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Story III: Chapter X

Arkham City

Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin stood in the middle of his Iceberg Lounge. It was once a trendy nightclub that he used as a front. All while in the background he was working on his criminal business. It was also a secret place where shady politicians, rich business owners, and crime bosses would meet.

All providing favors for Cobblepot and making sure his facility was protected from the Jedi. However, thanks to the Batman that all changed, and his nightclub was taken from him. So, when they build their prison city, Cobblepot saw his chance and retook his nightclub. Using it as his base of operations.

It is now though his last stand. The Batman and his little brat have taken out his men. Leaving only the Penguin left to fight against his enemy. He's not going to let them take away everything from him. And if things do go bad…well, he always did have a backup plan just waiting down below.

The door soon opened, and he sees Batman and Batgirl have arrived. The Penguin begins laughing as he got the weapon ready to be used.

"Hello, Batman! I see you and your brat have finally arrived. Surprised you didn't send your brat to fight me herself. I guess you've finally grown a pair huh?" Penguin mocked Batman, as he aims his weapon at the two and fired.

Batman and Batgirl managed to leap out of the way before the ice blast could hit them. The two had to avoid being seen and get in close in order to deactivate the weapon. The jammer won't close from the distance they are in. They need to get close enough to use it on him.

But from the looks of things, he has some drones floating around above him. Ready to open fire if they try getting an opening on him. Batman motions through hand signs to Batgirl what to do, while he has Penguin focus his attention on him. Batgirl nods in response and turns on her cloaking device before leaping out.

It was still damaged, but she managed to fix it long enough for her to use it to keep Penguin from seeing her. The drones though can detect body heat, so she was out of luck.

The drones were able to spot her and opened fire. Batgirl activates her rocket boots and flies up into the air. While avoiding getting shot at. The drones begin following her and kept firing as they try to shoot her down.

Batman leaps out from behind the wall and throws a Batarang at Penguin. The Penguin avoided this and opened fire but missed as Batman leaped out of the way.

"Stay still, you wanker!" Penguin shouted as he tried to continue trying to take Batman down. "Come on, Batman! Are you just going to run around? I guess you didn't grow a pair after all huh?"

Meanwhile, Batgirl managed to avoid getting shot at by the drones, but they were getting close. So, she flies up to the ceiling and moves up so her feet can hit the reinforced glass. She then pushes down and flies towards the drones. The drones continued opening fire at her, but she managed to avoid the blasters and extends her gloves' claws to cut through two of the drones, destroying them.

She then grabs the third one and damages it before throwing it at Cobblepot. The Penguin avoided the drone being tossed at him and tries firing his weapon at her. He managed to freeze one of her legs and caused her to crash towards one of the balconies. The remaining drones followed her, but she throws several Batarangs at them.

She leaps out of the way as they connected with the drones and blew up. Destroying them all.

Penguin saw his opening and prepared to fire at her, when he saw in the corner of his eye, Batman appearing down the ramp he was on. Penguin begins laughing as he slowly moves his weapon towards him. Oh sure, he could try freezing the brat and kill her. But she isn't going anywhere and knew Batman was a bigger prize to capture.

"Oh, I've been waiting a long time for this," said Penguin as he keeps his weapon locked on the Batman. "Ever since we've met, I've been dreaming of this moment where I can get my revenge against you. After all these years of you getting in my way, ruining my business, and stealing everything from me…heh. I had hope to do this with Wayne and make him pay for all he did to me..."

Penguin then begins charging his weapon up, unaware Batman has the jammer behind his back and was already working on using it.

"I'll get Wayne in time and then put his frozen body right next to you," said Penguin as he takes aim at Batman. "But, seeing how I'm a fair man. I'll tell you what, Batman. I'll give you a sporting chance to take a good shot at me. If you fail though…well then, I'll shatter your brat right in front of you. So, make it count without taking a step at me."

Penguin took notice of the Batman slowly approaching him, which made him smile. "Goodbye then, Bats," he pulls the trigger, but to his horror, the weapon wasn't working. "What's going on?" he tries again, but it didn't work. "Why isn't this blasted thing working?!"

Before he knew it, Batman stood in front of the Penguin and delivers a hard uppercut sending the Penguin flying. The Penguin screams as he falls off the balcony to the ground. The weapon fell next to Batman, as he grabs it and throws it towards Batgirl. She catches the weapon and managed to get her foot freed from the ice.

"You're finished, Cobblepot," said Batman as he stood tall over the defeated Penguin.

"No! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me," Penguin begged for mercy, while secretly pulling a device from his jacket's pocket.

"I can't guarantee that," said Batman as he took notice of Penguin's injured hand moving to the jacket to pull something.

Before Batman has a chance to react, Penguin pulls out the device showing it's a detonator. "Me neither."

The Penguin presses the button and causes detonators around the large ice structure holding up the platform Batman is on to explode. The floor underneath them blew up and Batman falls through landing on a metal floor. Batman looks around to see he's in some sort of secondary floor. He didn't recognize it on the floorplan for the Iceberg Lounge, but it did look old.

"I tried to help you, Batman. I gave you the opportunity to end this and walk away, but oh no. You had to be the big man," said Penguin as he stood over the hole and spoke down to Batman. "Well, guess what? From up here, you look pretty small."

"Then let's get a closer look," Penguin turns around and Batgirl appeared flying towards him. Kicking him right in the face and knocking him into the hole.

She fires a grappling wire around his leg and keeps him from landing on the metal floor on his head. She ties the wire around something study before she turns to Batman.

"Are you all right?" Batgirl asked.

Batman nods in response before turning to Cobblepot. "What is all this?"

Penguin knew he wasn't going to get out of the wire anytime soon. So, he decided he will just go through with his plan.

"What this? Just where I keep my dog. Want to meet him?" Penguin presses a button and soon the area begins turning on.

Four generators begin turning on and electricity begins being shot above towards six rods that are hanging over the generators. The electricity begins flowing towards a large muscular pale figure. Chained to two large chain balls. Batman and Batgirl look on recognizing the figure, as the electricity begins to wake him.

The large figure's eyes glowed bright white from the electricity and appeared more like a large zombie monster. His veins glowing bright blue from the electricity that flowed into his heart and throughout the rest of his body

"Solomon Grundy…" the figure begins to speak as he approaches Batman. "Born on a Monday. Christened on Tuesday. Married on Wednesday!" he throws a punch, which is stopped by the chains holding him back and keeping his punch from hitting Batman, who didn't seem fazed.

Batman wasn't surprised since this isn't the first time, he has confronted Solomon Grundy.

Over a century ago, Cyrus Gold was once one of the most dangerous murder and crime lords in the galaxy. He had taken countless lives during his time and stole whatever he set his sights on. Until one day, he met his end and was killed. How, Batman doesn't know.

What he does know is that he was somehow brought back. Not alive, but as some sort of zombie monster. Given superhuman strength, durability, and couldn't be killed. Batman had fought him before, but he hasn't heard or seen him in almost three years.

Was he trapped here the whole time?

Regardless, here is he. As Penguin's weapon and ready to be used to destroy him. Batman knew that physically; he stood no chance of stopping him. However, Grundy wasn't smart, and he used that to his advantage.

He also took notice that it took Penguin to use the generators to help Grundy to his feet. Maybe if he takes them out then he has a chance of defeating him.

"Batman!" Batgirl prepared to join in the fight, but Batman motions for her to stay back. Even begins using some hand signs to tell her what to do. She sees what he wants her to do and nods. "Just be careful. He isn't going to go down as easily as Bane."

"Thanks for the reminder," its true though that Bane and Grundy are two different powerhouses. "I'll have to improvise."

"Ha! Good luck with that!" said Penguin as he tries getting something from his pocket to cut through the wire. "Grundy! Kill him!"

Grundy moves his wrists around the chains and soon pulls on them before breaking the chain balls out and allowing him to move freely. Soon the glow turns gold as Grundy begins using the chain balls as a weapon. Swinging them at the Batman, who uses his speed to avoid them and even move him away.

The moment he moved out of the way, the generators begin turning on again and send more electricity through his body. Batman leaps back and ducks the balls from hitting him. He then throws two Batarangs at them and blow up. They didn't do enough to harm him, but enough to keep his attention on him.

Grundy roared loudly as he tries to grab Batman. Batman avoids getting grabbed and tries flying up into the air. However, Grundy managed to grab him and tries to crush him. But Batman brings down his side blades on Grundy's hands freeing him.

Batman then throws small bombs at Grundy's eyes causing him to roar in pain. This didn't last though as the electricity flows through his body again and seems to have helped him recover. Batman knew they had to take the generators out in order to weaken Grundy. But he couldn't do it without Grundy trying to kill him, but since his attention is on him, it will allow Batgirl to move around.

Meanwhile, Batgirl leaps down to the ground and begins getting some explosives before rushing over to the four generators. She had to be careful though not to place them the moment the generator activates. She waits for the generators to cool down and then placed all four explosives. She backs away and then activates the explosives causing the generators to damage them.

Grundy tried to grab Batman and tries even using the chain balls to kill him. But he was getting drained again. He was losing power and the moment the generators got damaged, he fell to his knees. Exhausted and unable to fight back.

Batman saw his chance and rushes over before he begins attacking him. Punching him repeatedly in the face and managed to do some damage. However, Penguin presses the button on his device to reactivate the generators. He repeatedly did this, while Batgirl took notice.

She rushes over to stop him, but it was too late. The generators, despite being damaged were still able to work. Sending more electricity back into Grundy and rejuvenating him. Batgirl though grabs the device and destroys it before punching Penguin in the face.

But it was too late as Grundy regained his strength. The electricity though took its toll on his skin as much of it burned off and parts of his body was now on fire. Grundy turns towards Batgirl as the chain balls were now on fire. Batman tries to keep his focus on him, but Grundy hits him with right forearm and sends him flying towards the wall.

Grundy approaches Batgirl as she noticed his torso's skin burned off exposing his ribcage and beating glowing heart. Grundy swings his large hands at her, but Batgirl managed to avoid his hands and even uses her cloaking device to hide herself. However, it was malfunctioning and couldn't hide her.

So, she leaps out of the way and tries using her rocket boots to lure him away from Batman. She even tried using her speed to her advantage. She flies down and avoids being grabbed by Grundy as she begins placing the explosives in the generators. Hoping to use them to destroy them for good.

She managed to avoid getting shocked and killed by Grundy as she places three of the explosives. Now, she had to go for the fourth, but Grundy swings his chains the other way and Batgirl sees the flaming balls heading her way. She managed to dive down and avoid getting hit, but the balls crashed against the wall causing debris from above to come down on her.

She tried to get away, but the debris fell on top of her and trapped her under.

Batman saw what happened and tried to go save Batgirl, but Grundy got in his way and roared. Batman's suit showed him that Batgirl had placed three of the four explosives. The last one is right in front of him, but he knew Grundy will try to grab him. But he needed to take this chance now.

So, he leaps over and drops the last of the explosives. Just as Grundy grabs him and lifted him off the ground. This time he pinned his arms and tries to crush the Batman. Batman though begins using his rocket boots and begins increasing the power in them causing him to move Grundy getting him off-balanced.

Batman saw his chance and activates his suit's stun blast causing him to zap Grundy's hand to free him. The off-balanced zombie fell forward and crashed against the wall headfirst. Batman leaps over and lands on the ground but is told his rocket boots have overloaded. He won't be able to use them for the rest of the night, which is fine since it was worth it.

Batman turns to Grundy and detonates the bombs causing the generators to blow up. Destroying them for good as Batman approached the zombie villain. Batman begins attacking him repeatably until finally he managed to beat him. Grundy falls on his back as the electricity that flowed through his body has left him.

Batman hears some noises nearby and finds Batgirl appearing from the debris, unharmed. Batman sighed in relief as Batgirl looks over at her father and gives him the thumbs up that she's okay. Batman knew he'll need to check on her later. Right now, he needs to be sure Grundy is done.

He goes on top of him and begins scanning him. Grundy could still come back so long as his heart keeps him moving. Batman won't kill, but since Grundy is the undead then he will be able to finish him for good. Batman prepared to finish him off, when Grundy woke up and grabs him.

Somehow, Grundy still has some fight left in him and begins dragging Batman towards one of the generators on the wall. Grundy grabs the metal ball and slams it against it. Causing electricity to flow through his body once again. Batgirl had to do something, but she knew no weapon she had could harm him.

However, she saw Freeze's weapon on the ground. She had dropped it above ground when she saw her father fall in the hole. It must have fallen down with the debris. She grabs it and begins hacking into it to get it working again despite using the jammer on it earlier.

Batman tried to get freed, but Grundy kept a tight grip on him as he tries to crush the Batman. Batgirl managed to get the freeze ray working and aims it as Grundy. She fires it on his right arm to force him to free her father. Batman got loose enough to get out of Grundy's hands as Grundy turned his attention to Batgirl.

However, Batman throws a Batarang at the generator causing it to explode. The ball remained trapped in the generator, preventing Grundy from getting freed. The explosion knocked him back near some gears and the chains get snatched into it. This trapped Grundy's right arm and couldn't get freed.

Batgirl freezes Grundy's legs and hips to the machine to keep him from moving. Batman rushes over and leaps on to the torso of Grundy. Batman breaks through the rip cage of Grundy and destroys his heart. Grundy roars in pain before finally the glow coming from his body was gone, finally destroying him for good.

Batman begins panting heavily as he was exhausted from that fight. Batgirl goes up to her father and checks on him to see if he's okay. Batman did the same when he turns to his daughter and kneels down in front of her. Placing both his hands on her shoulders and not saying a word.

Both didn't need to say anything though. Just their body language was enough for them to see they were both worried for the other. Hoping that they didn't suffer any serious injuries during this fight. Even in silence, both were still able to communicate with one another through their own way.

The two knew they were both checking on the other to be sure they were okay. Once they finished, they gave a small hug before turning to the unconscious Penguin.

They knew their night isn't over yet. They still have to go see Freeze and make sure he has the cure they are looking for. Once they got it then they'll be able to send it to Abigail and have her start making more. Batman will then go back to take the Joker in and then finish finding out what Thrawn is up to.

Republic Security Facility

The TYGER guards all gathered on the fourth floor. All armed and ready to open fire when they see the enemy. They lost contact with some of their own and they were trained to take every precaution if anything seems out of place. Never take anything by chance.

So, they gathered to prepare for any intruder that tries to break into the facility. They were tasked to keep the security room safe from all intruders. Even those like the Jedi and even the chancellor. They only obeyed one person and that was Thrawn.

They all took the safety off their weapons and prepared to open fire. Unsure who the enemy is, but they figure it must be allies of the Batman. They knew it couldn't be a coincidence that someone would try breaking in here on the same night that Batman has been locked up in Arkham City. They see the elevator lights turning on showing them someone is coming up.

The guards all took the safety off their blasters and the moment the elevator light stops on their floor, they opened fire. Their blasters pierced through the elevator doors as they continued firing until they ran out of ammo. They begin getting ready to reload when the doors finally opened. They look over to see no one is inside.

This confused the guards as they begin sending four of their own to check it out. They figure maybe the intruders are on the ceiling in the elevator. Ready to attack them. So, they threw flash grenades inside, but nothing moved.

This was fine since they just needed to distract the intruders for them to go in and shoot them. To their surprise though, there was no one there. The men all entered the elevator and turn to the rest of the guards shrugging their shoulders. The guards prepare to call in what happened when suddenly the ceiling above them blew up.

The men look up to see two armored Clones standing over the hole before dropping stun grenades, which blew up and electrocuted half of the guards. The other half prepared to open fire, when the floor beneath them blew up causing them all to fall through it. The men are then attacked by two other armored Clones, taking them all out.

The men in the elevator prepared to help their friends when the door closed on them and something fell through from the ceiling. It was a small marble, which released a knockout gas knocking out the remaining guards. Two blue lightsaber blades pierced through the ceiling and is ripped off.

Ahsoka and Captain Rex soon emerged from the ceiling, with Ahsoka wearing a face mask to protect her from the gas. Both Ahsoka and Rex begin tying up the men as they look over to see Tech and Crosshair doing the same to the men they attacked from above.

"Nicely done," Ahsoka praised the work of both Clones. "Where's Hunter and Wrecker?"

Upon saying that, a guard is thrown out of the hole and appeared unconscious. Hunter and Wrecker soon emerged from the hole next with both men wiping dirt from their hands.

"The enemy has been immobilized. All tied up and we even took their communicators so they can't contact for backup," said Hunter as he looks down at the hole and sighed. "Although, if this is the best that Thrawn has to throw at us, then it won't be much of a challenge."

Wrecker lets out a loud groan. "And here I thought were going to have some real fun for a change."

"Don't worry, Wrecker. You'll get your chance," said Rex knowing the night is still young and they have plenty of time to have some fun. "All right. Let's get inside and take control of the security system."

The Bad Batch all nod in agreement as they begin heading towards the door. Ahsoka watched their back, while keeping an eye on things. She has to admit, this was rather easy…maybe too easy. She knew that Thrawn wasn't an idiot and wouldn't leave this place guarded with just these armed men.

Even trained, she knew that he was someone who would take precautions. If so, then will they run into more security?

"Got the door open," said Tech as he gets them inside.

The team head in and find the control room. It looks like no one is around and looks rather small. Much smaller than they expected. Tech begins scanning the area and begins taking noticing something is wrong.

"Tech, what's the hold up?" Hunter asked wondering why Tech isn't going to hack into the computer system.

"Yeah, let's do what we came in here to do and then get out of here," said Crosshair knowing it won't be long before backup arrives.

"Sorry, its just…doesn't this room seem smaller than the blueprints showed?" Tech asked.

"Blueprints? I didn't see any blueprints," said Wrecker who didn't bother finding anything about this place.

"Well, if you bothered reading them like I did then you would notice the security room is supposed to be ten times the size of this room," Tech explains this in a simple way for Wrecker to understand. "Also, the equipment they have here…it looks old and not something I'd expect this place to have to run the entire prison system's security."

Ahsoka noticed the computers before them and walks over to inspect it. Tech was right. The computers were older models from 20 years ago. She then sees on the screen nothing but just coded numbers on them, but they appear to be repeating in a pattern.

"Tech, what do you make of this?" Ahsoka asked.

Tech walks over and sees the code on the screen realizing what they are. "It's a message. A message that's on loop."

"So, what's it saying then?" Rex asked wondering what the message is trying to tell them.

"It says…greetings…Batman?" Tech seemed confused on why the message was saying this.

Ahsoka's eyes widen realizing what this is. "It's a trap!"

Before they knew it, the door is sealed by a large reinforce metal door. The computers all shut down and the table holding them before to sink into the floor. Ahsoka activates her lightsabers, while the Bad Batch and Rex all surround her. All with their blasters out and all looking around wondering what's happening.

They look over to see two small drones flying over and begin projecting a hologram revealing Thrawn. "Greetings, Ahsoka Tano. I was wondering when the Batman would send one of his pawns to assist him."

"Thrawn," Ahsoka should have known this was too easy and they fell into this trap. "So, this is your doing I assume?"

"Of course. Although, I have to say, I'm surprised you came in here without your friend…Nightwing," said Thrawn revealing he knows Ahsoka was once Batwoman and knows who Nightwing is. "At least you brought with you some friends. Captain Rex, former member of the grand army of the Republic. Sergeant Hunter, Tech, Crosshair, and Wrecker. Also known as the Bad Batch."

"So, you know who we are. Congratulations. You must be proud of yourself," said Rex who didn't seemed surprised that Thrawn knows who they are.

"Oh, I know more than just your names. I've seen all your records and I must say it is impressive. Although, I am disappointed you decided to join Ms. Tano here. Although, I suppose it is to be expected due to the loyalty you Clones have for the Jedi and Ms. Wayne," said Thrawn who knew Clones were extremely loyal to their Jedi commanders and how they will defend them to the end. "I would have figured since you were made to be loyal to the Republic, you would have joined us and bring in those who are trying to destroy what we're doing."

"We were made to serve the Republic, but it doesn't mean we can't choose who we stand by with," said Rex as he turns to Ahsoka letting her know where his loyalties are before he turns to Thrawn.

"This Republic isn't the Republic we fought for all those years ago. It's being controlled by you and your goons who will arrest those who speak out against you. You are stomping on their rights, trying to silence them through fear, and you will kill any who get in your way. That's not the Republic we served and I'm glad I'm not working with you."

"You took the words out of our mouth, Rex," said Hunter who knew what Rex said is what his team are all thinking. "We owe Ms. Wayne for all she has done for me, my team, and our brothers. Giving us a chance to live a nice normal life, while helping her with anything she needs. We don't know what's Ms. Wayne or Commander Tano's connection with the Batman, but if he's out there saving the day, and is pissing you off. Well then, he's all right with us."

Tech, Crosshair, and Wrecker all nod in agreement showing where their loyalties are at.

"Admirable, but I'm afraid you don't know what you're talking about. What I'm doing is for the greater good of the Republic. What Batman has done has only brought more harm than good to protect the galaxy. But by the end of this night, the legend of the Batman will die and all those who follow him will burn with him," said Thrawn as he decides to let his pawn handle the intruders.

"I had hope to give you Clones a chance to join me, but it seems you'd rather die then betray your moral code. As I said before, its admirable, but it is a foolish choice."

"Then come down here and do something about it you coward!" Wrecker shouted as he was getting annoyed by Thrawn and wanted to punch him.

"I'm afraid I have more important business to attend to," said Thrawn who isn't going to waste anymore of his time with this group.

"Protocol Ten," said Ahsoka figuring that must be what Thrawn is focusing on. "What is it? What are you up to?"

Thrawn simply gave a small smile and later a small sigh. "You'll find out in time. Assuming you survive. They are all yours."

Soon, the drones end the projection and remained afloat without making any noises. Ahsoka and the Clones looked on wondering what's going on. Until they begin to project another hologram, but this time it isn't Thrawn. But rather someone Ahsoka recognized.

"Edward Nigma," said Ahsoka as she saw the criminal himself the Riddler appear before them.

Edward Nigma was someone that Ahsoka had tangled with before when she was once Batwoman. She knew he relied on using his inventions to trap his victims and forced Batman to solve his riddles in order to save the people. Batman always solved them, saved the people, and captured Riddler.

She solved them herself as well, which caused her to earn the ire of Riddler's anger. He doesn't like people who he believes are inferior somehow find a way to solve his puzzles. He always believed it was pure luck or they cheated. Never believing anyone is smarter than him.

"Ah so you know who I am. Well, I know who you are too, Ahsoka Tano," said Riddler as he spoke to the former Jedi Padawan. "You were once a Padawan under the teachings of Anakin Skywalker, who many claimed was a great hero and leader in combat. Yet, I know for a fact that he was nothing more than an immature little brat, who got lucky in his missions. Sure enough, that luck ran out when he met his end."

Ahsoka's hands tightened around her lightsabers, as she did her best to keep her temper under control. Rex knew that Riddler was trying to rile up Ahsoka and decided to get involved.

"Enough games, Riddler. What do you want?" Rex asked.

"Isn't it obvious? I was hired by Thrawn to keep his security system from falling in the hands of weak simple-minded fools like you. And I intend to do just that. Even try out some new puzzles on you fools before I try them on the Batman and his allies," said Riddler as he explains his little plan.

They have to split into groups of three and make their way through his rooms he has set up. If they can make it to the other side without dying, then he'll give them a chance to get to their goal. However, the Riddler is confident they won't even make it past the first of his riddles. Ahsoka knew they'll have to play along.

She managed to secretly contact Abigail and make sure she hears of their situation. So, she can find a way to track Riddler down. Sure, she can't hack into the security system and shut it down. But it doesn't mean she can't find where the transmission is coming from.

"So, are we ready to play?" Riddler asked as he pressed a button and three doors opened. "Its not like you have much of a choice anyways."

Ahsoka turns to her team and they all seem to be in agreement. "All right. We'll play your games and then we're coming for you, Riddler."

Riddler begins chuckling knowing that is very unlikely. "Good luck with that. Now, let the games begin."

Arkham City

Back inside the Penguin's hideout, Victor Fries is seen near the entrance where Batman and Batgirl had entered. The Clones had regrouped, tied up all the Penguin's men, locked them up, and have taken refuge inside the Iceberg Lounge. They had arrived to help Batman and Batgirl, but found they already had everything secured. Solomon Grundy was destroyed and the Penguin was captured.

Batman and Batgirl went looking for Fries at the entrance. They managed to find him standing near the glass container where they found the woman earlier. She was now standing up and appeared to be pacing around. Batgirl stood by watching her, while Batman drags Penguin over to Fries.

Batman throws Penguin over near Fries so he can get some payback. Without killing him though.

"Well, look who it is. Mister Fr…" Fries moves his foot over to Penguin's broken hand and begins putting it down causing Cobblepot to scream in pain.

"Enough," said Batman knowing this was enough punishment, but Fries was refusing to move his foot. "Freeze! Enough!"

Fries hears this and decides not to anger the Batman. "Of course," he then kneels down and grabs Penguin by his shirt slamming him against the glass container.

The container cracked as the woman inside backed away. "You will regret what you did, Mr. Cobblepot."

Fries takes him towards one of the container exhibits, pressed a button causing the glass to retract down, and throws Penguin inside. He has the glass close back up, locking the Penguin inside his own prison.

Batgirl walks over to Fries and looks inside where the Penguin is at. "Feeling better?"

Fries let's out a small sigh and nods. "It will do for now."

Batman approaches Fries and gets right to business. "The cure, Freeze. Where is it?"

Fries turns to Batgirl first before turning to Batman. "There isn't one."

"What? What are you talking about?" Batgirl asked looking shocked. "You said you had one."

"I never said I did. I was working on one, but I don't have it," Fries decides to explain this as he pressed a few buttons on his suit and shows a hologram of a blood sample of the Joker. "Creating an antidote to the disease that afflicts the clown was easy. Unfortunately, the cure degrades too quickly."

"It needs a restorative element, some kind of reforming enzyme, without it, it breaks down before it can help the host. Unfortunately, finding a suitable enzyme is not the only problem. It needs to be adapted, bonded to human DNA. That will take decades; time it appears you do not have," said Fries as he finishes going over everything to the Batman and Batgirl. r

Batman sees formula that Fries was working on to make the cure and realizes he's right. In order to stabilize it and keep it from degrading they will need another element to make it work. Luckily for Batman and Batgirl, both have seen this before. And both seem to know what they need to make this work.

"What if I told you we know a man who had been exposed to that enzyme for centuries?" said Batman.

"What man?" Fries asked wondering who Batman knows that has what they need.

"His name is Ra's al Ghul," said Batman as the moment he said the name, the woman in the glass container begins listening in on the conversation.

Batgirl noticed this and now knew why this woman seems familiar. If her father is doing what she thinks he's doing, then this might be their only hope.

"Bring him to me. All I need is a sample of his blood. It is your only hope," said Fries.

"Ra's al Ghul is dead," said Batgirl as she brings up the one minor problem. "However, we might know someone who can tell us where his body is. So, we can go wake him up."

The woman in the container begins driving her left shoulder against the glass until she managed to break out. Even cutting herself on the glass as she turns towards Batman and Batgirl.

"Blasphemer. You are not worthy to speak of the great Ra's al Ghul," the woman soon took off running and begins escaping from the building.

"You are both fools. You just let your only hope escape," said Fries as he sees the two masked heroes do nothing while their only lead got away.

"No, Victor. If Ra's al Ghul is in Arkham City, I now have a trail right to him," said Batman as he walks over and analyzed the blood from the woman and can now trace her. "Batgirl, take Freeze back to the lab and secure the place until I return."

"No," said Batgirl as she took her father's hand and moves him away from Fries to speak to him alone. "You are going to need me. Your bio readings are showing signs the poison is spreading even faster in your body. You are going to need me if your going to confront Ra's and the League of Assassins."

"I'll be fine," said Batman who wanted to reassure his daughter he'll be okay. "If Ra's is here then I'm sure Talia is here too."

"And you assume she'll help you?" Batgirl asked as she lets out a small annoyed sigh. "You do remember how things went between you two last time, right?"

"I know, but I'll be okay," said Batman as he noticed Batgirl is worried will likely try to follow him. "Listen to me. I need you to keep Freeze safe until I get back. If Joker finds out we have him and he doesn't have a cure, he'll try to kill him. You need to be there with him to keep Joker from finding out, okay?"

Batman knows what he's going to do is risky and it is likely that Talia won't help. But he has to try in order to save the people. "Batgirl…Cassandra, please do this for me, okay? I promise I'll be back. I won't let this poison, Ra's, or Talia stop me from coming back to you."

Batgirl looks over to her father with a bit of fear in her eyes. She knows he is too stubborn to die and will do all he can to not leave her. She also knows he's right. She needs to do her part and keep Fries from being killed.

She doesn't like this, but she knows it's the right thing to do. "O-okay. Just please come back in one piece. Okay?"

Batman nods giving his word he'll come back to Cassandra in one piece. He turns to Victor and approached him.

"If you harm a single hair on her head. I will make you pay, understand?" Batman warned Victor.

His daughter may be trusting towards people like Victor, but Batman isn't going to put his full trust in him until he earns it.

Victor nods knowing how serious Batman is and knows he is going to need Batgirl alive anyways. To see if she'll keep her guard and find his wife.

Batman soon begins taking off and track the woman down. Hopefully soon before the poison does end up taking its toll on him and eventually…no. He has to find her and find Ra's. Once he does, he'll get his blood, get back to Victor, and get the cure.

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