"Pinkie Pie!" Twilight whispered in alarm to the party pony.

"You can talk?" The Batter spoke up, arching an eyebrow. The Mane Six blinked at this, not expecting him to have the ability to talk either.

"Well, yeah, we can talk. We're not dumb," Rainbow quipped from her position on the tree. "Speaking of, you really gave those freaky monsters a beatdown! That was awesome!" she said, letting herself become airborne from the excitement before dashing down to the ground to join her friends. The Batter stared at her, making Rainbow slightly uncomfortable due to his lack of eyes.

"They do not belong in this land. I merely was doing my job."

"You treat it as if it is something normal, darling," Rarity pointed out.

"Of course. It is my job to purify the world from these evil beings."

"...Riiiiiiiight," Applejack commented, trying to break the awkward silence that had just formed. Pinkie suddenly elicited a loud gasp before.. somehow disappearing and jumping out from the Batter's hat. Startled, the Batter took several steps backwards.

"Oh my gosh! So you can fight all those baddies away, right?! Wow, that is so amazing! And they way you can swing your bat and make them go POW and how you can travel into the nothingness to keep fighting them in the different zones and- mff mmm mf!" Rainbow had hastily shoved her hoof into Pinkie's mouth, with a blank and slightly dazed expression.

"We don't need to know Pinkie." She removed her hoof as Pinkie gave a small whine.

"Awww, but-!"

"Sorry to interrupt this, ah, fascinating conversation," Rarity spoke up, making a face as she stood up and brushed the dirt off of her coat, "but I believe we do need to enter the forest sooner or later. Nightmare Moon is still on the loose, and we need the Elements of Harmony to defeat her!" This gave everyone the chance to have a reality check, the Batter also having listened intently.

"Is this Nightmare Moon another evil entity in this new realm?" the Batter spoke, still maintaining his voice strong.

"She's brought about eternal night in Equestria.. the land you are in," Twilight said, a worried expression on her face as she stepped past Fluttershy, still cowering at the back. "But I believe we should introduce ourselves. I'm Twilight Sparkle."

"Why do I even...?" The Player broke out into a fit of laughter, slightly more high pitched and unnerving than usual. "Just... really? Talking, multicolored ponies?" Observing the characters on screen, they shook their head and leaned their head against the screen with a thunk. "Wwwonderful.." they mumbled, a tick appearing on their forehead. Straightening theirself out, the Player listened to the marshmallow-like pony ('Unicorn? Horses! Whatever.') talk of Nightmare Moon. 'It looks like we have something else to do before we are set free from... whatever this is,' they thought, no longer bothering to look around. Tapping a finger idly, the Player patiently waited for the introductions to end, before tugging invisible strings to get the journey on a roll.

Meanwhile, the Author does the same, the plot slowly turning it's gears into motion.

"I'm the Batter. And it seems my new mission is to defeat Nightmare Moon, what you say is the cause of your troubles," the Batter stated, after each pony made themselves known. This includes Fluttershy, who was barely heard, and Pinkie, whom the Batter was slightly apprehensive of.

"We appreciate your offer," Twilight started, "And we're really thankful for your help earlier, But it's really our mission-"

"We move now," the Batter stated bluntly. "You require my protection from the spectres."

With that, he went forward, his strides displaying confidence. Not wanting to be left behind, though Twilight looked slightly offended to being cut off, they started to trot forward reluctantly. Applejack and Rainbow Dash exchanged glances laced with suspicion; even if the so-called-Batter had helped them before, it did not mean he was to be trusted right away.

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