I Met You at the Sex Shop



The one issue Hinata has always had was saying no. The one simple word held so much meaning than one person might think. Saying no is the equivalent of ignoring one's puppy when they want to play with you. Saying no is the equivalent of stabbing one's best friend when they ask for help. But worst of all, saying no is the equivalent of feeling like the bad guy when you had nothing to do with anything. This was how Hinata felt throughout her 22 years of living. It all started in middle school when she was put into a group project. All her partners made such a lame lie that even a five year old will tell that it wasn't real. Hinata knew this too but the moment they asked for her to do all of the work, what was she to say no? She couldn't! Every time she thought about it and was determined to say it, she'll wither at the end and accept the responsibility they bestowed upon her. It was the one weakness and trait she hated about herself.

So that's why she's here: in the sex shop run by Sakura and Ino. They were called for an event to perform and introduce the many toys they have in stock. With no one else to turn to, they begged Hinata to look over the shop for the two days they'll be gone. The idea was absurd and Hinata immediately turned pink. She couldn't even visit her friend's shop without feeling faint and overwhelmed. But they gave her the puppy eyes and gosh, she said yes. When the day they were supposed to return came—just a few more hours, Hinata, a few more—they called her and, once again, begged for her to take care of the shop for two weeks. It seemed that their event was quite successful and they gained a lot of clients during their stay over there.

They felt guilty, Hinata can tell by their tones, and it tugged at her poor heart. Of course she said yes. She knew how hard her friends were working to get at least a minimum paid out of their work. If they found the success they've been looking for, why can't Hinata sacrifice a bit of her pride to be her?

Thing is, she's already used to seeing the dildos everywhere and was quite good in directing the customers on which product was the best. Sakura and Ino explained everything to Hinata and despite it being very blunt and sexual information, she absorbed it all because it was still business. The first few times customers came in she was a stuttering mess no lie about it. But she got used to people asking for flavored lubes or dildos in sizes unimaginable.

What she's not used to, however, was the handsome customer that comes by frequently.

The first day he came, he looked around the shop, hands in his pockets and his brows pulled together in deep concentration. He took her breath away. He was handsome, no doubt about it. He was tall with short, yellow hair that framed his face perfectly. A sharp jaw line so perfect that Hinata couldn't stop staring at it. His broad shoulders made her cheeks flush but his adorable three whisker marks on each cheek made her curious about him. As protocol, she moved away from the counter to ask the handsome stranger if he needed help. Her heart was thundering and she felt sweat on her face. Her legs felt heavy and by god she hoped she didn't say anything embarrassing.

But once she got there, he turned to her with a wide smile and said, "Gosh, who in their right mind would buy a 13 inch dildo? Like how would it fit in their vagina or asshole?" And he bent over and laughed and it was so unexpected that it left Hinata gaping like a fish and frozen like stone. Her face burned with that realization and she could do nothing as this stranger laughed and heaved.

He stood up and wiped his tears. "Sorry sorry, I won't need any help. I'm just looking around, ya know."

She nodded and managed to say, "I-I'll be over at the counter if you need anything."

He smiled and nodded at her as he left to wander around.

She noticed after that he came in and joked around with the other customers about the toys. Sometimes she'll overhear what he'll say—his voice is so loud!—and she couldn't help the small chuckle that will escape her. He intrigued her and it didn't help that he'll always greet her with a wide smile and converse with her for a while before drifting off to make fun of the products on display. She wondered if it was bad for her friends business but she reasoned that when he came he'll always bring laughter to the customers and eventually they'll buy the product he was making fun of.

It was the third day of his visit that he finally said his name.

She was putting some of the products in display and was bending down to grab some of the…fancy lingerie from the box when the doorbell rang. She sat up and smiled, ready to greet the person when they mysterious handsome stranger locked gazes with her. She gulped and greeted out a shaky good morning before returning to her duties. She looked at him in the corner of her eye and blushed when he looked right at her too. He swiftly made his way to her side and looked at the lingerie she was hanging.

"Honestly, these don't even fit most of the women who buy it."

"I supposed…" said Hinata as she looked down and grabbed another packet.

"Here, let me help you." He saw that she was eyeing on the higher shelves.

"No, i-its fine. I can grab the stick."

He laughed and grabbed the packet from her. He easily hung it and smiled. "There. Didn't need a long, metal stick, ya know?"

She nodded and closed the cardboard box, ready to place it in the back.

"Wait!" She turned around, nearly dropping the box. "The names Uzumaki Naruto."

Her eyes widened when he grinned that special one she loved. The one where his eyes close and wrinkles appear near his eyes.

"My name is Hyuuga Hinata," she responded with a smile that left him breathless.

She often wondered if Naruto had a girlfriend and her heart would tighten in pain. But she'll shrug it off and wish him luck in his successful relationship because she knew he deserved it.

Today was a slow day in the sex shop. Sakura and Ino are to arrive soon and, for some reason, Hinata felt reluctant to leave. An image of a smiling Naruto popped into her mind and she felt her cheeks warm up. She wiped away the sweat and smiled at the customer who came in.

"Welcome, do you need any help?"

They waved her off and she continued counting out the merchandise the stores has sold and check the upcoming items that will be arriving soon.

The door bell rang and she looked up. Naruto looked at her with a wide smile and a tinge of a blush on his cheeks. Hinata straightened up and smiled back.

"Hello Naruto. How's your day?"

He made his way to the counter and leaned against it, staring at Hinata with happiness in his eyes. "I'm doing well. Actually, I might need your help today…" His blush was more noticeably now and Hinata can tell that he was about to ask for a product as was the appropriate reaction from some people.

Her heart dropped and her smile wavered but she covered it up rather quickly.

"Would you like to buy a product today, Naruto?" She hoped that her question didn't sound strained.

"Uh yeah actually." He rubbed the back of his head and quickly added, "It's for a friend, ya know!"

She nodded absentmindedly, used to hearing this excuse, and moved away from the counter.

"What do you have in mind?" She had to act professional.

"Uh he said something like lube? I-I think. Uh he wanted lingerie for his girlfriend too. I think condoms?" In his flustered state, he groaned and squatted down, hiding his face in his hands, the tips of his ears red.

Hinata, not expecting this, immediately crouched down to and hesitantly patted his shoulder. "Naruto, you can tell me what you want. I can help you choose."

He looked up quickly, his face crimson, and shook his head. "No it's for a friend I'm telling you! I don't like these kinds of stuff. Plus I don't even have a girlfriend…" He pouted and scratched his head, not seeing Hinata's eyes widened. "I couldn't say no when my idiot friend Kiba asked me to buy him some stuff. He told me everything he wanted but I forgot!"

Hinata didn't know how to feel. For one, she felt pure joy that she might have a chance with Naruto. He wasn't coming here secretly to see what to buy for his girlfriend. He actually came here to make fun of the products. Maybe it was a waste of time for most people but to Hinata, she found joy in it. It helped her throughout her day. She actually thought there was an alternative motive for him coming here. On the other part, she felt flustered on not knowing how to help poor Naruto. She looked around and saw a few customers looking through the products and she nodded her head in determination.

"Naruto," he looked up, "why don't you call your friend and write down what he wants." She led him to the counter and gave him a piece of paper and a pen. "Then I'll come back and help you once I'm done dealing with those customers."

"Thanks, Hinata." He gave her such a tender smile that she tripped over her own feet. He chuckled and she blushed but smiled.

After helping the customers, she came back and saw Naruto put away his phone. He waved a piece of paper at her and smiled broadly.

"Got the list. Uh, don't judge me, okay? I don't like the same interests as him."

She laughed and took the list from Naruto. She looked it over and blushed.

"Wow, this is…uh…"

"Weird, right? My friend is so weird."

They looked at each other and laughed.

Hinata was closing shop with a smile on her face. She helped Naruto pick out the products his friend wanted and it felt more childish than professional. Somehow, he managed to sneak his way into her heart. A day without him was dull. His smile makes up for the sad truth that's life. His laughter makes her heart race in delight. His very being brings joy to her and the idea of becoming his girlfriend leaves her giggling with happiness. Oh my, what has she gotten herself into?

The phone rings and Hinata immediately thought that she doesn't even have his number! Oh but she's too shy to ask for it. What if she makes up a lie that she needs his number just in case his friend wanted something from the shop? But she's not even a permanent employee! She's just looking after it for her friends! In reality she has no job but a full time student is a job, right? The ringing brings her out of her musing and rushes over to pick it up, leaning against the counter while doing so.

"Hello welcome to—"

"Hinata, how are you?!"

"Ino!" She straightened up and she smiled. "How's everything? How's Sakura?"

"Everything is fine," she answered. She heard Sakura shout something. "Sakura says hello. Anyway, we'll be arriving in two hours tops. How's work over there?"

"Say hi to Sakura for me too. Your shop had a great constancy of customers and I'm proud to say that we sold the minimum products each day."

She head Ino laugh in elation and told Sakura the great news. There was some shuffling before Hinata heard a second voice. "That's great Hinata!" Ah, Sakura. "But really it was you who did a fine job."

"Yup," piped in Ino from the back ground.

"We have something to tell you so meet us at your studio, okay?"

"Alright," answered Hinata, happy to know that she'll see her friends again.

"We owe you big time. Bye!" She clicked and sighed happily, internally cheering at the success her friends had.

She looked down and saw a piece of paper with numbers on it. Curious, she picked it up and gasped once she read it, her face turning a light pink.

Uzumaki Naruto

(131) 694-5237

Text me :p

She smiled and took out her phone, registering his number.

Today was a good day.

To: Naruto

From: Unknown number

Hello, Naruto. It's me, Hinata.

To: Beautiful Hinata

From: Naruto

Oh so you got my number good!

To: Naruto (:

From: Hinata

Yes, I did. How are you?

To: Beautiful Hinata

From: Naruto

I'm good. Hey what about we go get some coffee tomorrow? ^/^

To: Naruto (:

From: Hinata

Of course. That'll be wonderful.

To: Beautiful Hinata

From: Naruto

So it's a date…?

To: Lovely Naruto (:

From: Hinata

Yes, it's a date 3