It started with a glitch.

A small twinge of the screen, not yet noticed by the puppeteer. Yet, the puppet picked up on this disturbance, as it was easy to spot in the nothingness.

However, the glitch was not done with a small twitch of graphics. The screen suddenly burst into a jumble of static, the Batter the only clear figure as he watched the world map be replaced with an absolute mess of black, grey, and white. The puppeteer was easily startled by this, jolting backwards. After a second, they rapidly turned their attention to the Batter, hitting several buttons on their peculiar device.

The Batter smoothly responded to these commands, walking forward before-

{Press the ENTER key to continue on to the next journey.}

Both of our characters were encompassed by an absolute darkness, sole for the white, floating text in front. It was absolutely still, and absolutely quiet.

No music, and no computer.

No zones, and no sign of The Room or Alpha, Omega, or Epsilon.

Just one option. The puppeteer eventually came to the grave conclusion, after several minutes desperately trying to at least find a where to their situation, that there were no other options. As the puppeteer was letting out a sigh, both participants reached forward and confirmed the action.

A sharp strike of light, akin to that of a lightning bolt, struck down upon them; the Batter and the puppeteer alike soon knew no more.

A/N: This story, at least, will be updated (EDIT)weekly, if not(EDIT) whenever I want to. My apologies for the short prologue.

Calm down, any one reading from Evil Laughter. If it reassures you, I'm... maybe a quarter done. Your time will come.

To be continued..