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Leah's POV

It had been a long day. Being forced to run patrol with Jacob and Jarod was Leah's second worst nightmare, the first being running patrol with Sam. She was forced to listen to two teenage boys for hours on end, both of which had imprinted, so their thoughts were always on their imprints. It's not that Leah didn't like them, she was just jealous of their bond with their other half. Being the only female shifter, no one knew if she would ever imprint, but she so desperately wanted to find someone who she could relate too. Someone to keep her mind off the fact that her ex-fiancé was with her cousin.

When Leah had been with Sam, they had been happy. Then Emily had come to visit and everything went wrong. It didn't help that Leah hadn't shifted yet, so she had no idea what was going on. Before she shifted for the first time, she had despised Sam and Emily. After she learned the whole story, however, she knew she could no longer hate them; she was just jealous now. She wanted what they had, what most of the pack had, but she didn't think she would ever find it. Hell, even Paul had imprinted on that shy girl, Angela, from Forks. That one had been a mystery to the whole pack. Angela was the complete opposite of Paul, but that was what made them good for each other. Angela was able to get through to him when no one else could, and calm him down.

Leah knew she shouldn't be jealous of the rest of her pack mates, but she couldn't help it. All she wanted was her chance at happy ever after. Sighing to herself, Leah stomped up the steps to her cousin's house. Emily and Sam had invited them all over that afternoon for an announcement. Sam had actually forced them all to go, but he thought it best to keep that a secret from his wife. All Leah could hope for was the Emily wasn't pregnant. She didn't think she could handle that right now. Walking into the cozy, little kitchen, where Emily could almost always be found, Leah was greeted by her fellow pack mates. Helping herself to one of the muffins at the table, then sitting in the only free chair left, she turned her attention to the couple standing in the doorway.

"I wanted all of you here so I could give you some warning. While I lived at the Makeh reservation, I met a girl and we became best friends. She's coming up here in a few days and spending a couple weeks up here, to clear her head. We just wanted to let you know so that you could be prepared for it and not spill the beans, per se." All at once, it seemed as if the rest of the pack came to life. Excitement filled the air, but nervousness was barely concealed under it all. "She will be staying with Sam and I, so just make sure to be careful around her, okay?" Everyone nodded, before Seth opened his mouth.

"What's her name?" Some of the guys nodded at his question, obviously wanting to know the answer as well.

"Arielle Grey, but she goes by Aria."

"She sounds like a pale face," Paul said. Leah rolled her eyes at him. They weren't prejudice, but if strangers heard them, they would think they were.

"That would be because she is, Paul." Emily said. Anyone could hear the warning tone in her voice, and Paul, wisely, shut his mouth. "I expect everyone to welcome her with open arms and to be polite. She is a wonderful girl, slightly energetic and maybe a little odd, but wonderful all the same." If things had been slightly different, and Leah wasn't cursing her cousin to the deepest pits of Hell, she would have smirked at Emily's tone. Emily was sweet, kind, and quiet, but as soon as you stepped one toe out of line, she became the devil incarnate. Even Sam had been on the receiving end of her temper a few times, and he had quickly learned to never speak of those times, ever.

After that, the 'meeting' was ended and the teens crowding the small kitchen left. Leah sighed at the familiar feeling of loneliness, and walked through the dark forest to her sanctuary. When Sam had broken up with her, she had almost gone off the deep end. Leah had run into the forest, trying to outrun her problems, but she know knew that wasn't possible. When she came across a clearing, however, she had stopped running. The clearing, large and open, had a small stream running through it, just deep enough to dip your feet into. It was peaceful and allowed Leah to feel almost normal. That was where she found herself not even twenty minutes after the meeting ended. Maybe one day she would find her one and only, and then she would share this beautiful place with them, but for now, it was hers and hers alone.

Aria's POV

The plane ride was long and boring, but that wasn't the worst part. Aria could handle long, and even boring, but if the guy in front of her turned around to stare at her chest one more time, she would kill him… He wasn't a bad looking guy, not by any means, but she was definitely not interested. In fact, she was so not interested that she was gay, but unfortunately, the guy in front of her didn't seem to hear her the first time she told him. Finally, the flight attendant told them they were only a few minutes away from landing. Letting out a sigh, and glaring at the guy in front of her, Aria stood and made her way to the small restroom in the back of the plane. Cupping some water in her hands, she splashed it on her face, sighing to herself, before glancing at her reflection. Her dull, red hair, once bright and curly, hung past her shoulders in pathetic waves, looking lifeless. The eyes staring back at her, an odd shade of ice blue, clashed against her flaming hair, but they too were dull and lifeless. Freckles dotted her cheeks, making her look like she was thirteen, instead of twenty-three. Aria gave a half-hearted glare at her reflection, remembering how happy and lively she used to look, before making her way back to her seat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. We will be landing shortly. We hope you enjoyed your trip and we would like to thank you for choosing Delta Airlines." The cheerful voice of the flight attendant had Aria cringing in her seat. When the plane landed, she grabbed her carry-on, and made the trek through the plane and into the airport. Emily and her new husband were supposed to be picking her up. When she reached baggage claim, she grabbed her suitcase and made her way into the main terminal to find Emily. Spotting the dark skinned woman easily, Aria smiled at her and walked over. Before she got too far however, the guy from the plane stepped into her line of sight, blocking her view of Emily. Aria could see the group of people she was with, however, and one of them caught her attention. She looked to be about twenty-two or so, with dark hair that hung just past her jaw line. She was tall, with dark skin and deep brown eyes, and an angular face. When their eyes met, Aria could have sworn she saw the gorgeous woman gasp, but her thoughts were interrupted by the man before her.

"Listen, I'm going to be honest with you right now. You're hot, I'm horny, and there is a bathroom over there. You wanna fuck?" Aria couldn't help it, she laughed. She laughed so hard, tears were running down her face and she was sure she looked like some kind of walrus, mouth wide open, gasping in air. After a minute, the guy before her grumbled, obviously getting impatient.

"I-I'm s-sorry, but thank you. I really needed that," She said, referring to the laugh. However, the guy must not have understood, because the smile that lit up his face a moment later had Aria shivering in disgust. "No, you don't understand. I'm gay," she told him. He merely raised an eyebrow, not believing her. Aria huffed, then made to move around him. She was only a few feet from the group in front of her, Emily and the gorgeous woman standing in the front, when she felt his hand on her arm, pulling her back. Turning to face him, she gave him her best glare, only getting a smirk in reply.

"Don't be like that, doll. You and I both know you want this, so why don't you just make this easy on yourself and follow me." Aria had had enough. It was guys like him that made her want to rip her hair out, so, shoving his arm off her, she walked up to the woman beside Emily, and wrapped an arm around her waist, secretly hoping that the woman would play along.

"Look, I love my girlfriend, so please, just leave me alone, okay?" She glared at the man, before turning to the stranger and pulling on her shoulder, trying to get her to lower her head. Aria stood on her tip toes, put her arms around the woman's neck, and whispered in her ear. "Play along?" A small, imperceptible, nod followed her words, before Aria pulled her head back and planted her lips on the taller woman's.

Despite the fact that it was all for show, Aria couldn't help but lose herself in the kiss. The woman had soft lips, but they were demanding, and Aria was happy to comply with her demands. Feeling the hands that were on her back move down to her waist, Aria let out a small sigh, pulling herself closer to the woman. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she heard the man huff and walk away, but she could care less. Aria had kissed many girls before, but none had quite the same effect on her as the stranger she was currently kissing. The woman, Aria briefly acknowledged the fact that she needed to learn her name, ran her tongue across Aria's lips, making the shorter girl let out a small gasp. Taking advantage of her gasp, the woman pushed her tongue into Aria's mouth. Normally Aria didn't like too much tongue action when she kissed, but when the stranger before her ran her tongue along the roof of Aria's mouth, she couldn't hold back a shudder. Feeling the woman smirk into their kiss, they were startled apart by a throat clearing beside them.

Making sure to leave a fair distance between herself and the gorgeous woman, Aria couldn't help the blush that overtook her cheeks at the sight of Emily and the rest of her group staring, open mouthed, at the two women. It only took a moment for them to react. The younger men started to whistle, all holding back laughs at the same time, while Emily let a large smile take over her face, the tall man behind her smiling softly at the two women. Throwing a wink at the stranger she had kissed, Aria turned to Emily, then threw herself at the woman.

"Emmy!" Crushing the slightly taller woman into a bear hug, she heard the man behind Emily laugh. Emily gripped Aria back just as tightly, not even bothering to hold back the tears streaming down her face. When they finally let go, Emily turned to the man behind her, gesturing to Aria.

"Sam, this is Aria. Aria, this is my husband, Sam Uley." Aria smiled at the pair, seeing the loving look that passed between them, and hid the small pang of jealousy that flew through her.

"Hello Sam. I've heard a lot about you. Like seriously, a lot. You're all she ever talks about. Sam this, Sam that. I was starting to think you were just a figment of her imagination, but hot damn, here you are." Sam let out a low laugh, turning to his wife and smiling widely at the blush covering her cheeks. Aria had to turn away after a moment, the adoration in their eyes almost making her sick. Turning to the others, Aria let her gaze wander to the gorgeous woman once more before she was directed to a different man.

"I'm Jared. This is Jacob, Paul, Embry, Quil, Seth, and Leah." Aria smiled at them all, giving a wide smile to Leah, before turning back to Jared. "There are a few more of us, but their back at the rez." Nodding, Aria smiled at them once more.

"Hello, I'm Aria, but you already know that. It's a pleasure to meet you all," she told them. The smiles from the group were all wide, and Aria could already tell that she had made the right decision in coming here.

"How about we go ahead and go to the reservation. People are starting to stare, especially after the scene you guys made," Aria grinned at Emily, before turning to Leah.

"What do you say, Le-le, walk me to the car?" Aria winked at Leah, causing the taller woman to blush slightly. She was definitely flirting, but no one could blame her; the woman was beautiful, and damn could she kiss. Leah, smirking down at Aria, nodded, and grabbed her suitcase, before linking their arms and leading her to the main entrance. She could feel the stares from the rest of their group, but she didn't care. This was the first time in months that she had felt happy and carefree, so she decided to just not give a fuck.

The group had apparently brought up three cars, which made sense with all the people that came with Emily and Sam. In one car Embry, Jake, and Seth rode together. In another, Quil, Jared, and Paul. That left Emily, Sam, Leah, and Aria to the last one. Aria smiled at Leah, feeling the stares of her friend on the back of her head the whole time. One her luggage had been loaded into the trunk of the car, Aria sat in the back with Leah, both sitting close enough to touch. The ride went by fast, Aria and Emily taking the time to catch up on everything that had happened since the last time they saw each other. Leah had taken to drawing patterns on the back of Aria's hand, making goosebumps show up all over her arms. As they pulled up to a blue, cozy looking house, Aria let a small smile grace her lips. This was what she needed. Some time away from everything, to just think.

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