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1) As long as the brain isn't destroyed or the body isn't eaten completely, the person will turn into a zombie.

2) Said zombies can not swim, drive, or evolve. They are just walking corpses that look like the person before they die. They are also really dumb, and are pretty much heavily attracted to sounds, such as gunshots. They can only be killed the same way people won't turn into one, smashing the brain.

3) The zombies will be referred to as Walkers, just like the game and TV show.

4) Just like TWD RPG, this shall have the feels, or at least, I hope to insert them. So no just picking off random people one by one.

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"... How long have you worked in that space center?" I glanced up from my phone, looking at the driver of the small taxi. "... Excuse me?" The man pointed to the jacket I was wearing, keeping his other hand on the wheel. "Isn't that what that jacket there means?" I laughed silently as I looked out the window, the texts I sent rolling around in my head. "You never know..." I watched as cop cars, tons of them, started to drive towards the city. "I could have stolen it."

"... And did you?"


The driver glared at me through the rear view mirror. "Did you steal the jacket? Your name is not, in fact, Clay Terran? The name on that jacket." I scowled, pointing back towards the front of the car. "No, I didn't. So keep your eyes on the road." I looked back down at my phone, reading over the texts sent to me.

Horns of Justice: Clay, I'm heading over to Nine Tale's Vale with Athena. A friend of ours needs some support. Something's wrong with her father. Can you pick up Trucy out of town? She's babysitting someone.

Shining Star: Say no more! Uncle Clay got this all roaring and ready to go! Just give me the word, and I'll be off!

I scrolled down some more, until I got to the final texts I had.

(Something about them seems... Off...)

Horns of Justice: Clay, are you out of the city? Is Trucy with you?

Shinning Star: I'm out of the city, I'm going to pick up Trucy now. What's wrong.

Horns of Justice: Damnit. Listen, find Trucy as quickly as you can. Stay out of the city. Something is going on.

Shinning Star: Why? Apollo, what's wrong?

Horns of Justice: If we never see each other again, I just want to say, you were like a brother to me.

Shinning Star: Apollo?!

I tried calling multiple times, but all I got was the answering machine he had.

(What did he see..? What's wrong with the city..?)

"Something on your mind Mr. Terran?" I glanced up at the driver, who was looking blankly at the road in front of him. I flinched at the sound of police sirens, heading towards the city.

(How can this guy ignore that?)

"... Nothing big... I'm just worried about whether I'll pick up a friend of mine on time or not." The driver laughed, patting the dashboard. "Don't worry, we're almost there anyway. I have to say, this is a strange destination. According to my GPS, it's just some small cabin in the woods. Like the setting of some horror movie." I chuckled at the thought, the most horror I had was on Halloween, which wasn't much at all.

"... Seen any weird stuff while driving?" The driver laughed, glancing behind him again. "Well, one time, a man jumped into my taxi. I didn't know at the time, but he was running from a killer." I gasped, tipping my hat up to see better. "Really? What did he say?"

"He didn't say anything but 'drive'. I replied with, well, where to sir? All he did was hold a knife at my throat, and repeated himself." He rolled down his collar, allowing me to see a small scar on his neck. "... And did you?" The man sadly nodded, rolling back up his collar. "I had no choice. I drove for awhile until a patrol car saw the guy holding the knife. The guy ended up going to jail for assault." I leaned back in my seat, looking out the window again. "Damn..."

The man nodded, I could feel the car slowing down a bit. "It just goes to show, people will do the most insane stuff if their lives are at risk..." Then the car completely stopped. I slowly sat up, but stopped when I saw the expression on the driver's face. "... What the hell..?"

"... What's wrong?" Then I saw it. Cars, tons of cars, were all blocking the road. A few people here and there were walking, ever so slowly, around them. The driver opened the door, walking out. "One sec, I'm going to see what's wrong." The driver shut the door behind him, and started walking towards the nearest person. "Hey!" The man turned around, but, something to me seemed off about him.

(Is it just me? Or are his eyes..? Unnaturally empty?")

I grabbed the seat belt, and unbuckled it, not looking at the man or driver as I did. When it clicked, I looked back up, and nearly screamed. The driver was fighting the man, as the man was seeming to try to bite his neck. I grabbed the door handle, pulling on it quickly as I pushed the door. As soon as the door opened, a person I didn't see tried to grab me.

That was when I screamed.

I scooted back, reaching into my pockets for something, anything to fight back. The person, a woman, was now in front of the door, slowly crawling into the car. I finally felt a small object in my left pocket.

(I totally forgot about the pocket knife!)

I flipped it out of my pocket, pressing a small button on the side. The knife came out just as the woman grabbed my foot. I took my knife, and stabbed her hand. The woman, to my shock, had no reaction, except for not being able to use her hand. I gripped my knife, sweat pouring down my face. "Please, don't make me do this!"

The woman neither cared or listened as she reached out to grab my hand. I gritted my teeth, looking away slightly as I brung the knife down on her head.

The woman stopped moving as the handle stuck out of her skull, simply falling to the car floor. I shook as I stared at the body, nearly forgetting about the driver outside.

(I... I did this... What will-?)

I tried to swallow the bile rising in my throat when I saw the wedding ring. I didn't want that knife anymore, I didn't want to kill anymore. I started to slowly scoot towards the open car door, careful to not get caught again.

(How am I going to live with this? How will I-?)

A scream dragged me out of my thoughts. I nearly jumped out of the car at the sound of it. I poked my head out, and looked around. I didn't see anything but that man the driver was fighting with earlier kneeled over something. I quietly got out of the car, glancing at the wooded area.

(If I can get over there, the man won't be able to chase me. And maybe I can find that cabin Apollo told me Trucy was in!)

I looked around again, a bit surprised at the fact the only other person there was the man. I stood up, and took my jacket off. I wrapped it around my waist, careful not to hit any metal. When that was done, I crouched down behind the door, looking at the man.

(Whatever he's doing must be important...)

I looked ahead, trying to form a path in my mind to the woods. A few cars could block his view, if the man ever did look up.

I glanced at the man, making sure he wasn't looking, and then ran. When I was close to one of the cars, I quickly hid behind it. I heard a small growl, before a loud squish was heard. It seemed whatever the man was doing, he was done. I looked up again, the man was walking away from a mass of... Something... I narrowed my eyes, something about the mass seemed familiar...

(... Wait, that's the driver!)

I must have gasped, the man turned in my direction, forcing me to duck back down behind the truck. That was when I threw up, I tried not to make any loud noises as I did. The image of the eaten corpse of the taxi driver was burned into my mind. It was hard to imagine I was only talking to him minutes ago. When I was done, I wiped my mouth with my sleeve, and was a bit shocked at the sound of shuffling feet, slowly coming closer.

(Damnit, must be the smell...)

Without hesitation, I stood up, and ran towards the woods. I glanced behind me to see the man shuffling after me, arms outstretched. He didn't run, though. I wasn't shocked by that, though, I was shocked by the taxi driver slowly sitting up. I turned, not wanting to see what would happen next. All I did was run into the woods.

It didn't take that long to find the cabin. It was deep into the woods, the only sign of a road was a small path leading to the front door. I walked towards the entrance, and tapped on the door. "Hello!"

"..." Nobody replied. I didn't want to even imagine... No, I can't think that. I knocked on the door again. "Hello? Anyone in there?"

"... Hello..?" A quick hush was heard. I layed my head on the door, straining my ears. "What did I say? We have to keep quiet? Understand?" I knocked on the door again. "Please! I'm a friend! Apollo sent me over to pick you up... Before..."

"... Jòse, wait here." A loud thump was heard, before a small click on the door. I backed away as it opened.

A girl, probably about the age of 16 or 17, stood there. She wore a blue t shirt and jeans, tennis shoes coated in some substance covered her feet. She narrowed her eyes, which seemed to suggest she saw things nobody her age should. "What do you know about Apollo?" I dug into my pocket, taking out my cell phone. "Here." I handed it to her, showing the texts Apollo sent me. "My name is Clay Terran. I'm a friend of Apollo's. I know we never met, but..."

The girl read over the texts, tears showing in her eyes. "Ohhh... I hope he didn't..." She shut her eyes, taking a deep breath. "..." She handed me back the phone before turning around. "You can come in..." I nodded as I pocketed the phone, walking into the small cabin.

I shut the door behind me, engulfing the room into near darkness. "So... You're Trucy, right?" The girl, who was holding a small candle, nodded. "Yep, the one and only!" She pointed at the couch, where a small shadow sat. "And this here is Jòse. Jòse, come here to meet the nice man..."

The shadow moved a bit before running over to Trucy, hugging her tightly. The shadow was a little boy with tan skin, pitch black hair decorating his head. He looked at me, his blue eyes wide in fear. I waved at the boy, smiling. "Hiya!"

The boy squeaked before burying his head in Trucy's leg. Trucy smiled sadly at me. "Sorry about him. He's really shy around strangers... He can't really speak English well either..." I crossed my arms, shutting my eyes in thought. "... Where are his parents?" Jòse looked up at me, blinking rapidly. "Mama and Papa gone... Gone away..."

Trucy shrugged, picking the boy up. "He means to say I was babysitting him when... He came, we don't know where his parents are..."

"Wait." I held up a hand. "He? Who's-?"

A growl cut me off, before strong hands grabbed my shoulders. Trucy screamed as I turned around to face a man, his eyes somehow empty of life. He dove forward, seeming to try to bite my face off. "Trucy!" I grabbed the man's shoulders, pushing him forward. "Grab something sharp! Anything!" I didn't turn when I heard Jòse's soft crys, I did turn when the light came closer. Trucy's arm shot forward, a glass shard in her hand, to stab into the man's head.

The man roared in defeat, his grip becoming slack, before dropping. I was about to turn, until the man started crawling forward.

I stared in shock as Trucy ran forward, stomping on the man's head, sending blood everywhere. "... Oh my god..." Jòse ran up to Trucy once she stopped stomping, crying into her shoulder. "Bad man gone... Bad man gone..."

I looked at Trucy as she hugged Jòse, she was staring at the man, sadness etched onto her features. "What... Happened to this guy..?" Trucy glanced at me, before shaking her head. "It's nothing. I just thought he was dead... We were hiding when he came in, demanding he gave us everything. He had Jòse here, and I just..." I waved my hand, shaking my head. "I get it, say no more..."

"... Trucy... Bad man gone..?" Trucy looked down at the boy, smiling. "Yes, the bad man is gone..." I walked over towards the body, seeing something sticking out of his pocket. I quickly grabbed it, revealing it to be a gun. "... Trucy, we'll need this." Trucy looked at the gun before nodding. "I understand. Something's wrong here, and whatever it is, it isn't human." I nodded as I stood up, looking around the room. "... We need to leave..." Jòse gasped, dropping out of Trucy's grip to run to me. "But. Mama and Papa come back! Come back!" I looked up at Trucy, who shook her head. She turned, and grabbed a small backpack before heading to another room. I got down on one knee to face Jòse. "Listen little man, I know we just met, but you have to trust me... How about we tell a bit about ourselves so we can know each other?" The boy slowly nodded before pointing at himself. "Jòse."

I smiled, extending my hand to the boy. "Clay." The boy took my hand, and for the first time, smiled. "Are you artist? Since name is Clay?" I shook my head, taking the cap off my head to show it to him. "No, I was an astronaut." The boy grabbed the hat, looking at it in wonder. "... What is astro...?Astru..?" I smiled as I pointed up, tapping his shoulder. "Do you know what space is?" The boy nodded, handing me back the cap. "Ah huh, space is... Big..." I nodded, a small thought came to mind as I glanced at my hat.

"... Here..." I placed the hat on the boy's head, which somehow fit him. "A gift from me to you." He tipped the cap upward, looking at me ,his eyes wide. "Thank you Space man!" I chuckled as he hugged me, his small arms not able to completely wrap around me. "You're welcome little man..."

Trucy walked back in, holding a few backpacks in her hands. "I found more backpacks, and packed them with food, water, and some clothes. I found something else too." She held out a small case. "It was hidden in the kitchen." She opened it, revealing a large knife, a sheath besides it. "We can use this as a weapon. The question is, who." She glanced at me as I fingered the gun. "... I already have a gun..."

Trucy nodded, closing the case. "The thing is, I don't have anything. And neither does Jòse, and I think I owe you a bit after nearly getting your head eaten off..."

(So she's saying I get to chose who gets the knife?)

(*Do I give the knife to Trucy, and nothing to Jòse? Or give the knife to Jòse, and nothing to Trucy?*)

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