"This is our lab where we create and hatch our dinosaurs...where's Mr. Fushimi?" Shippo was absent from Kagome's side.

"Right here." Shippo almost purred from behind Claire, just shy of invading her personal space.

Claire turned on her heel in surprise. "Wha-when did you change clothes?"

The fox sported a green button up shirt with a silver tie and slate gray suit jacket and pants. He abandoned his khaki bucket hat and had slicked back his hair into a low ponytail. "I always look this good, ma'am."

Claire scrunched her nose, "Don't call me ''ma'am,'" and Shippo almost smirked at the challenge the human presented.

"Alright, so we pretty much saw everything right?" Kagome interrupted. "Shippo, why don't you start discussing what Sesshomaru-sama wanted to discuss?" Kagome honestly knew little to nothing about why she was required to be there. She was snatched very suddenly from her project in South America.

"Ah. Let's discuss the details after we take a look at your animals. Our CEO has a particular interest in your velociraptors," the demon said and Claire nodded.

A/n: not going to lie. Wrote this snippet after two glasses of wine in a VERY short amount of time past midnight. And have been afflicted with the hiccups for the past 20 minutes. Shouldn't be writing while under even a little bit of the influence because spelling and grammar mistakes are in high probability, but I figured since this was supposed to be a crackfic anyway, What the hell. Also writing this on my phone and it's such a pain. Still doing it.