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One can without a doubt upon entering his office know which team Ron Weasley, current head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports cheers for as his favorite Quidditch team, the Chudley Cannons. One will be surprised to find out that he turned down several lucrative contracts with the team to be their keeper given his high number of record saves as keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

I was a very unpleasant person in my youth. I took my family and their love for granted like it was nothing while desiring the very thing my best mate (Harry Potter) hated. I argued with everyone including my best friend Hermione when they pointed out my faults because I couldn't accept the truth. I still keep apologizing to this day for all the things I did and said….I almost killed her because of my awful behavior. Even my siblings can tell you how deplorable I was growing up.

Until my 3rd year at Hogwarts I never thought about changing my lifestyle….as I did not see how hurtful I was acting. Even when the ministry fell and everyone that escaped flooed in I continued to be stubborn about everything….my father was alright but what he manage to escape I ignored just like a pureblood bigot supporting believe magic was all powerful.

This disease did not care if you were magical or not!

When Professor Dumbledore locked down the school I was mad as we could no longer visit Hogsmeade. Visiting the village at the beginning of 3rd year was something to look forward to in escaping Hogwarts for a while. Everyone knew something was going on and that night we were told there were many reactions.

Like what Mr. Weasley?

Well, those that were pureblood bigots and some that were not, including me, did not believe that these zombies were powerful than magic and that only a few spells worked could bring them down. Some were shocked and even frightened that something existed that seemed almost unstoppable. Those considered halfbloods and muggelborns were frightened because of their knowledge of the mundane worlds of legends and myths…they were a great help to us in understanding the differences between a zombie and an Inferi. He sighs heavily shaking his head. The bigots rejected the information and that led to the first battle of Hogsmeade.

The first official battle history gives for your world correct?

Yes though we still have some arguing that the first official battle was when the ministry was evacuated.

What were the events leading to that battle? And what happened?

About a week passed during which Marcus Flint, a Slytherin was gathering support from the pureblood supporters, and privately accusing the government of being ignorant cowards. His support started in the seventh year and ended with those in my year….excluding Tracy Davis, Daphne Greengrass and Blaise Zabini. Malfoy (Draco) agreed with Flint but publicly declared his opinions…while keeping quit about their plans to attack. He pauses before shaking his head. I may not like him but he was sure clever not to tell everyone about Flint's plan.

That night, close to midnight they snuck out under the Disillusion Charm. Once outside they canceled the charm and moved towards Hogsmeade reaching the outskirts with no opposition. Seeing the town occupied with zombies they charged forward shouting the entire time not realizing the spells they were using had no effect or that theirs shouts were attracting more zombies. Every spells they used just stunned or knocked the zombies down then they just got back up and followed giving that awful groan calling more to them along with the shots. Flint's group reached the center and began to praise their victory until they saw the zombies were still coming. They started to panic and all order broke despite Flint's orders.

He stops speaking turning to gaze at the left side of the room. I motion for him to go on.

Much of this is just guesswork as those that survived are still traumatized.

I understand.

They just lost all courage and began fleeing for themselves not caring if they tripped someone. Flint and a few dozen others made a stand in one of the shops but there were just too many zombies. A memo flies into his office which he takes care of before continuing. That essentially was the entire a surprise when Albus told everyone at breakfast….we did know something was different as the table where Slytheirn sat was almost empty.

What was your reaction?

My reactions was mixed….surprise, shock, disbelief, and terrified. Mostly terrified as I realized magic was not all powerful and that it was so easy to become one of them. I would never wish it on anyone…losing all control of yourself was part of why I changed. I wanted to remain in control of myself…I wanted to live, and I knew to do that I needed to depend on others. Starting that day I apologized to Hermione for my hurtful words and deplorable behavior to her promising to think before speaking or acting including my family, my best mate Harry, Neville, Luna, my professors, everyone in the three other houses. My parents were proud of me that I took responsibility of my actions but they were still disappointed about my behavior.

Is it true that every professor gave you points including Severus Snape?

Severus was the biggest surprise and the most generous with eighty points. That of course pales in comparison with my record as keeper which no one has been able to beat. He chuckles softly. Severus even joked that if the rules of Quidditch including points for every save by the keeper it would be impossible for the other houses to keep up with Gryffindor with me on the team.

You said able to beat. Why not unbeatable?

Anything can be beatable if you work your hardest which is why every keeper for the school teams work hard to beat my record even if it is by one save. Many believed the zombies would be unbeatable until the President of the United States convinced everyone to fight them than to give up.

Would you say the war was a positive experience for you?

I usually believe it was but I wonder sometimes if I could have changed on my own. I'll never know but I'm glad I managed to survive to see another day. He stops for a moment before smiling. But my wife(1) absolutely believes it was a positive experience for me.

1 Mrs. Lavender Weasley currently works as a healer for St. Mungo's caring for those affected by the war.

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