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This will be a collection of stories of the conflict through the survivors of the wizarding world.

Jackson Young is a retired Auror for the English Ministry of Magic and one of the last remaining survivors when the Ministry collapsed. He is in his nineties but looks like he is about eightyish with greying black hair and hazel eyes. He greets me warmly with his only remaining hand that has two fingers missing before gesturing for me to sit down in the chair across him.

My job as an Auror was to help the Department of Magical Law Enforcement enforce the laws of the English wizarding world. The job wasn't easy because of the political corruption at the time as the department was underbudgeted and undermined in its pursuit for justice. For example some "upstanding" citizen who gives generous donations breaks the laws and the case is swept under the cauldron and the department is reprimanded because the "upstanding" citizen is a friend of the minister and knows they can't do anything wrong.

That was just one problem the most major problem was that we were limited to using spells that did no harm…AND THE ONE WE WERE TRYING TO TAKE IN WERE USING LEATHAL SPELLS THAT COULD KILL! I abhor killing but I understand that if someone I was supposed to take in was killed in that attempt I am not a murder. Even my boss, Amelia Bones knew what needed to be done and constantly argued with the minister for more funding and non-inference with the prosecution. I couldn't complain though because back then the pureblood prejudice against anyone of non-pure ancestry were considered inferior was strong and you could be fired for saying the wrong thing.

During this time we weren't aware of the outbreaks as the government was isolated in dealing with the muggle world (1) unless it was necessary. That night one of our workers was attacked and bitten and managed to somehow fight off their attacker which disappeared into the night before going to St. Mungo's Hospital and have the wounds cleaned and healed, but since the attacker turned out to be a muggle the ministry decided to contact the muggle government in the morning letting them they had a insane muggle on the loose with a demand for justice so the Hospital and staff had no indication the patient was infected. He pauses sighing heavily. They came to work the next day and were in their office when they croaked and then reanimated shortly after. An aid to the minister was walking by when they heard the growling inside and thought the person was being attacked by a werewolf (2) and rushed to her defense only to meet a zombfied Delores Umbridge and was turned into one after the former tore into then. The ministry descended into chaos as the pair began running around catching more by surprised and turning them into zombies if they didn't die instantly. At first the Aurors tried to stun them…You see certain magic only works on the living…thinking they were under the Imperio curse when that didn't work we set them on fire believing them to be a new sort of Inferi but as you know that they did not die unless their head was removed.

What happened then?

Our boss Amelia Bones rallied us and we began covering the evacuation to Hogwarts. We started creating barriers they couldn't break through or climb over. Merlin it was a mess with all the noise from the zombies and the people screaming in panic or at us to save someone. Half of those they asked us saved were already dead and the rest were zombies. During the evacuation Amelia received word that St. Mungo's was being overrun along with Diagon Alley minus Gringotts, Hogsmeade, and Azkaban….it appeared Umbridge wasn't the only one bitten. After evacuating everyone to the school the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore was able to have the wards repel them entering the grounds.

How bad were your losses from the Ministry?

Our losses were very high including Minister Fudge. The Departments of Magical Games and Sports, and International Magical Cooperation lost its entire staff…all killed. The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes had only seven people left with two of them being Obliviators. The Departments of Magical Transportation and the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures were either killed or turned...except for one person. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement didn't escape unscathed as we lost Mafalda Hopkirk, some staff from the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office, a lot of Aurors and many members of the Wizengamot….a skeleton ministry without a leader.

But didn't Amelia Bones become Minister?

She did only after a long discussion when it was pointed out the people needed someone to look to for hope serving until the world was stabilized. It was an interesting time…all of the offices were on the same floor using any empty classrooms Hogwarts had while the Great Hall was used for the Wizengmot when not used by the students. The Aurors used the grounds for training until finding the Room of Requirement which the Wizengamot used also when needed.

We were the legitimate government but the "dark" faction of the Wizengamot under the leadership of Nott with the influence of Lucius Malfoy formed their own government which You-Know-Who took over at his rebirth, and declared themselves the "true" government.

There are rumors that the dark lord was turned along with his followers. Is that true?

You are correct. After You-Know-Who indeed returned took his followers, excluding Sirius Black and Severus Snape the former found innocent of betraying Lily and James Potter(3) intending to take the ministry for his own. When the ministry was retaken we not only found him but his all his followers all zombified. The investigation concluded You-Know-Who and his followers made the same mistakes as not a single wand showed the use of the cutting hex but there were a lot of surprises specifically members of the community who were death eaters, like Lucius Malfoy, that had gotten off by claiming to have been Imperiused. After that we found records of who was and who was not death eaters were found at it was staggering at home many were unmarked.

(Jackson pauses reflecting about something.)

We lost a lot of good people many of them good friends but there was much good that came out of the war. Our world joined the modern era though bigotry is still around the extreme views no longer exists. I continued serving as an Auror even after losing my left hand by a trap someone set up till my retirement. He leans forward smiling. Now I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

1 Pre-war term for the world without magic that has fallen out of favor was magical England joined the modern world.

2 Disproven as the two growls are a different pitch.

3 He purposely got captured once Amelia sent the Dementors away knowing she would listen to him. She did listen and led to the discovery of Peter Pettigrew who confessed to betraying James and Lily. Although he was absolved of the crime distrust remained until his death.

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