It's been weeks since Hinata and Naruto last had sex. It wasn't because she wanted to—she really did—but she just felt tired. Oh, so very tired and it was frustrating! She wanted to feel him inside her again and have cute cuddle sessions at the end before going again. She didn't want to push it, however. She felt, maybe, it was too soon? Everything still felt so raw and she didn't know how to approach the topic. He didn't push it either. She half expected him to blurt it out these past weeks but nothing ever came up. It was hard, in nights when he lay asleep and she stays awake, watching his skin be in arms reach but being too scared to do something she didn't really know she was ready for.

Or was she?

"This is confusing," she exclaimed to herself. She was alone in her studio and she was waiting for Naruto to come back home. He went out to see his family and he had a few days left before returning back to school. She was dreading it but she felt guilty even thinking about asking him to stay for just a bit longer. He already extended his stay and she felt so, so bad but she wanted him near her. She needed to feel his skin against hers.

She stood up abruptly; cheeks flushed with the single thought racing in her mind, and stiffly walked over to their room. She closed the door gently, as if afraid to wake the neighbors, and opened a drawer. She grabbed a vibrator ring and fumbled with it. Her cheeks were on fire and she began to sweat but how else was she to resolve this…this need? She felt too embarrassed to ask Naruto—even though she's gotten better over the years!—so this is a last resort. She shook off the feeling and decided then and there.

She's going to do it.

She showered and ran her hands over her body. Slowly, feeling the skin underneath her fingertips, and pinched her nipples ever so slightly. She bit her lip and shrugged off the awkwardness that came with it. Tonight, before Naruto comes home, she's going to please herself. She groped her breast with one hand and the other made its way down to her vagina. She bit her lip, a moan nearly coming out, and the drops of hot water making her boy more sensitive. She quickly turned it off and dried herself partially. She lies down and spread her legs. She closed her eyes and imagined Naruto touching her as she pinched her nipples and played with her clit. She grabbed the vibrator ring and placed it on her clit. Instantly she was drowned in sensations she missed and she moaned, arching her back with the feeling. She put a finger in and with her other hand, she played with her breast. She missed it so much and she couldn't stop. She felt the tightness in her stomach, her legs shaking, and she was almost the—

"Hey, Hinata, I'm home—"

She immediately sat up and grabbed her blanket, covering herself. She was breathing heavily and in the darkness of their room she can only imagine what Naruto looked like. She can see him breathing heavily as well and saw him grip the door knob. She heard him swallow and slowly stalked towards her.

"Wha—How—Whe," he stuttered, sitting down next to her. He was buzzing with a lot of emotions, ones that he pushed away for a few weeks now, and he wasn't sure he can handle it all at once. He didn't look at her. He was afraid he'll reach out and kiss her. He's been having these thoughts about having sex with her and pushing her against the wall and doing it then and there and leaving bite marks on her neck and making her moan his name but—

With all that's been going on, how could he? He felt so horrible, having these thoughts and needs. He didn't know what to do or how to approach it. What if she wasn't ready? What if she felt disgusted that he even thought about it?

"Naruto, I need to talk to you," she stated, sitting him down a couple of days ago.

"Of course, love. What's up?" He wasn't so worried. He was sure he hasn't done anything wrong, right?

"It's about you…and Sakura and Ino and everyone," she rushed in, not looking at him and her hands wriggling with each other. He grabbed them and intertwined it with his. He gave her an encouraging smile and she returned it, albeit small. "I don't want you guys being so careful around me." His eyes widened but she continued, "I want you guys to act like how you were before. Normal. As if nothing happened."

"But something did happen," he countered, gripping her hands. "I don't want to trigger you with some insensitive joke I say or hurt you in any way!"

"I know," she reassured, her thumb caressing his knuckles, "but I need you to know that I'm stronger than that. Maybe there are a few topics that are hard to bring up but you don't need to be scared to hurt me. I'm the one that needs to take in charge of these…new feelings. And I will. But I need you guys to stop being so protective and careful. I need you to be Naruto again." She let go one of his hands and cupped his cheek. "I miss him and his silly jokes."

Was sex a part of that? He wasn't sure and he sure as hell wasn't going to bring it up. Well, wasn't because now he just walked in on his girlfriend masturbating and he wasn't sure how to feel.

"Naruto," was her whisper and he felt her hand on top of his. He turned to see her and saw from the cracks of the curtain and the moonlight dipping in, her face was red. Red, like the first few times they kissed in public or held hands or hugged or even did it.

"I'm sorry," she deflated and sat up a bit straighter, returning her hand to rest on her lap. She didn't know why she felt the need to cover her naked body but she felt so vulnerable and embarrassed right now.

"Why are you sorry?" he asked in a rush. He turned to completely look at her but he didn't push it from there. "You don't need to apologize, ya know."

"I know," she admitted and gripped the blanket. "I just…I've just been needing to…" She couldn't finish. Oh dear, why was this so hard?

"Needing to…?" he encouraged, no longer caring about the arousal he felt a few seconds ago. He needed to hear what she needed.

"I want to have sex with you!" she rushed out, eyes closed and curling in on herself. "But I didn't know how to ask or how to bring it up and I know you might think of this as silly and over the top but I had all these thoughts in my head that said that you would say no because of what's been going on and—"

"Hinata, Hinata, hey love, breathe, breathe!" he cut off, cupping her cheeks and making her look at him. He breathed slowly, coaching through it. After he saw her relax under his touch, he smiled and pulled her in for a tight hug. "Why are you so considerate of others?" he mumbled into her hair and she failed to hear it. She wasn't going to ask, however, because she missed this. Skin on skin contact. She sighed, finally feeling the tension dissipate.

Suddenly they felt a vibration under the covers and Hinata pulled away, covering her face with her hands.

"Is that…?" he couldn't finish and, instead pulled up the blanket. The vibration ring kept moving around and he blushed.

That's right. She was masturbating before he came in.

"Uh," he squeaked, getting up quickly and scratching his cheek. "Should I, uh, head out and let you finish or…?" He didn't know what to do.

She grabbed his hand and squeezed. She shook her head and with her other hand reached underneath the blanket and grabbed the toy. She turned it off and threw it on the floor.

"I, um, lost the need to do it but…" She patted beside her and looked down, feeling her cheeks grow hot again. "I'll like for you to hold me, if you like."

He nodded. He let go of her hand and began to take off his clothes. He smirked when he saw her eyes widened and slowly roam over his body but he knew now wasn't the time for that. He climbed into bed with her and hugged her from behind. In that moment, he didn't feel the need to do lustful things. No, in that moment, he relished her skin against his and the way she easily arched into him as if they were fitting pieces to a puzzle they've been trying to finish. She melted into his touch and for the first time in a few weeks, she no longer needed to dream about feeling his skin against hers.

He was already making it happen.