perhaps you have come to make it right?"

The Joker tossed away the list and took another bite of his fruit. "I would love to have you be part of my guest list, but I need you to do me a little favor."

Maul figured he came by for something. "What did you have in mind?"

"You see I have a doctor lady I am looking for and I need to get some info out of her. If you would be so kind to assist me in getting some information out of her then you can join my party," said the Joker explaining what he needs.

Maul figured the Joker would want him to go after say the Batman, but to gain information for him out of a doctor. That caught his curiosity.

"And may I ask what you are planning?"

"Oh something real big," the Joker replied, but didn't give too much away. "In fact. If you do your job well I might even give you some of what I am cooking. You can use it to not only kill the Batman, but even Obi Wan Kenobi. What do you say?"

Now this caught Maul's attention. Whatever the Joker is up to must be something unpredictable and big if it required him to be locked up. Even take over the prison and keep the Republic forces out. If it can also get him what he needs for revenge then what the hell.

"Very well, clown. I shall play your game and see where it takes me," said Maul agreeing to the Joker's deal.

The Joker moves his hand behind his back and reveals Maul's lightsaber. "Have fun then."

The Joker sets it down on the ground and leaves the room. A minute later, the ray shield is gone and Maul kneels down to grab his lightsaber. He looks over to find a droid nearby with Maul's robotic legs. Maul figured the clown left them here so he can get his legs back.

"I don't know what you are planning, clown. But once I get what I want then you are next."

Uh oh this isn't good. Now Maul is joining the party. What does the Joker have planned for him now that he's freed? Will the Batman be able to stop Maul and the Joker?

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